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Armstrongism Adapts A New Identity

Even the staunchest Armstrong supporters are not aware of the subtle changes that are occurring within the Armstrong arena. The ESN often recommends George Orwell's classic books: 1984 and the other, Animal Farm. These brief books succinctly teach many vital lessons about the subtly of propaganda and manipulation. Just as enlightening is the instruction pertaining to human nature. Those unaware of the tactics, or trusting in the authority, are often lead astray by the exploiters. Animal Farm demonstrates how all the animal members of the farm slowly incorporate a new way of thinking through slow conditioning implemented by the leader of the farm. In this case, it is a pig. The ESN highly recommends reading it!

Have you ever wondered why there are not published books on the biography of Herbert W. Armstrong, or history of the WCG as an organization (unbiased of doctrine)? One of the biggest problems even for the best of propagandists is that there is very little positive material to publish. Added to that is the severe lack of foundation both for the teachings of HWA and for the founding of the RCG/WCG. One proof of that fact is WCG's disassociation from Armstrongism. The Tkachians were recently heard stating that many of HWA's teachings were groundless and that his personal interpretations were mistaken. However, they conveniently don't mention that these same allegations were highly exposed as early as the 1960s and that the current self appointed leaders of all the COGs knew there were grave discrepancies and errors surrounding the Armstrong teachings, but continued to support them as God's Truth, as the good stewards collected their millions as payment for being the keepers of the truth. We also see that the current Armstrong supporters (scattered flocks and GCG/UCG) are now slowly being introduced to a new ecumenical theme known as the "Sabbath Keepers." We urge our readers to heed this well for even the OIUs biggest skeptics will see the ecumenical events unfold. Here too, In Transition continued to play a unique role with what we assume will be transferred to the latest propaganda publication, Journal of the Churches of God. As mentioned earlier, In Transition played a strategic role in duping the unknowing with massive history revision surrounding the history of the WCG, the personality of HWA and revision of past HWA teachings. Editor John Robinson even managed to orchestrate a colorful revision of the 1995 events of the WCG/UCG breakaway.

As ex-WCGers become less entertained with the image of good ol' Mr. Armstrong and more in tune with the events surrounding the Church of God, Sabbath Keepers will hear much less of the icon and idol Herbert W. Armstrong. Just as interesting as the newly formed associations mentioned above are that the Armstrongites have also associated with Seventh-day Adventists. Now, some may be thinking, "Wait a minute, HWA has mentioned the Seventh-day Adventists in his past writings." Yes! He did. He often mentioned that he was never associated with SDA and the ESN has many documents verifying that. It wasn't until July 6, 1993 that the Tkachians introduced an "SDA association" in the WWN. Victor Kubik, Greg Albrecht, Michael Feazell and Joe Tkach, Jr. met in Denver, Colorado, May 19,1993 at the general offices of the Church of God Seventh Day to "establish a friendly and cooperative relationship."

"There are groups with which we would not desire to fellowship because of their disfellowship status and their divisive teachings. However, the Church of God (Seventh Day) is not one of those groups. It is important to realize that we hold a majority of doctrinal beliefs in common and share the same organizational roots."

Joe Tkach, Jr. Oh really? Why then had the WCG leaders kept this a secret for sixty years? Through innocent ignorance, along with the insidious mind control seduction, those baptized into WCG accepted the lies purported by God's inspired ministers and Apostles. The WCG was supposedly the one and only true church because it was the only true Sabbath keeping church and all its "truth" was delivered to HWA right from the top of the pyramid of the Government from the top down. What pyramid you ask? The one with the all-seeing-eye!

