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I Find Your Website Super Interesting and Helpful:

January 13, 2019

I'm a child born into the PCG, and my mother recently told me about your website. I find it to be super interesting, and helpful. It'd be super awesome if you could get back to me soon. Thanks. --Child survivor of PCG

PCG Northeast Fruit Sales and New Radio Show:

January 26, 2019

PCG Northeast has been boasting that they made $100,000 this year from their fruit sales in comparison to $84,000 last year and they sent a letter attached with a check to Flurry.

Also they were promoting Grant Turgeon's new radio show Behind the Work that first aired on November 29, 2018 on KPCG. -- Anonymous

Comment: Grant Turgeon is the son of Wayne Turgeon.

"That Prophet" (Gerald Flurry) Really Needed That Corporate Jet:

February 4, 2019

An article in February's Philadelphia Trumpet is about the Personal Appearance Campaigns that Gerald Flurry and his son [Stephen] have been doing recently. On page 6, we're told that the PCG's corporate jet, bought in 2017, is "largely to enable [Gerald Flurry] to meet more supporters of the Trumpet and to restart the Personal Appearance Campaigns." More are to take place this year.

But why does Flurry have to buy a corporate jet simply to travel around North American cities? Jesus only had to walk around what is now Israel, but He must have instructed "God's end-time Elijah" (and his successors) to arrive looking like the CEOs of multinational companies or the rulers of great nations. Some of the contenders for the Democratic presidential nomination will crisscross the country in rented coaches, while "That Prophet" flies past them in his "corporate jet." --D. K.

PCG Blames Their Website Troubles on Flurry's Future Visit to Jerusalem:

February 18, 2019

So apparently PCOG believes all the problems with their websites being down and recent power outage is due to G. Flurry's future visit to Jerusalem February 21 as it must be a very important one. --Anonymous

GF Visiting Jerusalem is Waste of More Members' Money:

February 19, 2019

I doubt that GF visiting Jerusalem is very important. It's just been blown out of proportion and is a waste of more members' money for airplane fuel. --C.

Members That are Confused About Who Has the Truth:

March 31, 2019

Hi, I have been looking at the new letters that have been posted on your site. In many cases, individuals are stating how confused they are about where is the true church, what is the truth, who has it, etc., and bemoaning the fact that every time they start looking at a group they think looks promising, they become disheartened to find out it again proves out to be only an exploitative organization seeking their membership to grow their donor base and increase the financial well-being of church administrators.

They seem to believe that God's Church can only be and in fact is always a physical organization meeting in a rented hall somewhere with a man standing up front preaching to people and guiding them into the truth. The reality is quite different. God's church is first and foremost a spiritual organization made up of only those individuals whose attitude is of wanting to obey God in all things to the best of their abilities. God looks on the heart or the attitude we would say today. The Church is sometimes visible and organized but for most of its existence is has been small and invisible to the world with its members scattered all over the world and most of the time not knowing each other.

The ministry when there is a true one and that has not been often in the history of the church, is not the source of truth. Your Bible is that source and it is the only sure one; men no matter how honest, sincere and well–intentioned they may be are vulnerable to corruption. The desire to be famous, recognized, flattered by others, to be important and wield power over others are strong corruptive influences which most men are unable to resist for long periods of time whether they be politicians or religious leaders. But for a few rare cases, they become corrupted and begin to want to grow their little empires into bigger ones and all at the expense of those who follow them. Many have come to despise Herbert Armstrong, the now long dead leader of the Worldwide Church of God claiming they were misled into falsity and financially exploited yet, they are still looking around to see what is the organization that has succeeded the Worldwide Church of God and are despairing at not finding it.

In the days of Herbert Armstrong, as in the days of the apostles, the criterion of truth has remained the same: "Does the Bible support what is being taught by the ministry and if it doesn't, don't follow along." Paul told the congregations he raised up to only follow him as he followed Christ and should he not follow Christ, they were not to follow him even though he was an apostle. Any and all men no matter how initially faithful and honest can and do become corrupted by fame and power. Just to make sure his congregations understood what he meant Paul told them the following: "Not for that we have dominion over your faith, but are helpers of your joy: for by faith ye stand." (2 Corinthians 1:24)

