Letter sent to Alex Harrison, PCG HQs


This includes emails from Trinidad, Caribbean showing the severe emotional and financial abuse that is taking place there.

Note: We have received many letters about Alex Harrison and you can find them by doing a search for his name on our site. One such letter (also pasted at end) is: Why PCG Justifies Tyrannical “Church Government” (May 27, 2013 letter to ESN)

ESN was given permission to post this letter to Alex Harrison on our site. (Some paragraphs have been made to make the reading easier.)

UPDATE: Alex Harrison died November 29, 2020.

From: sheriff ali
Subject: Concerns from Trinidad
To: “Alex Harrison”
Cc: sseebran
Date: Friday, October 26, 2012, 4:39 PM

Hi Mr. Harrison, hope you are well, I thought I would write you a letter, informing you of some things that are going on in the Trinidad congregation that I think you should know about, I wanted to mention them to you for some time now, but kept putting it off thinking God would work things out, but as you and Mr. Flurry has always told us, your doors are always open, if members have any problems. I told Mr. Seebran that I would be talking to you and would copy him in, so we would all be on the same page.

Attitude Problem

Mr. Seebran gave bible study last Sabbath, but they were less that 7 Scriptures given, the church knew that it was a corrective sermon geared towards putting down teens and singles, and once again creating an atmosphere of fear and intimidation upon the membership. it started out very harshly, and was founded upon 85% correction, 10% instruction and 5% love, in fact one of the new members said she wanted to walk out of services, she said her unconverted daughter out of the church was far worse than our children in the church, yet she would never discourage them like how Mr. Seebran did.

Mr. Seebran keep on saying that all the singles and teens have an attitude problem, I believe he base that on how much they talk to each other as well as how they talk, all in all, a lot of things are blown way out of proportion, I hope you really investigate this and get to the bottom of it all.

I hope you listen to that tape, in the study Mr. Seebran said three main points, one that how singles hold a beer bottle reveals an attitude not becoming a God, two, he said how girls take their picture also reveals an attitude and third he said singles and teens should not talk to each other only at services, but should go and talk to adults, but how can they do this is he sets a bad example. Ask him when was the last time he spoke to the singles and teens.

As I said he started the study very fired up and came across harshly, about 5 minutes into his study the deacon Mr. Patrick Ramlochan was given a note to quickly take up to the podium, written by Mrs. Seebran which Mr. Seebran read out loud to the church, it said “Some of them are laughing” as if she wanted to say to all of us “shut up and listen” it was intimidating to say the least.


Fact: When new members start to attend services, the advice they get is “Don’t say anything bad about Mr. Seebran’s daughter because he gets hot under the collar” Mr. Thomas Mussio was the last person to tell me that, just ask him.

Mr. Wayne Dawson, when he just came into the church, was invited to the Seebran’s home and afterwards told me during casual conversation that Diana Seebran runs that family, she is the real boss and her father is a puppet.

Mr. Paul Ritz, a member that lives in Chicago came here for a FOT and said Diana Seebran runs the church here.
Mr. Seebran likes to hear and know what people talk about, as if we should have no freedom of expression in God’s Church, so he ‘recruited’ a child, a single, to go and listen to the conversations of the singles and teens and report back to him, that single is only 20 years old and his name is Keith Mulchan. Ask any single or teen.

Mr. Seebran said from the podium, without remorse that he has people, adults, which tell him what is going on. Does this mean we are supposed to be fearful of expressing our views, and fellowshipping would now move from a ‘IRON SHARPENS IRON’ to a’ be careful what you say thing’.

Mr. Seebran allows his daughter to get away with a lot in the church, just ask random members, and the only way they would not say something is because they are afraid.

Diana Seebran carries about herself like her father owns the church, her attitude of loud aggrogant wild laughter, hip hugging, tight fitting clothes that leave little to the imagination, as well as put down and one liners meant to belittle others, while her father and mother does nothing about it, is a sad expression as to what God’s church in Trinidad has come to, But don’t believe me, come and hears from random members for yourself. She was counseled by her father for baptism, and baptized by him also, but I must say, if she is converted, I would be surprised. She acts as carnal can be.

The members are so afraid of being suspended that they just put up with anything, and attitudes of the Seebran family. We equate speaking out logically about decisions made by Mr. Seebran with being put out of the Kingdom, this fear has turned to paranoid.

Mr. Seebran called me last night and told me my son Adam Ali was suspended for one month, he did not call Adam, I guess I am supposed to tell him. I asked him for the reason, he told me it was because Adam was on Facebook, I asked him how is that a valid reason for suspension, he then said that is was more than that, he said in his opinion Adam was not serious about his calling and he sees an attitude that he does not like, and does not talk “Sabbath things” on Sabbaths, by the way, he said this about almost all the teens and singles in the church, I told him his reasoning is flawed, and I’m saying that if that is his reasoning for suspension that maybe all the members should be suspended I even told him that almost all adults, not only in Trinidad but all around the world do not talk only “holy Sabbath thing” at services, He told me” that is just how it is, and his judgment is final” He has not yet given me a scriptural reason of Adam’s suspension. Is that how Christ rules his Church?

He then told me all the singles and teens would have to counsel with him during the month long suspension, and he would counsel them like  adults, and based on what they say, they would be allowed to attend services again. I guess they would have to say what he wants to hear. Is that intimidation or what.

How can any minister treat children who do how have God’s sprit as adults, and expects, and even demand they act like one?

Adam asked me why he was suspended and I told him it was because he talked to his school friends on Facebook, (friends, not Laodicians) maybe the way he holds his beer bottle, but that can’t be it because he does’nt drink beer, or maybe because he rarely carries out ‘holy’ conversations, or maybe because Mr. Seebran just does not like him, his so called attitude or the way he talks very much, I don’t really know because Mr. Seebran cannot and would not give me a straight answer.

Mr. Harrison, our members and their children are good people, we don’t cause division, we believe in the doctrines in the church, we back up and support Mr. Flurry and HQ, we sit quietly and listen to the messages, yet Mr. Seebran told me that our children must grow like adults, speak like them and act like them to remain in the church. Is that how it is with people who do not have God’s sprit? I told Mr. Seebran that Mr. Armstrong never said that, in fact we know that everyone grows at different rate, but Mr. Seebran told me “Well that’s just how it is”.

Mr. Seebran, if you have read this far down in this letter. I just want to say to you that something has changed in you, as a shepherd, if you are supposed to have us follow you as you follow Christ, you are failing, I believe a lot of your decisions are bias, based on your own personal imperfect feelings, and I don’t know what is driving them, and sadly you don’t even see it. I for one would not like to follow your example, I do not hate you, I respect you, but I believe you need a wakeup call on how you handle the Church of God.


I know you will try and fight everything I’ve said here, because I know having your self and your family be see in a certain good way, means more to you than a members eternal life, and maybe I will be out of the church after this letter, but some things just needed to be said, I hope HQ checks this out, and really talk to the members and prove all things.

Mr. Robin Sirjoosingh told me once that if there is one thing Mr, Seebran cannot take is correction, that is true, but please prove me wrong.

Mr. Seebran’s sister said that he runs this church like he ran his former, as if he and his family are up there and we are all down here.

I believe you should make an emergency trip to Trinidad to prove if all this is true, because the membership is slowly being discouraged. God’s Church is supposed to be a place of refuge, not a judgmental court, based on what a minister’s personal views and opinions are.

Sheriff Ali

Letters ESN Received From Trinidad About this Situation:

(The person’s name has been withheld.)

More Disfellowshiping and Suspensions Take Place as Flurry Covers Up the Truth:

January 7, 2013

In November 2012, Samuel Seebran (Preaching Elder for the Trinidad / Caribbean area) suspended some teens / singles for not being spiritually mature. A total of 5 teens were suspended from charges of holding a beer bottle by the neck, not responding positively to “God’s Government,” not submitting to “the Authority” of the Church and having a bad negative attitude and unchristian-like behavior. Samuel Seebran went on Facebook to find out what teens were talking about, using another teen to set up a Facebook account for him in order to invade their privacy.

The PCG has banned teens / singles from using Facebook or any social media network because it “corrupts and damages one’s mind.” Members [and teens] are taught to only read PCG literature, books on the PCG / Gerald Flurry or go only to the PCG web site. This is thought reform and indoctrination at its best effort to keep members in line or ignorant of the truth.

