I was raised in Philadelphia Church of God. I don’t know how I came across your website, but I did. I am 16 and my older brother and I used to attend the PCG. We no longer are in it because the minister decided to let us quit. My parents and my younger brother (who is 14 and not allowed to make the decision for himself) still attend. I’m worried for my younger brother because I know what this “church” can do to you.

I remember how much my older brother hated his life because he felt like he was being controlled on all sides by it. I never agreed with anything PCG taught but to keep my parents happy I went along and pretended.

Our family went through so much. The tithing issue caused so many fights and so much screaming. I hated the way ministers were put on pedestals and people clamored to meet Gerald Flurry. I went to their youth camps [Philadelphia Youth Camp (PYC), now located in Edmond, OK] and let me tell you firsthand, they condemn the worldly teens and worldly events, but they have no room to talk. There is so much favoritism and fakeness in the summer camps. Ministers’ kids were the special ones and I always felt like it was a popularity contest of who could be the coolest and dress the best; which boy could get the most girls to hang all over him. The ministers blindly smiled and called it “God’s camp” and “God’s teens.” By the end of the two weeks I felt like screaming. I saw nothing that the ministers talked about in the camp. I didn’t see the “big plan” and my “awesome future.” I saw my parents constantly at war, my brother wasting away, and me living a double life. This “church” was suppose to be different, but it wasn’t. There are faults in PCG you wouldn’t believe and I wish I had the time to tell you, but I don’t.

I sympathize with any others who have to go through this. My older brother and I both still have a lot of recovery to do.

By Jay – Child Survivor of PCG


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