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Appears That Not Much Has Changed:

February 2, 2017

First of all I would like to thank you for your many articles exposing the troubles within the WCG and its offshoots. I grew up in WCG, and even now at 58, I struggle with separation. As time has passed, and many splits have occurred, it has appeared to me that not much has changed. One set of men desiring to sit in the high seats that someone else currently sits in, and the sheep are divided in the spoils. So, in recent months, I have began withdrawing.

This has been very painful for me, as I have loved ones in what is now called "Church of God, A Worldwide Association." Just the name concerns me, and I can't understand why we want to look in the past. I have attended only several times in the past year.

I was wondering if you would mind sending me David Robinson's book Herbert Armstrong's Tangled Web, as I understand you have it in your possession. It would be of great value to me as I attempt to sort out all the inconsistencies of this religious organization. The particular group I have been in seems to have this continued fascination with HWA, and I cannot for the life of me, understand why.

Thanks again for your ESN page and I look forward to hearing back from you.--[name withheld]

Churches That Employ Mind Control Tactics:

March 8, 2017

Hello, I happened across the Restored Church of God's "3 fold false gospel." In doing a little research to check out their beliefs, I linked into your "Exit and Support" site.

I'm impressed at the sheer volume of information that you are offering in assisting those who "are trapped" in error!

I have a daughter that has recently become extremely religious, belligerent and condemning towards us her parents. Interesting, she was quite careful in keeping secret, the name of the church she is attending, as well as who's teaching the church leaders were adhering to. After her moving back into our city, we learned that she very specifically sought out a church that adhered to John MacArthur's "Lordship salvation" teachings. I have done quite a bit of online searching on Lordship Salvation and have learned that they seem to employ mind control tactics very similar to those that you are writing about.

Do you have any information or comments that might help me to better understand our daughter as well as your views on the scriptural validity or heresy of John MacArthur's teachings. --[name withheld]

Comment: His church has been described as being very much like a cult with the leaders controlling everything and everyone. Go to this forum and read this PDF article for more info.

Aaron Dean Next Head of UCG?

March 10, 2017

I wonder if Aaron Dean is going to have a new role now as "prophet" in United Church of God? He says he feels that being close to HWA for so long makes him feel like one of the prophets! I highly suspect he is looking to be the next head of the UCG. --M.

I Was Already Sure of HWA's Fate:

March 14, 2017

I recently read a February 1967 Plain Truth article where HWA said "the 'Day of the Eternal'... is going to strike between 5 and 10 years from now!" (p. 47) It looks like he missed this prediction by forty years. He claimed he was writing [this] "on the authority of the living Christ." What a liar. He tempted God for many years. I remember when he died [1986], I was already sure of his fate because I knew about him. I was young, but I was smart. --R. S.

Confused About Mark of the Beast:

March 16, 2017

I am confused. What is the Mark of the Beast? How do we know when to expect it and to know not to take it? How do you not be in fear that you could make a mistake and take it? Every time I think about it or come across the subject it scares me. There is so much false teachings on it. After being in a cult, it is so hard to understand the real truth not man's teachings. All the false teachings of 35+ years is hard to get out of your mind and to understand the truth because your mind tends to think of the false teachings. Thanks for your website. It has helped but still confused on Mark of the Beast. I did notice nothing said about it on Exit Support. I believe that's one of the subjects that we need more teaching on. --[name withheld]

Comment: A new Q&A has been posted. Go to: What is the mark of the beast and how do we keep from being afraid?  

Often Felt I Was the Black Sheep of the Family:

March 20, 2017

Hello, I found your website and I wanted to say Thank You for creating it. I grew up in the WCG and often felt I was the black sheep of the family for so many reasons. I think even then I knew what we were being told and the ideology we had was not right. It's so strange that after all these years how things from childhood in the "church" still effect your daily life. Thanks for your time. --A. , child survivor of WCG

New UCG Feast Site:

March 20, 2017

I wanted to let you know about one of UCG's newest feast sites. It is in Lake Junaluska, North Carolina.