Samuel Seebran then stated that Gerald Flurry is the Pastor General of God’s “One and Only True Church” and that we the members should support Gerald Flurry because Jesus Christ is backing him; that it’s God’s Government and God’s authority that Gerald Flurry is enforcing. Samuel Seebran said that innocent teens / singles were suspended to set an example for the other teens / singles who they couldn’t get and that this was sanctioned by Alex Harrison (Regional Director of Latin America and the Caribbean) under the authority of Gerald Flurry. One brave parent questioned the ministry’s decision and also highlighted Seebran and his wife and daughter’s faults to Alex Harrison only to be disfellowshipped and later marked. Another father questioned why his son was wrongfully suspended. He also was disfellowshipped. His wife and both sons have stop attending. They were suspended. So the PCG made it look as if they did something wrong and were suspended, thus hiding the truth from the other members. Alex Harrison once told the Trinidad congregation to come to him with any concerns and that he will address it. This is how the PCG addresses members’ concerns–disfellowship them, whereby discrediting them so their concerns won’t be valid and will not be addressed. –Resigned PCG member (Trinidad)

Update 2014: Only senior baptized members are allowed on Facebook not “un-baptized” teens and singles. Special privileges must be granted by the ministry based on one’s spiritual growth and development and will be scrutinized by parents and the minister.

ESN Helped Us Greatly in Breaking From PCG Chains:

January 8, 2013

Your support network helped us greatly in breaking from the PCG chains that enslaved us. You are doing a great job. Keep it up. I will spread the news of ESN to others seeking freedom. Thank you. –Resigned PCG member (Trinidad)

No-Contact Rule Continues to be Cruelly Enforced in Trinidad:

January 8, 2013

Unbaptized singles / teens are told that the “no-contact rule” applies to all those suspended or disfellowshipped, including other teens and even blood relatives. Any phone calls, Emails, or even texting is prohibited. The head of the family (fathers) are instructed to monitor this very carefully and enforce the decisions and rulings of the PCG; i.e., disciplining their teens if they disobey the “Government of the Church” and reporting it to the Ministry (Preaching Elder Samuel Seebran). The “No-Contact rule” violates and contradicts the teachings of Jesus Christ: Love one another as I have loved you; love your enemies; do unto others as we would want them to do unto us, and bear one another’s burdens. How can you love if there is a “no-contact rule”? This is emotional punishment at the hands of the PCG. Instead of building families they are dividing and destroying family and friends. This situation in Trinidad will only get worse. Will keep you updated! –Resigned PCG member (Trinidad)

Update for Trinidad / Double Standards & Hypocrisy:

January 9, 2013

Suspended or disfellowshipped teens/ singles are told if they want to return to services that they will have to counsel with the ministry (Preaching Elder Samuel Seebran). They are gave mandatory reading literature: Who is That Prophet? and Malachi’s Message. They must read, understand and accept this without question. Also, they must show “fruits”; i.e., repentance and having a positive, remorseful attitude and behavior. Also they must continue giving tithes and offerings despite being out of the PCG. One young Lady from Grenada was suspended one year ago, she has to continue to tithe and give offerings (“support God’s Work”) before even being considered back in PCG.

Samuel Seebran told disfellowshipped members that the PCG is doing great financially and members continue to give despite the hard economic downturn in Trinidad’s economy. Why would Seebran throw his statement in the faces of disfellowshipped members? Is the PCG all about money? It should be about Christ and his Law of Love. (The Trinidad congregation has 100 members. If each gave 100 tt each, that’s 10,000 per week, 40,000 per month, 480,000 tt per year. Offerings are 25,000, average x 7 holy day offering =175,000. That’s a total of 655,000 tt minimum per year that goes to HQ.) The PCG is all about enriching themselves at the expense of the members. Some members live in broken down homes and eat only one solid meal a day while the PCG ministers upgrade their standard of lifestyle, drive the latest model of vehicle, eat at the best restaurants, buy the best brand of clothes and wear the highest quality jewelry. Gerald Flurry told members to lower their standards of living. Isn’t this a double standard and hypocrisy?? –Resigned PCG member (Trinidad)

Samuel Seebran’s Mother Resigns From PCG:

January 14, 2013

Preaching Elder Samuel Seebran’s 80 year old mother has resigned from the Trinidad PCG. Her daughter was suspended because she supported her husband who was disfellowshipped for questioning why his teenage son was suspended. Seebran’s mother was a long standing member of the Trinidad PCG for 15 years since its inception. The No-Contact Rule imposed on all suspended/ disfellowshipped members took its toll on this elderly lady that it seriously affected her to the point that she became ill and had to seek medical attention. Worrying and stress took its toll on her because her daughter and two grandchildren were suspended. The thought of never seeing or communicating with them affected her emotionally and mentally. Seebran’s other sister has stopped attending services together with her son. Seebran’s actions have divided his own family. Regional Director Alex Harrison told the Trinidad Congregation that he knows what is going on here for the pass six years. Yet he has done nothing to solve it. –Resigned PCG member (Trinidad)

Samuel Seebran Has Failed as a Leader, Minister and Shepherd:

January 24, 2013

Two members have resigned from the PCG in the Guyana congregation They joined the WCG in 1982 and then the PCG. They are long standing members of 31 years in the PCG. There were 4 members in the Guyana congregation; now there are only 2. They resigned because of the suspension of the teens / singles and the disfellowshipment and marking of members in Trinidad; also because of gossip being spread in the Trinidad congregation; e. g., negative and derogatory statements being made against the disfellowshipped members in order to discredit and undermine them, so that the truth [of what is going on] will be hidden from the other members. Preaching Elder Samuel Seebran has failed as a leader, a minister and a shepherd to the members. His lies and deceptions have led to betrayal. A wolf in sheep clothing. This disease will keep spreading. Will keep you updated! –Resigned PCG member (Trinidad)

Trinidad Congregation Separating the Loyal From the Disloyal by Using Mind Control Tactics:

January 28, 2013

Preaching Elder Samuel Seebran made an announcement on Saturday [Jan. 26] that four members were disfellowshipped. Two were from Guyana (his mother and now his other sister who resigned on Friday). These people simply had enough of his lies and deceptions taking place and were against the “no-contact” rule being enforced on their own family. What was also obvious was the negative remarks being made against those who were disfellowshipped and suspended by the women in the Trinidad congregation. The rampant and malicious gossiping seems to be a method used to secure the remaining members loyal to Samuel Seebran. Fondly called ” Seebranites ”

This is the latest form of mind control tactics used by the Trinidad ministry to separate the loyal from the disloyal. Rumors being spread is that those who left or got suspended/ disfellowshipped means that “Satan got to them” so the others will be fearful and stay closer to the government of the PCG. Unless one stays committed and loyal to Gerald Flurry–only then will one be allowed to go to the “place of safety” and obtain salvation. This form of mind control and mental manipulation is being employed to keep people ignorant and blinded from the truth of what’s really going on. One woman was overheard saying, “Let the bad ones leave and go and the few loyal ones will remain faithful to my minister (Samuel Seebran).” This blind loyalty is very disturbing and frightening. Isn’t this a form of idol worship? What ever Samuel Seebran says or does must be accepted without question because he represents the “Church Government” in Trinidad. What a load of nonsense! Will keep you updated. Special thanks to ESN for giving us the courage and conviction to expose the lies and hypocrisy in the PCG. –Resigned PCG member (Trinidad)

Comment by ESN: This tactic is heavily used in controlling, abusive groups.

Ultimatum Given As More Abuses Continue:

February 1, 2013

Preaching elder Samuel Seebran has given an ultimatum to a 65 year old mother of a disfellowshipped member that she either applies the “no-contact” rule on her son and family or be suspended / disfellowshipped. Members living close by her went and carried news to the minister (to gain favor with him) that she does have dinner and family gatherings with her son and family members who were disfellowshipped by the PCG. Her daughter was told by Samuel Seebran that she will have to be re-baptised since he believes that her previous baptism is not valid since her husband has been disfellowshipped and her older son never returned since he was unlawfully suspended. Samuel Seebran’s 80 year old mother has become seriously ill since the suspension / disfellowshipment of her two daughters and their families. Who are the ones taking care of her as her minister / son (Samuel Seebran) has refused to do so and to not even visit her? Doesn’t this violate the 5th commandment–honor your parents so that your days may grow old. [Exodus 20:12] Samuel Seebran has also confronted his younger brother who has been in the WCG / PCG for the past 26 years to see where his loyalty lies. He and his wife (who stopped their work to take care of his mom) have been given the cold treatment by the other members of the Trinidad congregation who are loyal to Samuel Seebran.

