Exit and Support Network


It is most certain that we all need love
Most count on family and some above

As we develop, love comes through a DOOR
Peace for some; but others, much more

We left it wide open and grabbed what we could
All of our grasping brought us no good

That place in your heart where love is not there
Will always be yearning for lack of your share

We fill it with things not good for our souls
After awhile, it will take on its' toll

It's a big step, but must be done
Once you do, your war will be won

Time has come to clear the dust
For your door is waiting and open it must

Like in the winter, we need warm wear
Like a new seedling, your life needs Him there

Accept Him now! He died for you and me
Do it with heart and you will see

He enters your heart like a blooming Rose
You knocked at His door and then you are chosen

By Mike

His Promise. Take Heed. JOHN 10: 1-18


Dedicated to a child survivor raised in Worldwide Church of God.

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