What gets me is that organizations like UCG continually preach against these so-called "false Christians" and their wrong doctrines. Yet, they meet for services on the Sabbath (at their church halls, and now this feast site). They are the ultimate hypocrites! They'll be telling the membership (at the feast) how "we are to come out of this world" and they are right there with those they adamantly preach against.

UCG posted this note on their site:

"On Lake Junaluska’s informational signs there are small crosses and there is a large cross at the far end of the lake. However, there are no crosses in the hall where services will be held."

--Former member of WCG and RCG

ESN Site Helpful and Informative:

March 27, 2017

I visit your site often and have found it helpful and informative. I was a WCG member for 25 years. I likely will never get entirely over it, but maybe some hard and valuable lessons were learned. --[name withheld]

We Are Finally Healing:

April 20, 2017

Thank you so much for the tremendous effort you've put into this website. As a member of WCG for 15 years, and lifelong for my wife, we were deeply indoctrinated. We walked away in 1997 and rarely spoke of it for years, but we were far from being healed of the spiritual wounds. After 5 or 6 years we attempted to attend a local Baptist Church, but it was so foreign to us that we couldn't remain. Your site has helped us, most importantly, to realize that we're not alone, that many others are as lost as we were.

After much prayer, we have finally found a small church that is non-denominational which preaches God's Grace along with the great morality found in the New Testament. We meet on Sunday but only for convenience, not esteeming one day above another. We have zero ordinances, dress is casual, music is mixed contemporary and orthodox. Everyone attending is there of their own free will, as there is no membership and no requests for money. An offering plate is provided in the rear if one so desires to contribute. There is no "headquarters" as the church is entirely autonomous, and best of all, the building seems filled with a spirit of joy and freedom. We are finally healing. Thanks for your help in this process. --J.

Dave Pack Bleeds Members Dry While Saying End is Soon:

May 21, 2017

Pack is promising that the End is very soon. So, what else is new? Of course, money and bills are going out the window. Members are being bled dry. The ministers are currently at HQ in Wadsworth, OH, for the next week. --Anonymous

Roderick C. Meredith Dies of Cancer:

May 22, 2017

False teacher and false prophet, Roderick Meredith, died May 18 of cancer at age 86. He founded Living Church of God (formerly Global Church of God). --Anonymous

Comment: What Happens if I Join Roderick Meredith's Living Church of God? has been updated with expose` links on Meredith.

David Pack Spying on Members and Prospective Members:

June 28, 2017

David Pack has ordered the ministers to befriend members and prospective members on Face Book. This is to spy on their personal lives. Members will have their personal lives inspected. Prospective members can be denied membership, if they are not good enough. --Anonymous

Stress Causes Dave Pack to Experience Heart Problems:

June 28, 2017

Not only has Dave Pack's daughter, her husband, and children left the RCG (see July 5, 2016 letter), they have never allowed any contact with him since leaving. They have also not joined any other offshoot, which implies they realize it is all a big con. The stress caused him to experience heart problems, requiring a procedure at a hospital and medication. He claims to be "healed" now. --Impacted by RCG

Meredith--Another Evil Armstrong-Clone Finally Departs:

June 29, 2017

Just got the news that Roderick Meredith finally kicked the bucket. 86 years old? Amazing. Another evil Armstrong-clone finally departs. I imagine these guys live so long because they can afford to eat well, live well, and afford any and all types of medical care, while the members go without. Gerald Flurry and Dave Pack can't be too far behind.

I've often wondered how the members can resolve the problem of these leaders promising to take them to the Place of Safety, but dying instead. How many times does the "baton" get passed? I wonder if this George Weston fellow will tear down everything that Meredith did and eventually inject his own version of "the Truth." These guys have such tremendous egos that they can't resist erasing the accomplishments of the previous leader (except for namedropping) and promoting themselves as the next greatest Torch Bearer of Truth.

