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trail through forestMiracles seem to mean so much more to the person they happened to. You can talk about them all day, but unless you have the miracle strike in your heart, the ultimate greatness of it doesn't sink in. Here are just a few that have happened in my life that I wrote down at the time. I hope they will be an inspiration to you.


Drowning Boy Miracle

My whole family was staying at a resort hotel that had two swimming pools on the resort. The pools were accessible for hotel residents only, but some of the local people sneak into the area because the beach and the view at the resort is so beautiful. The only reason we went is because my wife's company paid the tab as a once a year "family gathering."

I don't want people to think I am bragging or something. This story to follow really shook me up and I had a hard time handling it. It basically dampened the rest of the weekend because I didn't know what to think! My family kept asking what was wrong after the incident, as I was not myself.

It was about 3pm and I was looking out at the beach. I hadn't seen my son for a while and was getting worried. When I saw a couple fishing, I wanted to find him even more so we could go see if they caught some fish or not. As I came around the corner of the building, I heard some crying and just plain turmoil coming from the pool. Immediately I thought it was him in trouble. All I could see was about 20 people standing around a body lying beside the pool.

I freaked out and ran, jumped over bushes, and darted toward whom I thought was my son. The feet sticking out of the crowd matched his! I can't even explain the feelings I felt! As I was running to the crowd, I heard, "Dad, he was at the bottom of the pool." It was my son saying this. I was relieved, but upset at myself because I was relieved! I was glad it wasn't my son but upset at the tension that left me. I hope you understand. I felt sinful to be glad it was someone else.

The child's whole family (about twenty cousins, parents, grandparents, and others) were all standing around the child screaming, shouting, and in just complete disarray. They were not hotel residents, so they shouldn't have been there in the first place. The eleven year old child had snuck off to the pool unattended, inhaled water, drowned, sunk to the bottom, and was pulled up by a teenager after he lay at the bottom for a few minutes.

Back to me running over to the child lying there. I stood back and took a look at the family standing around. Everyone seemed concerned by either screaming, or just turning their heads. He was not breathing and there was no pulse. When they opened his eyelids, there was nothing but black, no white. He was stiff. I wondered why nobody was praying? Some just seemed like they wanted to get back to barbecuing. I was sick!

This is what I felt strange about. I walked up to the child, placed my hand on his foot because that was the only place I could reach him. There were so many people hovering over him. I kneeled in prayer for his life while holding his foot. As soon as I did this, I was given assurance that he was going to be okay. The warmth I felt was unexplainable and I KNEW he was going to be fine. I hugged the mother and told her that it will be okay. He immediately started to cough and vomit water. It took about 20 minutes for the paramedics to get there, but by the time they did he was talking, and by the time they left he was up walking and hopped into the wheelchair by himself.

I was so shook up and drained after this that I had to go lie down. Between thinking it was my son to begin with, the incident itself, and the guilt I experienced because of the relief I felt that it wasn't my son, just tore me up. The worst thing about it is that the family continued on with their BBQ (with the exception of the mother). I can't understand this. I would be too concerned about the child to be enjoying a BBQ!

This really did happen and for now I place it in memory, but will never forget it. I know I didn't perform a miracle but I know that Jesus was there and did. This kid was revived from the dead. In a way, I feel good to have witnessed it, but feel strange in talking about it because I don't want one to think I had any thing to do with the miracle Jesus performed before my eyes. I am mixed with guilt and boastfulness when I think about it, but I really don't mean it (the boastfulness).

I didn't know my son was watching me pray over him, but later he asked me what I was doing. I told him that I was praying for the boy's life. He didn't respond, but he didn't have to, because he knew what happened. He was amazed as well.

Well, that's it. I believe in Jesus Christ and that He performs miracles today just like he did when He walked the earth. Witnessing this took a toll on me, because I was involved as I prayed. I just don't want to take away any LIGHT from the true source. I am a witness. There is a lot of things happening in my life right now and I am truly excited. I have ups and downs but generally feel good because I can see the work Jesus is performing. 

By Mike (a few months after being cut off from PCG)
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Baseball Park Miracle

This is what happened to my son and I a couple weeks ago. He had an important baseball game and the team was supposed to meet at Burger King at 9am so we could follow each other to the field since only the coach knew where it was. We have never been to the host city or that baseball park.

My son and I went to Burger King and there wasn't anyone there! He missed the last practice and we didn't hear about the change in plans. The coach decided to just hand out maps and since we weren't at the practice, we didn't get one, or know about the change.

So there we were at Burger King, alone and not knowing how to get to the field, let alone the city. I just started to drive in the direction that I "thought" the city was in and thankfully we found some road signs that led us there. We were late now and just driving up and down the main street looking for other players cars or any sign of the team.

The game was to begin in a few minutes and I could see my son was about to cry, feeling sad about missing his game. I was getting really frustrated and told him that it wasn't his fault and that we might as well just go home and scratch this game as history. He was hurt and I became hurt and sad for him.

Then I prayed from deep down in my heart and asked for help. Just as we were about to leave the city limits, I honestly don't know why, but I turned on my left turn signal. My son said, "Why are we turning here?" I didn't know why, but even though we sat there with all the oncoming traffic, I felt I had to turn.

After that, I drove through a residential area and just kept turning left and right about three more times. All of a sudden my son said, "Dad, there's my team! How did you know where they were?" I felt a feeling of warmth that is unexplainable and knew I was led by Christ and He immediately answered my heartfelt prayers. This made my whole weekend.

Yes, maybe a small miracle, but indeed a miracle! A feeling was put in my heart and I KNEW I was being guided. I was reassured!!! He led me. My son and I still talk about it. We laugh about it now, but when it happened we knew He intervened. There is no other explanation! More proof of His Love. If you were with us you would know see the picture clearly. I was on my way back home and gave up looking, but He had other plans for us. Just writing about it makes me feel good again.

By Mike (about a year after being cut off from PCG)
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Calming the Storm

When a miracle happens, only the person who experiences it can truly feel the totality of it. It is so hard to make people understand when something that happened to you was caused by divine intervention.

The weather had been severe here with gusty winds and horizontal blowing rain in the morning when it is still dark when I arrive at work. Well, there are two entrances to my building and one is about 80 yards closer to the other. Most people use the first one to get out of the rain, as I did until a few days ago. I decided to pass by the first door because it was clogged and I prayed to Jesus asking Him to take this nasty weather away. Then I gave Him this burden. I was alone both times.

Guess what? As I passed the first entrance and prayed, the winds died to a calm, easy breeze, the rain stopped to a sprinkle, and I got this warm feeling inside. I had a feeling of contentment, but not until I passed that first door and prayed. This is two days straight now! It made my day, all day for two days. I won't press it anymore, but things like this reveal He listens and puts a smile back on our face when He knows we feel bad. I am still amazed. He knew I had been depressed and listened to my prayers and showed me He was with me. It was as though He wanted to show me I can weather any storm as long as I rely on Him and He proved it. No miracle is small!

Might sound simple but it was true blue "real." Our Savior. Nothing compares!

By Mike
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"Then they cry unto the Lord in their trouble, and he bringeth them out of their distresses. He maketh the storm a calm, so that the waves thereof are still."
~Psalm 107:28-29


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