In the lead-up to the 2016 U.S. presidential election, when it was becoming clear that Barack Obama would not be the last president to usher in the return of Jesus Christ, Gerald Flurry began to indicate that Donald Trump could be, in his words, an “end-time Jeroboam” figure.

During the 2016 Feast of Tabernacles, Flurry said he leaned towards Trump being elected president for prophetic reasons, even though polls suggested Hillary Clinton was more likely to win. After Trump was elected, Flurry began to announce emphatically that Trump was this “end-time Jeroboam”—even going as far as saying this may be the last presidential term before the Tribulation.

Many other specific prophecies surrounding Trump and Jeroboam have been made by Flurry in the subsequent four years. Given the fact that Trump was not re-elected and was replaced by Joe Biden, let’s review these prophecies in order to make sure Flurry remains accountable for the predictions he has made.

1) Donald Trump is Jeroboam

“Donald Trump’s victory in the United States presidential election gives us a clear indication as to where we are in Bible prophecy.” – Great Again, p.1

“The Prophet Amos recorded a prophecy about a leader named Jeroboam. I want to show you that this is referring to a powerful individual who is on the scene right now.” – Great Again, p.1-2

“It seems obvious that God is telling us we have now entered the time frame of Amos chapter 7. What does that time frame mean for America and for you? God has revealed to me more understanding from Amos 7.” – Great Again, p.2

“The bible also describes President Trump as a ‘king’ – a type of King Jeroboam in Amos 7…” – December 5, 2019 Co-worker Letter

2) The United States will be destroyed in the time of Donald Trump

“When God says, ‘I will not again pass by them any more,’ He is talking about them being destroyed in the time of Jeroboam.” – Great Again, p.3

“God will not bring this warning to His people again; the Jeroboam time is going to be the last time!” – Great Again, p.4

“God is sending His message into the ‘midst of the house of Israel,’ into the very heart of America and Britain. The Philadelphia Church of God message is going to take center stage. Just watch how this prophecy is going to be fulfilled. God has spoken!” – Great Again, p.5

“Amos ‘warned the people that the supreme moment of their success was but the prelude to their doom’ (Soncino commentary). This is what we are looking at with Donald Trump assuming the American presidency.” – Great Again, p.17

“This ‘supreme moment of their success’ is but the prelude to America’s doom. A man is on the scene whose house God is going to take out by the sword!” – Great Again, p.17

3) Joe Tkach Jr. is going to conspire with Donald Trump

“Here Amaziah is accusing Amos, God’s true prophet, of treason—’conspiring against’ Jeroboam! Amos is a type of the man in this end time who is proclaiming God’s warning message to Israel today. So this is a prophecy of a real clash between a false minister and a true prophet of God.” – Great Again, p.5

“I believe Amaziah the priest is the same man as the leader [Joe Tkach Jr.] of God’s rebellious Church whom we battled with for copyrights to the truth and message of God (Amos 9:1, 11-12). Amaziah hates our message. He is almost certainly the individual who led a six-year court battle trying to suppress God’s truth from going out to this world!” – Great Again, p.6

4) Donald Trump is going to kick the PCG out of the United States

“At the time of the end, Jeroboam is going to be laden with problems and difficulties, but his biggest problem is going to be the message of God coming out of this organization! Our message is going to plague him! This is what people in this land are going to fear most of all. God is forcing them to face the warning message of their own destruction! This is a problem Jeroboam never saw coming.” – Great Again, p.8

“Amaziah is being directed by Jeroboam about what to say. He’s saying, Tell them to get out of here! This is ‘the king’s chapel,’ the president’s domain—this is our religious place. Get out of this land because we will have none of that message!” – Great Again, p.10

“This man becomes the evil ‘Jeroboam’ because he is fighting against the message of God—along with Amaziah the priest, who is a spiritual Antiochus.” – Great Again, p.10

5) The “Trump Tide” will open doors for the PCG in Jerusalem

During the 2019 Feast of Tabernacles, Gerald Flurry tells his followers about riding the Trump tide:

