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Things I Like About Myself

I am smart

I am artistic

I am compassionate

I have goals

I am a good parent

I am a good mate

I am a good friend

I am logical

I am mechanical and can work with my hands

I can sew pretty things

I appreciate nature

I value honesty

I am fearless when it means sticking up for someone weaker who is being physically or verbally abused in my presence.

I believe in God

I enjoy gardening

I love animals

I am encouraging to others

I am a fast reader

I am a good writer

I am a good communicator

I am tenacious

I have a keen imagination

I am creative

I have a good sense of humor

I am clever

I am kind

I like books

I like learning new things

I am thoughtful

I like beautiful music

I have learned how to make homemade bread

I am able to love others

I am learning how to feel

I am learning to trust other people, as well as my own instincts

I am learning discernment

I am learning about the true Jesus

I am breaking the silence of abuse

I am a good researcher

Wow! I can't believe all the things I like about me. I don't think I'm a pseudo-personality. I'm just me. These are all attributes that would not have been encouraged in WCG, so I KNOW they're from ME! I'm not only an HWA "cult child." I'm me and I'm my children's parent.

By Rochelle - Child survivor of WCG (who was made to feel worthless all her life by being abused and controlled)

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