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Summer Educational Program has used methods of control and manipulation. This was manifested through emotional, physical, spiritual and psychologically abusive tactics on innocent youth in order to break them down and mold them into becoming "obedient, passive members" of the Worldwide Church of God and all in the name of "building character." Controlling WCG offshoots and splinter groups also have formed youth camps; e. g., Philadelphia Youth Camp (PCG), Ambassador Youth Camp (RCG), United Youth Camps (UCG), Living Youth Camp (LCG).

Countless individuals have suffered needlessly, even to this day, from growing up in an abusive, deceptive, pseudo religious organization. (Also read: Stories About Philadelphia Youth Camp)

Update: For a short while after the new doctrinal changes, a few genuine Christians in WCG attempted to bring Christ's grace and salvation to the campers. However, they were quickly muzzled by HQ and, as a result, most ended up exiting the organization. In 1996, because of the small number of applications for S.E.P., the program was canceled and applicants were being referred to S.E.P. in Orr, Minnesota. In 2002 WCG sold the camp in Orr and closed it the same year. By 2005 WCG had 8 local S.E.P camps in the United States (and some in Canada). Today there are "pre-teen camps" for children as young as seven and eight. HQ desires to hang on to their youth and disciple them into WCG youth ministries; however, the number of young people in WCG continues to decline.


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