“When God opens the door, we must ride the ‘flood tide’ through it and on to amazing success!… Right now, there is a tide in the affairs of Judah!… The bible also describes President Trump as a ‘king’ – a type of King Jeroboam in Amos 7… With the right kind of business deal in Jerusalem, God’s Work could certainly ride the momentum of this ‘Trump tide.’ God wants us to take this tide at the flood and move on to miraculous achievements in finishing this critical end-time Work.” – December 5, 2019 Co-worker Letter

This “Trump Tide” never materialized and the PCG is yet to accomplish anything of note in proclaiming a message to Jerusalem.

6) Donald Trump would get re-elected

Since none of these prophecies materialized during Trump’s first term as president, he would need to be re-elected in order to fulfil them. It is common knowledge in the PCG, because of Flurry’s predictions, that Trump would be the United States’ “last president.”

“Anciently, though Jeroboam was unrighteous, God did use him to save the nation temporarily (2 Kings 14:23-27). ‘God granted mercy when Israel really didn’t deserve it,’ I wrote in that article. ‘Rather than sending Israel into captivity at that time, God used this king to save Israel and give them one more age of prosperity before Assyrian conquest.’ ”

“This is what is happening right now in America. God is saving Israel temporarily. If the 2016 election had gone the other way, I am convinced the nation would already be finished!” – ”The Kavanaugh Hearings Reveal America’s Lawless Spirit” – November-December 2018 Philadelphia Trumpet

Now, Trump was not re-elected and none of these prophecies have come to pass. What explanation does the PCG have? In order to explain this failure, the PCG has resorted to claiming that the results of the United States 2020 presidential election were in fact prophesied in the Bible. Accordingly, the election can only be explained [by Gerald Flurry] as Democratic ballot fraud which amounts to a national coup!

“There is no doubt this election is being stolen. The whole thing is a sham, and I am not saying that as a Republican. I’m just saying that as someone who has eyes and ears. It’s obvious. It’s completely obvious. It’s plain to anyone with any amount of honesty that this election is being stolen.” – “The Coup is On” (3:42 to 4:00) – November 6, 2020 Trumpet Bookshelf

“This moment was forecast in Bible prophecy. God knew this was going to happen. This coup is only going to further His plan and benefit His work. For nearly two decades now, God has been telling us to expect this. There is no reason to be surprised, and, if we trust and obey God, there is no reason to be frightened or worried.” – “The Election Exposes the Radical Left’s Rolling Coup” – November 5, 2020 Trumpet

This is quite a prophecy! What exactly is being prophesied here?

That 1) Jeroboam will come on the scene, but 2) Amaziah wouldn’t approach him, and 3) he wouldn’t kick the PCG out of America, and 4) the sword wouldn’t fall upon the land and 5) the Tribulation wouldn’t start during his term, but 6) the Democrats would steal the election by ballot fraud, and 7) Jeroboam wouldn’t accept the election.

The state of this failed prophecy is so dire that no matter what, the PCG is simply resorting to imagining that they predicted this situation all along:

“Today we are experiencing the ‘end result’ of Mr. Obama’s handiwork—it is worse than most people imagined in July 2008!… The same people who were behind this attack on law seven years ago, including Barack Obama and Joe Biden, are the ones orchestrating the present constitutional crisis! This coup has been building for 12 years… Unless God intervenes, this diabolical attempt to manipulate the election is going to destroy America’s government, just as Mr. Flurry warned… The coup to overtake America was stopped with the election of Donald Trump in 2016. Will God stop it again through Donald Trump?” – “The Election Exposes the Radical Left’s Rolling Coup” – November 5, 2020 Trumpet

Joe Biden became the new president of the United States. The world has not ended. The PCG is still in the United States. All these prophecies were wrong. It is time to hold the Gerald Flurry and his Trump-Jeroboam predictions to account.

By Glenn (former member of PCG)
November 8, 2020
Minor edits January 13, 2021 by ESN

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