As already mentioned, the Adventist association was necessary for establishing credibility toward Armstrong teachings. As In Transition slowly associated Adventism to the WCG "doctrinal" foundation (via the Pope decorated, Bacchiocchi), Tkach continued building his already chummy relationship with Adventist leaders. Go figure, right? But in July 1996, J. Thomas Lapacka posted this announcement:

Historic First Meeting Between Seventh-day Adventist Church and the Worldwide Church of God:
J. Tom Lapacka
For Immediate Release June 26, 1996
Silver Spring, Maryland…
For the first time since the founding of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and the Worldwide Church of God, leaders of the two denominations met at the Adventist Church World Headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland, USA, June 26. The historic meeting came about due to the interest on the part of the leadership of both denominations to discuss their mutual beliefs in light of recent changes in the Worldwide Church of God. Robert S. Folkenberg, Seventh-day Adventist Church world president, and Joseph W. Tkach, Pastor General of the Worldwide Church of God, led the delegations which included representatives of both churches' departments and administrative staff.
In welcoming the guests, Pastor Folkenberg said: "It's with a great deal of Christian compassion that I view what the Worldwide Church of God has gone through." He also said, "We have appreciated your willingness to come and so openly share with us. We have a better understanding of the depth of changes in the Worldwide Church of God and how it sees itself in the wider Christian community. One thing we need to hold high is Christ and salvation through him."
"We've always thought of the Seventh-day Adventists as spiritual cousins," said Pastor General Tkach, "but now we see you as brothers. We share a mutual church history and we have been so very appreciative of the welcome and the fellowship we have had with you."
"I hope for two things," said Pastor Folkenberg. "One is that it be known that we had a positive and productive fellowship, and second, that we can have another meeting so that we might have more time to more fully explore one another's beliefs and mission." The one-day meeting included several presentations by representatives of the two churches covering issues of theology, mission and organization." -end-

[NOTE: Sexual, physical and spiritual abuses have been reported in the 7th Day Adventist Church.]

The 1970s exodus of over 7000 WCGers demonstrated that the teachings of HWA had many faults. Most exiters at that time easily discarded Armstrongism for mainstream teachings or for more modified forms of Sabbath Keeping understanding. When the Tkachians started introducing the Seventh-day Adventists, it was the first sign that preparation for something coming was in the works.

The "1995 scattered Armstrong flock," was in much disarray following the WCG divide. The division inspired many WCGers to question the WCG teachings under Armstrong. Had it not been for the brilliant Adventist conditioning manipulated by the Armstrong Sabbath Keeping COGs ecumenist master-minds, most exiting members would have started researching the past with critical thinking. The insidious association of Adventism quickly subsided most questioning as the "scattered flock" and UCG gravitated toward its new association with SDA.

The thousands who fled the Armstrong way of life during the 1970s did not flee to other breakaways. Most discarded Armstrong teachings as they researched the root and history of the organization. The architects of the Divide and Conquer of the 1990s were prepared to meet the traumatized WCGer with open arms to catch them in the web of the new association--Adventism.

Adventism was introduced through the In Transition and immediately upon the eve of the WCG breakup the In Transition provided advertisement for Vatican Sabbath Scholar, Samuele Bacchiocchi. Within weeks, the Friends of the Sabbath Seminars sponsored by Dr. John Merritt pulled the Sabbath Keeping groups together, along with the United COG. Adventist education quickly became the focus while it laid the framework for uniting the COG conglomerate.

Meanwhile, the Tkachians were working side by side with the Adventists in effort to introduce and condition their remaining members in preparation for the next step of the WCG divide.

The Greatest Plans of Mice and Men……

No one deserves more credit for introducing Adventism to the scattered flock than Dr. John Merritt. Dr. Merritt deserves all the credit for introducing the Friends of the Sabbath. Dr. Merritt initiated the expedient coming together of the Jubilee `95-The Sabbath in the 21st Century. Samuele Bacchiocchi was the featured guest at these "historic" Friends conferences starting as early as May 1995. Merritt's unique ability to organize and plan proved beneficial for the Adventist supporters, as the many conferences under the heading of Friends of the Sabbath proved to be perfect vehicles for gathering the flock and programming the sheep with Adventism and history revision galore. We can only assume that Merritt was the busiest of the architects as he frequented Big Sandy for meetings with GTA more than a few times for special dinner meetings to discuss future plans. Without knowing the full details of these meetings, one must question why Merritt had much to talk about with GTA during a time when Merritt was fully involved in a lawsuit between Ambassador University and Russell Duke.

