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Gerald Flurry's Literature Sounded Good At First

I used to believe what Gerald Flurry said and prophesied. The literature sounded good and spiritual, and I kept ordering more. I started out by watching him on his Key of David television program. That day they were giving away the Mystery of the Ages book, so I sent for a copy. That started it all, needless to say. Over time, I called for a minister to contact me. I was informed that I would not be hearing from a minister until I read a certain number of books. (Numbers and titles escape me). Well, after requesting those books and reading them, I called back and was told that a minister would soon be contacting me. He did and we talked for almost an hour, mostly about what Herbert W. Armstrong predicted, and what church doctrine is like today. I was told that I was only to use one kind of Bible, that I was not allowed to eat certain meats or fish, and I was not allowed use of makeup or even hair dye. The minister sounded very sincere and kept going to the point of these issues being Biblical ordinations. I was even thinking of going 60 miles (one way) to attend a service.

After that, he told me that I should read the other material that was being mailed to me (for emphasis on the topics we discussed). I did, and phoned him that I had read these letters and articles. I never heard from him again. I finally called again about a month later, and was informed that I needed to call another minister (Minister B). I had spoken with this man who told me that I could not attend meetings until I was ready to be baptized. I didn't know what that had to do with anything, but I believed it.

I continued watching the program Key of David and requesting their literature. I believed what I was hearing. Why not? After all, Gerald Flurry told me to look in my own Bible! But I started to notice that he was not preaching about the message, he was preaching about the minister. He believed that he and Herbert Armstrong were God's end time apostles. No one else cared about their message. Everyone else will suffer with eternal death. Christ's blood and death on the cross meant nothing.

After I was financially solicited for the preaching work, I informed them that I'm on a fixed income and can only contribute whenever and however I can. That's when the literature stopped coming and the phone stopped ringing from their ministers. E-mails went unanswered. I really believed that a church should help out its flock in these end times. But I guess the flock was a crock. I no longer watch the TV program, nor send for their literature.

I want to find out if there's a church that cares for their believers, not one that is only thinking of themselves. With God's help I know I will find it. Thank you.

By Lenora
September 6, 2007

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