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"Mar-Apr cover story: In an exclusive interview with evangelist Billy Graham, The Plain Truth shares insights on Dr. Graham's family, his ministry and his dedication to proclaiming the gospel to all corners of the world."

[UPDATE: Billy Graham died February 21, 2018 at age 99.]

"Off the Air With the Bible Answer Man: Hank Hanegraaff's 'Bible Answer Man' broadcast is heard daily around the world. He explores the importance of apologetics (defense of Christianity) in a Christian's life." [WWN Feb. 18]

What you do to the least of these, you do to Christ:
Mike Feazell

"Some of us in the WCG have for so long been content and even thrilled to be part of a work that sent out magazines 'into all the world' and broadcast television and radio programs 'into all the world,' yet never called on ourselves as the people of God to go personally 'into all the world' to minister the grace of God in the face of Jesus Christ."

"As you know, our church is struggling for identity, for our niche in the 'Christian marketplace.' Many of our members are looking for what this church can give them, what the return is 'on their investment.' "

"Just like any good `90s consumer, we want to put our time and energy and money where they will get us the most return. Is it possible that is not the right goals?"

"Pastor General Tkach has focused on our new identity in Christ. This new identity isn't like other identities, because with Christ, it's all or nothing."

"What will Christ ultimately do with our church? What trails will he use us to blaze? What blazes of the Spirit will he use our little sparks to ignite?"

"One thing is for sure. Whatever his plan for us, he wants all of us. He wants all of all of us. All of you. All of me. All of all of us. Nothing less will do."

"It means there are sacrifices ahead I haven't thought of yet. It means I have to die to self so I can live for him. I'm not sure I'm ready for that. I'm not sure I even know what that really means yet."

"Mr. Tkach has developed a habit of measuring the potential of the worldwide church by the number of active small groups. That's because he knows that when God's people pray, mighty things happen. And when God's people don't pray, things take their natural downward spiral."

[UPDATE: In April 2009 the WCG changed their name in the United States to Grace Communion International. (Some local church areas and countries may still carry the former name or a different one.)]

Glendora celebrates Martin Luther King Jr.

"Glendora, California-the Jan. 18 worship service here commemorated the birthday of the late civil rights leader, Martin Luther King, Jr. Visitors from the community and other congregations swelled Glendora's usual attendance from 160 to 262." [UPDATE: In November 2004 the Worldwide Church of God moved its headquarters from Pasadena to Glendora, California. (Pasadena Star-News, October 25, 2004) By May 2006 all their offices were moved to Glendora. (Together, May-June 2006). In April 2018, GCI relocated its headquarters to Charlotte, North Carolina. Joseph Tkach, Jr. will retire at the end of 2018 and Greg Williams will replace him as GCI’s President. (GCI Update, March 14, 2018)]

"In a sermon entitled Perspectives on Racial Healing, Herman Hoeh said: 'We need to understand the behavior and cultural differences of others. We need to try to do whatever we can to reach out to other groups.' " [WWN Feb. 18] [UPDATE: Herman Hoeh died 11-21-04]

[Comment: Neil Earle, International Editor of The Plain Truth, also Pastors this local congregation. Services have been held at the Glendora Masonic Temple for the past 25 years.] 

Acquire the Fire: every teen should attend:

"Longview Texas-Ten young people and two adults from the Longview and Lufkin churches attended an Acquire the Fire (ATF) teen convention in Dallas, Texas, Jan. 10 and 11."

"The building was filled beyond capacity with more than 3,500 teens eager to learn more about their Father, their Savior and their Comforter and to commit to recommit their lives to following God."

"The convention included alter calls, where the teens were encouraged to acknowledge their need for Jesus and affirm a commitment to following his way of life."

"Ron Luce, president of Teen Mania Ministries, the organization that presents the conventions, explained the purpose of ATF teen conventions: 'God is doing something profound in the lives of young people in our generation.' "

"The teens were challenged to become world changers, and they were motivated to make a difference in their lives and the lives of others."

"Cheri Ray, who was leery about attending, called it a life-changing experience. Others said they would never look at things in life the way they had before." [WWN Feb. 18]

Give me the heart of a world changer:

 "Long Beach, CA-Twenty-one teens from the Pasadena churches locked arms with more than 3,000 other youths at an Acquire the Fire teen convention at the Long Beach Convention Center."

"Energy filled the air as young believers joined in spirit-filled worship. These teens, from many churches, poured their hearts out in praise toward the Savior."

"Hundreds, including most in our group, made life-changing commitments, taking up the Acquire the Fire challenge to be world changers."

"Our group experienced a reconciliation, bonding and renewal that can only be explained as the powerful working of the Holy Spirit."