Details about this lawsuit will be discussed at a later date. Noteworthy to mention now is that immediately following the GTA sexual scandal, the lawsuit initiated by Ambassador University board member Dr. Merritt35 was quickly withdrawn by Dr. Merritt without a clear explanation. Within days of GTA being served lawsuit papers, the Merritt/Duke--Ambassador University petition was quietly and discreetly withdrawn. We will not, at this time, discuss the Merritt/Duke/AU lawsuit, but its significance warrants close scrutiny as this timely lawsuit was enmeshed with the plans of the COG ecumenical agenda. The significance of the legal battle inspired WCG's Atty., Ralph Helge, to popularize it through several articles in The Worldwide News. Oddly, the battle between Merritt and Duke/UA suddenly ceased immediately following the unexpected rebirth of GTA's sexual encounters.

GTA's role in the ecumenical agenda also ended, following the exposure of his sexual encounter with the masseuse. Few will ever realize how destructive GTA's sexual behavior was to the COG architects with big plans. The Friends of the Sabbath took on stronger meaning starting in July 1995. Where GTA left off, the Friends of the Sabbath gained strength. Dr. John Merritt was the man behind the scenes.

There are reasons behind the events and they will become more obvious to those who have watched and scrutinized the chronology of WCG events.

Friends Of The Sabbath

Dr. Merritt was again in the spotlight as he marketed Dr. Samuele Bacchiocchi as the famous SDA scholar and professor of church history and theology from Andrews University, Berrien Springs, Michigan. Internet forums were ablaze with the new doctrinal distraction by the SDA superstar. Dr. Bacchiocchi's presence was enhanced by the many articles circulating from In Transition and in the COG "flagship" publications. [UPDATE: Samuele Bacchiocchi died in December 2008]

As the Armstrong followers slowly assumed their new identity as Adventist "Sabbath Keepers," Ron Dart, along with his Christian Education Ministries (CEM) ecumenical plans, busily assisted with organizing teaching seminars throughout the U.S. and abroad. [UPDATE: Ronald L. Dart died in 2016] The Bacchiocchi presentation was no small stir in 1995 and the distraction continued well into 1996. Bacchiocchi entertained all the "Sabbath Keepers" with his SDA interpretations, correspondence letters36 with Joseph Tkach, Jr., and then, the big one! By Dec. 1995, Dr. Bacchiocchi accepts the Holy Days! Soon following Bacchiocchi's Holy Day revelation, a book with a price (of course) was available by Dec. 1995 for those hungry for new truth. Anyone and everyone with COG publishing power gave a boost to the Bacchiocchi publicity campaign. If you think the Tkach correspondence grabbed attention, just imagine the response generated by the article in the World Ahead magazine published by Global. When all was said and done, the Bacchiocchi campaign generated massive COG publicity, gave the WCGers a (pseudo) doctrinal foundation and generated lots of income from the seminars and selling of "educational wares." None of which would have been possible without the mastermind Dr. Merritt and.....

  • In Transition, John Robinson
  • Prophecy Flash, by Dankenbring [William F. Dankenbring]
  • Servant's News, by Norman Edwards [Norman S. Edwards]
  • The World Ahead, Global Church of God [Update: GCG is now known as Living Church of God]
  • The Good News by United Church of God
  • CEM publications, by Ron Dart [Ronald L. Dart]
  • New Millennium - Ken Westby [Kenneth Westby
  • And now--the Outsider's Inside Update by the ESN

The Friends Of The Sabbath moved quickly to set up groups in every state and internationally. Many Sabbath Keepers have been recruited as representatives for the newly formed ecumenical organization and are filled with zeal over their new association and identity. Hard for most to recall the past when so much has already replaced it. The Friends Of The Sabbath combine energies with the United Church of God, Seventh-day Adventists, most of the independent COGs, the Living Room COGs (the folks not attending a particular group but who listen to a variety of ministers), the COG Seventh Day, the Seventh Day Baptists, the Messianic (Jews for Jesus) groups and other Sabbath keeping churches listed in the Bible Sabbath Association. The COG ecumenists are striving to increase the market of Sabbath Keepers, which in turn will generate a sweet income for the caring ministers selling their wares.