Paul, an apostle, clearly told the congregations that he raised up that he does not have the authority to impose on those to whom he preached what it is that they are to believe. What one believes is one's faith and Paul says he has no authority to impose or to have dominion over what Church members believe. Why? Because Church members stand by faith; i. e., what they believe is what they have chosen to believe and no man can force them to believe something they have not chosen to believe. Paul, the other apostles and the ministers ordained to different offices in the different congregations of the Church can be helpers of the members' faith by pointing them to the Scriptures that support what they are teaching them but ultimately, the individual member is the only one that can make the decision to believe it or not, they stand by faith; i. e., what they choose to believe. What one chooses to believe is one's faith whether it be with respect to religious or secular matters as for example: I have faith in tires produced by company XYZ; I believe that they are good and durable.

The criterion has always been: "Don't believe me (H. W. Armstrong or any other man) but believe your Bible." The responsibility is squarely on the individual to check everything out that is taught them with their Bible; not to just believe any man simply because he has a reputation for being honest, sincere, etc. You must go into your Bible and prove it to your satisfaction and if you are not able to do so then you should not follow along. The ultimate responsibility for not being misled is yours alone and so says your Bible.

You do not need to be part of an organization with the words "Church of God" somewhere in its official title to be part of God's Church. God's Church is a spiritual organization made up of only those individuals whose attitude is to try to obey God to the best of their abilities in all things and who are engaging in regular Bible study to grow their knowledge and understanding of God's truth and then seek to apply it in their lives as best they can. --R. C.

Comment: Read: Where is the True Church?

Gerald Flurry Doing Unusual Stuff Lately:

April 1, 2019

Gerald Flurry has been doing some unusual stuff lately, from sporting a beard (he looks old enough already without the beard; he's starting to show his age, and he's not aging well) to calling for a fast on a Sabbath--which hypes the urgency of it--because of money being "scarce" (no doubt money is "scarce" because of his "high maintenance" personal jet) and wanting to build another "college" in Jerusalem. He's really milking the members for everything he can get, using whatever means he can. I can't imagine too many people wanting to stay in the PCG. --S. N.

Comment: HWA didn't age well either but you will still find sites and booklets staging a "younger" Armstrong, trying to make him good looking. The truth is that many have told how HWA was very evil. Yet certain offshoots continue to deify him, preaching his doctrines of devils which end up destroying families. See: Questioning Herbert W. Armstrong.

Book of Remembrance Spawned from GRF Misinterpretation of Bible Prophecy:

April 3, 2019

Someone sent me this today ("The Separation of the Righteous from the Wicked in God's Church is About to Happen Shortly!"). I have known about this organization (the Ark of God Foundation) for awhile. I know that it is lengthy. It's absolute prophetic nonsense that has spawned off GRF misinterpretations of Bible Prophecy. Passover is approaching, and this what some ex-PCG members are excited about.

It is my understanding that this organization is based out of the Philippines. They are ex-PCG members who have 2 leaders that believe they are the two witnesses. Their primary work is to warn the PCG. They somehow believe that they (PCG) are the only true church (even though there are probably about 700 splinters from WCG). --PCG exiter

NOTE from ESN: This splinter group's site is Armstrong Remembrancers and Keepers of God Foundation but neither the book nor the above referenced article can be found on it. PCG members were told to "burn the book." Following are quotes from the article and are only posted to show the foolishness of this fear-based prophecy. (For those who are afraid of losing their salvation, read: "Can we ever lose our salvation?" and Where is the True Church?)

