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David C. Pack Dear Brethren / Co-Worker Letters

Have you ever wondered what David Pack is writing to his members and co-workers? Below you will find a few samplings from some in 2012.

Pack's letters mimic Herbert Armstrong's (he also quotes HWA at the end of his letters). On top of all of them being filled with dire warnings, a fearful focus on all the negative events going on in the world, and attempting to tie it all in with biblical prophecies; i. e., "Those of us who understand prophecy are left to then ask, what could each of the coming years bring?" (3-7-12 co-worker letter), they contain much boasting and bragging of what David Pack has and is accomplishing.

Notice quotes from his March Co-Worker letter which sounds like Pack is really wanting to become another Herbert Armstrong: [bolding mine]

"Behind the scenes, plans bigger than anything else we have ever discussed since the birth of The Restored Church of God began are quietly underway for what happens AFTER May of 2013. I want all of us to be aware of this. In fact, as soon as this letter is complete we will begin our every-week Growth Meeting that includes a portion of time for discussion of how the Work will explode into the "world conversation" no later than the SUMMER OF 2013! The amount of television and increased literature distribution that we are planning for this September is really quite small compared to what is envisioned for the immediate phase beyond that. And know again that I am not merely talking about being on our own campus--and that is a big step--or adding a great many local students to the college at that time--certainly another big step-but rather how the Work will vault way up into the world's "religious skyline" where we know that prophecy makes plain it ultimately must go. ... How long will circumstances and forces permit us from that point on to speak in the manner that we do on a stage as large as the one being built away from the lights in the background?" (David C. Pack, March 7, 2012 Co-Worker letter)

However, he immediately adds (as if to keep members on their toes and continuing to send in their tithes and offerings):

"The inescapable question we keep asking ourselves here is the one you should also ask and pray about on a regular basis: How long will circumstances and forces permit us from that point on to speak in the manner that we do on a stage as large as the one being built away from the lights in the background?" (Ibid.)

To help facilitate all these new "exciting" plans, Pack has done a restructuring at RCG headquarters which he said was played in a sermon to all congregations on March 10.

"In order to free up my time to carry out my commission further (from the same need for day-to-day, hands-on administrative involvement), Mr. Kevin Denee will now serve under me as the Executive Director of Operations of the Church and its Work. Mr. William Behrer will remain in the Executive Office and assist him in addition to continuing with 11 departments (for now) still under him. (He recently had 20 departments, we took away 11, but added two more back for now.) Because Mr. James Turck will be returning to Headquarters on April 1 to assist with the ever-increasing Church Administration workload, Mr. Denee will be able to continue as Director of Church Administration without having to spend the same amount of time. ... A number of other appointments have been made, with others to occur over the months to come. All of this is in preparation for the Work being able to greatly expand as I will describe momentarily." (David C. Pack, March 7, 2012 Co-Worker letter)

David C. Pack Builds a World Headquarters

Quoting an April 2012 letter to ESN;

David Pack's April 3 letter to Brethren and Co-Workers was filled with more fear and boasting. He talked of disease epidemics on the horizon, extreme weather increasing, this evil world, etc. Hence,  holy day offerings are "crucial."  One of his boastful statements in regard to the newspaper coverage on his new HQ: "For now, just realize that our name (and my name personally) is probably known to over 90 percent of the people in Wadsworth. ALL my neighbors read the article, and with not one exception have asked me about it when they have seen me." Another: "Millions upon millions of people read about God's Church and Work." According to Profile of a Sociopath, "Grandiose Sense of Self" is one of their characteristics. --J.

In David Pack's May 2012 Co-Worker and Dear Brethren Letter, he talks about how "millions" are becoming "confused and fearful" due to the kinds of reports he has in that letter but that "great numbers more people can be unexpectedly exposed to the truth [i. e., RCG "truth"]--they are looking for one thing and find themselves learning something entirely different."

