What is Celtic Throne all about and what does it picture? The following will reveal the hidden meaning behind this elaborate, costly performance.

In June 2020 Brad Macdonald gave a Bible Study to PCG members. Following is a partial transcript which was sent to ESN. It also included quotes from Gerald Flurry. The message was entitled, “The Urgent Need for Celtic Throne.” This message also covered PCG’s place of safety. (see related letters at end)

“I heard a strong voice. That had never happened to me before. This voice said, ‘There is a new stone of destiny and a new throne of David.’ ” (excerpt from The New Throne of David by Gerald Flurry, 2018)

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GF=Gerald Flurry

BM=Brad Macdonald

RV=Royal Vision

The following transcript was shortened due to its length.


BM: “Celtic Throne is the United States and Britain in Prophecy performed as a dance show. It’s about the “New Throne of David.” Traces the throne of David on to America. Tells the story of the Davidic Covenant; David’s Royal Throne. Tells the story of the Stone of Destiny [Read: “Flurry Says PCG’s Scone of Stone is now HWA’s old Prayer Rock“]. Tells the story of Israel’s migrations. God’s promise to Abraham; God’s relationship with America and Britain.” [see British Israelism–True or False?]

“The performance is spiritual. But to people in the world they won’t get any of that.”

“In June 2019 GF gave a sermon, ‘How the New Throne Changes God’s Work’ and that was turned into an article for the March-April 2020 Royal Vision.”

“In GF’s 2nd message at the Feast of Tabernacles last year he talked about Hebrews and the New Throne of David and probably for half of that message he talked about the place of safety, the 10,000 coming from Peran, and then he talked about the coronation and returning to the place of safety and the throne being transferred over.”

“But at the end of that sermon, he [GF] did something that I haven’t seen him do before. He stopped his sermon at 10 or 15 min earlier and he played this clip of the Irish Dancers dancing to this music that Brian Burns had written… That message, too, was written up in the March April Royal Vision.”

Focused on the Place of Safety

“In the March-April Royal Vision, GF really digs down deep in these passages and to our time in the place of safety. It is an incredible article…we should all read and study that again. Not just because of Celtic Throne but because of the times we live in, and in that article GF explains things about the place of safety that I don’t think I’ve ever read before. …. But he gets us focused on the place of safety and on some of those details.”

“Here’s a quote from that article: [talking about the verse in Jude 1:14] “If Christ comes with these saints from Paran, that means before that time Christ will come personally to Peran — to what likely will be the place of safety. Why would He do that? Interesting question.”

“In order to leave a place, you have to arrive there first. To leave Peran, you have to go to Peran. So why would Christ visit the 10,000 in the place of safety in the Tribulation?”

GF continues: “In I Thes. 4 it says Christ will meet everyone in the air and bring them back to earth with Him. But here we learn that He will come from Peran with His 10,000.”

New Throne Turned Over in Paran

Why the difference with this group of people? All the other saints rise in the air but that is not the case here at least in the same way. Why not just meet us in the air, too? Well, Peran is where the new throne will be.” You can see this is Isa 16, a fascinating passage in view of the New Throne of David. (Reads vs. 5)”

Back to that article from GF. “When will Christ begin ruling from that throne? It certainly would seem he needs to already be ruling on it when He gets to earth. After all He is King of Kings. A King must have a throne. Where would He take control of that throne before He arrives? The most practical place seems to be the place of safety, where the people who have the new throne are. It seems the place of safety would be where Christ officially receives His throne.”

BM: “That’s interesting. God wants us to be thinking more about His return … about these specifics. Of course he does! He inspired His Apostle to write it in an article!”

“Imagine Jesus Christ Himself coming to where we are. Being crowned and receiving the throne we now have, and officially becoming King of Kings. Then taking those 10,000 saints with Him. … Think about what sort of event; celebration is going to be attached to the throne being turned over.”

[Note: Read about The Throne of David in the transcript of: The World of Fairyland: The World Tomorrow.]

Preparing for the Place of Safety

GF continues: “That is overwhelming to think about. … I’m not saying absolutely this will happen, but it looks like what Scripture indicates. … It seems this would be the main reason Christ would come to take the 10,000 to officially assume David’s throne. If so, what a dramatic role we have in the Second Coming. This should be most inspiring to God’s people.”

BM: Goes to Luke 1. “We have a dramatic role in Jesus Christ’s second Coming. And God wants us to start thinking about that and God wants us to start preparing for that.”

“Just look at world events. SF said in a recent message, or Trumpet Daily, “We are on the outer edges of the Tribulation. We’re done! There is no going back. The world will not be the same. … we do have to work; we do have to plan for the future, but there’s no hope in the future of this world. Our hearts have to be in this Work; our hearts have to be in the Throne of David; our hearts and energies and hopes have to be in this moment when we turn the throne over to Jesus Christ, and then we come with Him from Peran. That’s all there is! There’s nothing left in the world. And it’s burning around us.”

“This is where our minds really need to be and it’s hard because we’re physical. … But we can’t be consumed by [the physical]; … [It] can’t come before preparing for the place of safety … before getting ready to go to the place of safety. To think, you and I are going to be a part of this, in just a few months, a year, or two or three or four. It’s really incredible.”

Thinking About Sitting on the Throne

Reads Luke 1:30-32. “It’s incredible to think that you–YOU–will be there in that moment … if it goes the way the Scriptures indicate, you’ll be there when Christ is given the throne of the father David. We need to start thinking about the coronation… And Celtic Throne helps get us ready for the Coronation, even if it just gets us thinking about the throne of David, and thinking about the history of the throne of David, and getting us excited for the throne of David. This show is going to help get the church ready for this moment.”

“But why would God devote such resources to a dance show? Why would He have us thinking about all this right now? Even as the world burns around us. He really does want us thinking about the New Throne of David. He wants us thinking about the return of Jesus Christ. He wants us thinking about sitting on the throne of David with Jesus Christ. He wants us preparing for the place of safety. And preparing to play some role, whatever that might be, in turning David’s throne over to Jesus Christ.”

“Celtic Throne declares the name of Israel. [Voice raises] Celtic Throne DECLARES the AWESOME — the AWESOME history of Ephraim and Manasseh — history that we should never apologize for! Mistakes have been made to be sure because all humans have human nature. But we can’t apologize for the 2,520 year promise. We can’t apologize for the way God’s worked with these nations.” [British-Israelism]

“As GF has been telling us the past 2 or 3 weeks, we have to uphold that history and declare the history of Israel …because GOD is involved in that history! That’s what makes it so special.”

[voice goes back to normal] “And Celtic Throne I think plays a role in that and that is something to get really excited about and to support… We’ve got to declare the name of Israel and we’ll do that hopefully through this show.”

Celtic Throne will bring the New Throne of David alive. … This is something God’s people have been hearing about for decades. Yet, as we get closer to it, Christ is putting together the pieces so we can understand it better.”

“Celtic Throne is your story; it’s your history; it your future. It tells the story of your throne. But it’s also much bigger than just us. It carries a message of hope for the world. It carries a message about God’s family, it carries a message about the incredible human potential, and it carries a message about the New Throne of David.”

[end of Bible study transcript]

Comments from ESN:

This message was insane and full of pride as it focused on Gerald Flurry’s New Throne of David and the Place of Safety. It shows how PCG does not put the emphasis on the Person of Christ, and His love, grace and mercy toward His children, but focuses instead on what great things members will be involved in. The emphasis is all on the New Throne of David and how members will have it in the place of safety (which is in Paran) and hand it over to Christ.

Posted by AJW
Exit & Support Network
July 16, 2020

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