I find it ironic that the 85 year old Flurry can take a wife 30 years his junior1 by divine fiat while so many other PCG people are denied the right to marry or have had their marriages broken up by Flurry’s direct orders. Flurry has hypocritically stated officially to the PCG members that they need to stop focusing on their own selfish, self-centered pursuits/goals and concentrate solely on “The Work.” Flurry also has stated to the PCG members that family comes second after a commitment to “the Church.” If that is the case, why is it OK for the Octogenarian leader to marry a much younger woman while so many fit, healthy PCG members still in their prime are not allowed to marry and forced to be single? What hypocrisy from the very top of the PCG food chain.

My wife and I were very much in love and wanted to get married “the right way” by counseling with the ministers and going through the proper channels. We were still drinking the Kool-Aid back then–early 2005. Gerald Flurry and Cal Culpepper thought our match to be “inappropriate” because I did not make enough money and there was an 11 year age gap between us. We got married anyway and Flurry and Culpepper “disfellowshipped” us out of the PCG and into the Great Tripburation to die by the hands of a European Beast power. We were only miraculously let back in 6 months later by Marvin Campbell to spite Cal Culpepper as they were in a power struggle at the time for the North East Church area. But even then, while grudgingly allowed back into the PCG, we were looked upon as slightly unclean for being “out of the Church.” You never live that stigma down.

Flash forward a few years and my wife was 8 months pregnant with our second child when her brother and sister abandoned her and their little niece to run off to the promised land of Edmond, OK. They did this knowing my wife was still recovering from the untimely death of her mother from a brain aneurysm a few years earlier and needed their support. My wife (having no mother) really could have used the help of her siblings with the new baby and looked forward to a baby shower with her family and church brethren. Not to be. The lure of being in the presence of the anointed King Gerald Flurry was too strong. Ironically not only did my brother and sister and law walk away from their family but they also embezzled $10,000 in cash from their father’s business to finance their trip and relocation. So much for the Philadelphian standard. Oh…as far as that baby shower my wife looked forward to? Culpepper said no baby shower. We had gotten married without King Flurry‘s approval and we had to pay.

Now it is 2020 and my wife has very recently seen how her brother and sister are faring in the promised land of Flurryism through the aid of various social media sites. Both have not been allowed to marry as of this writing. They are both in their early 30s and still in their prime. You see, if you don’t brown-nose the right minister or get into the right clique at Edmond, things just don’t go well for you. There is definitely a hierarchy at the Edmond PCG compound. There is the “in” crowd and there is everyone else. If you are in good with the inner clique of the Edmond power elite then you are on the gravy train. For example: If you are a single woman and you babysit the Flurry’s grandkids, or perhaps help clean their house and toilet for the Holy Days, they may throw you a bone and allow you some perks. If you really play your cards right you may be allowed to date for marriage. But…..If you don’t pay your dues, then you are single until the Second Coming.

You know, even though I am still rather angry at the way my sister-in-law mistreated my wife and stole from my father-in-law, I still feel sorry for her. You look at the photos of her posted on these sites and she is usually sitting alone at church functions. Never with a male companion or a prospective suitor. She either is there alone eating by herself or sitting with the older spinster ladies who also were never allowed to marry by the ministry. Yet all of those lonely old ladies will gladly go without food or medicine so they can send their $$$ to help fill up the gas tank of Flurry’s private jet.

I think of all of the unmarried lonely PCG women in their 50s and 60s that we have come across over the years while we were in. My wife used to know many of them as she grew up in the WCG. All that these poor single, perpetually alone, ladies have in their lives is “the Church,” King Flurry, the ministers, and the Holy Days. They scrimp and save on their Disability, Social Security, and pensions to be able to drive 1,000+ miles to a Holy Day or special gathering just to be with other people and have a taste of human interaction. They wait with baited breath to hear every word that comes out of “That Prophet’s” mouth and even take copious notes of what is said. Then after they give their $$$$$$ to Flurry in the collection plate they go and sit with all of the other older spinsters and widows at a church meal and “fellowship”; i.e., talk about the greatness of the Pastor General in Chief. Then they go back to an empty apartment or house and wait until the next Sabbath service or Holy Day.

Then I think of the ex-minister Aaron Eagle and his family. Flurry personally destroyed that man and his life by pressuring his wife and children to leave Aaron and move to Edmond. Furry even gave Eagle’s wife a nice cushy job teaching children at the Edmond Church compound’s elementary school (Imperial Academy) to get her to divorce her husband. What was Aaron Eagle’s crime? He tried to go over Cal Culpepper‘s head and expose the horrible psychological and spiritual abuse of the PCG members at the hand of Culpepper. Who knows where Aaron Eagle is now or if he ever had a chance to see his kids again. Flurry is the ultimate hypocrite. Destroying marriages but allowing himself the same privilege he denies others.

I could go on and on. I could also mention the great PCG Headquarters minister Brian Davis who has already buried two wives and is now starting on his third. I hope his new bride has life insurance and a cemetery plot picked out.

In closing I wonder what fresh new Hell awaits the benumbed followers of Gerald Flurry at Edmond when Cal Culpepper takes over as chief minister of that area? Only time will tell.

By Brett Streutker, former PCG member (real name used with permission)
November 3, 2020
Updated January 11, 2022

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1 Gerald Flurry announced on October 20, 2020 in a Special Announcement that he was getting married to Vicki Barreiro on November 16, a woman he had been counseling. She is 59 years old (born (born 07/22/1961). Note: Read: “Husband of Vicki Barreiro Committed Suicide” (1-10-22 letter).


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