The Feast is not about gathering but about collection. Not about people gathering to a place selected by God, but about forcing the members to go through a very narrow gate and choke point in order to be stripped of what they have saved for all year long. Instead of having the PCG’s bill collectors coming to you, you must come to them in their appointed places. How convenient.

When hearing another message from Gerry-boam’s ministers regarding feeding the flock at the Feast, and how they are commanded to be joyful, or else, poison at the pulpit is what outspoken voice the members ought to hear, and then run away from there.

How can a member become so convinced that what they experience there is joy before God? The giant motel/hotel corporations take away most of that joy for themselves and leave the members with a post-Feast headache when it comes time to pay the bills. What kind of a private deal must exist between HQ and their chosen Feast sites?

The spiritual food that goes into the members’ minds at the Feast is just as fabricated as are their fake orated prayers coming out of their mouths. You may leave there a bit fatter but be ever more thirsty and hungry in the spirit.

The members do not come to eat and drink and be merry, but only for themselves to be processed in a spiritual factory, as a living meat sacrifice unto greedy men who neither care for them nor their families welfare. The ministers slice and dice the words of the Bible to flavor and garnish their brainwashing [i. e., mind controlling] sermons, but the primary message boils down to keeping that religious mafia’s living assets (aka members), under complete control.

That money loving Philadelphian church brags about its proceeds going higher and higher, but where does all that money and all that love come from? And the average offering per member is always announced on their commanded offering days in order to shame the majority of the members whose offerings fall below the announced average. Where does all that money come from that so inflates the average? From a few extraordinarily wealthy members, or from some unnamed source?

With the headcount of the PCG membership shrinking, it defies nature and logic that offerings and donations could be going higher and higher.

Anyone who has listened to the programs and to the sermons long enough will be familiar with the ministers’ bragging about their organization hosting a prophesied “little flock,” whose size alone must be what authenticates them as the “one and only true church.” And yet the shrinking flock is supposed to miraculously gain enough members to reach their prophetic number of 10,000 saints before Jesus’ return.

Perhaps this fraudulent church needs the cover of more members to obscure the real source of their own income, even as they themselves pry into members’ incomes and pay extra to track down the members whom they do not believe pay in enough. It must become more and more difficult to inflate the amounts of tithes, offering, and donations with a littler and littler flock.

But could such a cult as the PCG ever be able to manage and to control a much larger flock? How much more expensive would their enforcement become? And how would HQ be able to keep all their sermons secret and kept among the members only? How would they keep even more ex-members and exiting members from talking? With a larger membership, Gerry-boam would also have to pay out more and more for his special secret service to harass delinquent members and ex-members, along with being able to claim the collection of more income.

The current little flock as little as it is, probably is about the ideal size that can be managed of this type of cult, and beyond that number may be when it reaches a sort of critical mass wherein it cannot be kept under control for very long. Or else, enforcement may have to entail even more diligent secrecy and security using physical force, and those things could not go on, at least not undiscovered, indefinitely.

By Vern
October 1, 2023

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