Exit and Support Network


I entered this world with water splashed in my face
I was told as an infant I am now under grace;

They prayed before statues and took daily bread
As a vulnerable child, many things through my head

Who were these idols and what do they mean?
They must be gods, I thought as a teen

I confessed to a man whom they called a priest
He made me feel bad to say the least

I cried on Christmas every single year
Locked in the bathroom spilling with tears

Why were they drunk and missing the birth?
Nobody cared and gave him His worth

Something was wrong as my heart screamed out
It's time to go now, without a doubt

I left the nest to escape my pain
Off to the military to make the gain

After a few years, it came by surprise
The Holy Spirit filled me and opened my eyes

My thoughts, my dreams, were transformed that night
I had new love and knew it was right

I had to find church to show I was true
I went to a chaplain where I came unglued

He sent me away and thought I was a nut
Really discouraged, I still followed my gut

Then it came, The Worldwide Church
It was finally over, no more to search

Yes, I found it. My calling at last!
Nothing mattered in my whole lifetime past

The "truth" was given as a secret to me
They told me God rules and who I should be

I listened and learned, knowing I was elect
After a long story, I ended up a wreck

Crushed by "Elijah" who broke me to pieces
How can men lie when the pain increases?

The fear they instilled was so destructive
How did they think it was being constructive?

Fear filled their pockets with stolen money
Taken from nice ladies whom they called "honey"

Another lesson learned, another broken heart
Here I was again, searching for a start

I found an apostle with the "key" of life
Nobody believed me, not my family or wife

Give them up, throw everything away
If you don't, God will cast you astray

Go with Flurry, he is under God's wing
Come with us, don't think and just sing

Ask no questions and stay in fear
Send in more money and you'll have God's ear

At the very last minute, I was saved again
And, of course, as before, it was from MEN


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