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A Story of Near Slavery in
Philadelphia Church of God

We think that we know the depth of evil that men can stoop to in the name of religion. Until we hear of a new situation that causes us to stop and realize that there is no end to the perversity going on in the Philadelphia Church of God.

I have learned of a situation that borders on actual slavery, and it must be told, even though the people involved do not know of the telling. My source is excellent, and some of the knowledge I will reveal is first hand. I will protect the privacy of the people involved as much as I can.

Back in the early `90s, a couple met and fell in love in the Worldwide Church of God. They were married. As time passed they became disenchanted by the underhanded way that the changes were being made by the Tkach's. They finally were hooked into the web of the PCG.

After several years of marriage, they were experiencing difficulties with their relationship--though it was definitely not of a sexually immoral nature. They temporarily separated and asked for counseling to solve their problems. To their utter shock and dismay, Gerald Flurry took it upon himself to annul their marriage, though they were both still members in good standing. I have never heard of such a ruling before in a marriage of several years. They were so afraid of that man, and afraid to disobey, that they got a divorce.

They were miserably unhappy. They each worked on their problems until they felt they could make another happy marriage together. They saw each other at the Feast and knew they were still in love. They asked permission to date. They were forbidden. They went in desperation to a young minister who knew them both, and he went on their behalf to the regional director over their area to ask for mercy. Dennis Leap, in characteristic fashion, threw a red faced, bug eyed, angry fit, and announced that not only would they not be allowed to date, they would never be allowed to marry.

They are still apart and still miserable and afraid.

The only reason I can think of for this horribly illegal action is that Flurry hates Joseph Tkach. The fact that they met and married under Tkach made their marriage null and void in Flurry's mind. If there are any others in the PCG who likewise married, they better keep it secret.

I believe that these people have had their civil rights violated to the point of virtual slavery. If they ever leave the PCG, I hope they, at the very least, sue Flurry and Leap for alienation of affection. Until then they need our prayers.

By Vanessa
January 11, 2005

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