Exiters of high demand groups have had the Bible used on them in order to control, coerce, manipulate, and exploit them. Sorting through one’s personal beliefs takes much time. The following information is posted for those who have expressed an interest in these subjects.

The Law of Moses and the Grace of God

The Sin Question

Why Church Leaders Demand Holy Days For Their Members
Could it have anything to do with control?

Tithing and Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing
Who really is changing times and law

Tithing offsite article]
Brief, but good article on tithing vs. Spirit-directed giving.

Understanding the Tithe [offsite link]
Explains why the tithe has no application in the Church today. The first message covers using religious extortion in order to coerce people to tithe. Covers the history of tithing; Malachi 3 and Hebrews 7 are also addressed. (8 MP3 messages; free download)

Should the Sabbath be Observed Today?
Excellent study.

Sabbath and Sunday (Common Arguments and Misunderstandings)

What About Sunday Worship?

A Critique of  “Which Day is the Christian Sabbath?” (available as PDF download)

What About Colossians 2:16-17?
HWA claimed that the Colossians were being judged for keeping the Sabbath and Holy days.

Is the Holy Spirit Only the Power of God?
Also lists the Scriptures showing the two natures of Jesus–God/Man.

How Do I Receive Eternal Life?

Comparing the Biblical Revelation of the Godhead with the Armstrongist View [offsite article]
Covers “the God family,” whether Jesus and the Holy Spirit were God, etc.

Also see:

Questions About the Law, Works or Salvation

Healing From Spiritual Abuse (Many articles)