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NOTE: Forgiveness is not an emotion or feeling but is making a heart decision to let go of our right to make the offender pay. It is trusting God to deal with them in His way. Many times there is grieving to be done for the losses we have suffered. We may also need to forgive ourselves. Healing is a process and takes time. If there is a very traumatic memory, then it may be better to work through that memory first with a trusted counselor before you try to pray this prayer.

(To be prayed out loud)

Dear Heavenly Father, I thank you for Your love and kindness toward me. It is Your kindness that has led me to repentance, turning from all my sins and turning to you.  I admit that I have allowed bitterness and resentment to grow in me. At times, I have forgotten this unforgiveness in my heart. This unforgiveness festers deep within me, at times beyond my conscious reach. This affects every aspect of my life and gives the enemy a right to torment me as stated in Matthew 18. I confess that this unforgiveness and bitterness is affecting my life and relationships today. Because of past hurts, I acknowledge the inability to love or trust others.

I understand that forgiveness is not an emotion but an act of my will. I now choose to exercise my will to forgive others as You, Father, have forgiven me. Dear Holy Spirit, I am asking You to bring to my remembrance anyone I need to forgive. I choose not to be ruled by a spirit of bitterness. I repent, forgive and release these people right now. In Jesus' name. Amen.

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