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Suspended for Asking Questions

I was a member of the Worldwide Church of God and Philadelphia Church of God from 1984 to 1999. They suspended me about 6 months ago for asking about the same questions [Read Mike's testimony]. When they would not give me the answers, I stopped tithing. That is when the ax fell.

I almost gave up on God after that happened. But finding your web page gave me food for thought--that Christ allows things to happen to us for a reason. As it says in the Bible: "All things work for the good for those who love God." They work for the good but they may not feel good at the time. As far back as I can remember, I have always searched for God's Truth. These people in the PCG had my brother-in-law spy on me to see if I was saying anything contrary to their dogma. They even tried to turn my wife against me, phoning her while I was at work.

Two ministers came to my house to suspend me and they didn't even have their Bibles in their hands. I quoted Scripture to them and they totally sweep that under the rug. They even had the nerve to ask my wife if she was going to remain faithful to their church after they suspended me. By the way, I couldn't find the word suspension in the Bible that pertains to that process.

I still have a lot of trash in my mind from them, but I have faith that Christ will cleanse my mind. As for now I must go forward and trust in the true God.

In Christ's love,

By Ben
April 14, 2000

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