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Oklahoma police report #93-090-5282 reveals that Gerald Flurry was drunk on the Sabbath in spite of the Philadelphia Church of God stating that it strictly observes the Sabbath. I would encourage you to send away for this police report and then match Gerald Flurry’s and Stephen Flurry’s signatures on the police report and compare them to their signatures in the Philadelphia Trumpet. Of course, the PCG6 will tell you that it is “from Satan,” but this will prove it’s valid because the official police stamps and seals both confirm it. The following quotes are taken from this police report. If anyone needs to confirm the arrest, they can phone the University of Oklahoma Police Department. They will also give you the phone number of the Court Clerk who will verify it is in the public records.


“…be sure your sin will find you out.” ~Numbers 32:23



This incident happened around 10pm and I believe sunset is close to 7 to 8 pm in Oklahoma in September. To be this drunk at 10-10:30 pm, it appears that Gerald Flurry must have started drinking during the Sabbath hours to be this smashed. Gerald Flurry says in sermons that, “If there is one reason God selected me it is because I DON’T COMPROMISE!” — Isn’t offering the police cash, after all, compromising? Isn’t preaching the importance of Sabbath keeping and then violating it, compromising? Isn’t drunkenness against his teachings of an true man of God? Enough said….I believe he is a false teacher, like it or not! The proof is there.

By Mike
Exit & Support Network™

What Did Flurry Tell Members About This incident?

ESN was told by a former PCG member that the following is the story Gerald Flurry gives to his members in light of this incident:

“He told us he had some guests staying at his house and he had gone out to the parking lot overlooking the college to relax and have some time alone to think, then he had a couple of beers and he fell asleep. He said the cops had charged him with drunk driving, which he thought was funny because the car wasn’t actually moving, and the charge was later reduced.”

Read: March 13, 2015 letter where it mentions that Flurry said he wasn’t drunk, just “tired.”

Read: Flurry’s Past Arrest for Drunken Driving Confirmed (March 18, 2004 letter)

Read: Part Two [of FOX 25 Special News Report on Philadelphia Church of God] Exposes PCG Further (mentions GF trying to bribe the police officer $25 dollars)

Read: Shocked to Find Out About Gerald Flurry’s Arrest (December 15, 2023 letter) (tells how GF lied about this incident to members)

The police report says that Gerald Flurry was committed to the county jail of Oklahoma County, State of Oklahoma and was to appear before the District Court to answer the charge against him. The bail was $1,250. The following is from Ambassador Report #55, May 1994: [Note: Read ESN’s disclaimer about the AR.]

“To his followers, Flurry explained away this episode by saying the law was unfair and should be changed and by claiming that the officer who arrested him, Brandon C. Berryhill, was a WCG member (the WCG denies this). On February 23, Flurry pleaded nolo contendere to the main charge of “APC” – being in actual physical control of an automobile while intoxicated (like DUI – Driving Under the Influence) and was fined $400 plus $200 in victim’s compensation plus court costs. In addition, he may face a term of incarceration. His date of sentencing has been suspended to Feb. 23, 1995. But Flurry apparently doesn’t feel he will ever have to show up. He has been telling followers he expects to flee to Petra in Jordan sometime this year and perhaps as soon as June.”

One person emailed us and said that they were a graduate student at the University of Central Oklahoma where this incident occurred, and they saw Gerald Flurry’s name in the college paper under “arrests” a few days after the incident. A PCG exiter related to us that GF went on to give an “autobiography sermon” where he told members his father was a drunk and then gave an example of how he was “almost killed by him.” We have no idea how blown out of proportion this story is, but it appears to shift the spotlight on his dad (now deceased) and attempt to avoid the responsibility for his own drunkenness. The following quote appeared in PCG’s Royal Vision magazine in 2001. This is quite interesting in relation to the police report. It appears Flurry is admitting now that he drank too much alcohol and that alcohol “was getting in his way.” We have no proof that he is still drinking and no proof that he isn’t, but this appears to be Flurry’s latest rebuttal to answer members and potential members who have questioned him about his police report for drunkenness.

“…. We must examine ourselves for areas where we may be be holding back God’s work. Some of God’s people, for example, still drink too much alcohol. Yes, God sanctions and encourages the right use of alcohol. But I know that some people would be better off without it. I haven’t had a drink of alcohol in six years. Why? Because I felt I could be more effective in the work without it. Am I against alcohol? Of course not; I love to see people enjoy alcohol, as God instructs us. But if something is getting in your way, it is better to eliminate it. ” Taken from the Royal Vision, July-August 2001, p. 14. [emphasis ESN’s]

We leave it up to God to judge Gerald Flurry. The purpose of Mike’s Page is to help others who have suffered emotional, spiritual and financial abuse after their involvement in Philadelphia Church of God and to give out information that we hope will help others to make an intelligent choice as to whether they want to join Philadelphia Church of God.

[Note: Gerald Flurry said his father was an alcoholic. Royal Vision, July/Aug. 2000, p. 9]


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