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Took 20 years To Get Back to the Person I Was

This site is therapy for me. I never talked much about the pain and suffering which that "church" had inflicted upon me.

At the sensitive age of 12 to 15, I was indoctrinated into their teachings by my mother.

I think I wanted to believe what she did at the time because I needed her attention. The reason that I needed her attention was because my mother became hijacked by them. It was as if she had vanished and had been replaced with a zombie.

Sadly, I studied and believed and practiced as I was mind-controlled to do so.

The very sad truth is that I was by nature already such a spiritual, compassionate and intuitive child, but after my indoctrination I became opinionated, critical and self righteous. My life took a downward spiral because I had been fed information from the outside, instead of from the inside. Prior to their indoctrination, I was very blessed with inner guidance.

Well, even after I had left the Worldwide Church of God, I felt so, so lost. It was a shock and traumatic to realize just how lost I suddenly felt. It took me 20 years to get back to the person that I was and calm my critical mind.

The good side is that I discovered that everything which I had been seeking is ever present on the inside. It is not so hard to let go of mental habits if you understand that they are just habits.

The other thing which has helped me is education. I am aware of the WCG's history as an offshoot from the Adventists (just the same as the Branch Davidians) and their "great disappointment" of false predictions. Much more, I have researched many religions and world religions and I have grown in my understanding of what is important.

So, I suppose that I have the Armstrongs to thank for providing such a supreme bad example of what is not important (namely, being overly opinionated from controlling dogma). I would thank them but they are now both deceased.

I hope that there are other people out there who can relate to this.

By Gene - Child survivor of WCG
June 29, 2012

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