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Following is what is new or updated on the Exit & Support Network™ website within approximately the last year. If you visit this page frequently, please refresh the page to see recent lis/ptings.

Following is a link to articles for this time of year that some exiters may be interested in:

Articles and Writings on the Holy Days (covers the Spring and Fall festivals)

April 2019

I Was Never Really Happy New WCG Testimony 4-6-19

March 2019

Prayers For Freedom From Spiritual Strongholds Updated with new link 3-10-19
This section includes a new link to Bill Bean, Exorcist / Spiritual Warfare Minister / Life Coach (for those who need help from demonic oppression)

January 2019

Does Hebrews 12:6 mean that God punishes us for our sin? New Q&A 1-22-19

December 2018

I Saw the Hypocrisy in Worldwide Church of God New Testimony 12-31-18

What Happens if I Join Living Church of God?" Updated 12-1-18
Title change and present tenses changed to past tenses in regard to Roderick Meredith.

November 2018

The Ordeal of Exiting Reposted from 2010 11-13-18

Info on Church of God, a Worldwide Association Updated 11-9-18

October 2018

Do you have anything that substantiates the Rapture? Updated (2nd offsite article is new) 10-23-18

August 2018

Gerald Flurry Lacking Compassion Updated (This letter has a new paragraph added at the end by the author) 8-18-18

My Correspondence With PCG Ministers and Their Spin Replies New Article 8-15-18

July 2018

Life at Herbert W. Armstrong College by Kieren Underwood New Article 7-25-18

May 2018

What You Should Know About United Church of God-AIA Updated 5-8-18

February 2018

Restored Church of God Destroyed My Marriage New Testimony 2-8-18

January 2018

What You Should Know About United Church of God-AIA Updated (esp. footnotes) 1-1-18

December 2017

Articles Updated and re-arranged 12-11-07

October 2017

Questions and Answers Pt. 3 of 3 Updated under: "How do I recover after exiting an abusive group?" 10-30-17

Booklist Updated and re-arranged in some sections 10-28-17

May 2017

What Happens if I Join Roderick Meredith's Living Church of God?" Updated 5-23-17
Roderick Meredith dies at age 86. Includes links to "Expose` Articles on Meredith as a Minister."

If You Have a Loved One in a Deceptive, Exploitive Group Updated with NOTE at top 5-21-17

April 2017

Certain letters for 2009 have been discovered and re-posted Updated 4-23-17

March 2017

How can I observe Passover if I've left the group? Updated 3-28-17

Articles and Writings on the Holy Days Updated with new link 3-28-17
Includes a new link to The Lord's Supper (excellent study; explains the Last Supper in the context of the Passover; also covers I Corinthians 11 in the 2nd message and how many people have twisted it today) [offsite link]

The Answer to the Problem of Unanswered Prayer (offsite article; helpful for those who have prayed for their loved ones for years) New 3-27-17
This link has been placed in a couple of places on the site.

People Getting Out of Hell? (ridiculous quote by GCI minister) New 3-22-17

The Broadway to Armageddon Now available in Spanish with our other PDF books. 3-22-17

Does Neil Earle Use Disinformation Tactics? (When Responding to Former Worldwide Church of God Members) Reposted from 2005 3-17-17 (The phrases by Earle are now double spaced 3-18-17)
This article could be of interest to former WCG members.

What is the mark of the beast and how do we keep from being afraid? (Q&A) New 3-16-17

Herbert Armstrong: Mr. Confusion Reposted from 2006 3-12-17
Excellent transcription; covers many of HWA's doctrines.

February 2017

What Happens if I Join Rod Meredith's Living Church of God? Updated 2-23-17
Rod Meredith has terminal cancer.