So far, 11 people have been suspended / disfellowshipped since this incident started in December. More will be thrown out as proud and self-righteous Samuel Seebran’s brutal reign of abuse and victimization continues to be unleashed on anyone not willing to bow to him (Church Government). –Resigned PCG member (Trinidad)

More Members Are Beginning to Question the Lies and Deception:

February 14, 2013

Preaching Elder Samuel Seebran’s younger brother and his wife have both resigned from the PCG. This brings the number to 13 thus far who resigned or were disfellowshipped. For the past 19 years they were faithful and dedicated members actively serving in the PCG. Since the wrongful suspension of the teens followed by the numerous disfellowshipments afterward, certain issues came into question. When the younger brother asked Samuel Seebran why all this is happening, the only response was that Satan is using an ex deacon (disfellowshipped) to “attack the church” (putting all blame on another except himself). The younger brother stated that it was he, Samuel Seebran, who is responsible for the turmoil taking place in Trinidad and that the blame shouldn’t be put on others. The younger brother asked Seebran why he was allowing his wife and daughter to control him and run the church. He denied this saying that Alex Harrison and Gerald Flurry make all the decisions. That it’s “Church Government.”

Samuel Seebran’s inflated ego and pride have gotten the best of him as more people are beginning to question what is happening in the Trinidad congregation; all the lies and deceptions being announced from the podium. Seebran seems to have selected memory of bouts of forgetfulness; that he never said that, or his words are being misrepresented or misapplied (no contact or association ruling). A long standing member died recently. And Seebran stated that only family members and church members can attend–not those suspended or disfellowshipped. Those were the deceased wishes and was enforced by the ministry. Is this “God’s Love” that exists in the PCG?? Or is the hidden depths of vanity, pride and self righteousness prevalently existing in the PCG? –Resigned PCG member (Trinidad)

Alex Harrison is Instilling Fear and Intimidation in Remaining Members:

February 27, 2013

Alex Harrison, Regional director for Latin America and the Caribbean, made an unannounced 2 day emergency trip to Trinidad to address the congregation about the massive suspensions / disfellowshipments (exodus) of long standing members from the PCG (13 members and counting). He stated that Satan is attacking the “church” from within by using certain members; he was twisting scriptures and taking them out of context to prove his position and authority.

Here are things Alex Harrison said to the Trinidad congregation: 1. That God doesn’t call a whole family at a time; 2. That those who left did not have God’s Holy Spirit; 3. That he doesn’t know if the disfellowshipped could ever repent and return; 4. That all those disfellowshipped will go to the Lake Of Fire; 5. That those people disfellowshipped are not true to their calling and were never called and were only in “the church” physically and not spiritually.

Preaching elder Samuel Seebran repeatedly told the members to support the decisions of the ministry regardless of whether it makes sense or not! That Christ is behind Gerald Flurry and that the members must support the ministry!

During Alex Harrison’s “Bible study,” he informed the congregation to write any questions that they wanted him to address. One such question was if the members could attend a funeral of a disfellowshipped person. Harrison said, No! The PCG teachings are: once you are out of the “church” you are no longer in the body of Christ and will be treated as an unbeliever! The PCG is in the ” inner court” while the others are in the “outer court.” Being loyal to the PCG is being loyal to God. A mother was told by preaching Elder Samuel Seebran to have “no contact” with her son and family who have been disfellowshipped. Also, a sister has stopped talking to another sister and her husband who left the PCG (long standing members for 19 years). The PCG’s “no contact rule” is dividing families and alienating loved ones. Even others who have been close friends for decades are being shunned! Alex Harrison is instilling fear and intimidation into the remaining members. Their going to “the place of safety” and not being in the “Tribulation” are the only important concerns to them which is conditional only if they are obedient and remain loyal to the “church government,” are faithful to their Pastor General Gerald Flurry (“That Prophet”) and support “God’s work” (tithes and offerings–all money goes to Headquarters in Edmond, Oklahoma).

The suspension / disfellowshipment of 13 members represents a serious loss of income to the PCG. Others will have to give more in order to pick up the loss of income. Samuel Seebran’s 80 year old mother has been sick for the past 2 months and he has showed little or no concerned for her well being (he has broken the 5th commandment to honor thy father and thy mother). [Note by ESN: Also see Ephesians 6:2]. Her other son and son-in-law and their families (now disfellowshipped) are taking her to the doctor and taking care of her. Seebran has stated that his own family has betrayed, disappointed and embarrassed him by not supporting him. This reflects bad on him because his own mother, brother and 2 sisters have left the PCG. Is that why he shuns them? A man who cannot control and have authority in his own house is not a leader, will not be taken seriously, and has loss respect because he is a bad example for others.

I know that PCG Headquarters does go on the ESN website and are always seeking information on others. There is now a “witch hunt” for those who correspond with the disfellowshipped. Those caught will be branded as traitors and “Judas’s.” People are being watched, monitored and scrutinized very closely by those who want to gain favor with Samuel Seebran, whose once clean reputation as a caring minister has come under observation from the Gerald Flurry administration, and is living in fear of being further exposed on the ESN website for his total lack of leadership and being a wolf in sheep clothing. –Resigned PCG member (Trinidad)

Is it All About How Much Money PCG Has in Their Bank Accounts?

March 1, 2013

Certain members in Trinidad are beginning to question why Regional Director Alex Harrison made the statements that God doesn’t call a whole family at a time and those who left / disfellowshipped–some were in the PCG for 19 years–were not really called and will end up in the lake of fire. If this is the case, then why were they even baptized in the first place and why did the ministry take these people’s (Samuel Seebran calls them” devils”) tithes and offerings, even donations to “God’s House ” situated in the Headquarters compound? Pastor General Gerald Flurry should give back these people their hard earned money, should not accept money from “devils” and people heading into the lake of fire. If this is the case, is he also accepting money from drug cartels and fanatical organizations? It should be on moral and ethical grounds. Does his conscience even bother him? Or is it all about the glamorous lifestyle of the rich and how much money the PCG has in their bank accounts? Some people are so mind-controlled and hypnotized by these PCG ministers that they will stop all contact and shun even there own family to remain loyal and obedient and will do anything to please the ministry. –Resigned member (Trinidad)

Child Abuse and Victimization at a Dangerous Level:

March 4, 2013

One of the teens that Samuel Seebran suspended for having “governmental problems and having a bad attitude” has left his parents home. The PCG’s brutal authoritarian style of governing and rearing children/teens backfired on the parents. This harsh tough love implemented by the PCG (child rearing booklet and Bible studies) only alienates and widens the relationship and communication between parent and child. This Gestapo style of parenting focuses on “one man rule and authority”–whatever I say goes without question. This is very evident in the PCG’s teen camps [PYC] held at Edmond Headquarters compound.

This military mindset of obeying and following orders from camp leaders without insubordination is what is being taught to these fragile young minds. This form of mental manipulation only serves to break the will and free thinking of these teens–to obey without questioning authority, otherwise be subjected to harsh discipline measures sanctioned and enforced by the PCG ministry. This is child abuse and victimization at a dangerous level. This affects children / teens emotionally and psychologically. Some never come out of it, others take several years of therapy and re-education to regain one’s free thinking and get their life back while some forsake God and religion altogether. Another female teenager is very lonely, frustrated and sad with all the disfellowshipments taking place and the no contact rule being enforced. She missed spending time with her uncle and aunt and other teens and young people who resigned / were disfellowshipped.

