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Crazy Things WCG Members Have Said

Many of us will remember, when we were in WCG, how we were taught we were "family" and since we came to act like we were one big family, we could be quite outspoken with each other at times. Looking back on what certain people said can now seem ridiculous, humorous, and even crazy.

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  1. Once, when I was at the Feast talking with a WCG member (I'm sure I didn't know her very well), the conversation turned to what nationality we had in us. When I said German and Irish, she said, "That's a dangerous combination!"

  2. A member who had previously had long hair cut her hair fairly short. Without thinking and being new I said, "You looked younger with it longer." She, thinking I had said she looked younger with it short, said, "Thank you." Then I told her what I really said, and she said, "Well, I can't look like a teenager forever!"

  3. One extroverted lady in WCG was having some problems with me that had to do with jealousy. Before services she came up to a group of us and said hi to all of them except me, shaking their hands. I mentioned something about why she didn't say hi to me and she blurted out, "When I say hi, I'm saying hi to everyone--to the whole world!"

  4. My husband hadn't been able to attend services for awhile and I was riding to services with a woman (whose husband wasn't there that day either). She was blabbing away in the car and because I had my mind on my husband, I wasn't paying much attention to her. She asked me something and I didn't know what she meant. Irritated, she said, "Janet, get off the honey!" (She had previously thought I had low blood sugar but I had told her I could eat honey and it didn't bother me.)

  5. One couple lived on a farm and the wife did everything for her husband as the Proverbs 31 wife. Her husband was bragging about how she sewed him a suit. I made some comment about how that was really something and he said in front of her, "That's her job, isn't it?"

  6. I decided to grow a beard since my wife said she thought I looked good with one. But the local elderly deaconess came up to me and said, "You look horrible! You ought to shave that thing off!" This was in spite of the local elder having a beard himself until the new minister came. He always bent every which way to please whatever minister was there.

  7. I had recently graduated from High School and came back to services expecting most people to be glad to see me. One lofty member saw my hair with a small pony tail (I'm a male) and said, "You'll never get into God's Kingdom with that kind of hair style."

  8. I had only been in the WCG about two years when a lady was over at our house and was telling about another member who had gotten mastitis. I said, "Why didn't she know that she needed to nurse the baby more?" Raising her voice she said, "Because she wasn't educated!"

  9. One young fellow in WCG was at our home and relating to us how the ministry had just said that Kentucky Fried Chicken had lard in it, he said, "Why did they have to tell me?" Asking what he meant, he said, "If I didn't know, I could go on eating it."

  10. After some of the doctrinal changes were taking place in the WCG, they announced that pork was okay to eat. One man said, "I'm gonna go out tonight and buy a pepperoni pizza!"

  11. We were planning on being baptized after services and I brought it up to some members that we were talking to. Then the lady who was the assistant minister's wife piped up and said, "Oh, isn't that awful?" Then she laughed with the rest of them. We couldn't figure out what was so funny. Evidently it was supposed to be a big joke.

  12. After 1975, WCG let up on its teaching of going to the Place of Safety. But in the 1980s one lady who had been in longer than me started telling how, "I have a lot of books picked out that my husband and I are going to take with us when we go to the caves in Petra."

  13. We were meeting in some building for a special service and I had placed my notebook and Bible on some empty chairs near the front to save seats. I came back later when the service was beginning and found they were moved to the floor and another burly member and his wife were sitting there. I told him I had saved those seats and he said, "No, those are my seats!"

  14. After services I was waiting to receive some magazines that another member told me she had for me. She seemed to be taking a long time, talking to some others, and since we had to get going, I asked her again about them, and she said, "We can't all be perfect like you are."

  15. I was having trouble with my car door and couldn't afford to get it fixed due to financial burdens in the WCG. We had just pulled up to the building for services and I was trying to slam the front car door shut and it was giving me problems. I had to try several times. All of a sudden another member a few cars away hollered out, "Tie a rope around it!"

  16. One time at services I was puzzled why another member who left our fellowship seemed to be prospering and everything going good for him instead of being cursed. The member I was talking to said, "Satan takes care of his own."

  17. A member who had spent time at Ambassador College's farm in Big Sandy told me that during the Millennium "the whole world will go back to the horse and plow."

  18. I told someone in WCG that we traveled to Salt Lake City for our honeymoon. Evidently, only thinking SLC equaled Mormons and not realizing there was also beautiful scenery there, she exclaimed in astonishment, "Why on earth would you want to go there?!"

  19. I loved books and was telling a member that I liked to go to the library because they had lot of good books. She retorted, "I don't go to the library because the books are too old."

  20. During a very difficult time, I had to work out of state (in a small trailer on the property) until I could get caught up financially. The person who told me about the job was a wealthy person in my local congregation who had ties to this job. Later I mailed a large check ($1,000 I think) to my wife who then took it to this member's wife so she could easily get the cash for us. When this woman (who never knew a hard time financially in her life) handed over the cash, she said, "Have fun shopping!" That was outrageous. She evidently thought we were going to blow it all at once, frivolously, instead of using it on outstanding bills.

  21. I hadn't been a member very long when a long-time member was instructing me by saying, "When you are talking to a man (in the congregation) and another man walks up, then you leave, because you know your place."

  22. There were three members I was close with. One time I had problems with both of them. The second one (who was evidently trying to analyze the situation) wrote me a letter and said, "When there's three involved, it can always be kind of tricky."

  23. A good friend of mine was telling me about his money woes, in spite of tithing. One frustrating time, as we were walking to the meeting hall, he blurted out, "A guy feels like he ought to go rob a bank!" What the..? I thought we were supposed to keep God's commandments!

  24. I was sick for a month due to overwork and my body being wore down. After suffering one thing after another, I got an allergic reaction from a double dose of penicillin (to knock out a severe throat infection), which, in turn, caused a bad rash all over my body. A friend related to me how one member had said, "Boy, he sounds just like Job!"

  25. When I was new in the WCG, a lady was talking about the Place of Safety and remarked that when they got to the caves in Petra, "My husband and I will have another baby."

  26. In the early days in WCG, women were taught to be submissive to their husbands. One lady who had been in for a long time told me this story: "I talked back to my husband once, and then later a tiny spark from our fireplace flew out and hit me right in the middle of my forehead." (evidently as punishment from God)

  27. A lady in the WCG had to go on a trip (to see her mother, I think) and it seems her husband knew absolutely nothing about how to feed himself. She told several of us that when she got back he had just "opened up a jar of beets, warmed that up, and ate those every day"!

  28. This must have happened in the 70's when we had some visiting ministers who were talking about what needed to be changed in the WCG. I was in the Mother's Room, nursing my baby, and I remember this one minister went way over (maybe l/2 hour or more). Finally, we heard a thunderous applause after he finished. One woman commented that everyone must have really enjoyed his message. I piped up and said, "Maybe they were clapping because they were glad he was done." You should have seen the blank stares as no one said a word.

  29. I knew a woman who had been a member of WCG several years before I came in (in fact her parents and siblings were all members). One day, when we were discussing food, she told me, "I've heard that if you eat too much nutmeg, it can cause you to go insane."

  30. A tornado was headed toward a lady member's house in the country. She told me she went outside and was looking up in the sky at it and then kept repeating, "It's only material possessions." The tornado ended up flattening the town close to her.

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