All the Ron Darts, John Robinsons and Dr. Merritts, along with the rest of the revisionists, are busily penetrating the "Sabbath keeping" market, as they concentrate their ecumenical agenda and manufacture all the tapes, books, teaching aids, Bible Studies, etc. necessary to bring millions into the light, as they make millions in their pockets. One of the latest Friends of the Sabbath attachments is the International Biblical Learning Center.

The following is taken from various COG Internet forums. The OIU prints these letters in their entirety as they indirectly explain how, "When Prophecy Fails," the scattered flocks of Armstrong followers have taken on a new identity. As the revisionists erase Armstrong, they associate with new financial opportunities and so goes the merry-go -round. These open letters also represent the message that George Orwell's wonderful novel, Animal Farm, was trying to portray.


Hi everyone,

This is an exciting development by the Friends of the Sabbath.

DR. Donald Ward, recent President of Ambassador University, has been hired as the new President of the International Biblical Learning Center (IBLC), a new institution of biblical studies, recently founded by the Friends of the Sabbath (originally called American Sabbatarian University).

DR. Ward has signed a one-year commitment to direct the new college, its curriculum, faculty development, marketing, and to oversee the college administration and to ensure the highest standards of biblical scholarship are available to Sabbatarian Christians worldwide. The new college will include faculty, students & advisors from a wide variety of Sabbatarian fellowships, and the governing board will cross a broad spectrum of believers. DR. Ward continues his ministry in the UCG and service on the UCG Council of Elders.

Watch for further exciting news.

The following will demonstrate what has been happening with the Friends of the Sabbaths. There have been many meetings throughout the US and now in the UK. Attendees pay tuition and local church areas cover the costs of the speakers' room, board and speakers' fee (which usually include Samuele Bacchiocchi and Ronald Dart). They are real moneymakers and the scattered brethren who have just a tiny part of the whole story support the efforts of the Friends of the Sabbath.


By Craig White

Co-ordinator and Founder of Australian

Friends of the Sabbath

A report on the Friends of the Sabbath conference held in Sydney, Australia, 5-8 July 1996 It was all over in a flash. All the hard work, sweat, trials and energy paid off for the first ever inter-Sabbatarian conference to be held in Australia, as well as the first ever Friends of the Sabbath to be held outside of the USA. We had the most unifying and uplifting conference possible. I personally received amazing complements from about 30 people over the last 2 days after the conference and together with phone calls and e-mails since plus feedback from others, it turned out to be much more successful than we could ever have imagined. In addition the survey forms handed in at the end of the conference indicated OVERWHELMING support for the continuation of the conference series and for it to be held in Sydney again next year. But all praise MUST be directed to God our Father for His inspiration and backing to the conference.

It should be mentioned at this juncture that this conference brought both Richard Nickels, President of the Bible Sabbath Association and myself together after about 19 years of correspondence and telephone conversations. [UPDATE: Richard Nickels died on June 4, 2006]

The Friday night session was held in the Chatswood Seventh Day Adventist Church with almost 300 in attendance. The spirit was electrifying and unifying. The rest of the conference was held in the Revesby Workers' Club. Attendance on the Sabbath was about 330; on the Sunday about 270; and 170 on the Monday (a surprise for a work day as we expected only about 80 to turn up).

The keynote speaker was Dr. Samuele Bacchiocchi, Professor of History and Theology at Andrews University. Other speakers were Richard Nickels, President of the Bible Sabbath Association; John Merritt, founder of Friends of the Sabbath; Larry Walker, pastor of a UCG congregation in the USA and proponent of inter-Sabbatarian dialogue; David Currie, one of the Presidents of the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Australia; Bruce Dean' pastor of the Sydney--Wollongong UCG congregation and David Hill, President of the Seventh Day Baptists in Australia. All-in-all there were presentations by 16 speakers ranging from over an hour by DR Bacchiocchi to just a few minutes by several presenters on various Sabbatarian institutions of higher learning including the International Biblical Learning Center. They represented about 7 different Sabbatarian denominations.

