Many of us will remember, when we were in WCG, how we were taught we were “family” and since we came to act like we were one big family, we could be quite outspoken with each other at times. Looking back on what certain people said can now seem ridiculous, humorous, and even crazy.

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  1. I was having trouble with my car door and couldn’t afford to get it fixed due to financial burdens. We had just pulled up to the building for services and I was trying to slam the front car door shut and it was giving me problems. I had to try several times. All of a sudden another member a few cars away hollered out, “Tie a rope around it!”
  2. A young man in WCG was at our home and relating how the ministry had just said that Kentucky Fried Chicken had lard in it. He said, “Why did they have to tell me?” Asking what he meant, he said, “If I didn’t know, I could go on eating it.”
  3. A member who had spent time at Ambassador College’s farm in Big Sandy told me that during the Millennium “the whole world will go back to the horse and plow.” (I guess that meant the women would go back to the scrub board for washing clothes?)
  4. I was telling a member that I liked to go to the library because they had lot of good books. She retorted, “I don’t go to the library because the books are too old.”
  5. During a very difficult time in the 1980’s, I had to work out of state until I could get caught up financially. The person who was having me work temporarily for him was a wealthy person in my local congregation who had ties to this job. Later I mailed a large check ($1,000 I think) to my wife who then took it to this member’s wife so she could easily get the cash for us. When this woman (who never knew a hard time financially in her life) handed over the cash, she said, “Have fun shopping!” That was outrageous. She evidently thought we were going to blow it all at once, frivolously, instead of using it on outstanding bills.
  6. A good friend of mine was telling me about his money woes, in spite of tithing. One frustrating time, as we were walking to the meeting hall, he blurted out, “A guy feels like he ought to go rob a bank!” What the…? I thought we were supposed to keep God’s commandments!
  7. This must have happened in the 70’s when we had some visiting ministers who were talking about what needed to be changed in the WCG. I was in the Mother’s Room, nursing my baby, and I remember this one minister went way over (maybe l/2 hour or more). Finally, we heard a thunderous applause after he finished. One woman commented that everyone must have really enjoyed his message. I piped up and said, “Maybe they were clapping because they were glad he was done.” You should have seen the blank stares at me as no one said a word

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May 29, 2016
Updated April 5, 2022


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