"Relationships skits, live upbeats music and videos interspersed the sessions. Words were on overhead projection screens, which was great for interactive worship."

[Comment: Acquire the Fire conventions target interdenominational teens for the purpose of pushing the interfaith agenda. Attendance requires ticket charges and travel expenses. The programs are highly emotional and charged by open praying, singing, bands or videos, and altar calls. This endeavor is the teen's equivalent to Promise Keepers.]

Our Children: a major part of the body of Christ:

"Children ministry is touching children's hearts with the good news of who Jesus is and what he has done for them. It's helping them to get to know their Best Friend for life."

"Children are not merely a resource for the future. They are a major part of the body of Christ now. They need to be nurtured in the gospel as do teens and adults, and, given age-appropriate opportunity for spreading the good news to others." [WWN Feb. 97]

[Comment: Who was it that said, "Give me a child before the age of five, and he will be a Catholic for the rest of his life." Was it the Pope?]

Church officials on Christian talk show:

"Rancho Santa Margarita, CA-Pastor General Joseph Tkach and Greg Albrecht, Plain Truth editor, were interviewed on Hank Hanegraaff's 'Bible Answer Man' Christian talk radio Feb. 7."

[Comment: Despite Hank Hanegraaff's grave financial difficulties due to the many allegations surrounding corruptive behavior starting in 1994, Hanegraaff has acquired a new building as CRI headquarters. Several have asked ESN about how Hanegraaff found the money to move into a new building. The ESN is puzzled about this, too, and upon visiting the location early in 1997 we found it odd that: 1. A telephone number was not listed; 2. There were no signs directing to CRI location, nor were there any visible signs on the building stating it was Christian Research Institute and 3. The building is located in an industrial type park. Our visit left many more questions surrounding Hank Hanegraaff's real purpose and agenda along with his involvement with WCG, so the ESN will continue to explore and report.]

[UPDATE: CRI re-located to Charlotte, North Carolina in 2005, with an affiliate (CRI Canada) in Calgary, Alberta. They are also known as Christian Research International.]

Northwest members join in fast:

"Spokane, Washington--Inland Northwest churches are participating in a 4 day fast this spring. The idea for the fast, launched by Bill Bright of Campus Crusade for Christ, is for Christians to humble themselves in repentance and reconciliation so God can restore, refresh and empower the people of God."

"A few years ago Mr. Bright went on a 40-day fast and felt moved by God to call America to fast. He and others felt moved to ask two million people to do a 40-day fast by the turn of the century. They hope to have 100,000 participate this spring." [WWN Feb. 18]

[Comment: Bill Bright's Campus Crusade for Christ ministry is listed on the top five non-profit fund-raisers in the U.S.]

[UPDATE: Campus crusade for Christ dropped "Christ" from their title in early 2012 and officially changed the name of their U.S. Operations to "Cru."]

Promise Keepers at Ambassador--Promise Keepers conducted a Keyman-Ambassador Wake-Up Call at the Ambassador Auditorium Feb. 9."

[Comment: Dave Wardell, cofounder of Promise Keepers along with Luis Madrigal, a field representative for Promise Keepers attended.]


1997 WCG Ecumenical Timeline,
To Be Continued in OIU SEVEN

Tune in to the amazing developments with WCG and the apostate Promise Keepers. Learn what is happening in Canada region. Read for yourself how Tkach/Albrecht/ Feazell/Schnippert slowly transformed the Armstrong multimillion-dollar corporate empire into the Ecumenical multimillion-dollar machine. Find out why over 400 hundred ministers and evangelists passively abandoned their "one true church" as they gave it away to the Global ecumenical associations. Discover why the WCG architects are not challenged or confronted for their transgressions. Find out the reasons behind the events.

[UPDATE: OIU #6 is the last newsletter; visit our section Expose` on Worldwide Church of God (GCI) for newer articles]

Past Present and Future:

As the Tkach/Albrecht, et al. team, gear up for another exciting year of "transformation" developments, we can only imagine what is in store. In just ten short years the WCG developers and advancers implemented a stratagem that deceived thousands, inside and outside the Christian arena.

