Exit & Support Network™ began in 1993 as a full information service regarding Worldwide Church of God. The founder of ESN was former member L. A. Stuhlman, with a background in business management, mental health nursing, and crisis intervention counselor.

As a result of WCG’s new doctrinal changes, many began exiting the organization in massive numbers. Our OIU Newsletters™ (now available by PDF download) exposed the decades of corruption, deception and lies of the “historic” Worldwide Church of God changes which took place. These newsletters looked behind the scenes at the real activities and associations pertaining to the WCG “transformation” and their New Age agenda.

From 1993 to 1998 ESN was available full time for phone calls, consulting, exit counseling, and to offer references and referrals to those who were seeking information and/or assistance in spiritual or therapeutic matters. During that time, over 180,000 copies of printed material (with important info on WCG and Herbert W. Armstrong) was mailed to researchers, professionals, ministries, and exiters who contacted ESN.

First website is Launched:

In 1997, the Exit & Support Network™ website was launched. ESN was the first to report on and cover the historical background of the WCG organization, including the last six decades, offer research and educational material and post a personal history of its founder, Herbert W. Armstrong. Information has come from a diverse multitude of sources and experts; including prominent former members who held high positions in the Worldwide Church of God, and the National Archives in Washington D. C.

In February 2000, a reorganized and new website went up with a much expanded Recovery section, along with Mike’s Enlightenment Page which offered information on Philadelphia Church of God. A year later the Child Survivor section was added to aid those who had been raised in WCG or any of its offshoots.

Our site does not endorse any form of compromise or apostasy. Instead, the Word of God tells us to expose false teachers and to have discernment.

Those Helping in ESN:

ESN is composed of a few loosely-knit former members and survivors of WCG and PCG who have networked together across the country and willingly donated time to research, write, and review articles. Several attended conferences concerning destructive cults, and received counseling from professionals who understood controlling churches or have familiarized and educated ourselves with the effects of trauma and spiritual abuse. ESN has networked with social workers, researchers, crime investigators, attorneys, and ex-members in order to exchange information and gain input.

We are not associated with, nor funded by, any particular church, denomination, organization, or WCG splinter group.

We believe in the power of Christ Jesus’ love and grace to heal spiritually and emotionally, and that a personal, loving relationship with Him, based on His grace, is what He desires, not our performance or striving for perfection.

Your prayers for the protection and guidance of this website are needed and greatly appreciated. We hope you will find these pages helpful.

Exit & Support Network™

Our Mission:

  • Report the true history of WCG and Herbert Armstrong
  • Provide education on thought reform and exploitive groups
  • Furnish information on healing from emotional, spiritual and psychological abuse
  • Offer support, validation and encouragement
  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Be empathetic toward survivors’ struggling faith


“Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.” ~Matthew 7:15


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