Exit and Support Network

Former Members and Survivors of Worldwide Church of God and Offshoots

Those who have been involved in any way with a totalistic religious group, or spiritually abusive church, often feel betrayed and exploited in the worst possible way.

Help and hope

If you have suffered emotionally, psychologically and spiritually as a result of involvement with:

Worldwide Church of God (Herbert W. Armstrong)

Philadelphia Church of God (Gerald R. Flurry)

Restored Church of God (David C. Pack)

Living Church of God (Roderick C. Meredith)

Christian Biblical Church of God (Fred R. Coulter)

Or, if you have been in any affiliated high demand or spiritually abusive, splinter, which claims to be God's true Church, and they alone have the truth; if you are seeking to understand what happened to you or a loved one, and how to recover, then we trust that you will find these pages helpful in unraveling the lies and propaganda, while furnishing validation, encouragement, hope and healing.


""There is no fear in love... because fear hath torment." ~ I John 4:18