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Things I am Choosing for Myself

  • I'm choosing to talk about my past because I want to recover and be free.

  • I'm choosing to see people as they truly are through the eyes of an adult and not through the eyes of a child.

  • I'm choosing higher education because it is something I have always wanted for myself. I love to learn new things.

  • I'm choosing my particular field of learning because I feel that I have an aptitude for it, as well as concern and compassion for people going through certain crises.

  • I'm choosing to write about my feelings so I can see them as reality on paper. They are much less forbidding written in purple ink!

  • I'm choosing to be happy today because it's sunny outside and it makes me feel good.

  • I'm choosing to believe The Five Freedoms apply to me too.

  • I'm choosing to believe that the abuses inflicted on me were not my fault. Children have no choice, but adults do. I do not have to allow people to abuse me as an adult. People can only do to you what you let them do.

  • I'm choosing who to trust and share my feelings with. I do not have to speak to a WCG "minister" to appease someone else's feelings. I do not have an obligation to discuss private things with just anyone. I can say, "I don't care to discuss that" and not feel guilty about it.

  • I'm choosing not to feel guilty about other people's problems or choices. I am responsible for my choices only.

By Rochelle - Child survivor of WCG

NOTE: ESN encourages every child survivor to compose a similar list about all the things that they are choosing to do to make their life better.

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