Was Herbert W. Armstrong who he said he was? Did he tell the truth? These articles are for those who want to get to the bottom of these things.

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Put your faith completely in Jesus Christ,
not in any man or any movement. ~Robert L. Sumner


Questioning if HWA told the truth:

Herbert W. Armstrong’s Religious Roots
The origin of Herbert’s unique doctrines.

Did Herbert Armstrong Set Dates?
Includes several examples, plus an HWA quote saying there is “no prophet today.”

Mystery of the Ages (two critical reviews) (available as PDF download)

True Original Church/Faith Once Delivered (Proof Herbert Armstrong Lied About the “Lost” Church Century)

Did Herbert Armstrong Distort Historical Church Documents?

Did Herbert Armstrong Have God’s Truth?
Covers New Age & Occultic similarities.

Was Herbert Armstrong God’s True Servant?

Herbert W. Armstrong Claimed He Was God’s Apostle

The “Key to Unlocking Prophecy” (Did Herbert Armstrong Say God Revealed it to Him Alone?)
Includes note about Ellen G. White and how she claimed the “Truth” was revealed to her directly by God. 

Was Herbert Armstrong Right About Britain Exiting the European Union?

The United States and Britain in Prophecy (What Did Herbert Armstrong Teach About it?)

John Kiesz Furnishes Information on Herbert W. Armstrong
Kiesz was an elder in the Church of God Seventh Day and a close friend of HWA’s; includes a number of HWA’s failed prophecies.

Memories About Petra
The Place of Safety according to HWA.

The Origins of Assyria and Germany
This article shows the fallacy in HWA’s teaching that the Assyrians “settled in central Europe, and the Germans are the descendants of the ancient Assyrians.”

Herbert Armstrong Ministry 1930-1986
While ESN does not endorse this site’s doctrines, this article is a good documentation of HWA’s history of lying. Also lists at end many of his false prophecies. [offsite article]

Did Christ Reorganize the Church?
February 1939 Good News article showing HWA condemned hierarchal church government in his early years. [offsite article]

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Questioning HWA’s fruits:

“None of God’s Servants Were Perfect” (for those who like to use this reasoning)

Why Herbert Armstrong Couldn’t Have Been God’s True Apostle
Also includes incest charges

Herbert W. Armstrong and the Incest

Letter About Herbert Armstrong and the Incest
Confirmation of the allegations; snail-mailed to: “Dear Friends in the Worldwide Church of God” and ESN

Shocking Words That Herbert Armstrong Told His Daughter Dorothy

Questioning HWA’s background

Note: OIU Newsletters mentioned below are available as PDF download.

Radio Church of God openly embraced the agenda of the American Communist Party
This also includes info about “Communism and the Churches.” (See OIU 5, Pt. 2 beginning with “Communism is the RESULT”)

Herbert Armstrong studied communism (from his own words in his 11-24-67 letter to PT subscribers)
(See OIU 5, Pt. 3 beginning with “The OIUs point in discussing this matter”)

Letter showing Herbert Armstrong used Mein Kampf as a guide in controlling people

HWA’s questionable activities in international governmental affairs
(See OIU 6, Pt 3 beginning with “The Good News”)

The Private Letters of Herbert W. Armstrong and Loma D. Armstrong
HWA and his wife were very active in international governmental affairs following the United Nations’ first meeting held in San Francisco in 1945. (See OIU 5, Pt. 3 beginning with “The Private Letters…”)

Letter Regarding FBI Files on Herbert Armstrong

Questioning HWA’s methods:

How Did Herbert W. Armstrong Recruit People?
The step-by-step process.

Dropouts See Hucksterism Where They Once Saw God
Newspaper article.

Lifton’s Eight Criteria of Thought Reform
Includes how it has been used by leaders of any high demand, authoritarian group.

Where is the True Church?

Questioning HWA’s doctrines:

British-Israelism–True or False?
(HWA was the most successful proponent of British-Israelism in the 1930s to 1970s.)

Herbert Armstrong: Mr. Confusion (excellent transcription; covers many of HWA’s doctrines)

What Were We Really  Believing in the WCG Era?
Did HWA have some good basic Christian doctrine, or could it have been “doctrines of devils”?

A Brief Biography of Herbert W. Armstrong (1892-1986) [offsite link]


For more, see our section: Grace & Law (includes articles on tithing, Sabbath, sin, Mystery of the Ages critical reviews, HWA’s Sabbath booklet review, and much more.)


“Thou maketh this people to trust in a lie.” ~Jeremiah 28:15