"God used His Two Witnesses as mere scribes to put in writing His message for His people in that book. [Book of Remembrance] ... Thus, if you have any disagreement with its contents, you will find yourself reasoning and arguing with God.
"It is a book which exposes the last end betrayal happening within God's Church which involves the ministers themselves who are supposed to lead God's people in the way of holiness and righteousness. This is God's way of getting His people's attention and to make them aware of what is happening in His own Church.
"Stephen Flurry [after he went through a copy of Book of Remembrance] looked like a man who has been spending days on binge drinking booze. He looks like he has been depressed for days or that he has not yet fully recover from a hangover. [refer to the video of his Trumpet Daily program published on Oct 10, 2013]
"A copy of the book finally found its way into Gerald Flurry hotel room during his brief visit to the Philippines on Apr 3, 2018. God helped the Two Witnesses to stealthily deliver a copy of the book to his room even if they had to wait the whole night for the right moment.
"Now notice the appearance of Gerald Flurry as he appears unusually with a beard and mustache in the Key of David program sometime after his return to the US from his trip to the Philippines. He also looked bothered as his facial expression reveals it. It's been quite some time now since Apr 3, 2018, and Gerald Flurry has retained his not so good-looking beard and mustache. His appearance obviously indicates the effect of the message of the Book of Remembrance on him which just validates all the many prophecies about his becoming enlightened about all the wrong things that have been happening in the Church supposedly under his watch.
"Notice that this matter of discerning between the righteous and the wicked in God's Church with the use of the Book of Remembrance is the principle being pointed out by Mal 3:18...In Mal 3:6, God is actually speaking to the Jacobite Laodiceans in the Philadelphia Church God.
"They are the members of the Philadelphia Church of God. ... The PCG is not really doing God's work of rebuilding His spiritual Temple today. ... In effect, the PCG has been misusing and misappropriating God's money in doing their own work of vanity. The concert series in AC auditorium, the Edstone work, the Jet plane project, the ever-continuing building program, the Irish Dancing project are just examples of PCG activities that are not really helping raise the ruins of the Tabernacle of David which is fallen.
"God is now calling the PCG to repentance and this is a call to return to God by supporting the real Work that God is doing today. It is the work of calling God's faithful saints from the PCG and from the various COG who comprise the saints from our time which will be joined together with the other groups of saints from the previous eras which will make up the totality of God's Firstfruits or the 144,000 saints of Rev 7 and 14.
"The outpouring of blessings from heaven is an allusion to the outpouring of abundant new revelations from God which is being experienced right now by the little group known as the Ark of God Foundation. God has been pouring upon this group new revelations every Sabbath without end since the group started meeting together with God's Two Witnesses or prophets (Rev 11:10). The group now is in possession of what they call a thousand years worth of knowledge.
"And with the use of the measuring tool in his hands (Book of Remembrance), GRF will be able to separate those who will continue supporting his leadership from those who would rather support and follow the man of sin in the person of his very own son, Stephen Flurry.
"That 'return' will be happening soon and it will be seen by everyone. This prophesied event will find its complete fulfillment when Gerald Flurry finally splits up with the wicked in PCG, taking with him the faithful 10% who are the only ones who will be saved from the calamities of the 7 last plagues that will be poured upon the wicked ones who will remain with Stephen Flurry and his fellow Edomite ministers. The 90% who will remain with Stephen Flurry is the Edomite Laodicean group who will choose to support their work of vanity rather than the Work of God which will eventually come to nothing and cost them their eternal salvation.
"Have you read the Book of Remembrance or have you burned your own copy. Gerald Flurry will know who among you will be saved using this book."

Book of Remembrance a Bunch of Malarkey:

April 3, 2019

I read the last letter. Boy, what a bunch of malarkey. --Anonymous

It's the Same Thing That Bob Ardis Did:

April 4, 2019

This [Book of Remembrance] is basically the same thing that Bob Ardis (now deceased) [founder of Church of God's Faithful] did when he left PCG. His whole work was about GRF and PCG. This is a common error with many people who have left PCG. They feel that somehow GRF was right with Malachi's Message, and then got off track, and is now Laodicean. Whatever group arises from them suddenly becomes Philadelphian, and has to warn those of PCG. --PCG Exiter

Amazed by Those Who Continue to Believe What False Ministers Have Taught Them:

April 10, 2019

At this time of the year I am always amazed at those people who left, or were disfellowshipped from the WCG/PCG/COG's, and annually perform all the rituals of cleaning out the house, searching for the last crumb of leaven as instructed by HWA and GF.

Once they leave they continue to believe all they were taught by these false ministers, crucifying Christ again every year and are unaware that Christ was a once off final sacrifice for the forgiveness of all their sins. The giving of the Holy Spirit as promised by Christ has also come and Christians are led by the Holy Spirit.

How they can believe anything that GF teaches at this time of their lives is astonishing. --Ex WCG and PCG

Comment: See: Articles and Writings on the Holy Days

HWA said the Bible is All That You Needed:

April 22, 2019

HWA said the Bible is all that you needed, just like all the other leaders (GF, etc.) that try to imitate him; yet, they still send their literature and expect members of their group to open it and read it as soon as possible. --G. W.

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