The "little flock":

  • Lost Herbert Armstrong as God's earthly representative
  • Adjusted to Joseph Tkach, Sr.
  • Endured approximately eight years of contradictions duplicity, distortions, and confusion over doctrinal issues
  • Was subjected to abusive, destructive, authoritarian pastoring
  • Was intentionally, psychologically coerced into cognitive dissonance causing emotional, psychological trauma and related illnesses such as, severe depression, and for some, suicide
  • Was victim to the divide and conquer plan of church fragmentation with Global and United Church of God
  • Suffered losses from family and friends due to the division
  • Was quickly manipulated into New Age ecumenicalism
  • Became enmeshed in spiritualistic New Age agenda

This list could be lengthened greatly by those who were part of the scene over the last ten years. Although the Tkachites have restructured the remnants of what was once called the church, about 5000 members continue to support the agenda. Ironically, Tkach, Sr. was heard stating he didn't care if the membership fell to 5000. What counts now, is how the multimillion-dollar conglomerate will participate in the one world global religion and government mission. One can only imagine who will occupy the real estate? What ecumenical message will pass through the printing machines? How will WCG's technology system be used to advance the one world kingdom? How will the ecumenical cabal use the AS/400 computer? The massive computer worth millions financially, tracks every minute detail with membership, business, church activities, etc. What about the millions of names accumulated on the mainframe from every Plain Truth recipient and past member? Who is receiving the profit from selling the mailing list to religious hawkers? So many questions as we watch the transformers ride the beast!!

Business -- NOT-- as usual

WCG's way of doing business has been under grave renovation over the past few years. Interestingly, the publicity propaganda doesn't announce the behavior modifications incorporated into the Tkach/Albrecht cabal. The propagandists cleverly keep the focus on "legalism" or, "pork" freedom. In effort to bring our readers up to date (and not have to wait until OIU SEVEN), we provide this "behavioral transition" summary as a useful tool toward understanding the reasons behind the events.

From: Total submission to ministers and WCG leaders
To: Personal relationship with God

From: Whites sit on the right; "Negroes" sit on the left
To: Inter-racial marriages

From: Can NOT marry outside of the church
To: Marrying outside of the church

From: Plagiarized monotone hymns
To: Rock music and gospel revival

From: God, and God alone, does all the calling
To: Personal evangelism

From: No advertising, and high-level secrecy
To: Open Houses

From: God imparts knowledge and discernment
To: Feast of Tabernacles training seminars

From: Large congregations
To: Small groups (cells)

From: Private prayer
To: Speaking in tongues and prayer groups

From: Don't judge your neighbor
To: Discipleship

From: Unemotional/intellectual
To: Total emotionalism, and "slain in the spirit"

From: Conservative and reserved
To: Hand waving - feet stomping

From: Anti-Catholic
To: PRO -Catholic

From: Psychology is evil
To: Psychology is good

From: The gospel of the soon coming Kingdom of God
To: The gospel of enhancing the Kingdom of God

From: Everything is FREE, "you'll never be charged"
To: Nothing is FREE, everything has a price tag!

From: Paid ministers
To: Lay ministers

From: Come out of the world
To: Go INTO the world

From: Don't make promises
To: Promise Keepers -Stand In The Gap

From: Icons
To: Wearing crosses

From: Sabbath services
To: Worship services

From: Prophecy
To: Spiritual Weirdo

From: The LION and LAMB logo
To: A Cross, a triangle and other Masonic symbols

Let's stop right here, as the list can go on for pages. The point being, while the Tkach propaganda is selling "orthodox Christianity" to the ecumenicals, the real WCG centers around behavioral changes necessary to convert residual members into the new religious party plan method of recruiting. You know, you tell a friend, and they'll tell a friend, and they'll tell another friend, and on and on. While true Christians rejoice in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ, impostors combine methods of evangelism, pieces of the Bible, crowd manipulation, subliminal techniques, mind-control, the occult, and a host of other methods to recruit workers into servicing the goal of the institution. True, much of the behavioral flip-flop appears positive, but the reasons for the WCG overhaul point toward enhancing and protecting the decades old, TAX-FREE multimillion-dollar empire that masks as a church as it upholds its power based cabal. Little do the vulnerable supporters realize they are being conditioned into another web of deception for profit and a self-serving, collectivist agenda. They are putting on the whole armor of a "god" as they embrace the 21st Century, one world religion and government. There is nothing unifying about it!!! It is slavery!!!


The next OIU will feature this subject as it significantly relates to the latest WCG developments. Readers should avail themselves to the list of references from OIU FIVE. Promise Keepers is a dangerous movement, as many are learning, but few realize its interconnections and roots in Pasadena. It is a story to behold, and we shall tell it! Each 1997 issue of the WWN glorifies the works of Promise Keepers. WCG ministers have been ushered to the football stadium extravaganzas, and now members are attending combined meetings with Promise Keepers cell groups. Joe Tkach, with a flock of WCG men, proudly Stood In The Gap under the biggest phallic symbol in America, the Washington obelisk, as they waved their $12.95 caps for the Promise Keepers mission. WCG members are now attending Promise Keepers training sessions and much of the WCG behavior mimics the Promise Keepers "way of life." Where is all this going? Considering the fact that Promise Keepers also trains military men, the destiny looks ghastly.

