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“And the work of righteousness shall be peace; and the effect of righteousness quietness and assurance for ever.” ~Isaiah 32:17

Exiters of high demand groups have had the Bible used on them in order to control, coerce, manipulate, and exploit them. Sorting through one’s personal beliefs in regard to grace and law takes much time. The following information is posted for those who have expressed an interest in these subjects. (You may also check on our Q&A.)

(Note: Insertion of offsite links does not necessarily mean an endorsement of all views or beliefs espoused on that site.)

Law / Sin / Grace:

Note: Also see: Questions About the Law, Works or Salvation


Sabbath / Sunday:

Holy Spirit / Baptism

  • Is the Holy Spirit Only the Power of God? Also lists the Scriptures showing the two natures of Jesus–God/Man; The Works of the Holy Spirit, etc.
  • Do We Only Receive the Holy Spirit As a Result of Baptism?
    Also includes at end: What Does the Holy Spirit Do in the Believer’s Life Today.
  • The History and Purpose of Baptism by Aaron Budjen [offsite link]
    A complete explanation of the history and purpose of Baptism before John the Baptist. (16 MP-3 files) (Note: While this is a good study, listeners should be aware that Aaron Budjen of Living God Ministries has been questioned about some of his teachings. Read this May 4, 2016 letter and our comments.)
  • “Acts 10:42-48 proves salvation is a one time event & water baptism not required to BE saved.” [offsite link] Excellent video message from Gregg Jackson. (This is only one of several videos Gregg has on baptism.) [See NOTICE about Gregg above.]

Eternal Life / The Trinity:


Clean and Unclean Meats:


Note: Worldwide Church of God and its authoritative offshoots teach a false, cruel God. Any articles on this website that mention God are those that reveal a God whose love is everlasting, and who is full of mercy, grace and compassion, giving Himself freely to meet our deepest needs. He manifested His love to us by revealing Himself through His Son, Christ Jesus, who saves us eternally by His grace and not by any works that we might try to do. This website gives credit to the real Lord Jesus Christ for inspiring the contents therein. It would not be possible without Him.