Topics included "I call you friends" by Larry Walker; "The Bible Sabbath Association and Giving & Sharing" by Richard Nickels; "The Seventh Day Men" by Leon Lyell; "From Sunday to Sabbath" by Dan Gayman; "Britain's Sabbath Keeping Celtic Church" by David Currie; "How I came to accept the Holy Days" by Dr. Bacchiocchi; "Holy Day Parallels" by David Hill and "200 Years of Sabbath keeping in Australia" by Bruce Dean.

Dan Gayman's talks excited the audience due to his incredibly energetic and powerful presentations. His talk on how and why his Church switched from Sunday to Sabbath was viewed as one of the highlights by most in attendance. Dan Gayman may be contacted at his office in Missouri on (417) 432-3119. His story is simply amazing.

The room adjacent to the hall was set aside for literature distribution and the amount of literature distributed can only be described as "awesome". The room became a place for people to mix and socialize across corporate boundaries.

Lay members from about 10 different groups attended plus greetings to the conference from Calvin Burrell, President of the Church of God (seventh day), the local Christian Biblical Church of God, the Remnant Church of God, Central Highlands Church of God and others were read out. All Australian States and Territories were represented (with the exception of the Northern Territory) plus New Zealand.

At the end of the conference it was announced that conferences would be held in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane late March-early April next year, which was welcomed by the delegates. The conferences are planned for around late March. A National Committee is now being established to oversight the local committees that will be organizing next year's conferences.

A new newsletter was launched at the conference, "Sabbath History" focuses on the history of Sabbatarian groups over the centuries. Articles in the current edition include: "The Seventh Day Men" by Leon Lyell; "Church of God (Adventist)" by Richard Nickels; "John Traske"; "Columba of Iona - Sabbatarian and keeper of the Stone" by John D Keyser and "Sabbatarian Material and Resources Available" compiled by Craig White. Future editions will have articles on the Church of God in Chile, Britain's Amazing Celtic Church, the Nazarenes, Peter Waldo and so forth. A subscription is available by writing to the Editor and Publisher, Mr. Leon Lyell, PO Box 206, Bundoora, Victoria, Australia 3083. Subscription price for the newsletter is only $18.00 per annum. The newsletter will be published quarterly and will be about 24-30 pages per issue. Please make cheques out to Leon Lyell.

Media attention was exceptional: A sizable and balanced article appeared on page 3 of one of the largest circulation newspapers in Australia, the "Sydney Morning Herald" prior to the conference which generated at least three radio talk-back shows to discuss the topic. Articles also appeared in the "Sun Herald". The Adventist "Record" magazine, which is circulated to tens of thousands of Adventists in Australia and the South Pacific, had a full-page article on the conference. On the Sunday night during the conference, the Rev. Dr. Gordon Moyes interviewed DR. Bacchiocchi for an hour on the "Sunday Night Live" show which is Australia's most popular religious radio program and is listened to by thousands of people each week. The next morning he was interviewed live on the popular channel 9 "Today" show at peak rating time at 7:50am. Both he and Richard Nickels were interviewed on 2BL Radio National, heard coast-to-coast.

After the conference Dr. Bacchiocchi sent the following to the SDANET, an Internet forum:

"It was by far the most successful Sabbath conference I attended. The participants came from all over Australia and New Zealand. Over 100 were told not to come because of the space limitations of the convention hall. The planners had not anticipated such an overwhelming response."

Audio and video tapes (in PAL format) of the conference will be available soon. For further information write to: Australian Friends of the Sabbath, GPO Box 864, Sydney 200. Or ring (02) 9745 2964. In the USA they will be available from Friends of the Sabbath, 27068 La Paz, #500, Laguna Hills, CA 92656 (the videos will be available in both PAL and NTSC format).