Where did Promise Keeper's come from and how did it grow so fast? What are the reasons behind this movement? How is the Worldwide Church of God involved, and why have hundreds of (Armstrong supporting) ministers remained silent about the Tkach/Albrecht activities? Could it be UCG, GCG, PCG, actually support the "one world religion/government mission"? And what about Samuele Bacchiocchi? Does his silence indicate approval of the Catholics and Protestants unity? Why are WCG and Seventh-day Adventists holding planned meetings? All this and more will be explored in future updates.

[UPDATE:  Read Research article on Promise Keepers]

Shining the light or day on the dark doers

Is the Ecumenical brigade attracted to Tkach??? Or does it have its eye on the prize?

Pasadena history is rich in religious history and "historic events." Adopted on April 22, 1875, as Chippewa (Indian language for "Crown of the Valley,") this once considered west coast haven attracted millionaires from around the country as an unspoiled retirement refuge. As Pasadena grew with prestige, so did the eclectic and occultic atmosphere. A little research divulges activities and associations of occultists: John Whitened Parsons, one of America's foremost explosive experts; L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology; Alister Crowley, father of Black Magick; Anton LeVey, founder of the Church of Satan; and David J. DuPlessis, "father of American Pentecostalism," just to name a few significant Pasadena influences.

As we continue to explore the reasons behind the WCG events, we must consider the many historical attachments to the founding and evolution of the Worldwide Church of God. Members were often imbued with the understanding that, "God placed his headquarters in Pasadena, California." But as the ESN unravels the rat's nest of ecumenical associations, we find there may be other reasons leading to Herbert Armstrong's acquisition of the famed Orange Grove real estate.

As you shall soon see, the current WCG transition aligns with the New Age Revival, United Religion Mission, which is being brought about through the art of Pentecostalism and interfaith movements. Before we address how this relates to Pasadena, we must quickly review some important "historic" events that occurred near the "Green Street" location and home of WCG since 1947.

Author Linda Blood describes related events in her book, The New Satanists, 1994:

"The most infamous black magician of the twentieth century was Aleister Crowley. Crowley was born in England in 1875, the son of devout members of the Plymouth Brethren, a puritanical Christian sect. Crowley's obsession with occultism was focused on sex. His many books include works of pornography and sadomasochism as well as voluminous writings on occultism. In 1908 Crowley joined the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, the most influential of several British occultist societies that flourished at the time. Its membership included W.B. Yeats, Dracula author Brain Stoker, and several other prominent literary figures. The Golden Dawn emphasized the psychological element of magic, the occult power in imagination, and the concentration of willpower that would enable the magician to achieve the supreme power of an Ipsissimus, the highest level of the order's system of degrees."

"In 1907, Crowley formed his own occultist Order of the Silver Star, but it was as the head of the British branch of the Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.), a German esoteric order, that he had the most influence. The O.T.O.'s secret teachings_ involved the practice of sexual magic, in which Crowley indulged with prostitutes, children, animals, and male associates as well as with numerous wives and mistresses--some of whom he designated his Scarlet Women. In 1916, he assumed the grade of Magus (a high-level title in occultism) during a ceremony in which he ... declared his triumph over Jesus Christ."

"After World War I, Crowley established the abbey of Thelema--'will' in Greek-in a Sicilian villa, where he indulged in two of his favorite pastimes: no-holds-barred ritual sex magic, and drug abuse. There were rumors of child sacrifice at the abbey, and when an adult follower died on the premises the scandal resulted in Crowley and his followers being expelled from Italy in 1923. Crowley "died alone and impoverished in England in 1947, having tried unsuccessfully to cure himself of an addiction to heroin."

So what does all this have to do with Pasadena, you ask?

"By this time, Crowley's followers had established a beachhead in the United States. One such devotee was Dr. John (Jack) Whiteside Parsons, a brilliant physical chemist and founder of the California Institute of Technology, who became head of the Agape Lodge of the O.T.O., based in Pasadena."

"In 1945, Parsons was joined by Lafayette Ronald Hubbard, who would later go on to found the church of Scientology. Parsons was impressed by Hubbard's understanding and appreciation of magic. He and Hubbard embarked on a series of sex-magic rituals aimed at procuring a `familiar spirit,' that is, a woman willing to participate in future sex-magic rituals with Parsons in order to persuade a demonic spirit to incarnate itself in a child whom Parsons was to father. Hubbard acted as onlooker and scribe-known in occult circles as the Babalon Working [sic]-had been a great success."

