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Testimonies From Child Survivors

It is not how many abusive details that a survivor can recount and describe in order for their story to be considered important. It is how the individual perceived their experience to be detrimental, or even life shattering, that counts.

NOTE: Names have been changed for confidentiality, unless otherwise noted. Not all stories are posted and we reserve the right to refuse to post.

Also see: Where Do the Feelings Go? (covers processing painful thoughts)

Testimonies and Writings by Exiters


"If I can stop one heart from breaking, I shall not live in vain."
 ~Emily Dickinson


What it Felt Like to Be Kicked Out of Worldwide Church of God

Stories About S. E. P. Experiences

Stories About Philadelphia Youth Camp (P.Y.C)

Endured Weekly Mental and Emotional Abuse in PCG

My Entire Childhood Was Sacrificed

My Memories of How Abusive Worldwide Was (Excellent expose`)

I Hated Growing Up in Philadelphia Church of God

Occultic Family History Led to Recruitment into WCG (This survivor was also in PCG.)

How My Life Was Forever Impacted by Both WCG and PCG

Growing Up in "The Church" Was the Hardest Thing I Ever Had to Do (Raised in WCG and later in PCG; mentions Philadelphia Youth Camp)

Getting Kicked Out of PCG Caused Me to Start Investigating (This survivor was raised in WCG and then in UCG & PCG.)

Finally Free From the Burden of Lies

Relieved to Find That I am Not Alone

Free of the WCG Satanic Mess

I Became Irritated and Incensed!

Can't Even Describe What I Went Through

Childhood Memories of Growing up in Worldwide Church of God (This survivor was also in UCG.)

Still Working Through the Anger

Damaged Emotionally by WCG, LCG, RCG, PCG, UCG and CGE

Foundations of a Soul Rocked to the Core

Growing Up in WCG Caused Me To Almost Give Up on God

Wearing Masks

WCG and Splinter Groups Are Destroyers of Mind, Body and Soul

What Armstrong Said Didn't Add Up! (This child survivor had the courage to rebel against the WCG madness.)

Still Confused

Glad I Didn't Have to Attend HWA's Cult Any Longer Than I Did!

Love of Sports and How My Dad Stood For What Was Right

Will I Ever Trust or Have a Real Relationship Again?

Expelled by WCG for Marrying the Man I Loved

It's Been a Long Painful Journey

Worldwide Church of God Almost Destroyed My Life

Humiliated by Spankings Starting at Age 13

Intense Feeling of Loss 

It Still Hurts

I Grew Up Sick in the WCG and Suffered For it

The Spank Tent

Effects of Growing Up With "The Plain Truth of Child Rearing"

Unable to Share My Full Story

Deeply Scarred 

School Memories After Parents Joined WCG

Often Feel Lost and Alone

My Talent of Music Was Never Appreciated

WCG Caused Me to Pass Up Music Scholarships

I Grew Up in WCG With Much Confusion

A Voluntary Outcast

Christmas and Other Painful Memories

Overwhelming Sensation to Flee the WCG

I Knew I was Going to Escape as Soon as Possible

Struggling to Reclaim My Family     

I Still Carry the Pain of Herbert Armstrong's Teachings (Impacted by Church of God International, although father was first in WCG)  

Always Assumed My Childhood Was Rougher Than Everyone Else's

Openly Threatened by Philadelphia Church of God Minister

Grew Up in Philadelphia Church of God and Hated It

Fifteen Lost Years Growing Up in Philadelphia Church of God

I Wasn't Sure God Loved Me

Can't Grasp That God Loves Me Unconditionally

The Emotional Impact is Still With Me (This survivor also had confrontations with Gerald Flurry when Flurry was a minister in WCG.)

Emotional Abuse Can Be Very Subtle

Abused in Every Way in Worldwide Church of God

I Still See the Branches of the Cult in My Life

In Spite of Abuse, I Learned to Wear a Smiley Face

I Was Abandoned by My Family

My Dad Controlled Every Aspect of Our Lives

Took 20 years To Get Back to the Person I Was

Worldwide Church of God Was an Oppressive System

Many Struggles and Detours

My Mom Started Her Own HWA Home-Based Bible Studies

I Was Blamed for a Very Painful Experience

Suffered Due to Teachings That Destroyed Lives

I Was Constantly Bombarded With Stress

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