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I Asked the Lord to Help Me Not to Be Deceived:

January 17, 2019

Hi. I just wanted to let you know that your site really helped me, hugely! I've been reading and listening to Tim Carpenter of "I Saw the Light Ministries." I kept asking the Lord to help me not to be deceived and, today, I found your site. Phew! I have a bunch of reading to do, from your site, to get deprogrammed. I knew nothing about the Armstrong groups and I struggled with how he (Tim) was getting all this information that no one else seemed to have. I am thankful that your site is explaining the roots of the Armstrong beliefs. I'm wondering if he (Tim) just put his own spin on it when he created his own version of the Bible because he says all other versions are based on the Babylonian Hebrew while his is based on the original Greek Hebrew that Jesus spoke. My head has been in a whirl about what is truth and what isn't anymore. Ugh!

I don't even know if you have time to read this and answer but I could really use help right now to find my way back to the peace I used to have in Christ. --J. S.

Reply: I'm glad you found our site and that it helped you. I had never heard of Tim Carpenter and his "I Saw the Light Ministries" but it appears that he is holding to a lot of Herbert Armstrong dogma and has probably put his own spin on it. Many of the Herbert Armstrong groups exploit people financially. They usually say they have "the truth" and other churches are wrong. Christ warns us to beware of wolves in sheep's clothing. We have several sections on our site which can be very helpful; i. e., Understanding Mind Control & Exploitive Groups, Healing From Emotional & Spiritual Abuse, and Articles on Grace & Law (and other teachings).

Christ is still there for you. He will never leave you. Just keep asking Him for discernment and to know more about His marvelous grace. It is only through Him that we can have lasting peace.

Frustrating Trying to Figure Out Which Church is Genuine:

January 30, 2019

Hi, I am glad I stumbled across your website. As a child I was in WCG until the age of 16 when I could make up my own mind and I left. But lately at 57 I am being pulled back to religion and God's Word and laws. But do you know of a church I can go to that is not a cult or a false church as it is very frustrating trying to figure out which church is genuine. --Regards, M. C.

Reply: here is nothing wrong with being pulled back to God's Word, but it is important to understand why we are not under the Mosaic Law today (see our Q&A under "Questions About the Law, Works or Salvation") We need to be very discerning about which religious group we become involved with. Any church or ministry that attempts to control you emotionally, spiritually and financially, especially saying you must work for your salvation, or send lots of money to them in order to stay in God's favor, are ones to stay away from.

Helpful ministries are: Bob George's ministry which has helpful material and articles and Thru the Bible with the late J. Vernon McGee who goes through the entire Word of God in five years going back and forth from the O. T. to the N.T.

Enjoy Reading the Interesting Posts:

February 1, 2019

I am a former member of the WWCG from '88-'95. I enjoy reading the interesting posts on your website; it’s great to know that I am not the only one who feels that we were once in a cult but didn’t know that at the time. Also, could you please send me a copy of Herbert Armstrong’s Tangled Web? Sounds like a great book!

Thanks for all that you do. --T. J.

Grace Communion International is the Same Old:

February 19, 2019

In a way WCG is really worse. Grace Communion International's website states we need to attend Church and tithing is good. "Become a member" pops up in your face, too. It's the same old but a fancy new site.

I was looking for some info on new president, Greg Williams. All I see is he had HWA's upbringing and schooling and they make it look OK.

I was re-reading the OIU newsletters on your site. My goodness, they are excellent. --Canada

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