"Hubbard and Parsons had a falling-out, and Hubbard subsequently claimed that Parsons had infiltrated the O.T.O as an agent of Naval Intelligence."

"In an article in the June 1983 issue of Penthouse magazine, Hubbard's estranged son, Ron DeWolf, insisted that his father had been secretly immersed in black magic going back to his teenage years, when he first read Crowley's Book of the Law. According to his son, Hubbard was one of many black magicians who claimed to have inherited Crowley's mantle: 'He was very interested in ... the creation of what some people call Moon Child. It was basically an attempt to create an immaculate conception, except by Satan rather than by God... getting a satanic or demonic spirit to inhabit the body of a fetus. This would come about as a result of black magic rituals, which included the use of hypnosis, drugs, and other dangerous and destructive practices.' "

"In 1964, Robert and Mary Anne DeGrimston, two former members of the Church of Scientology formed a group in England called Compulsions Analysis. Out of that grew the Process Church. This fledging group attracted wealthy young people, many of whom had connections in business, entertainment, government, and finance."

"The group produced slick, glossy magazines filled with images of death, Nazi symbolism and exhortations by Satanist members to 'release the fiend that lies dormant within you' to rape, kill, and destroy. The Process was officially disbanded by 1974, but offshoot cults are said to operate underground."

"The year 1966 marked the formation of Anton LaVey's Church of Satan, the organization that would officially orchestrate the public coming-out of Satanism, from which most of today's active 'religious' satanic groups are directly descended."

[The historic account of Anton LaVey's influence in society is worth the effort for those intending to discern the current transition to New Age Christianity. For now, he serves as a preface to Michael Aquino, founder of the Temple of Set. ]

"As Aquino tells it, he first encountered Satanism on the night in 1968 when he spotted Anton LaVey and a group of his robed followers in the lobby of a San Francisco theater where the film Rosemary's Baby was showing. Aquino's attraction inspired many satanic writings which impressed LaVey leading to Aquino's appointment as left-hand man and editor of the church's newsletter, The Cloven Hoof."

"Aquino claimed he was born in 1946, 'precisely nine months after the Working by Crowley's California disciples (Parson) to create a homunculus [an artificial being created by magic] per a secret instruction of Crowley's to the IX degree of his Ordo Templi Orientis.'

"Jack Parsons, the Pasadena O.T.O. leader, died in an explosion in his home laboratory in 1952. It has been reported from occult sources that Parsons, who performed the Babalon Working with L. Ron Hubbard, had been 'working on some very strange experiments (in 1946), trying to create what the old alchemist called a homunculus, a tiny artificial man with magic powers.' "

Did Parsons succeed with the birth of Michael Aquino? Aquino seems to think so! Jack Parsons resided at 1003 South Orange Grove Avenue. The large house became headquarters for his black magic group, which practiced deviant sexual rites. A portion of the house was converted into a temple for the O.T.O. lodge.

No wonder Nikita Khrushchev declared "History is dangerous. We must redirect it."

From Living Waters… Taking a stroll down Pasadena Lane offers a romantic view of how an Indian colony laced with Quakers developed into what some call the heart of the modern day occult (things hidden). In the book, California Yankee, the author describes the many growth problems with Pasadena. Water development proved a major difficulty.

"To the modern thousands who have parked their cars beside the Rose Bowl in the present day dry Arroyo, few could fathom the disputes that raged between settlers in the late 1800s over flowing waters from Devil's Gate."

"From the very beginning (of Pasadena development) there had been trouble over the ownership of water rights. When colonists purchased their lands, their deeds included rights to two undeveloped springs, 'Sheep Corral' and 'Adobe' in the lower Arroyo, as well as a portion of the waters flowing through 'Devil's Gate' from the high springs so vital and so troublesome in Pasadena's water history."

We find it ironic that over 130 years later, water distribution remains a major problem for the sale of the Pasadena church acreage. The whole WCG acreage has only two main pipes feeding the entire complex making subdivision unlikely.

One does wonder then if the old Devil's Gate still controls the 'Sheep Corral.'

Satanic graffiti:

Author of Cults That Kill, Larry Kahaner, quotes Detective Pat Metoyer:

"By the Pasadena Freeway there are drainage ditches that drain into the arroyo. If you walk there you'll see satanic graffiti, evidence of red candle wax, white and black, and some sort of sacrificial offering evidence, the bones of some small animal of some kind. They may go out and buy a small white rat for all I know. They're probably involved in some kind of satanic offerings. If I wanted to truly honor the devil, where do you think I would go? I'd go some place that was slimy, that stinks like hell; that was secretive. Where better could I go than some drainage ditch?"