How Did I End Up in a Spiritually Abusive Group? (Also shows the results of being in one)

The "learning something entirely different" will turn out to be scriptures taken out of context, the presentation of a false gospel, being put back under the old covenant, and ending up being exploited financially. No one actually desires this, but a wolf in sheep's clothing is able to deceive the undiscerning and unwary who are merely "looking for solutions" as Pack words it.

How Did Herbert W. Armstrong Recruit Others? (Pack uses very similar methods)

Pack goes on to say in this May letter that people who come to his site "see and hear truths available nowhere else."

But these so-called "truths" are easily found in other religious cults such as Jehovah's Witnesses and Seventh-day Adventism (which HWA is known to have plagiarized from).

Also, religious leaders who boast to have the exclusive truth have been around for decades. See: All or Nothing Statements (from those that have "the truth")

It is clear in Pack's May letter that he is ramping up his recruiting strategies. After telling how some lack "even a little bit of depth" and "staying power" after first attending RCG services, he gives an example: "For instance, a lady just left us because she wanted to be able to weed her garden on the Sabbath and did not want any kind of constraint over her. One could wish she would ask how long there will even be vegetables remaining in her garden to weed and to eat."

Is he hinting at some kind of "curse" to befall this woman for working on the Sabbath? It appears so.

David Pack is now looking at the strategies of how Herbert Armstrong's Bible-based, apocalyptic group, Worldwide Church of God, brought in so many members:

"After a recent study of how the Worldwide Church of God engaged various audiences, we decided to change the question on previous website forms from 'Are you interested in attending services?' to 'Would you like a minister to contact you regarding the Church, proper baptism, other Bible truths or personal counsel?' When a person answers 'yes' to this new question, he now has the understanding that he will be contacted by a minister, rather than perhaps expecting to be merely informed of the location of the nearest congregation (which obviously has never been the case with us).
"This change will help field ministers more clearly differentiate between those who are serious about working toward being 'added to the Church' by Christ (Acts 2:47) versus those who are only casually interested in attending services." (David C. Pack, May 3, 2012 Co-Worker letter)

People are going to be required to read more literature before being able to attend RCG services (a common tactic used by apocalyptic cults, especially the Armstrong ones):

"We have been growing in the ability to send much more hardcopy literature to people, meaning they are reading much more (and we are faithfully requiring this) before they can be considered to attend services." (Ibid.)

He ends by saying:

"Also, NEVER forget to pray on a daily basis that God would 'avenge us of our adversaries' as Jesus instructed (Luke 18:1-8). We have never had more adversaries than today. Pray that God will continue to 'stay the hand of the devil' working through his agents.
"More who hate the Work, hate Mr. Armstrong and hate the doctrines of God are coming 'out of the woodwork' to attack this Work in a way unlike anything I have ever seen." (David C. Pack, May 3, 2012 Co-Worker letter)

The "hate" that David Pack speaks of is merely an exposure of Restored Church of God and its false gospel to the light of the Word of God. What Pack is actually saying is that those who warn others to beware of RCG and who tell the truth about these things (which Pack wants covered over), are "of the devil." That is what Pack hates.

Restored Church of God (as other destructive HWA offshoots) believes "they" alone will be taken to the "place of safety" which shows in this ending comment of his: [bolding mine]

"But we know that through God's power we will continue to have the "open door" of Revelation 3:8 before us right up until the end-and we are "taken" to safety (Luke 17:34-37)" (David C. Pack, May 3, 2012 Co-Worker letter)

Herbert Armstrong taught for decades that members would be fleeing to a "place of safety" (presumably Petra in 1972 where they would live in caves until the return of Christ in 1975) but they never went anywhere. (See: Memories About Petra) Instead, his hundreds of false prophecies all failed.

However, it is not easy to give up on Herbert Armstrong; hence, many today have gravitated to one of the offshoots of Worldwide Church of God that claim to be the "one true church" and which teach that only "they" will be going to a place of safety.

By D. M. Williams
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