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God's Flowers Never Die

Breaths of air start my bout
Home in a taxi makes one doubt

My first years were nourished at home
Feelings developed to start this poem

Off to school, smart as can be
Feeling contrite, what did they see?

Something was missing, I didn't know
Whom do I turn, which way to go?

Forks and fists flew threw the air
Part of my problem was my concern and care (Abuse)

Vibrations in the drive; run and hide (Dad's car)
This, for child who's dying inside

Out of the closet to test the water
Moods and anger like a teeter-totter

Sometimes good, sometimes bad
When bad, they were really, really sad

The point of a finger would make me wet
Starting from there, my emotions were set

Beneath my peers, I walked through life
Stay down and stew where they didn't strife

Children are precious; love and give hugs
Don't blaspheme their souls and use as rugs

Killing innocence is a great disgrace
Please fathers and mothers, look at their face

Looking and longing for who I am
Why start now? Already a man

Knowing oneself should not be an art
It should be your surface, not buried in heart

Some are locked in, oh, so deep
Many things result that make us weep

Panic, shame, guilt, and unexpected fears
 Came down this road with grief and big tears

Take it all in and be a grown man
Don't cry like a baby, they won't understand

I don't ask for sorrow from any of you
I just ask you understand how my heart re-grew

Besides I've been saved and the point is mute
What I know now, they can't refute

Pain makes us grow and develop His way
Walk out of the flames, you can stand as you may

Take a flower for example, and lack its care
After time it will wilt and vanish in air

After its dying it's not always doom!
Just a few drops of water brings a flourishing bloom

My friends it has happened, those drops have come
Not from the rain, but from His Holy Son

My past doesn't matter, no looking back
It's time to go forward and stay on His track

My roots are deep and filled with grief
With this, I can share and give others relief

Been down some roads, some filled with pain
Now it's my chance to help others gain

My spirit has lifted to heights most mighty high
Guided in walk and not the same guy

It took many years to finally know why
Christ is the answer; when He came, I cried

All for a purpose and I feel no remorse
Love for my parents? Most certain, of course

For those on my road, I pray you can turn
Reach deep down inside, look up and yearn

The answer will come, as He promised us
With faith and prayer and most of all, Trust

My waterless tears were nothing to bear
Just think of Him who died to spare

For your life, that is; me and you
With Him and Him only, we are born anew

That's the answer you see, a whole new birth
Not from the womb, but in spiritual worth


Dedicated to two special people in the ESN for their Love of serving Jesus Christ in helping others recover from the many, many worldly wolves dressed in sheep's clothing, pretending to be servants. I sincerely thank you both! You two assisted in saving me from these ravaging wolves. I pray the Lord keeps your blessings coming. Eph. 5:11!

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