Seebran Focused on the negative things concerning the teens instead of their positive attributes. These teens worked really hard and long hours before and during the Feast in order to make it a success while Seebran was delegating duties and barking out orders to members. These teens which he referred to as “bad, disobedient and disrespectful” were working tirelessly and for long hours sometimes without food and rest to make him look good because he was “festival elder”–only to boost his over inflated ego and to obtain praise and recognition by Headquarters. These children and teens need to be loved and respected and treated like human beings and not like animals being brutally trained. People are taking notice and beginning to ask questions.
This brings the number to 15 people who left or were disfellowshipped under the administration of Samuel Seebran. –Resigned member (Trinidad)

PCG Preying on the Old, Sick and Dying (and Not Leaving Any Paper Trail):

March 5, 2013

Members are encouraged to give more to God’s “Work” even though the economy is bad. One woman sold a piece of land and gave the ministry 10,000 tt, saying God had blessed her. Members are sacrificing and giving a huge portion of their hard earned income stating they don’t need it and will do without; that God’s Work must come first. Members are told to get their financial affairs in order in the event that they should die, that God’s Work must continue. The ministry doesn’t want any finances or property in a will, because wills have to be probated and family members complicate the procedures. [Note by ESN: Read: Warning to All Elderly Joining PCG! (2007 testimony about what members were told to do with their land, wills and power of attorney.)]

Samuel Seebran cunningly arranges with members who seek favor with the ministry to look after those who are elderly and sick or dying to encourages them to “serve the Work” by giving money or property to the “church” [PCG] in the evident of their death, setting an example for other members to do the same. This arrangement is done behind closed doors as a charade stating it’s a private matter between the individual and the ministry. Even old members are encouraged to give from their pensions. The pensions are already small but they still have to give as much as 50% or more to the PCG as holy day offerings or towards “God’s house.” Even if it means depriving their own children or family members, their loyalty and faithfulness comes under scrutiny from the minister, who is more than willing to make private /personal appearances to the individual’s home so that these matters will be discussed in confidence.

In death, one’s loyalty to the PCG seals their calling by how committed and dedicated that individual is by how much they give financially. Even though they are aged, sick and dying, they are still required to serve faithfully. The aged, sick members are easily manipulated and coerced into giving the PCG their life savings in order for God’s Work to continue and prosper despite their families objection. Most of the time the family members don’t know until its too late–once the property or money goes to the PCG it’s considered a free will offering (no receipts are given–no paper trail). The transaction is made before the member dies and is considered legit. This is hidden from the other members so they won’t know what goes on and remain oblivious to the scam. This cycle is continued and passed from one victim to another. The mere fact that the PCG doesn’t want the member’s family knowing about the transaction points to soliciting money from these aged, sick, dying people. Shepherds (con men) using the name of God to rob the sheep. –Resigned member (Trinidad)

Alex Harrison Has Deceived and Betrayed the Members in Trinidad:

March 9, 2013

Alex Harrison, regional director for Latin America and the Caribbean, has betrayed the members of the Trinidad Congregation. He told the entire congregation that he is the boss and whatever he says goes; that he is the Pastor of the church and Samuel Seebran is the sub-pastor and that he (Seebran) works for and answers directly to him.

Alex Harrison knows what has been going on in Trinidad for more than 7 years and still has not done anything to solve it. Instead he befriended an ex deacon (whom he had disfellowshipped and fired from being a deacon under Seebran’s advice ) in order to obtain vital information / concerns about issues affecting the PCG in Trinidad on the pretext that he (Harrison) will address it and rectify it. He got very close to this family and friends, eating, laughing and associating with them–all the while he was putting his schemes and diabolical plans to fruition in order to have is own way, stating that’s it’s “God Government.” Other members came forward when Harrison addressed the congregation telling them to bring any and all concerns to him so that he will address it. Unknown to them, Harrison was only obtaining information and relaying it back to Seebran. Harrison later turned against these same members and labeled them “troublemakers” and discredited them saying that they had a “government problem, were causing divisions in the church and that Satan was getting to them and they need to repent and get more focused on God’s Work.” He labeled the disfellowshipped as “unbelievers” and that they will be casted into the lake of fire. Most of this information was about Samuel Seebran’s wife and daughter being very authoritative and dictatorial in the congregation. Only a minister is to have the authority in the PCG, not his wife or children, yet in the Trinidad congregation Seebran’s wife and daughter are giving instructions to the deacons and speak with bold authority to the members, even their extended family members. Samuel Seebran’s office is referred to as “The Cold Room.” That is where the members are corrected, belittled, disciplined and verbally degraded and broken down so as to know their place.

Seebran’s wife loves to correct the women as to how they are to dress (dress code) and about their attitude and behavior while her “perfect” daughter wears tight hug-fitting clothes (contouring her feminine assets) and makeup and refers to herself as a Diva princess telling people that she has her daddy wrapped around her little finger. Yet she wasn’t suspended while other members got kicked out for the smallest of infractions; e. g., holding a beer bottle by the neck; bad attitudes and behavior. Both mother and daughter love to listen in to other people’s conversation and recruit others to do the same. They are also trained at reading lips, facial expressions, and body language and report back what was said and done to the minister so that swift, harsh disciplinary measures and punishment will be taken on those who violate the “Samuel Seebran Code of ethics and Behavior.” They even recruited other ladies and teens to spy for the ministry because “Satan” needs to be cast out off the church. Those who assist the ministry gain favor with the minister and are given special privileges and duties (close special friends of the minister).

All of this is condoned and sanctioned by Alex Harrison who always defends the ministry (Samuel Seebran, wife and daughter), despite the repeated pleas of the members to investigate and address their concerns. Yet all this goes unpunished as the rule and penalties don’t apply to the “ruling class” only to the “dumb sheep.” A lot of people have been hurt and offended by Alex Harrison’s subtle betrayal and complete lack of compassion. –Resigned member (Trinidad)

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Paranoia and Blind Loyalty Grips the Trinidad Congregation:

March 12, 2013

A disturbing and frightening case of paranoia is unfolding and gripping the Trinidad congregation as remaining members are encouraged to blindly support and stand behind Samuel Seebran. Seebran has put the congregation on a high defensive alert because of mass resignations and disfellowshipments which continue to occur and members are told not to talk to anyone about the affairs of the PCG. Members are scolded to faithfully support and back up “that Prophet” and “end time Apostle” (Gerald Flurry) because God is using him to lead them and their very salvation depends on the PCG finishing the “end time Work.”

Members are told to be very careful who they talk to in the congregation as there are traitors/Judas among them. A group of ladies under the guidance and supervision of Seebran’s wife have pledged their love and undying support to their minister, Samuel Seebran, despite all his lies and deceptions and unjust disfellowshipments. These loyalist fanatics (groupies) have the control and authority over their own husbands and families. The minister’s wife is using the women to do “damage control” and trying to regain stability in the congregation. Every Sabbath after services they gather into groups discussing the affairs and situations happening and how to remedy the damage done to the once spotless and un-wrinkled “true church of God.” During the week they communicate with each other (gossip) and report back to Seebran’s wife about any wrongdoings or information they receive about certain “dissidents.” Seebran’s wife then in turn informs her husband as to how to deal with any potential troublemakers. Seebran is deeply worried about very private information leaking out to ESN. This has never happened before since the “church” started about 20 years ago.

Samuel Seebran always thought that he had absolute control and dominion over all the members. Now his pride and over inflated ego have been wounded and damaged. He told members that those who are contacting disfellowshipped ex-members will be dealt with very severely and punished. Some are rallying around him saying that they will fight and hold on to the “church’s truth” and “this way of life” until the end. (What end??) Seebran appears to be a puppet as his over authoritative wife is pulling his strings and in turn ruling the congregation and remaining members. Members are going to her (discreetly) instead of him with any concerns. This is done directly after services or during the week via phone calls or emails. Seebran’s wife has recruited women in the congregation to watch and question other members’ loyalty and report all matters to her. An example of this is, one woman who lives close to a certain disfellowshipped family is reporting directly to Seebran’s wife as to what that family is doing and who is at their home (dinners or functions).

