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Things That Make Me Feel Happy

  • The deepest color of sapphire blue.

  • Glowing sunsets, the sky awash in every color across the horizon.

  • Strong gusts of wind with my hair blowing behind me.

  • The steady roar of the ocean, a backdrop of sound interrupted only by the crash of waves on the rocks and the call of gulls.

  • Baby animals curled up and protected, snuggly.

  • Starry nights and watching the lights twinkle. Feeling small in God's expansive universe.

  • Watching the flames dance in a cozy fire.

  • Fluffy blankets on a cold night.

  • Reading books late into the night.

  • Babies sleeping--soft, trusting, innocent.

  • Lying in the grass searching for shapes in the clouds.

  • Crisp air and blazing trees in the fall.

  • The quiet and solitude after a fresh snowfall at night.

  • Windows with warm lights in them--home.

  • The haunting music of flutes.

  • Red nail polish on my toes--boldness, safely hidden.

  • The scent of pine in the Northern woods--wilderness untainted by man.

  • Wild thunderstorms--exhilaration, danger.

  • Trial and error. I like to learn by experience, messing up once and figuring something out on my own.

  • Pure, unrestricted, bubbling laughter that reaches the eyes.

  • Honesty and truth.

  • Purity of thought and action.

  • Trust-- the elusive connection to others.

  • Psalm 139. It means I'm not alone, I never was and I never will be.

By Rochelle - Child survivor of WCG

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