Recently, the ESN attended a committee meeting with individuals from many faiths taking a stand against spiritual deception and abusive churches. I was introduced to a Pastor from a Messianic Church in New England. After a brief conversation, this Messianic Pastor relayed that there was a big Sabbath Keepers convention held in Hartford, CT that past weekend, but he was unable to attend and was very disappointed about that. His statement was made shortly after he spent several minutes descriptively discrediting Herbert W. Armstrong (without prodding). You can imagine how difficult it was to hold in a big roaring laugh, as I carefully explained that the people behind the Friends Of The Sabbath Seminars were Armstrong followers in all their glory. His reply, "You've got to be kidding!" That same response came from a supporter of the Friends of the Sabbath when I told him that the Messianic Jews and Seventh-day Adventists were Trinitarians through and through.

And that's the way the propaganda goes folks!

Once fooled, innocent; twice fooled, guilty! Do your homework!

Look how many pages it took to "summarize" the chronology of the Church of God developments. Additional detail will be brought forth in exclusive reports.

With the passing of two years since the UCG departure from WCG, many WCG members and past affiliates are now starting to realize that there is much more to the great divide than meets the hand of God. It is difficult for some to discern the possibilities that their leaders are anything but spiritually minded. Time and again we see adherents with allegiance to a particular organization or man defend their allegiance at all costs as they shut out critical information necessary to scrutinizing the total picture.  

When one has the opportunity to view the incredible evidence and documentation of WCG history, it becomes evident that the entire WCG story is enmeshed in a web of sinister, destructive behavior. Sadly, we at the ESN have had an inside view of the depth of deceit that permeates the entire conglomerate, from the most heinous sexual crimes involving pornography, child molestation, and trauma-based abuse to the intentional psychological mind manipulation on the innocent, spiritually seeking person. Few can believe that well trained men with polished speaking skills could pose as ministers of Christ, when in reality are vindictive perpetrators managing a multi-million dollar religious scam with numerous business and political agenda.

Over the past four years, the ESN has witnessed the testimonies of many WCG related divorces, suicides, family breakdowns, severe psychological illnesses, heavy depressions and countless destroyed lives just struggling to pick up the pieces to finish off this thing called life with some respect toward dignity. We personally know women who have been raped by "ministers," children who have been victims of incest or sexual abuse, men who have donated their entire lives to a cause that turned out to be destructive to themselves and their families. We have listened to many single men and women who have suffered severe sexual illnesses stemming from the WCG "Way of Living." Pages could be written outlining the true testimonies of the real history of the Worldwide Church of God and its handpicked ministry, but the point is, we should be looking beneath our personal rationalization that prevents us from seeing the truth of the real Worldwide Church of God as it stands this very day.

Few members, if any, could have seen through the WCG mind-control filter to view the total chronology of events. With such an enormous deficit of knowledge pertaining to the accurate WCG history, one needs to struggle through the "missing dimensions" in hope of discerning the continued hypocrisy and ongoing spin of deception.

There were reasons behind the events that propelled the leaders of the WCG to construct the moves necessary for protecting the business/political empire. The pawns in the game were, and continue to be, the members. The big story is the one the faithful do not see.

Few COG members have questioned why 450 ministers joined in unison with the United Church of God, under the control of David Hulme, instead of organizing a legal pursuit confronting the actions of the supposed Pastor Generals, Joseph Tkach, Sr. and Jr.! Didn't it seem odd that 450 paid ministers quietly ignored the massive deception permeating Pasadena? Isn't it shocking that the same ministers who controlled the lives of thousands through the teachings of Herbert W. Armstrong, suddenly and submissively move under a new umbrella organization without even attempting to hold the Tkach administration accountable for the multitude of lies passed onto the membership? Why would all these men allow the Tkachians to control the multi-million dollars empire without the slightest confrontation?

There are many more questions, and I hope there will be more members and ex-members confronting the deceit and demanding accountability for the waste, fraud and abuse that was inflicted on those cunningly deceived by men without conscience.

