A list to help those who are having a hard time understanding the terminology that their family or friends are using in the WCG offshoots. This is commonly known as “loading the language” and serves to keep members from thinking critically. (Read more about this and how it is used in totalistic groups.) This list is not inclusive and may overlap in the various splinter groups. Written with tongue in cheek.

The Truth: What the group says they have to the exclusion of all other groups.

God’s Truth: Same as above.

The Gospel: Herbert Armstrong’s teachings concerning the Kingdom/Government of God/Law of God and not about the Person of Jesus Christ.

Trunk of the Tree: Same as above.

New Revelation: New Truth that alters or updates old Truth.

New Understanding: Same as above.

The Elijah to Come: Herbert W. Armstrong; not John the Baptist.

The End-time Elijah: Same as previous.

God’s Apostle: Same as previous.

God’s Man: Same as previous.

God’s End-Time Man: Same as previous.

Churches of God: Those who split from what “God’s man” founded.

That Prophet: Gerald Flurry; not Jesus.

Headquarters: Central location where the group leader lives.

Building Character: Becoming more submissive to Headquarters.

Change Your Attitude: Bring your thinking in line with the leader’s.

The Work: The needs and wants of the leader.

Work of God: Same as above

God’s Work: Same as above

God’s End Time Work: Same as above.

Doing the Work: Paying tithes and offerings to Headquarters in order to see to the needs and wants of the leader (involves proclaiming HWA’s false gospel to the world).

Doing His Work: Same as above.

Finish the Work: Same as above.

God is in Control: Don’t think, don’t question; just trust what the leader tells you.

God is in Charge: Same as above.

Way of Give: Same as previous.

Way of Get: Not giving to Headquarters.

God’s Way: The way the leader specifies.

The Two Trees: Symbols of the give and get way.

Government of God: The authority (i.e., the leader) at Headquarters.

God’s Family Government: Same as above.

A Government problem: What anyone in the group has if they question the Government of God.

Rebellious: Those not submissive to the Government of God.

Unconverted: Those outside the group, or anyone within the group who questions the Government of God.

Laodiceans: Those outside the group (in PCG it also refers to members/exiters who are not submissive to the Government of God).

God’s People: Group members who submit to the Government of God or hold to the Truth.

God’s chosen people: Same as previous.

People of God: Same as previous

Brethren: Same as previous.

Christians: Same as previous.

Inner Court: Those inside PCG.

Outer Court: Those outside PCG (i.e., Laodiceans).

Philadelphia Standard: What PCG says God established through HWA’s ministry.

The Daily: Doing the Work of God in PCG; suppressed when HWA died; resumed in 1989.

The Continual: (same as above)

The Church: The name of the group; aka “God’s one true Church on earth.”

The True Church of God: Same as previous.

The True Church: Same as previous.

One and Only True Church: Same as previous

God’s True Church: Same as previous

God’s Church: Same as previous.

The Church of God: Same as previous

Small Flock: Same as previous.

God’s Family: Same as previous. 

Spiritual Husband: Same as previous.

The World: That outside the group which would pull one away from the group.

Fellowship: Spending most of our time with the group.

Cursed: Bad things that happen to members when they don’t obey the Government of God; bad things that happen to those who leave the group.

Used of God: Being used for the leader’s purposes.

Calling: What is fulfilled by joining the group and being under the Government of God.

Called: Those select few that come under the Government of God.

Salvation: Same as above.

Repent: To turn from sin and turn to the Law.

God’s Law: The Mosaic Law; what you repent of breaking.

God’s Laws: Same as previous.

Human Nature: What potential members need to repent of.

Get With the Program: To get in line with the rest of the group; conform; submit to the Government of God.

Commit Fully to the Program: Same as above.

You Just Don’t Get it: What members and outsiders are accused of. What exactly “it” is, is never really defined.

Spiritual Widow (or widower): Member who has an “unconverted” mate who is not in the group.

Satan’s Lies: All words that do not agree with the leader of the group.

Wiles of the Devil: Same as above.

Garbage: Same as above.

Rumors: Same as above.

Dissidents: Those who spread the above.

Satan is Attacking: When anyone tries to expose the group.

Judging: What dissidents do; never applies to the group leader.

Bad attitude: Questioning the leader or his teachings.

Bitter: Those who have left the group and are now exposing it.

Marked: What happens to one who is blowing the whistle on the group.

The God Family: What members expect to become a part of when they are spirit beings. Only two members are in it at present.

The God Family Vision: Same as above.

Family of God: What members will enter if they obey the Government of God.

Born Again: What happens to members if they enter the God Family.

Salvation: What members receive if they’re born into the God Family.

Saved:Usually has “alive” on the end of it; those who live through the Great Tribulation.

The Kingdom: The Government of God administered on earth, as well as heaven.

The World Tomorrow: Same as previous.

Qualify: To make it into the Kingdom.

Reward: Members’ position in the Kingdom.

Last Hour: What members are now living in (for PCG it means “end of an era”).

Last End: Same as previous.

End of the Age: Same as previous.

End of the End Time: Same as previous.

Place of Safety:Where members (who are submissive to the Government of God) hide out during the Great Tribulation; exact location never definite.

Place of Final Training: Same as previous.

The Sabbath: Saturday, if you travel west from Israel; Friday if you travel east.

Holy Days: Listed in Leviticus 23; i.e., seven of them; sacrifices not included.

High Days: Same as previous.

Annual Sabbaths: Same as previous.

Feast days: Same as above.

God’s Plan of Salvation: (Same as previous)

God’s Plan of Salvation for Mankind: Same as previous.

God’s Plan: Same as previous.

God’s Holy Day Plan: Same as previous.

The Feast: Where members head off to every Fall to receive instruction in obeying the Government of God and learning about the time they will rule with Christ (as spirit beings in “The God Family”) and force people to submit to “God’s Government.”

The Last Great Day: Hundred-year period of time when all who have never heard HWA’s gospel will be given their “first (and last) chance” to hear and accept it.

The First Resurrection: Reserved for those in the group.

The Second Resurrection: Same as pictured by The Last Great Day; reserved for those outside the group.

The Third Resurrection: Annihilation in the Lake of Fire; reserved for all those who spurned God’s Government.

White Throne Judgment: Same as the third resurrection. Heaven: There are three: The 1st is where the birds and clouds are; the 2nd is where the planets and stars are; the 3rd heaven is where God, Christ and angels reside. (Christians who are born again cannot go to #3, as their abode is the new earth.)

Hell:The grave; where everyone goes when they die.


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