All this is to gain special favor with the ministry; e.g., to be special friends of the minister or receive special help from the ministry (3rd tithe assistance and Feast assistance–transport, housing and food allowances, etc., all paid for by the PCG). This sort of behavior is encouraged and condoned by Samuel Seebran who preaches about fairness and equality in the “Family of God” sermons. The men in the congregation are over shadowed, outwitted and out smarted by Seebran’s wife’s group of women. The wives in the Trinidad congregation are encouraged to report their husband’s weakness and faults to her who in turn has her husband (Seebran) counsel and deal with the husband. This is done to get the husband under subjection, authority and jurisdiction of the PCG, or else be mercilessly suspended or disfellowshipped. The husband is then emasculated, demoralized and emotionally / mentally broken down, being under subjection and control of his wife because the ministry has a hidden agenda to control and dominate its members and therefore takes and supports the wife’s word above the husband’s. It is preached on the podium that the husband is the head of his family and that he has the authority yet Seebran’s wife is in control and rules the Trinidad congregation with an iron fist and a cunning / crafty mind. Blind loyalty and fanaticism will lead to pain, suffering and destruction to one’s free will to think and reason. –Resigned member (Trinidad)

Samuel Seebran’s Futile and Hopeless Handling of the Downward Spiraling Situation:

March 18, 2013

Another young single member in the Trinidad congregation has decided not to attend services anymore due to the recent spate of unjust suspensions / disfellowshipments at the cruel, merciless hands of Preaching elder Samuel Seebran. This loss of members brings the number to 16 people and counting. Samuel Seebran is helpless, frustrated and deeply embarrassed by this loss as a result of him trying to force the PCG’s government mandate down the throats of the congregation.

Headquarters in Oklahoma is also keeping a very watchful eye on Seebran’s futile and hopeless handling of this downward spiraling situation that he himself orchestrated with the help of his daughter and wife who created this whole controversy, resulting in the exodus of affected members. Is it any wonder that Seebran’s wife has been ill and has not attended services for a couple weeks now? Is her conscience bothering her that she has subtly separated Samuel Seebran’s mother, brother, sisters and family from him, in order to have absolute control over him? Some believe this to be true and that she is guilty of this; others believe that she has been “cursed” for all the pain, suffering and mental / emotional trauma and anguish that the Seebran’s Administration has been doing to its members. The continued abuse and victimization at the hands of the PCG ministry are taking its toll on its members.

Samuel Seebran was a Pentecostal minister before he joined the WCG / PCG. He has denied and betrayed Christ in order to follow a man–a self proclaimed / appointed “Prophet” and “Apostle”–Gerald Flurry. Seebran once said that Gerald Flurry signs his [Seebran’s] paycheck; he is the Boss and he has to listen and obey him. So that makes Seebran a ” hireling.” His loyalty and devotion is towards Gerald Flurry not Jesus Christ. His two “yes men” (deacons Patrick Ramlochan and Ronnie Felmin) report back and do all his dirty work for him (spying, keeping a watchful eye and tentative ears on members in order to keep them in line) and blindly following him–all for a “position of authority and respect ” in the PCG so they can be elevated in “social status and “higher ranking” than normal lay members. Seebran has also resorted to cunning deception in allowing some new members to attend services so as to make up the numbers lost in disfellowshipment, trying to save face, making it look like the PCG is still growing. How sad and degrading that is, for the PCG ministry to manipulate and deceive the membership count to give the appearance that there is “growth in the Church” as membership worldwide continues to dwindle at an astounding and alarming rate. –Resigned member (Trinidad)

Hysteria in the Congregation as Passover Approaches:

March 22, 2013

Preaching Elder Samuel Seebran has informed existing members to have no contact with disfellowshipped members. Parents have been cautioned that their children must also do the same even with family members. This has lead to young children shunning their own relatives–aunts, uncles, even grandparents. This has created a hysteria in the local congregation as Passover approaches. One must reconcile with his brother or sister before giving an offering or taking the Passover; otherwise, it will be in vain in God’s eyes. Samuel Seebran has referred to his own mother, brother and sisters as “devils that will go to the lake of fire.” Up to this date he has not asked for their forgiveness. Will he take the Passover with a clean and clear conscience? Imagine the shepherd who is suppose to guide and protect, calling the sheep “devils.” The Trinidad members’ attitudes and behavior have become more self righteous and proud as they distance themselves and shun ex members whom they once loved. (Love is the fulfillment of the Law. Romans 13:10: “Love worketh no ill to his neighbour: therefore love is the fulfilling of the law.”)

Regional director Alex Harrison will arrive for the Passover and 1st day of Unleavened Bread to solidify and enforce the PCG government unto the remaining members and to “counsel” with members affected by the exodus. (Harrison has been making frequent trips to Trinidad since the disfellowshipments began. Could this be desperation and anxiety on PCG headquarters part?) The Caribbean–mostly Trinidad–gives large sums of money in terms of tithes and offerings compared to the rest of the islands, approximately 100,000 U.S. dollars or more per year. Harrison’s bid to keep the remaining members committed as the Holy Days start is more focused on money than its love and welfare for people. –Resigned member (Trinidad)

Alex Harrison Threatens Members With Anger and Shouting:

March 28, 2013

Regional Director Alex Harrison verbally threatened the remaining members in the Trinidad congregation with being put out of the PCG. He stated that there are “Judas’s” in the congregation, who are giving out information to the ex members (exposed on ESN). However, Harrison and the PCG ministers are the ones that are the Judas’s who betray Christ in order to follow a self-proclaimed “Prophet and Apostle” Gerald Flurry. Harrison became visibly upset and very emotional as he started to raise his voice very loudly, at times even to the point of shouting, telling them, “Why don’t you (the Judas’s) leave the Church!”

Members became afraid and uneasy as Harrison’s facial appearance/countenance became warped and ridged as a man possessed with rage, anger, hate and bitterness. The atmosphere in the congregation immediately became tensed as Harrison instilled fear and intimidation into the frightened members. Some found his remarks very offensive and insulting, while others are being watched/monitored closely if suspected of being a “Judas.” Harrison will go to Grenada in a desperate attempt to keep members indoctrinated to the PCG government and a widespread fear of losing control of members because of the bad management and double standards under Samuel Seebran’s administration. One thing is certain–Harrison and PCG HQ lives in fear, because ESN is a force to be reckoned with in exposing these cult organizations! –Resigned member (Trinidad)

“No-Contact Rule” is Being Brutally Enforced:

April 11, 2013

Preaching Elder Samuel Seebran has tightened the noose around the necks of the Trinidad congregation. The “no-contact rule” has been brutally enforced with threats of immediate dismissals and suspensions. Seebran has also stopped taking phone calls from his own disfellowshipped family (e.g. in the event of an emergency or a death in his family) even when they leave voice mails for him. He doesn’t even return their calls and up to this date he has not contacted his sick, aging 80 year old mother who grieves for him. As a PCG minister, he has the jurisdiction to call/contact anyone yet his stubbornness and refusal to do so have let people–even those in his own congregation–to speculate and question if this is the PCG’s example and way of life of Christ’s command to love one another as He (Christ) has loved us. –Resigned member (Trinidad)

Eighteen People Have Now Left the Trinidad Congregation:

April 16, 2013

Another long standing member and his wife have left the Trinidad congregation. They were loyalists and heavy financiers of the PCG. They became very concerned about the mass exodus at the hands of Preaching Elder Samuel Seebran and with all the negativity that was happening. This couple decided to resign with their dignity and good name. This brings the number to 18 people who have left the Trinidad PCG. This does not look good for the Seebran’s Administration. –Resigned member (Trinidad)

Latest Resignation Letter from Trinidad:

April 22, 2013

This is a portion of a resignation letter from the latest married couple who left the Trinidad PCG. (Who faithfully served; was a loyalist and dedicated financier of the Trinidad PCG) I have received written permission to use and distribute it to all concerned. –Resigned member (Trinidad):

Mr. Seebran, I now come to you and our local congregation. I was never a member of the WCG. The PCG was the first church I ever attended, starting 13 years ago. My expectations were high, but never realized.

It was hard for me to remain loyal and close to you because I made you out after a couple years. I remained because I thought that the PCG was the true church, and that you were just a crooked minister that God would deal with. But God did not interfere because this was never His church.

You have abused many people, and when they refused to submit to such abuse, you skillfully employed subterfuge to remove them by suspension or disfellowshipment. Many of the things which happened in the dark and behind closed doors have come to light. For years people have remained silent because they wanted to protect the church. That is why Mr. Harrison was out of place and downright arrogant when he accused members from our local congregation of washing our linen in public. This man sits thousands of miles away in his comfortable headquarters surroundings, listens to his corrupt local elder, and thinks he knows everything about us. What a shame for men who profess to be serving Christ! How many reports have reached the media? Has anyone reported to the police? No one has. But it is not because there is nothing to report. It was always about protecting the church.