You will learn in Vol. FIVE many of the incredible events orchestrated by the mother organization these past two years, as it reconditioned and traumatized the vulnerable with doctrinal confusion and contradiction, as it spent 1996 on a campaign blitz of Public Relations; restructured the remaining 6000 members into an abusive discipling organization mimicking the tactics of the devastating cult, International Church of Christ, as they joined the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE).

Herbert W. Armstrong's political/financial empire existed under the guise of little church. That little church crumbled with the death of its leader. The church foundation was built on sand that washed away, along with the image of its founder. The political/financial empire orchestrated a plan behind the backs of its church members. As the leaders spoke words of "god," their actions plotted the next move, as they slowly connected the WCG with another political/financial empire. This time, the architects were smarter; their years of psychology training guided them as they joined the neo-evangelical establishment.

The WCG empire has a new image. His name is William (Billy) Graham--King of Evangelical Establishment. It's only the beginning for Plain Truth Ministries (PTM). As the deceptive architects continue their history revision and close the book on the Worldwide Church of God as most knew it, we will see the remaining members fade into oblivion, illnesses and all. The real WCG has gone underground; it is called United Church of God, an International Association. A small cash cow, as far as church business is concerned, but you can rest assured there are significant plans for the 450 well trained ministerial agents that cover this globe and are stationed in the most strategic areas to get the job done!

One can't help but wonder if all this is "the incredible march toward a changed, realistic and peaceful world tomorrow," as the booklet, This Is The Worldwide Church Of God (1970-79) so clearly states:

These people are members of the Church of God, known in our day as the Worldwide Church of God. This Church is unique in practicing Christianity as A WAY OF LIFE, as well as a faith-even as it did originally in the day of the first-century apostles.

Its members are motivated by a supreme goal, inspired by knowing the transcendent human potential. They know the true values. They have found THE WAY that makes life truly meaningful, rewarding, abundant! It is the way the whole world ought to be living. What is that WAY OF LIFE?

It's the WAY OF LOVE-the way of outgoing concern for the good and welfare of others equal to self-concern. It is the way of cooperating, serving, helping, sharing-of consideration and patience.

More important, it is the way of humility and of obedience to, reliance on, and worship solely toward God. It is the GOD-centered way.

In this world the successful are considered to be those who have piled up the biggest fortunes in material good, not those who have given the most in spiritual gifts for the happiness of others.

Millions have read literature that changed their personal lives in many constructive, useful ways. The television and radio broadcasts and booklets about pollution, famine, the population explosion and the space race deal with big, worldwide issues. And our literature about drugs, alcohol, marriage, managing personal finances and the laws of success deals with daily, practical, personal information that literally changes lives.

The members of the Worldwide Church of God are so genuinely concerned for OTHERS, and with the problems of the world at large, that they GIVE of their own substance to aid in the worldwide effort to APPLY THE SOLUTIONS to the problems suffered in common by all mankind.

The divine commission to the Worldwide Church of God is to proclaim the coming world of peace under the soon-coming divine Messiah. The Church is merely in the role of a reporter, reporting prophecies as ADVANCE NEWS REPORTS.

It is giving hopeless nations with their masses the ONLY hope for the future-the hope never heard in those nations before.

And THAT is the Worldwide Church of God!

[Excerpts from: This Is The Worldwide Church of God. Emphasis HWA!]

This time around, the mission will be spearheaded by the King of Evangelicals, Mr. Billy Graham, alleged 33º Mason.

[UPDATE: Billy Graham died February 21, 2018 at age 99.]

Those interested in understanding the reasons behind the events might find the following reading exceptionally educational:

Christian Truth & Victory Publications
9088 CO. RD. 11 N.W.
Alexandria, MN 56308 320-846-0835
(Send $4.00 with catalog request, which will be deducted from your first order.)

