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How Did I End Up in a
Spiritually Abusive Group?

People don't knowingly join spiritually abusive groups. Deceptive, exploitive leaders offer innocent seekers a trade, but the long term results can turn out to be devastating.

HIDDEN: To put or to keep out of sight; secret; concealed; to keep from being seen by covering up (If the abuse is "hidden," then someone becomes the unknowing target. You cannot take the blame.)
ABUSE: To use wrongly; to mistreat; to deceive. ("Abuse" tells us there's a perpetrator involved.)

Noble things you may have been seeking before you were deceived:

  1. A Purpose
    • A life purpose; a commitment; significance in life; a cause

  2. A family
    • A place to belong; a group of friends; intimate confidants; new brothers and sisters

  3. A Systematized Belief System
    • Need some kind of a philosophical, religious, political ordering of life

  4. Promises (eastern worldview)
    • Higher consciousness*
    • Finding the god within or meeting your "spirit guide"
    • Reincarnation

  5. The Promise of Spirituality or a Relationship With God (a Christian worldview)

    • A true search for meaning
    • A spiritual grounding
    • Knowledge about God and the universe

  6. The Promise of Personal Growth (a humanistic worldview)
    • Success; fulfillment; personal strength; confidence; wisdom; creativity and high productivity

  7. The Promise of Power (a variety of worldviews, including occultic)
    • Power to cover up a painful past
    • Control

You may have thought you went into your group open-eyed, but you ended up finding abuse inside.

*Higher consciousness is also a New Age term.

The long term results (abuses) of trying to find:

  1. A Purpose
    • Lack of purpose (because of assuming the leader's purpose)
    • Don't know who you are anymore or what you're to do
    • Confusion, depression, anger over lost years
    • Limited career growth
    • Broken marriages
    • Impaired health

  2. A family
    • A demagogue that demands more and more of your life.
    • Feeling used
    • Realizing the caring and love in the group was only conditional
    • Boundary violations (can even include deviant sexual behavior)
    • Cultic dysfunctional family
    • Empty, lonely and unable to trust people; hard to make a commitment to others
    • Obsessing with never finding a place to belong again; suicidal; depression
    • Rejection of all authority
    • Problem with independence and dependence
    • Socially immature

  3. A Systematized Belief System
    • Feel you can't trust any system of doctrinal teachings anymore
    • Confused and angry
    • Left with myriads of triggers from religious ceremonies
    • Being dominated by core teachings that you haven't rejected yet (it takes a lot of time and study to challenge the content of the teachings you've been taught)
    • General mental instability

  4. Promises (eastern worldview)
    • Brain processing problems (unable to read and retain)
    • Memory problems
    • Lack of ability to concentrate (slipped into the sub-cortical level of sub-conscious altered states)
    • Addictiveness (to altered states)
    • Inability to focus on job tasks
    • Psychic breakdown
    • Impaired health
    • Dissociative disorder

  5. The Promise of Spirituality or a Relationship With God (a Christian worldview)

    • Finding the leader's interpretation of the "truth" with the leader at the center of it
    • Harmful and/or false experiences (altered states; feverish tongues-speaking; endless spiritual warfare exercises)
    • Spiritual maturity and discernment not attained
    • The experience becomes addictive
    • Feel you have left God when disfellowshipped, or exiting on your own (the relationship between the leader, the teaching and God is very intertwined)
    • Reinforcing addictive relationships to yourself (your goal previously was to bring or evangelize people to "God's Kingdom")
    • Trying to figure out what you believe and who you can trust as a spiritual authority
    • The group preached grace but lived the Law (the leader twists the Scriptures)
    • A real search for who you are and feeling significant again (the group made you feel elite and special)
    • Guilt, depression, anxiety, obsessing over particular passages of Scripture (leading to despair, suicide attempts and nightmares)
    • Inability to make simple decisions without spiritual leaders being consulted (frustration, confusion, frozen behavior)
    • Inoculation against anything spiritual (loss of interest in praying, Bible study; worship of any kind)

  6. The Promise of Personal Growth (a humanistic worldview)
    • Psychotic breakdowns
    • Dissociative problems
    • Breakdown of trust in authority figures
    • Loss of personal boundaries with regard to family secrets (boundaries were violated inside)
    • Realizing you were defined by success or lack of it
    • Empty and self-worth impaired
    • Financial or marital instability
    • History of illegal activities
    • Lack of trust with the therapeutic community

  7. The Promise of Power (a variety of worldviews, including occultic)
    • Violated conscience
    • Ravaged body
    • A mind full of unforgettable scenes
    • Memories and massive triggers
    • More pain
    • Nightmares

In spite of any abuse you may have gone through, the very fact that you are reading this means you are a survivor and that you have the strength within you to make it.

~Excerpted from "Hidden Abuses in Cults" by Barbara Martin and Joe Kelly (CD/audio tape with ESN)

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