I believe that if we hadn’t already left Philadelphia Church of God, this issue would have sent us on our way. I was reading through the July-August 2004 Royal Vision article, “Prophesy Again.” Flurry’s article is entitled, “Loving God and Thy Neighbor.” It speaks about a sermon a misled minister had given, and how many people in “the God Family” are deceived on this subject, which he says is why God is teaching it to him more deeply. He goes on and on, beating the fact that love towards “God’s Family” is more important than “love for thy neighbor.” He even goes so far as to come right out and say it:

“…because you ARE to love your neighbor, but how? You could give him physical food, or you could give him $100 a week–there are a lot of ways, but those won’t solve any lasting problems. The most important way you love your neighbor is by offering or giving him spiritual food.” The article goes on for a few more pages, but the main point is just reiterated over and over again. Until the reader gets the message: The only REAL way to love your neighbor is to support this “end-time Work,” with offerings and tithes to PCG headquarters.

The very next article in this blasphemous publication is entitled, “God commands that we avoid certain ones IN LOVE.” And it’s discussing how loving and good it is to disfellowship and to shun people. He states:

“By disfellowshipping, we show love towards God by obeying him. We show love towards God’s people by saving the Church from destruction. And we even show love towards the disfellowshipped person, because that’s the only way he or she is ever going to repent.”

He even starts making veiled threats… stating:

“You must be a very active member. Because there is always somebody around willing to speak evil of the truth–of your Father–of your Husband. And if you are a good wife, they are going to wish they hadn’t done that.” (emp. mine)

In one of the previous RV’s, “How to Be an Overcomer” (May-June 2004), apparently Herbert Armstrong had recently come under attack, because in the article, “Jude,” Flurry dedicates quite a large amount of space in detailing that we are required not to look at the man and his sins, but at the message and law he delivered. [Note: Read: “None of God’s Servants Were Perfect” (for those who like to use this reasoning)] He compares Armstrong to Moses, stating “Jude says Michael contended with Satan over Moses’ body. Why did Satan want Moses’ body? Undoubtedly to get people to look to the man, instead of the law he delivered to them.”

It’s in this RV that I came across one of the most blasphemous statements Flurry has ever made, which is saying a lot. I quote:

“We have a Savior, and HE is teaching us to be co-saviors. God is teaching us how to save people today and during the Millennium. We are becoming like the Savior God!” (emp. mine)

It’s no surprise that in a separate RV, “Honor your Mother,” (January-February 2004) a writer gives express, and point-by-point instructions, on how to make sure your assets go to where you wish them to, should you die. While the author doesn’t come right out and say to leave everything to the PCG, they reiterate over and over statements such as “the organization you choose.” They even go so far as to give instructions on how to get “an organization’s” tax code.

All quotes are direct, and while the bolding is mine, the terrible grammar and sentence structure is all Flurry’s own.

The entire publication is filled with trigger words, and dire proclamations of the end-time being just around the corner, as one would expect, but Flurry is taking things further than he has in the past. I recently learned that Flurry has demanded that social security pensions, along with retirement funds be tithed. The PCG always taught that those monies had already been tithed, and should not be tithed again. Flurry has decided–more than likely because more and more of the PCG is made up of elderly people, with less and less “second generation Christians” entering the group–that to keep income flowing, it’s not only right to tithe, but required by law to do so.

By Rob Blaize (former PCG member)

Note: Read email from Rob Blaze to ESN: I Told PCG That I Wouldn’t Tolerate Any Harassment

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