New Neutralism II: Exposing The Gray of Compromise  
By John E. Ashbrook (John Ashbrook documents the inner workings of the NAE and Billy Graham evangelicalism. A must read for those wondering why WCG has come together with Fuller Theological Seminary, NAE, Bible Missions, Promise Keepers, InterVarsity, Chuck Colson, and now, the Vatican.)
Read excerpts from the book or Order from Christian Truth & Victory Publications - see previous for address.

The Tragedy of Compromise: The Origin and Impact of the New Evangelicalism
By Ernest Pickering. (This 184-page book contains an excellent overview of the history and widespread influence of New Evangelicalism.)
Order from Amazon, etc. [Some of this book may be read online.]

The Deadly Deception (Freemasonry Exposed By One Of Its top Leaders)  
By Jim Shaw and Tom McKenney
(Available on Amazon)

Please Tell Me--Questions People Ask About Freemasonry And The Answers  
By Tom C. McKenney
(Available used from Barnes & Noble)

Masonry: Beyond the Light
By William J. Schnoebelen
(Available through Barnes & Noble)

There are many excellent books on the market on Freemasonry. The above two picks are well written and easy to understand. WCG/COGers need to learn who the real Great Architect of the universe is--Freemasonry knows the answer. These two books offer a thorough introduction. 

The goal of the OIU is to share our perspective as we put the reader in the center of our research. We publish information we hope is useful toward critical thought. 

Thank you for your continued support! 

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19 "A Mathematician Reads the Newspaper" is an excellent reference to the psychology of numbers. People generally remain anchored to the first number they hear, whether accurate or not. And round numbers-- especially multiples of ten-- have an unusually powerful psychological appeal.
20 Review Good News and WWN 1986-1993 and note repeat articles surrounding "beast power"--tribulation--God's Plan. 
21 The ESN has compiled several document packages consisting of hundreds of pages outlining doctrinal events, corruption and church developments throughout the pivotal 1970s. To spot the current Tkach lie one needs to view the evidence of the cover-up from the past several decades.
22 Specific documentation on David Hulme is on file.
23 This evangelical arena consists of Watchman Fellowship, Bob and Gretchen Passatano, Hank Hanegraaff, Josh McDowell, Alan Gomes, Christianity Today, Jesus People USA (Cornerstone Magazine), Ruth Tucker, Fuller Theological Seminary, Azusa University, Four Square Gospel. Read: OIU Vol. TWO for details about the "WCG cult-coalition. [Read: Facts, Points and Questions Surrounding the Coalition of WCG Propagandists.]
24 The OIU and additional reports will concentrate on WCG indoctrination and its effects on personal lives. Recovery and healing issues will be discussed ongoing. [See: Healing From Emotional and Spiritual Abuse]
25 The CRI Documentation Report is in the ESN files. It details Hank Hanegraaff history and all the allegations against him.  
26 The ESN archives tapes, letters and other research material noted.  
27 The CRI report covers research on Hank Hanegraaff. 
28 Scrambling programming is intentional confusion and contradiction of data that causes the victim to be in a trance state, or so traumatized psychologically that the victim can't think and takes on a facial stare or rote personality. The victim then follows the cults leader's command, usually without question.
29 Every time Tkach, Sr. spoke, he spent time updating developments with Global Church of God and Rod Meredith. Tkach often held up GCG publications and invited anyone not happy with WCG to attend the Global Church of God. [Read excerpts from: Video Sermon by Joseph Tkach, Sr. to Worldwide Church of God, January 1995]
30 COP-AID R&I Report--In Transition, the Tool of Distraction
31 The Samuele Bacchiocchi connection with WCG/COG will be explored in grater depth in future OIUs.
32 Refer to COP-AID R&I Report, Ambassador Report, and Bill Dankenbring.
33 GTA's role with the Merritt/AU lawsuit and his role as the main TV radio evangelist when the WCG "Sabbath Keepers" were to finally unite will be covered in the next OIU with the UCG report.
34 GTA and MASSEUSE REPORT is on file with the ESN. [Read: GTA and the Masseuse]
35 ESN special report--AU/Merritt lawsuit--1995 from R&I Catalog.
36 A must read for those following the events: Tkach/Bacchiocchi letters.

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