Pasadena-an origin for many bizarre movements-- a few examples…

Pasadena was home to many architects of the British-Israelism system. J.H. Allen (1847-1930), vice patron of the British-Israel World Federation and author of one of the movement's central texts, Judah's Sceptre and Joseph's Birthright, resided and evangelized in Pasadena in the early part of this century giving rise to the Identity Movement throughout the 1930s and 1940s.

Fuller Theological Seminary - one of the New Age WCG mentors, houses the extensive archive of David J. DuPlessis (1905-1987). DuPlessis, a South African British agent, was head of the imperial "cultmaster" Apostolic Faith Mission denomination, who came to America and supervised the creation of Pentecostalism. He was consultant to International Missionary Council and World Council of Churches. DuPlessis was characterized as "Mr. Pentecostalism" for his success in infiltrating American denominational churches with Charismatic Pentecostalism and British-Israelism. The World Council of Churches put their stamp of approval on DuPlessis, as the designated-by them-world representative of the new, "improved" Pentecostalism. (refer to article: "Who is wagging your neighbor's tongue? The militias and Pentecostalism," by Anton Chaikin, EIR, August 22, 1997)

[NOTE: Most of the "church growth movement" can be traced back to Fuller Seminary.] [UPDATE: Read: exposé report on Fuller Theological Seminary.]

Tkach's "good tongue-speaking friend" Jack Hayford, pastor of The Church on the Way in Van Nuys, California, got his start from Dennis Bennet, an English-born Episcopal priest, who in May of 1960, told his parishioners that he had begun speaking in tongues after baptism in the Holy Spirit. Pasadena is home of the Vineyard Christian Fellowship, a denomination founded by hyper-charismatic, signs and wonders "healer" John Wimber (now deceased). This now famed church is credited for starting the Holy Laughter phenomenon. Many Promise Keeper leaders are actively involved with the Vineyard Church.

Los Angeles Azusa Street Revival of 1906 was spearheaded by Charles Fox Parham. Parham is credited for introducing speaking in tongues throughout the California Pentecostal community.

[Note: Charles Parham also taught many sermons including, "Anglo-Israel--Where are the lost tribes and the scepter of David."] [offsite article: A Little "Identity" Crisis ~ British Israelism; link is broken. Note: This website and article are no longer up, but we have excerpts from the article at the end of our article on BI.]

[UPDATE: Read excerpts from the booklet "Evangelicalism and the Charismatic Movement."  

Pasadena - home of the Fallen Angels?

The New Age WCG is streaming full speed ahead as it prepares for the coming millennium. Few are monitoring the incredible ecumenical events. Without the knowledge of Pasadena's history and current ties to British-Israelism, hyper-Charismatic Pentecostalism, the Vineyard movement, Billy Graham's Evangelistic Association, Promise Keepers, the occult, Rosicrucianism, Knight's Templar and other Masonic secret societies (just to name a few in the brotherhood), one cannot realize the current horrific deception of "one world religion" under United Religions. This is a big, complicated story involving a major portion of the New Age Evangelicals; cult groups; fraternal orders; the Worldwide Church of God (along with its extension groups--United Church of God-AIA, Global Church of God [now known as Living Church of God], Philadelphia Church of God, etc.) and its propaganda newsprint, the former In Transition, the current Journal of the Churches of God and, yes, Ambassador Report.

This lengthy OIU introduces the tangled web. What may seem confusing now will continue to be clarified throughout each issue. We look forward to continuing the exposé in OIU SEVEN.

The Tkach/Albrecht PR men have publicly aligned with the one world government through the one world religion political machine. We will NOT be surprised if the Worldwide Church of God real estate empire becomes the future headquarters of a newly organized "ecumenical monstrosity." Replacing the Herman Hoehs and Gerald Waterhouses of yesteryear, will be hyper-Charismatic Pentecostals such as Joe Tkach's "good speaker of tongues friend," and Promise Keeper leader, Jack Hayford and evangelist, Luis Palau. Remember--it was the OIU that warned you.


"Pat Boone dumps milk for metal--It's true America, Boone-the milk-sipping, church-going, whitest of white-bread singers-is in a head banging mood these days, cruising Hollywood with Black Sabbath and Megalith blaring from the stereo of his muscle car." [Associated Press] [Comment: Let's not forget his support from the Tkach/Albrecht cabal.]