Do these leaders go to their grave actually believing their names will be immortalized through history? I just can't believe that they believe their own bull****. We know they do this to live a comfortable life while sucking the life out of their followers. But once they arrive at death's door, they must know it's "game over" for them. How do they reconcile this? As their lives of extravagance and prestige slip from their grasp, it has got to weigh heavily on their minds. (I would say "conscience," but we already know they don't have one.) It must be sheer torment for them to know they are going to lose it all. No more accumulation of wealth, fine suits, fancy homes, luxury cars, private servants, people groveling at their feet, etc. I'd would think "torment" would've already begun once Meredith realized he was on his way out. I'm also wondering if there will be multiple splinters of this group as well. --[name withheld]

Realized David Pack is a Total Fraud:

July 4, 2017

I attended RCG services for several months before realizing that David Pack is a total fraud.

The last few sermons I was able to read online, before I was removed from the member portion of RCG's website, have him practically demanding that his congregants give all their money to "the Work" as the end is very near.

In the four months I attended I noticed how obsessed he was with "the splinters" all the time stating that any day now the people in the splinters would be flicking to him now that God had given him the knowledge of Daniel's unsealed book. (Which is the basis for the 75 plus sermon series.)

Then last month he did a complete 180º and stated that the splinters would not be coming to him and that he would not be expanding his campus--but he still needs all of our money to continue "the Work." He went as far as to say that he truly fears for those who are sitting on assets but just can't quite "pull the trigger and reach into their wallet." He reminded the women (in which I assume there are more of in his "church") that they are entitled to half of the marital assets. Stated several times in a loud voice that he "needs funding now!"

He also made the statement, in a sort of roundabout way, that some were sort of questioning him or being disrespectful to his authority which is something that didn't used to happen back in the older days where respect was of more importance than it is now. I took that as sort of a warning he was indirectly giving to his congregants--sort of letting them know in advance that he did not like it. He stated that one of his ministers just quit.

I was truly surprised to see the beautiful Mercedes Don Conard (minister who headed the Iowa/Nebraska/Missouri area) drove. I knew that he lived in Topeka and so just a general Internet search of name, property, etc., I discovered the very expensive house he resides in, on a lake with long dock and boat, that happens to be in his wife's name only. (She does not attend nor believe in what her husband believes in.) Now there's a very convenient reason Don Conard has for not being able to give all he has to "the Work."

I feel like such a fool, but I wasn't one for very long. I appreciate your work on your website. --Escaped RCG

Pack's Last Sermons Use Fear and Guilt to Extort Money From Members:

July 5, 2017

This are notes from Dave Pack's last few sermons (end of May 2017 to probably first week in June):

He states that the "fire" (ultimate testing of God's people) has already started. He talked about not hiring any more ministers and said that we do not need to build any more buildings because the end is just about here. Then he said that the coming "fire" before the Tribulation period (which is right around the corner) means to totally commit to the end-time Work by pulling their wallets out of their pockets to fund the Work. References Luke 12: 32 and 33: "Sell that you have and give alms."

Talks about how he knows there are millions of dollars that "God's people" are sitting on right now and they're trying to get themselves to release it but it's hard. Family, spouse, kids--they are catching 'heat' from family, but of course, this heat is nothing compared to what is coming on the world. But "God is literally going to cook it out of you with the coming fire." The early birds into the coming kingdom must do this. He said he truly fears for those who do not sell all that they have. He says they can't play games. God will not be able to let people "escape" the coming Tribulation unless they are willing to do everything. They will or won't obey that command. Says that is the fuel for the coming fire (or testing of God's people). Says you can't be saved unless you do this.

In the next sermon Pack talks about faith. He finally gets to the point of his sermon during the second hour. Sell all you have, release your funds to prove to God that you trust Him completely. Pray for those who have significant funds (implying they won't let go of their money). He reads verses referencing denying God, or denying Christ, by not doing good works. He talks about knowing that we are close [to the end], as his own trials are telling him that. Mentions the verse about selling all you have, references fundraising, saying he never talks about that. Says he truly fears for all those who don't sell all they have and sit on their money. He says he really feels afraid for those people as they won't be saved. Think of the guilt you will have not giving all your money to God. Don't hide money. Don't deny God in this way. --[name removed]

Exited UCG:

July 10, 2017

Your site helped me exit UCG 12 years ago after 33 years of service. --Anonymous

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