Is it true that you have been swindling old age pensioners of their pensions? Do you think you can stand up to police scrutiny? Do you think some of the old people can stand up and lie for you in court?
Mr. Harrison would have us believe that you have forsaken your mother, brother, sisters, nephews and others for Christ (Matthew 19:29). But when David committed his various sins, God pronounced a curse on him. “Thus saith the Lord, Behold, I will raise up evil against thee out of your own house…” (2 Samuel 12:11). Could this be the real reason?

Your mother is an old, sick woman who has done nothing to cause division in the church. Why would your own mother leave after so many years? I think it is quite likely that she has witnessed something really bad. She left on her own. That speaks volumes. My own opinion is you have forsaken her for a paycheck signed by Gerald Flurry. God knows the truth.

There are people in the church who actually express this about you, “If your job offends you, quit. It is better to sell doubles, work in CEPEP or URP, ( government program to alleviate unemployment) and not perish, than to accept your paycheck from Gerald Flurry and be cast into hell.”

The Bible Study given by Alex Harrison on March 23, 2013 was the worst I ever heard in 13 years of my membership in the PCG. From his irate, erratic behaviour, he seemed like a hatchet man, a henchman sent by Gerald Flurry to capture “Judases” in Trinidad and cast them into the lake of fire. But some brave member had him exposed on the internet for the world to see.

In a recent sermon, Gerald Flurry attributed a statement to Tom Brokaw saying that they did not vet the president of the United States. For about a year now I have wondered how an illegal alien could rise to become the president of the United States. It has to do with complacency. I was guilty of never vetting Mr. Flurry, nor you, Mr. Seebran, before coming into the PCG.

How could a former “Pentecostal” minister, totally unqualified for the ministry, according to the bible and church literature, rise to the ministry of the PCG? And how was he able to bring a group of his “Pentecostal” followers into the WCG, and then the PCG all at once? Mr. Seebran, you are a real genius. You are a modern Simon Magus who succeeded where the ancient Simon Magus failed. This story is diabolically intriguing, and will be told in time. This local congregation was conceived out of evil. Its foundation is rotten.

Incidentally, Alex Harrison said during a recent Trinidad visit that the people who left the church came in as a group, and were never converted. So what about the remainder of the group who are still in the church, and the “Pentecostal” minister, whom they followed ? Are they converted? It seems like Alex Harrison is using Simon Magus-type sorcery to determine people’s conversion status.

It is clear that you did not enter the sheepfold by the Door, but that you climbed up some other way. True Trinidad PCG history will expose everything for the world to see. Why did you forbid me two years ago from asking anyone in the church questions about the history of the Trinidad PCG congregation? What do you have to hide?

Do you think you can explain to your congregation how Mr. Flurry used ” leftist lies ” to explain “Why The Pope Resigned” in his sermon and on the Key Of David television program? Here is a scripture worth remembering, “When a prophet speaketh in the name of the Lord, if the thing follow not, nor come to pass, that is the thing which the Lord hath not spoken, but the prophet hath spoken it presumptuously: THOU SHALL NOT BE AFRAID OF HIM.” (Deuteronomy 18:22). This helped me to begin seeing the deception coming out of Edmond.

Here are some questions for sleeping members of the local congregation to consider:

Who really wrote Malachi’s Message?
Is it true that Mr. Flurry plagiarized another man’s work?
Did a mighty angel really give it to Mr. Flurry?
If it was revelation from God, how come he had to revise it about five times so far?
Is it normal to revise revelation from God, especially if it was delivered by a mighty angel?
Why did Dennis Leap admit there were errors in this book?
Is it true that a committee put together the book, and then Mr. Flurry claimed authorship?

It is hard to believe I spent the last 13 years under such deception. But I am to blame. I followed a man, and I came under a curse. It is better to come out now, than never at all.

No correspondence please. I expect to be disfellowshipped and marked. Anything less will be disappointing.
Of my own free will I now take my exit.

Yours sincerely,
Ramsawak Sahatoo

Samuel Seebran Raging Mad as Exposure Continues:

April 23, 2013

Samuel Seebran boldly stated on the podium that the husbands in the church are hypocrites and also the wives in the church are hypocrites!! And that they can solve their own problems instead of getting the ministry involved. Seebran’s expression is that of disgust and disdain as matters concerning the Trinidad PCG is being exposed openly for the world to know Via ESN. He is raging mad as he has been exposed as a liar and deceiver as more members begin to question and demand answers about what’s really going on in the congregation. Seebran cannot quench the “fires” of problems and insecurity existing in the Trinidad congregation and appears to be distancing himself from members’ personal problems (marital) as his faulty and questionable administration is under observation from PCG Headquarters. His failure as a leader to address and handle the situation is escalating as more families are being torn apart–instead of love, peace and unity there is distrust, fear and uncertainty. –Resigned member (Trinidad)

Samuel Seebran Rejects and Hurts His Own Mother:

April 27, 2013

Samuel Seebran shunned his sick 80 year mother. After a very long time, she decided to call him and speak to him. Her motherly love and concern for her eldest son prompted her to hear his voice because he refuses to contact her (PCG’s no-contact rule). During her phone call, Seebran hardly spoke to her–just made very small statements. In the end she asked when she will hear from him. He responded, “Well, you know how things are. How it does be [That’s how it is].” Seebran’s mother felt disappointed, rejected and hurt by those subtle remarks. This mother’s heart grieves for her son and longs to see him and hear his voice (maybe one day see him before she dies). Yet he shuns and rejects her. The PCG prides itself with” commandment keeping” (Law of Moses), yet have violated and rejected the 5th commandment to honor thy father and mother. Regional director Alex Harrison (who also rejected one of his own sons and refuses to contact him) wants to give the Trinidad congregation the impression that Samuel Seebran has forsaken his own family for the church (PCG). This is the example and way of life that the PCG wants people to follow and emulate. How very sad. You shall know them by their fruits and they will answer to Christ. –Resigned member (Trinidad)

Jekyll and Hyde Mentality of Samuel Seebran is Disturbing and Frightening:

April 30, 2013

Some members are very concerned about Samuel Seebran’s “two faced” behavior and attitude. In the presence of the congregation he appears to be kind, concerned and loving towards them. But in his office (nick named “the cold room”) he is vindictive, manipulative and oppressive. Members get interrogated and verbally and emotionally abused and scarred about petty offenses ranging from bad attitudes and behavior, or questioning anything church [PCG] related–all deemed as “having Government problems.”

Seebran’s method of operation is as follows:

He first welcomes the person into his office with a smile and kind words. He asks about their spiritual life and work; also family life, as though he is genuinely concerned about them. But this is only a pretext to something much more hideous and disturbing. After the individual gets relaxed and comfortable, then Seebran goes on the attack by bringing up the issue at hand and demanding to know the person’s intent and the reason for such an offense. Seebran then subtly turns the situation around and paints a different picture, turning things around to suit himself and the PCG and makes the individual feel guilty and in the wrong. Either the person admits the wrong and apologizes or risks being suspended or disfellowshipped. Seebran then profiles, analyzes and grades “the spiritual maturity” of the individual. This is then placed on file and used at a later date against the person as leverage / in favor for the PCG. (To subject the person under the PCG’s control and dominion.)

This Jekyll and Hyde mentality of Samuel Seebran is very disturbing and frightening and warrants a serious, cautious approach when dealing with this deranged minister. He goes on the podium and makes decisions for people without their knowledge and consent. Then the individual must accept that without question. He once told the congregation that a woman who had a difficult birth delivery requested “not to be contacted.” When no one contacted her, she felt as though no one cared or was concerned about her and her baby. She only found out months later about the announcement; which she denied ever making but was too afraid to approach or confront Seebran for fear of being suspended or worst–disfellowshipped.

Seebran stated to the congregation that another woman (whose husband was disfellowshipped) requested not to be contacted as Gerald Flurry was dealing personally with her. (Seebran’s lies and deception.) She also stated that she never said that and never gave her consent for that announcement. (As if busy Gerald Flurry will have time for the insignificant lay members. He has never visited Trinidad in its 19 years of PCG. All he is concerned about is the money he gets from tithes and offerings.)