George Mather teamed up with (New Age) InterVaristy Press to launch a newly published pro-WCG book. Mather's close association with Joe Tkach, Jr. first surfaced following the death of Tkach, Sr.:

 Dear Pastor General Tkach,
I just heard the news of your father's passing. The members of Sherman Oaks Lutheran Church and Children's Center wish to be among those offering sincerest sympathy at this time.
One did not have to know your father personally to realize how much he will be missed and mourned in the religious community for which he did so much. His mantle has now been passed on and it is with our many prayers for your leadership and church this letter is sent. As you may already know, he will always be remembered in history as the central figure who brought your church into the truth found in Jesus Christ alone.
In the love and friendship of Christ.
Reverend George Mather, Pastor
Sherman Oaks Lutheran Church and Children's Center

In Transformed by Truth, Tkach states: "George was introduced to us about the same time we were getting to know our Foursquare Gospel friends. George was so moved by what he saw happening among us that he started telling his Lutheran colleagues. Soon we received a call from Al Barry, president of the Missouri Synod Lutheran Church. He wanted to meet us. We flew to St. Louis, where we met with Dr. Barry and other church leaders. We also appeared as guest on Don Matzat's radio program, Issues, Etc., broadcast on the Jubilee Radio Network based in St. Louis." [Chap. 4. p. 56, "George Mather Extends His Hand"]

George Mather, along with co-author Larry Nichols, are currently peddling a 104-page PR/Tkach account called: "Discovering the Plain Truth: How the Worldwide Church of God Embraced the Gospel of Grace" The words, "Plain Truth" leap out in big white letters on black on the book cover. It says: "If you've ever doubted God's willingness to make the *impossible* things in your life *possible,* read this stunning account! For the first time in church history, the Lord has turned an entire fringe movement--the Worldwide Church of God--toward biblical Christianity. Discover how he did it, and share in the wonder of God's awesome power. InterVarsity."

George A. Mather also authored: Masonic Lodge, 1995, distributed and catalogued at the British Library in England. Mather's bias toward freemasonry is illuminated through his writings. Masonic Lodge is: "Dedicated to the loving memory of Harold T. Dodge, who was a past Massachusetts district Deputy Grand master and a 32º Consistory Order of the Eastern Star. More important, he was a loving father and faithful husband who now rests in Christ."

A member writes to ESN:

I just finished reading June 24, 1997 Worldwide News. I'm shocked! Tkach's "Personal" prepares us for more tongues-speaking in the WCG. He says it just "may be" an "authentic gift of the Holy Spirit," and some have even started doing it "in private." But he does admit that people can be ("like hypnotized people") "psychologically susceptible to such suggestions." (pg. 6)

Tkach, Jr. goes back and forth in his DOUBLESPEAK. First, saying things like, speaking in tongues occurs in a "pleasant" psychological state and is "liberating for those who practice this to get rid of inhibitions"; and it "encourages to put oneself in a responsive states," and it "encourages people in their walk with the Lord." Then he goes on to say (in a different vein) "tongues causes the most problems, and needs the most caution." But still "affirms" it as a legitimate gift and it is "therefore good." He tells them that they are "spiritually worthless" if they don't have love.

He says his "friend" Jack Hayford (who has spoken at Promise Keepers, by the way) says "he speaks in tongues in his prayers every day."

He says in one Pasadena church that he knows of people can speak in tongues, but only in "their own small group meeting if two or more interpreters are present." The interpreters have to write down the interpretation, and then see "if the interpretations match." (pg.14)

He mentions how he loves "our Pentecostal brothers," especially "The Four Square denomination in particular." "Pentecostal churches are the fastest-growing part of Christianity." "Pentecostal churches encourage people to express their emotions…"

In this article, one is left wondering whether Tkach is for or against tongues. First, he says it can be good for those who are "spiritually yearning," and an "enormous spiritual boost," and "has happened in the WCG," but then he turns around and says it "doesn't mean it is true," or that everyone "should have the same experience."

"He emphasizes that, "We are not slowly turning Pentecostal." In the closing, he calls Jesus not only our Redeemer, but "our Owner."

This writer concludes: "I found this article very upsetting and even angering in parts. We should walk by faith, not by feeling."

[QUOTES: "We do not forbid tongues speaking." "We welcome tongues-speakers into our fellowship, as long as they do not use their gift in a contentious or offensive way." (Worldwide Church of God Articles About Speaking in Tongues, Pentecostalism, and the Word of Faith, "Does the WCG forbid tongues in church?" July 1997.)]

