Ryan Malone wrote a philosophical article on December 1, 2023 entitled “A Definition of Dating” and how “That definition works for non-romantic playdates.”  It was nothing but Ryan Malone up on his high horse again, this time telling singles when, where and how they were allowed to date. (bolding and emphasis mine including purple font)

One part in the article says, “I cautioned our youth in an article titled ‘Your (Not-Too) Closest Friends’ that if they had an opposite-sex friend with whom they share intimate details about themselves (or details they don’t share with others), they’re actually ‘dating’—and at the level more like dating-for-marriage. Young people need to be careful about the frequency and content of their correspondence with the opposite sex.”

Comment by ESN: Careful about what? Careful about saying something which would disagree with the overbearing “government” of PCG (and “government” in PCG always equals the authority; the ministers at Headquarters), or a PCG sermon they might have heard? Careful about thinking too much about what the PCG ministry is enforcing?

He went on to say: “There are people with whom relationship-building should not be happening. God doesn’t want us forming deep bonds with those outside His Church (2 Corinthians 6:14-15). Even within the Church, there are some with whom we should not form close opposite-sex bonds… It comes down to what you are sharing and what you are building…

Comment by ESN: “God” doesn’t want this? No! It comes down to pure information control. See #1. Milieu (Environmental) Control in Lifton’s Eight Criteria of Thought Reform. Controlling every aspect of a single’s life.

Then he went on to cover: “What Counts as a Date?” and listed things such as texting or chatting and how there are things you “really shouldn’t share at all.” To give all this more validity he brought that Prophet (GF) into the picture and said: “Pastor General Gerald Flurry would like it stressed that texting is not a good way to date and can be a dangerous way to form a relationship.”

Comment by ESN: Why is it in PCG everything is either “dangerous” or “safe”?

Continuing to stress how texting is an artificial form of communication he said: “The dopamine hits that come from sending and receiving texts can stir up thoughts and emotions that are problematic when trying to build wholesome and solidly founded friendships … [it] tends to draw you away from interacting with and building actual relationships in the real world around you.”

Comment by ESN: Isn’t it PCG that is not the real world? Isn’t it a bubble that members and students live in? What could be more controlling and fear-inducing than this kind of talk?

He instructed how (in the case there were not a lot of “available singles”) it would be wise not to text with anymore frequency than you might encounter someone on the Armstrong College Campus as a student. It shouldn’t be anything “lengthy or deep” and having a longer conversation over a meal at Sabbath services is “simply simply impossible to replicate through texting.” He said “e-mails and chatting—shouldn’t be used for dating.” His admonition was that they shouldn’t fool themselves into thinking this is not a date, because before they realize it, they have “BUILT SOMETHING. And they’ve built it on a shaky foundation, through a decidedly superficial form of communication.”

Some of this “advice” seems to be in contrast to a 2013 article1 found on PCG’s church site that states: “Use online dating as a tool to get to know someone in a unique way, and you will overcome many social barriers in your life.” And this was written by a single in PCG who was “dating” a lady through e-mail (later Skype) who said their relationship had “been built almost entirely online, across an ocean!” Of course, it was brought out that their “dating” was all under the direction of their local ministers.

For those singles in PCG who enjoy “going with the flow” and “not making waves,” none of this will bother them. But for others with critical thinking skills and especially for those who don’t want their life controlled, this article by Ryan Malone will prove to be very angering. Only cults use these kinds of methods on those inside their group. Singles need to see through this unhealthy atmosphere and how their lives are being monitored and regulated in every way possible.

Exit & Support Network™
December 5, 2023

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1 “Calling All Singles to Online Dating!” By Antonius Hallmark, October 3, 2013


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