This seems the norm for Samuel Seebran–to make judgmental decisions without the individual’s consent. Seebran denies saying things even in the presence of his deacons (who keep their mouths shut in order to keep their precious positions). Seebran’s convenient, selected memory loss illustrates the perverse frame of mind that he has put himself in. He appears to be the head of the individual home–not their husbands. Blind loyalty and obedience to Samuel Seebran appears to be his Motto. One young man stated that he is afraid of Seebran. He once brought up an issue (something that he witnessed in the congregation) and Seebran stared him down coldly without uttering a word. His dead silence staring was nerve racking. Seebran’s facial expression/ countenance changed from friendly to demonic and he appeared to be in a trance-like state.

Seebran, in order to have his own way, fabricates lies about teens/ singles being on Facebook or any social media network, or not being spiritually mature enough or serious about their calling in order to suspend them and bring them under his devious control. Samuel Seebran’s Jekyll and Hyde personality is becoming more and more obvious as his true nature is being exposed on ESN. –Resigned member (Trinidad)

Control Measures to Bring Members Under Absolute Subjection to the Ministry:

May 23, 2013

The Spokesman’s Club in Trinidad was supposed to be designed to educate and enhance the speaking abilities of the baptized men. Upon deep research, I found out that all the topics were carefully chosen as to what you are allowed to speak about and all speaking assignments had to submitted and cleared by Preaching Elder Samuel Seebran. If any thing appeared to be negative towards the PCG, it had to be corrected before presentation or it would be rejected. No religious topics were allowed because that would be considered a “sermonette item.” Also the PCG was very touchy when it came to their doctrines and policies. All this was fabricated and designed to control the speaking assignments and brainwash the naïve members.

A similar thing is happening with the PCG socials. The person in charge has to get the approval of Samuel Seebran. The venues is usually a secluded area such as “Green Meadows or “La Vega estate” where only members are allowed and little or no contact is made with outside individuals. Reasons given for this is that the PCG teaches its congregation that only they are God’s people and only they have God’s Holy Spirit and are God’s Chosen few, the Elect, a special people, and only they are the Royal Priesthood. This method is used to alienate family members and friends. It is mind control/programming to bring members under absolute subjection to the ministry. Members are taught that they must seek counsel before making any decisions in their lives. Failure to do this will be an act of rebellion against church government and will result in suspension, or curses will follow the individual because they refused to seek ministerial counsel from “God’s minister.”
At these socials a lot of alcohol is consumed at an alarming rate, so much so that people are staggering and drifting when they walk (red faces and bloodshot eyes). Also, gossiping and slandering. Yet everything is hush hush as to not draw attention to themselves.

These control measures are also happening at the PYC (Philadelphia Youth Camp).

All this is engineered to turn members into self-righteous modern day Pharisees who look down on others and scorn them. Just like the ancient Israelites who considered the Gentile people as “dogs” because they weren’t God’s people. –Resigned member (Trinidad)

Why PCG Justifies Tyrannical “Church Government”:

May 27, 2013

Many members (especially in Trinidad, Caribbean) are reasoning that Gerald Flurry does not know what is going on in the congregations around the world. This, however, is a deception carefully calculated and circulated among the members in order to identify the “trouble makers” or “dissenters.” When genuinely concerned members write emails or call/contact GF or even Stephen Flurry about bad behavior/attitude or misconduct, or even questionable decisions and practices by presiding regional directors and ministers, it always goes back to them (RD’s and ministers) and the persons lodging the complaint gets into serious trouble with the ministry, is labeled a trouble maker and having a “government problem,” ending in suspension and disfellowshipment. GF has stated in sermons that if we have any concerns/problems with RD and ministers to bring it to his attention and he will deal with it.

The fact that Gerald Flurry did not personally investigate and resolve these genuine allegations in the face of continued mounting evidence is truly alarming and appalling. These situations bought one good thing to the forefront. It became evident that his one and main concern is not the brethren–it’s the money he receives from tithes and offerings. Shifting around ministers or regional directors from one area to another is not solving the problem; it is only diverting it to another area or congregation resulting in many more people being abused. Also, disfellowshipping those whose concerns are genuine is not solving anything. Members reason and believe that the “Church is off track” and that “God is testing his ministers” or even “testing His sheep” to see how they will deal with or respond to situations in the face of trials; that this is all a testing ground to separate the sheep from the goats and the faithful from the unfaithful. Some use the term “faith of gold” or “refining faith” when God tests his people or even His ministers.

In reality, this is emotional and mental (psychological ) abuse at the hands of ministers claiming to serve God. It’s unscriptural and it cannot be found anywhere in the Bible. Did Jesus instruct His disciples to abuse his sheep because it is a “test of faith”? Victims of domestic abuse/violence use all sorts of reasoning to justify their abuser’s/attacker’s attitude and behavior because of dependency, sense of loyalty, and comfort zone. Abusers break down their victim’s mind and will until they can’t make any decisions for themselves and become helpless victims and slaves. This form of bullying is the format used in the PCG administration to justify their tyrannical “Church Government.” –Resigned PCG member (Trinidad)

No-Contact Rule Does Not Apply to Samuel Seebran:

May 28, 2013

Samuel Seebran’s perfect Mother’s Day gift to his mom was to cause contention and division between his younger brother and his mother. Samuel called his mom on Mother’s Day and told her that his younger brother tapes his conversations when he calls to speak to her and reports it to ESN. Samuel’s evil and wicked method to manipulate his own mother to turn her against her own children is a desperate attempt to win her over, back over to the PCG. (Samuel’s mother, younger brother and two sisters left the PCG in absolute disgust over his Jekyll and Hyde mentality; also his constant lies and deceptions). Samuel’s conversation to his mom left her totally depressed and in tears. Mother’s Day is supposed to be a day of love, joy and happiness; instead, he caused her pain, sorrow and suffering.

Also a very frightening and utterly disturbing incident occurred when Samuel’s younger brother with his wife and Samuel’s sister went to visit a sick, elderly member in a hospital. In the corridor of the hospital they met Samuel together with two other members of the PCG. The siblings said hello and greeted Samuel only to be totally ignored and shunned. Samuel passed them straight and motioned the other two members to do the same by looking sternly at them. Samuel gave instructions and brutally enforced the “no-contact rule” to the Trinidad congregation separating many family members and friends inflicting emotional pains, tears and causing divisions–all in the name of Gerald Flurry.

The no-contact rule does not apply to Samuel Seebran as he has one of his daughters who left the PCG living with him. Also, he frequently visits his son who also left the PCG and resides in the U.S.A. This is a clear case of double standards and hypocrisy at the highest level. He separates and tears apart families using “church rules and Government” to suit himself, while his own family remains safely intact. This clearly shows a failure on Seebran’s part as a minister and as a father to keep his own children in “the church” as they sensibly opted to leave and have nothing to do with the PCG. Members in his own congregation are taking notice of this and are feverishly praying for his removal because things have gotten worse and continues to escalate and intensify. Some stated, “So you make your bed is so you will sleep” and wonder who he prays to (which God he prays to, the God above or the god of this World, Satan). Seebran is full of pride, rage, bitterness and malice. “Philadelphia” means brotherly love but it is clearly evident that there is no love in the PCG. By their fruits you shall know them. (Matthew 7:20) –Resigned member (Trinidad)

No Financial Accountability or Transparency in PCG:

June 7, 2013

Samuel Seebran is trying to convince remaining members that everything is working out according to “God’s Plan.” He is reassuring them that all is well and the focus is being placed on “God’s House” being [supposedly] paid off and that new projects are on stream as the “Work” intensifies. (More projects means financial exploitation for existing members.) But some are questioning how “God’s House” can be paid off because all the time HQ was stating that income was down and they were lagging behind in loan payments. [See June 4, 2013 PCG letter for more on this.] Was this gimmick used to solicit more money from members and lies were being used from the podium to deceive and extort more money to enrich themselves? There is no financial accountability and transparency in the PCG. Members have to trust and believe the ministry (“ministers cannot lie”). Members are also being told not to believe everything they hear and to stay away from the networks (i.e., ESN) that are against the PCG because “Satan is using them to attack and destroy the Church” and that members are “being tested.” All this a cunning ploy to keep members ignorant and in the dark as Gerald Flurry’s financial empire falls apart. –Resigned member (Trinidad)

Numbers Dwindle to 19 in the Trinidad Congregation:

