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Worldwide Church of God Was an
Oppressive System

I am a WCG child survivor. I left for college in 1994 and never looked back. I grew up in the "church" and have seen so much damage to our family and extended family because of Herbert Armstrong. I first found your website back in 2006 and I am so glad that you are still getting the word out.

The devastation to our family is great. My sister died at only a few months old in 1979. The teachings of not seeking medical attention were headed by my parents. The impact that had on my grandparents and extended family is immense. WCG is an oppressive system that preys on people. I find it especially abusive to women and am thankful that I and my other two sisters have left the WCG and it's offshoots. My mother passed away from lung cancer 4 years ago at the age of 60. It took lung cancer for her to finally realize that God is about LOVE, not fear. She returned, in her heart, to her childhood faith of a Lutheran. My dad is still in an offshoot of WCG. I pray for him everyday and hope that he will soon be released from the clutches of this cult.

Children who grow up in a cult environment such as the Worldwide Church of God, suffer the same type of damage as growing up in an alcoholic home. The brain stem grows differently and we can be thrown into the flight or fight reaction very easily. Research has also proven that girls lose their periods and some boys have little decreased hair growth. My sisters and I experienced the loss of our periods. It is only by a miracle that I was able to have a child. And the healing happened when my mom finally gave me some closure on her death bed.

I pray everyday for those affected by cults. Run from the WCG and its offshoots. Enjoy each day that our God has given us. Live a life filled with love and joy!! Don't give into the fear and false doctrines of the WCG.

Growing up in the WCG has given me a strength and will to survive that surprises me. I am grateful that it has shown me how not to live my life. I celebrate life and know that God loves me.

I am working on a book that talks about the mind control of Worldwide Church of God and the huge effect that it had on our family. I am focusing on the joy I know I have and the complete contrast that is to when I was in the WCG. I am hoping that it will be of great help to many survivors and those who are trying to get out.

Thank you so much for all you do.

By Adriana - Child survivor of WCG (grew up attending the Spokane, WA congregation)
August 4, 2012

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