“Why I Still Believe Donald Trump Is Coming Back”


GF in the January 25, 2021 Trumpet Brief wrote an article, “Why I Still Believe Donald Trump Is Coming Back.”

Note: Update at the end covers the January 29, 2021 Trumpet article, “Why I Still Believe Donald Trump is Coming Back” by Gerald Flurry.

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It may appear that GF has finally come out and addressed his false prophecy–but wait, he doesn’t call it a false prophecy. He says it is a “mistake.”

He admits that he received “some” criticism and caused “some” people to be “confused and upset.” This is putting it lightly. Many were hoping this prophecy of his would come true, not only to prove GF was a true prophet of God but that they would soon escape this wicked world and reign with Christ.

GF Says He is Not Running Away From His Prophecy

So has GF come clean? Admitted his “mistake” and is he now humble about it? It doesn’t look like it because in all caps he says he wants people to REMEMBER what he originally wrote and that he is “not running away from it.”

As HWA would do, he throws the entire prophecy back on God’s shoulders as he tells us that “God does not always show the whole picture in details or all at once.” He informs us that God “often speaks in a coded way, and then only later reveals that code.” Does the Bible ever say that God spoke to his prophets in a coded way? No! It shows in many places that God spoke directly to His prophets what His message was. Furthermore, it goes on to say that today He speaks to us by His Son. GF has either forgotten those words, or doesn’t want to believe what the Scriptures say:

God, who at sundry times and in divers manners spake in time past unto the fathers by the prophets, Hath in these last days spoken unto us by his Son, whom he hath appointed heir of all things, by whom also he made the worlds;” (Hebrews 1:1-2)

Words of True Prophets Always Came True

In addition, the Bible clearly shows that when God told His true prophets something, it always came true, no ifs ands or buts. The prophet didn’t later say he had “made a mistake.” He didn’t try to interpret it himself or say that God spoke in “coded words.”

“Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation.” (I Peter 1:20)

GF says “God knows what He is doing.” The questions is: “Does Gerald Flurry know what he is doing?

GF says that God can correct him if He needs to. Why doesn’t he remind us that in the O. T. false prophets were stoned!

“But the prophet, which shall presume to speak a word in my name, which I have not commanded him to speak, or that shall speak in the name of other gods, even that prophet shall die.” (Deuteronomy 18:20)

God’s Servants Make Mistakes

GF  says “His servants make mistakes.” Yes, but His prophets in the Bible DID NOT MAKE MISTAKES! So is GF a true Prophet or a false one? Think about it.

GF says he will make “mistakes” in the future. Is he saying that his prophecies in the future will be “mistakes?”

Instead of calling it what it is: a FALSE PROPHECY, He calls it a “mistake.”

There were many charismatic “false prophets” on the Internet who also prophesied until the last minute that Donald Trump would remain in as president. How many of them apologized? I could only find one that did. And he didn’t say it was a “mistake.” Most of the others went on to say that God “has another plan” and “it isn’t over yet.” Just like GF is saying!

Read the following letter to ESN: If One Writes as a Prophet He Cannot Back Off From That (Shows God holds those who claim to be his servants or teachers to a higher standard than the rest of us.)

Did you hear that? He cannot back off from it once he writes as a prophet. He can’t say it was only a “mistake” or talk about it being in some kind of “code” to be revealed later.

Might Not Be a Mistake

GF brought out how he said that Trump is going to “remain” and he emphasized the word “remain” and said his words, “Why Donald Trump Will Remain America’s President” might not actually be a mistake.”

GF does not mention his November 9, 2020 Trumpet article, “Donald Trump is Going to Win this Election.” Notice the word IS. Is going to win. Go back and read that article before it’s changed. You can find it here.

Then GF switches our attention to his prophecies about Amos 7 and II Kings 14:26-27 and says he is 99.9 % SURE his understanding on them is correct and anyone can prove them!

He takes us into the belief of British-Israelism which can be disproved and which all these prophecies circle around.

He insists Donald Trump is the end-time type of King Jeroboam II of Israel.

But, as GF says, this prophecy “has not yet been fulfilled. so “God is going to give Donald Trump that office of presidency of the U.S. sooner or later” and “Jeroboam is not gone from the scene.”

Trump Is Coming Back

When talking about II Kings 14:26-27, GF says it is a prophecy about Jeroboam whom God used to save America temporarily. GF says this work “is not complete” and that is why Trump is COMING BACK because God is “invested in this Trump presidency.”

Now that sounds good to members and others who have followed this prophecy. They can now hang on to hope. Hope that the Trump/Jeroboam prophecy is not failed after all. GF says there is no gap in that prophecy according to God. “Perhaps He looks on Mr. Trump as still being president of the United States!”

So, according to GF, God is going to bring Trump back “at most in four years.” (even tho GF doesn’t think it will be that long) Members need only wait four more years. (if anyone will remember it by then)

GF goes on about the radical left and social media trying to take away our freedoms and then “how would we get the work done?” It is the radical left, he says, that is INTERFERING WITH GOD’S PLAN!

In this article GF believes if the election is shown to be stolen and other crimes were committed, then Trump will go right on being president. Even after he has already moved out? Evidently, that is what GF is saying. He covers himself by saying he “doesn’t know if it will happen like that and time will tell if he is right or wrong.”

So….it looks like everyone will all have to wait awhile, maybe four more years.

GF says, “Greater detail” is coming in the Trumpet print edition in “From the Editor.”

This article sounds like words HWA would use, especially after his “1975 in prophecy” failure.