WCG Financial accountability:

Not any factual evidence of financial accountability on behalf of Tkach/Albrecht/Schnippert/Feazell has been made public other than hearsay. The Evangelical Council of Financial Accountability (ECFA) was founded in 1979. It is comprised of over 850 charitable, religious, missionary, social and educational tax-exempt nonprofit [501c(3)] organizations. The Worldwide Church of God is not (as of Dec. 1997) one of them. More on this hot topic very soon. For further information contact:

ECFA, P.O. Box 17456, Washington, DC 20041-0456. Tel. (703) 713-1414, email: ecfa@aol.com. Or, visit their web at http://www.efca.org/

[UPDATE: It has been alleged that The Evangelical Council of Financial Accountability (ECFA) purports to work on behalf of the donor but in reality exists for the spenders. Read: To Whom Is ECFA Accountable?]

National Charities Information: 800-501-6242.[UPDATE: This is now known as National Charities Information Bureau.]

An excellent website with much information is Center for Responsive Politics.

Where is all the money going?

Over the past few years, Victor Kubic from UCG and WCG has been involved in collecting donations for many Third World countries. Much caution is advised from the California Attorney General to get the facts before giving money to any non-profit fund-raising endeavor under the heading: "needy causes."

"For the past seven years, the Montreal area French churches have been involved in marketing vanilla, produced in Haiti, where we have a small active congregation. Profits from sales have been ploughed back into Haiti, where Worldwide Church of God members have started a training program to help Haitians acquire skill in masonry, welding and electronics, leading to job opportunities in that severely depressed country."

"In Victoria, about 40 individuals are participating in Plan International, which provides assistance to villages and communities in Third World countries. Our members make financial donations every month and correspond with villagers in Third World countries three of four times a year." [Spring 1996 National Update-Canada]

Real Estate Purchases:

The Winnipeg congregation secured a mortgage and took possession of their own church building. This is the second building purchase following North Battleford, SK congregation which purchased their building in early 1995.

Gary Moore, Alberta Regional Pastor, reports the purchase of an 80-acre parcel of land for a provincial camp. He says, "We will focus on the needs of our youth, but hope the camp will eventually serve all WCG youth--and hopefully even those outside our fellowship. We hope to gradually develop our land purchase into a multi-use regional camp. We also hope for at least one local church building in Alberta this year. I would also like to help develop specific plans for the camp, and see to it that any attractive proposals for building purchases are presented to Vancouver for decision." [Comment: The exact location of the 80-acre parcel is not mentioned. Several Canadians have voiced concern over what they consider to be, suspicious purchases at a time when finances are supposedly at an all time low.]

Commercial real estate transactions over $35,000 recorded in Duval County December 1-5. #32299:
Worldwide Church of God purchased property at 7216 Old Middleburg Road from Martin Davey for $170,000.

In the spring of 1996 the Canadian WCG learned the following details:

"Since the church is a charitable organization, it has a Board of Directors. The officers and members of the Board of Directors are: Joseph Tkach, pastor general and president; Frank Brown, director and vice-president; Ely Ventura, director and secretary-treasurer; Keith Stoner, director; Bert Burback director; Richard Rice, director; and Joseph Locke, director."

[UPDATE: Richard Rice died suddenly July 27, 2003 of a massive heart attack.]

Ford's Motto?

Ford Burden works in the Canadian office. He was profiled in the WCG Canadian National Update.

"His aversion to red tape can be traced back to his stint at the Italian office in Bergamo, where he worked from 1988 to 1993.

"…Ford has worked in the computer information systems (CIS) department since 1993. His first task was to help Guy Moss coordinate the yearlong transition from a mainframe system to the quicker AS/400 computer in Pasadena. Since then he has focused on making the AS/400 a valuable tool for the Canadian office staff."

"Change is as fast-paced as ever. Ford (and Mike) are constantly striving to provide effective solutions within the context of a non-profit environment. 'Our job title might not change,' said Ford, "but what we support changes quite often. New programming is constantly coming out.' "

"Ford's Motto? 'No matter who you are in the Worldwide Church of God, never forget that your job is to give people a spiritual glass of water.' " [Excerpts from Office Profile]


That is the term some people used on CNN to describe how they felt about their President of the United States following the allegations of sex, lies, and audiotape. As I watch the whole scenario play itself out, this writer can't help but think of how much it relates to what thousands have gone through as their church leaders betrayed them. The public is, without doubt, in pain. Surveys indicated that many Americans were willing to ignore or dismiss President Clinton's proclivity toward sexual promiscuity. Few, however, would be willing to ignore the lies or obstruction of justice. You may have heard voices indicating that the President should be held accountable for his actions just like any other corporate head. Whatever one's political leaning, most would agree that one's life is not safe in the hands of a President who might have betrayed them with lies and deception. Why then, are so many Christians willing to submit to the abuses perpetrated by leaders of church organizations? Silence actually legitimizes the abuse. Lies are truth until they are confronted and refuted.

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