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Brief History:

Garner Ted Armstrong founded the Intercontinental Church of God and The Garner Ted Armstrong Evangelistic Association, both located in Tyler, Texas. He taught many of the same doctrines that his father, Herbert W. Armstrong taught.

GTA (along with Guy Carnes and Benny Sharp) later founded the Church of God International (CGI) in 1978.

The Church of God International Board of Directors finally removed GTA in 1998 from all positions he held in the church.

After parting ways with the CGI, Garner Ted Armstrong founded the Intercontinental Church of God in 1998 (Tyler, TX).

Garner Ted Armstrong died of pneumonia at age 73 in a Tyler, Texas hospital on September 15, 2003. His organization has a small TV outreach, plus a few radio stations. Intercontinental Church of God, in association with The Garner Ted Armstrong Evangelical Association, publishes the Twenty-First Century Watch.

After GTA’s death, his son Mark Armstrong (of ICG) continues to carry on GTA’s work.

Garner Ted Armstrong continued to believe until the very end that he was “God’s messenger” with the “truth of the Gospel.”


Intercontinental Church of God believes God is a “family” consisting of two beings but that God is “reproducing himself through mankind.” Jesus is considered the “second member of the God family.” The Holy Spirit is the “spiritual extension of God,” and is considered to be only a force. The salvation process according to ICG is includes being called by God (into the true church), repenting of sins, baptism by immersion, receiving the Holy Spirit by having hands laid on, then “living a life of faith and obedience” (which includes obeying the Law which includes the 7th day Sabbath, annual O. T. holy days and tithing), and finally being born into God’s Kingdom as a spirit being. They also hold to a 2nd resurrection where “all those who never had a chance to understand God’s way” (i. e. Herbert Armstrong’s dogma) will be given their “first opportunity.” Those who don’t quality and reject “God’s way” will be thrown into the Lake of Fire where they will be annihilated. ICG does not believe we go to Heaven or Hell. Many of their beliefs are very similar to what Herbert Armstrong taught. Read: Herbert Armstrong: Mr. Confusion.

Requesting Removal of GTA:

Communiqué Requesting the Removal of Garner Ted Armstrong

  • This document was directed to HWA in 1973, expressing why GTA was not spiritually qualified to remain in high office. As a result, these ministers were slandered and accused. Also mentions that God does not deal with His church at this time by “special revelation.”

Immorality of Garner Ted Armstrong:

Letter Regarding the Immorality of Garner Ted Armstrong

  • This excellent letter was distributed to the Church of God International brethren and may be applied to all cases of evil that is propagated by those who have absolute power, no matter the name of the group. Covers whether we can judge another’s behavior.

Much has been written on other websites regarding GTA’s lifestyle and how he constantly made excuses and covered up his sins. How can members continue to trust these kinds of leaders to lead them in the inspired Word of God?

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January 2020
Updated February 18, 2020


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