June 24, 2013

A member who had been suspended back in early 2012 (before the Trinidad situation even began), had become disenfranchised about returning to the Trinidad congregation. The member stated that Preaching Elder Samuel Seebran was using delay tactics and dragging his feet, also prolonging the counseling session process for more than a year. The member became disappointed, discouraged and distressed with Seebran’s lack and void of interest as months went by without any counsel to return. The frustrated member told Seebran at the last conversation held that, because of Seebran’s lack of concern, love and interest, there will be no returning to the PCG. This brings the number of people who left and refused to return to 19 as numbers continue to precariously dwindle in the Trinidad congregation. –Resigned member (Trinidad)

Seebran’s True Nature Being Revealed:

July 3, 2013

Sam Seebran is up to his old wicked, dirty tricks again. He has resorted to bullying members to have “no contact ” with members who were suspended or disfellowshipped. In the past when members were suspended/ disfellowshipped they were always eager to seek counsel and return , but now, none of the 19 people who left even wants to return and existing members have noticed this and wondering why. Seebran’s true nature is being revealed. –Resigned member (Trinidad)

Members Beginning to Speak Out Against Racial and Social Profiling:

July 17, 2013

Samuel Seebran has viciously and maliciously suspended a member in Grenada for speaking out against racial issues existing for a long while in the Caribbean congregations .For years now, these racial issues were never fully addressed and dealt with. Racial discrimination and prejudice have always existed in the PCG, inherited from it’s parent church, WCG. Seebran cowardly suspends members who disagree with PCG doctrines and Government (so he won’t have to deal with the members concerns and issues). Then, he whines and complains that members don’t like him and speak ill of his wife and daughter in a hopeless, vain attempt, for sympathy and compassion. Most members are not so easily fooled by his childish, immature antics and are speaking out against racial and social profiling. One is treated differently according to one’s social/ financial class (bigger tithes and offerings) and are given favorable, special treatment, and are considered “a friend of the minister.” –Resigned member (Trinidad)

Seebran Attempts to Prevent Ex-Members From Attending a Funeral:

August 23, 2013

Samuel Seebran maliciously intended to isolate and prevent ex-members from attending a funeral of a deceased member. He stated that ex members are no longer in the “True Church” and have turned their backs on God and because of that only the loyal members of the PCG and close family members and friends should attend the funeral and the ex members cannot attend. However, the deceased member’s family decided not to permit Seebran to conduct the funeral service and opted for a minister from another “Babylon” church to do so. The funeral service was attended by many of the ex-members while non of the PCG members, including Samuel Seebran, attended. The PCG has made up their own rules which are not biblical and turn it into “a PCG Law” in order to control/ dominate and mind control its members and segregate themselves from the rest of humanity. These self-righteous ministers criticize, ridicule, judge and condemn people. –Resigned member (Trinidad)

How Seebran is Treating the Sick and Aging:

September 9, 2013

Samuel Seebran has been using the “out of sight out of mind” policy when dealing with suspended / disfellowshipped members. What makes it worse is that he has been adopting this very same principle towards the sick and aging brethren, so others wouldn’t see their deteriorating state and helplessness. How much does the PCG financially aid and assist these sick people is never known. No one dares to ask because it’s a “personal and private” matter and one could face serious consequences; i.e., having a government problem if one continues to ask questions. It was stated on the podium that only immediate family members could gave financially to their own blood related relatives and to no one else. The “Work” has more precedence and value than any other issue so give the money to PCG HQs. Seebran advises sick brethren not to attend services until they are better and to avoid infecting others, but on closer examination his motives are deceptive because he doesn’t want members to question why there isn’t any “healing” in the PCG. When the ill member suffers and eventually dies, a quick momentary state of grief is exhibited and then soon all is forgotten and fades into a distant memory. This is how the “ministry ” treats their very own people in the Philadelphia church of God. –Resigned member (Trinidad)

PCG Attempts to Kept Remaining Members in Trinidad From Leaving:

October 14, 2013

PCG Headquarters assisted local Trinidad members for the Feast of Tabernacles by paying for airfares and hotel accommodations in a desperate and vain attempt to keep them from leaving the PCG due to being frustrated and disappointed. (The Grenada Feast site costs approximately 4- 6 times the amount compared to Tobago). This very rare and unusual “act of kindness” from the ministry is just a subtle method to make the members feel obligated, dependent and more duty bound to the PCG. PCG wants to keep the remaining members in the organization because of the mass exodus of 19 members. More methods of indoctrination/ mind control and manipulation are also being enforced upon the Trinidadian congregation under the failed and hopeless leadership of Samuel Seebran who is idolized by many members (even to the point of worship). Bible studies used to be twice per month. Now they’re every Saturday because of the “sign of the Times” and the “urgency of the Work in the end times.” Headquarters wants the remaining members to be more committed and focused on “The Work” which in reality means members MUST give much more money than before. Even if it means sacrificing one’s own personal needs for the “Work” to finish. Members are told to be more dedicated and keep their minds in the “Work.” They are to read only PCG church literature and books. Gerald Flurry has been saying this for the past 20 years while his PCG HQs and bank account in Oklahoma continues to expand and grow. –Resigned member (Trinidad)

Members Instructed to Sacrifice and Give More Financially:

November 18, 2013

There is growing discontent among some members as they are being told (via sermons and articles in the Trumpet / Royal Vision magazines) to be more committed and support the “Work.” In other words, they are to sacrifice and give more financially than before to “God’s only true Church–the PCG.” The economy has gone from bad to worst in Trinidad; also in the Caribbean. Some are living in fear of being suspended / disfellowshipped for not continuing to give larger tithes and offerings. It will be interesting to see how this situation will play out as members tighten their belts in order to provide for themselves (buy groceries and pay bills) as they continue to maintain the lavish lifestyle to Preaching Elder Samuel Seebran. –Resigned member (Trinidad)

Samuel Seebran Continues His Reign of Terror:

February 5, 2014

Samuel Seebran, Preaching Elder in Trinidad, Caribbean, continues his reign of terror as he bullies and intimidates members to subject themselves to blind obedience. Most are living in fear of being suspended for even correcting their own mates and children because the PCG ministry has exercised absolute and sole authority over its members and their families. –Resigned member (Trinidad)

Seebran’s Latest Ploy to Milk Members of Their Hard-Earned Money:

March 13, 2014

Sam Seebran has befriended high paying tithe payers by giving them special responsibilities and duties in the PCG in order for them to feel important and useful. This is a cunning method he uses to “milk” them of their hard-earned money to support the PCG ‘s financial interests. Many have fallen victim to his cunning deceptions. The latest member to be recruited is a man who works for the Trinidad Government as a security consultant and lie detector expert. Seebran has given him important responsibilities in the PCG office during the Feast Of Tabernacles. This is a regular method used to “encourage” high tithe payers to give more by making them feel more important (valued asset) to support the “Work.” Some members have stated that Seebran’s behavior is a shameful and disgraceful way for a PCG minister to solicit money. The last members Seebran did that to were either suspended or disfellowshipped only to find out that the PCG merely used them conveniently for their money and then were discarded like rubbish. –Resigned member (Trinidad)

Seebran Continues to Target and Exploit Certain Individuals in PCG:

September 4, 2014

There continues to be extreme fear tactics in Trinidad, including disfellowshipments and members being spied upon and ostracized by other members.

Lately, Samuel Seebran has been favoring a certain person in the “church,” giving that individual duties and responsibilities, making him feel very important and elevating his self-worth, only to be duped into giving heftier “holy day offerings” and “tithes.” Seebran also has been targeting a terminally sick and aged member into contributing large amounts of money from his government pension and savings to the PCG, foolishly believing that Gerald Flurry will buy land and build a building for the congregation instead of paying close to $2500 U.S. per month rental fee for the hall currently being used now. Incidentally, the hall does not have the PCG’s name or any sign prominently displayed on the building like other Christian churches do. Instead, PCG opted for the plain, cold, dark and dismal look, so as to not draw attention to their location. Another “cult” behavior. Members attending services do not speak to unbelievers and keep to themselves, stating that only they (the PCG members) have “god’s” holy spirit and truth. Thanks for your dedicated hard work in exposing this Bible-based cult. –Anonymous (Trinidad)

Note: As of 2017 Samuel Seebran was Preaching Elder for the Caribbean, Suriname, Guyana, and Belize.

Update (2022): Abused and Suspended in Trinidad.


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