PCG, being the experts in mind control like they are, have now shifted the failed Trump prophecy of Gerald Flurry to say it was really “God’s prophecy.” I am going to quote some of the words that SF said (Trumpet Daily Radio, January 20, 2021), which will show how he does this in a subtle way instead of owning up to a false prophecy. Repetition is also a part of mind control. (my comments will be in purple)

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“It’s God’s Work and this is uppermost in God’s mind. This is the most important activity on earth.” [First, get them to focus on the Work. The main reason they are here.]

“Forget about the miracles that we expect today, or in the next several days, or the coming weeks. Think about the miracle of God sending His family to a place of protection of this earth, swallowing up an army.” [Next, divert their attention to a miracle in the future where they expect to be saved from the horrors of the coming Great Tribulation.]

“These are the kinds of parting of the Red Sea miracles that we are going to have to expect.” [Keep using the word “miracle”since GF had caused them to expect one earlier.]

“And we can’t–as it says in Romans 4–stagger at the promises of God. We just want to believe, to just trust God, to just know that God will take care of His Word, He will take care of His people. And God’s prophecies are sure.” [Tell them if they do their part and make sure they trust God, He will take care of it. Repeat again about “God’s prophecies.”]

“It’s up to God how He works these events out. It’s His prophecy; it’s not the prophecy of Gerald Flurry.” (Amos 7) God’s the one that inspired it. God’s the one that recorded it.” [Shift their attention from GF’s prophecy to “God’s prophecy.”]

“It says the land won’t be able to bear the words of God’s servants. That hasn’t yet happened.” [Remind them they will be going to the Place of Safety. Let them anticipate it.]

“Then you have the confrontation there between God’s servant and that evil priest. That hasn’t yet happened. So how’s it going to happen? How’s it going to unfold? God knows.” [Mention more events that haven’t happened yet while keeping their mind in a questioning state. Then move back to “only God knows.”]

“But in the end what God wants us to do is simply rest, in faith, to carry on with relaxed faith and to trust Him.” [Again, tell them their part is to rest in faith; forget the rest. Forget what you were expecting. Forget those thing which are behind.]

“If there’s more that we need to understand about certain prophecies, God adds that to our understanding as He sees fit. But it’s “God’s prophecy.” (Amos 7 prophecy) [Repeat again that it is “God’s prophecy.”]

“God could have intervened January 6 and He probably did intervene in certain ways that we know not of.” [Give them a little reassurance that something probably did happen on the day of the election.]

Tries to apply the words in II Kings 14:26 to Trump: “He has no help. He’s virtually alone, and the affliction is bitter.” [Throw Trump into the equation at this point. Let them know that part came true.]

“I want to put your minds on the prophecies of God. … This is the sure word of God’s prophecy.” [Shift their attention again from GF’s prophecy to “God’s prophecy.”]

(Talks about how GF “in the beginning of the Trump administration, came to recognize that I Kings 14:26-27 was a prophecy for the Israelite’s modern descendants.” [Don’t let them forget that GF is that Prophet and they are modern-day Israel.]

“This, as I say, is God’s prophecy and how this works out, how this unfolds, is up to God to bring this about.” [Repeat again that this is “God’s prophecy.” It wasn’t GF’s prophecy.]

“One thing that we can all safely say is that we are in the very last days.” [Toss in some fear.]

“These prophetic events are accelerating. … God is making one final pass in hopes that our people will repent. [Give them more fear.]

“God sets the time that these prophecies will be fulfilled, that these prayers of ours will be answered. He sets the time. And it’s an acceptable time. And He’s never late. God is always on time.” [Help them see that it wasn’t a failed prophecy of GF’s. It is up to God to set the time.]

Reading from HWA’s “Plain Truth About Healing” booklet: “God has a thousand different ways to answer our requests, our prayers. A thousand different ways to fulfill His prophecies. … we don’t need to see how He is going to do it, or even when.” [Make them realize that it wasn’t really a failed prophecy. God has a thousand ways to fulfill it because it is His prophecy. They don’t need to know how or when (contrary to what GF previously had predicted), they don’t really need to know that.]

Then reads how HWA says, “How many of us in recent weeks, or months, or even years have tried to figure it all out? This is surely the way it is going to happen.” [Place the blame on them for the failed prophecy.]

“God … will do it His way and in His time. Leave all that to Him and just trust Him.” [Don’t even think about what GF predicted and how it didn’t come to pass. Your part now is to leave that to God and just trust Him.]

By L. S.
Exit & Support Network™
January 20, 2021

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