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  • “When everything around us disappoints and falls apart, He will still be there. He is the only One who is dependable and unchangeable. He will never abandon us.”
  • “There is never any need of ours that He cannot meet; never any struggle that causes Him to give up on us; never any place we can go that is beyond His care.”
  • “It is He who pursues us when we feel ashamed or when we feel He doesn’t care.”
  • “He longs for us to know Him personally and intimately.”
  • “He is always there with His love and it never diminishes, even when we think He isn’t there.”
  • “Whatever our mistakes and failures, nothing can separate us from His love.”
  • “His love is an absolute love. He doesn’t have any favorites.”
  • “His love is a perfect, eternal love. It gives all and holds nothing back.”
  • “He has built a desire for relationship into us, and that is what we can have with Him through His Son.”
  • “We are the objects of His love, for the Son is the object and center of the Father’s love.”
  • “We are declared righteous because He has identified us with His Son and has imputed to us His very righteousness.”
  • “Jesus came out from the very heart of God to reveal God’s heart.”
  • “When God gave His only Son, He gave Himself.”
  • “Apart from Jesus, we have no actual revelation of God, nor can we ever know the true God.”
  • “All we have and need is found in one place–in Him.”

So near, so very near to God,
I cannot nearer be;
Yet in the person of His Son,
I am as near as He.

So dear, so very dear to God,
More dear I cannot be;
The love wherewith He loves the Son:
Such is His love for me!

~Excerpt from: A Mind at Perfect Peace by Horatius Bonar


Info compiled by D. M. Williams
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“To see Jesus is to see God. The more we know Christ, the more we know God.” ~John G. Mitchell, An Everlasting Love


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