Update – GF Still Believes Trump is Coming Back

Apparently, spin doctors in PCG are working overtime to make sure they drag these “prophecies” on so they can assure everyone that the prophecy will be fulfilled.

In the January 29, 2021 Trumpet there was a new article by GF: “Why I Still Believe Donald Trump is Coming Back.” (We are told there will be an upcoming feature in the March 2021 Philadelphia Trumpet issue with same title, so he’s continuing to beat this dead horse.)

Not Trying to Defend His Error–If It Was an Error

GF says, “I’m not trying to defend my error (if it was an error), but I think there’s a reason God allowed me to write the article that way.” This time instead of saying it was a “mistake,” he tells us it was an error (maybe, maybe not).

GF causes us to ponder the “gap” again that he thinks is supposed to be in Amos 7 and reasons that it means Donald Trump is still president. “If there is a gap in Mr. Trump’s rule, why didn’t God include at least a word or two about it? There is nothing on it in Amos 7 that I can see.” That’s because GF’s addled brain can’t see there is nothing of the sort in Amos 7!

GF says, “And if it is proved sometime soon that the election was stolen, and God ensures that this is exposed before the world [yes, it’s got to be before the entire world as everyone is watching PCG], wouldn’t that make Mr. Trump president?” No, it doesn’t because GF is twisting Scripture again to make it say what he wants it to say.

Isn’t the Previous Title OK?

GF tells us, there’s an irony in all this and his title “Why Donald Trump Will Remain America’s President” may be correct. [There’s that “may” again.] “If Mr. Trump won the election, and God gets him back in there, isn’t that title OK?” No, it’s not okay because you’re only guessing with your “predictions”; giving people possibilities and what ifs and maybes.

“If God says he is president, who is going to stand up to God?” Dragging God into this is ridiculous. When has God ever come out and said so and so is president? But phrasing it like this will cause members to feel they dare not question God. Even more so, that they dare not question GF.

Need a Miracle if God’s Work is to Survive

“I hope Mr. Trump comes back quickly, but I don’t know how God will do this. If this work is to survive and God does it the way He has in the past, we are going to need some mighty miracles.” What way in the past? The way GF said he won a victory in the WCG vs. PCG Court Case? This all hinges on “if the Work is to survive” and “we are going to need mighty miracles.”

Doesn’t the Bible says the gates of Hell cannot stand against the Church of God? Then why the “if”?

“…and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” (Matthew 16:18)

GF says, “If God believes the election was stolen [Drag God into it again.] He must have a plan to take care of it—perhaps a lot quicker than four years. It might be four weeks, or four days—I don’t know. God is invested in this.” No, you don’t know because He isn’t invested in this. How could he be invested in a group that has the identifying marks of an abusive group?

The Election Should Flow Right On

GF goes on to say, “If Mr. Trump had the election stolen from him, then it should flow right on with him being president. (Just “flow right on” without any wrinkles.) Time will tell if I’m right or wrong.” Flurry is really talking about his “prophecy” being right or wrong; that’s what this is all about. Keeping members from questioning him.

GF says “Amos 8:11 shows that ultimately there will be a famine of God’s Word (To members “God’s Word” is a buzzword meaning PCG’s message going out. The words, “God’s Word” are not found in the Bible. What it really says is “the word of the Lord” which also means “Word of God.” Check various commentaries.) in the land, when God’s people are taken to a place of safety.” This “famine of the word is talking about what happened to the ancient nation of Israel because they refused to hear the word of the Lord spoken through His prophets. It does not refer to Gerald Flurry. Also refer to our article on British-Israelism again.

Spending So Much Time In the Old Testament

Why does GF spend so much time in the Old Testament instead of the New Testament? Why so much time on prophecies from the past instead of focusing on the Lord Jesus Christ and the grace He brought?

“For the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ.” (John 1:17)

Ask God to open your eyes about that verse and to help you really see what it’s saying. The truth is in Jesus (Ephesians 4:21), not in Gerald Flurry or his prophecies.

GF instigates fear by saying, “People will either receive this message now and repent, or God will plunge them into the Great Tribulation.” How many members honestly and truly want to go live in caves? (Read 2018 PCG letter to ESN: The Place of Safety is Now in Adullam?) Or are they merely afraid of being left to go through the Great Tribulation?

GF says things are going to “get far worse,” and America [who according to GF is “end-time Israel”] is “ready to die.”

Even if America was to fall in the future, does this make GF right in predicting that Trump would “remain” as president or that he “is” going to win the 2020 election? Does it make GF a “true” prophet of God?

Getting Info From Other Sources

GF has not only obtained much of his info from other sources and then palmed it off as his “God revealed this to me” prophecies, but he allows himself to be massively deluded, along with being mixed up about the old and new covenants. Furthermore, he is not the only one who is saying Trump will be back in 2024, or who proclaims about America’s sins. But he does seem to be one of the few that tries to terrify people about the Great Tribulation.

So what we see from this latest article by GF is that members who have been trying to come to grips with GF’s blundered “prophecy” are now being steered in the direction of “hold on and wait; it won’t be long before this prophecy comes to pass.”

In the meantime, many members who have their minds closed, continue sending in their hard earned money to a false prophet.

By D. M. Williams and L. S.
Exit & Support Network™
January 27, 2021
Updated February 1, 2021

Update 2-4-21: GF has denied that he gave a prophecy and that it was only words that he said (Read 2-4-21 letter to ESN). Go to “Gerald Flurry and His False Trump Prophecies” and notice the first paragraph under the heading “Trump Going to Remain President” where he says, “God has not shown me where there is any error in that prophecy that I have made.”


“And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many.” ~Matthew 24:11


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