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This is a sermon transcript sent to ESN. It covers PCG’s claim that Isaiah 22 is the chronology of PCG. It also covers how Laodiceans are contacting PCG.

BM=Brad Macdonald
GF=Gerald Flurry

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This sermon by Brad Macdonald was predominantly focused on the Laodiceans being in Isaiah 22. It was very long and very boring–which is par for the course with PCG–therefore, I am only going to emphasize his more ridiculous and ludicrous statements. He quoted several times from GF’s booklets on Isaiah and The New Throne of David.

Isaiah 22 is a Chronology of PCG

BM: “This chapter is really a biography of the Philadelphia Church of God.” “We see the entire chronology of the PCG in this chapter all the way from its inception to when they are taken to a place of safety.”

BM: “All the big events are mentioned in Isaiah 22: Laodicean’s rebellion; GF’s epic meeting with Joseph Tkach, Jr. on December 7, 1989; the court case; raising of the ruins; Armstrong College; the destruction of God’s house [Armstrong Auditorium]; the change in the stone and the throne; being taken to the place of safety. It’s all in this one chapter.” [BM covered all of these topics, plus more, in detail, which dragged the sermon out forever.]

BM: “When God uses the term Jerusalem, it is a reference to PCG.” “This chapter began to be revealed to GF on the date the Supreme Court rejected our appeal. … On that day God began revealing these prophecies in Isaiah 22. But not all at one time.”

Message in Isaiah Primarily for the Laodiceans

BM: “The message today is primarily for God’s lukewarm people [the Laodiceans] who don’t have their focus on God. They are sick spiritually” … “We are living Isaiah 22 in terms of our contact with the Laodiceans.”

BM: “A lot of Laodiceans are anxious and growing fearful …They are aware of the prophecies by HWA but then they are just too caught up in materialism.” “They aren’t dead physically, but they are dead spiritually.” …

BM: [Talked about “eternal death” to come upon the Laodiceans and] “Now is the time to pray even more for our Laodicean family as we get closer to the return of Christ.”

Laodiceans Reaching Out to the PCG

BM: “I think more and more Laodiceans are willing to think about some of these prophecies, expressing interest in the PCG.” “PCG is experiencing a growing number of Laodiceans reaching out to the PCG. Across the world. We are seeing more from LCG, and United and Global [Global UK] call us up and want a visit and it’s really, really wonderful and it’s really, really positive.”

BM: “When I talk to a Laodicean I am amazed at how damaged that Laodicean mentality is.” …”These people are just so casual and so relaxed.”

BM: “I have yet to see a Laodicean that comes in and says, ‘I have rebelled and I need to repent and I need to change my behavior and I’ve been fighting God all of these years and I cast his Truth to the ground, and I’ve been repenting about that and now I want to change my way.'”

BM: “They don’t come in with that mentality, but that’s where they try to get them to.”

BM: “Some of these Laodiceans are paying tithes to PCG but still attend their Laodicean church.” … “They are trying to rescue themselves, but it doesn’t work.”

BM: “Understanding Vs 11 of Isa 22 is the key to understanding chapter 22.” … “This truth [about it not being enough to just read and study] is the key in understanding the whole Bible.” … “Receiving new revelation is a mind-shaking miracle of God.”

What Laodiceans Did in Australia Was Diabolical

BM: [Mentioned a handful of people in Australia that left PCG and said one of the core reasons they left was because “they had an issue with what God has done with the Throne of David and GF being made the King on the throne of David.”

BM: “These people gave GF 3 l/2 years to change that teaching and then they left.”

BM [raises his voice and says what they did] “it was diabolical.” …”Someone who reasons like that does not know God! And they don’t have a relationship with God or their relationship with God is dysfunctional!

Wouldn’t Have Half Our Understanding Without Gerald Flurry

BM: “In Isaiah 22:20-23 Eliakim is a type of GF and Hilkiah is a type of HWA.” … “GF is a spiritual father of the church today and so is HWA. We wouldn’t have half the understanding that I am talking about to you today without GF being our spiritual father.” “God feeds us through Gerald Flurry; God counsels us through GF; God admonishes and directs us through GF.

BM: [talks about the work in Judah] “GF is also a father to the Jews in Israel today where GF is the leader of a powerful Work in Judah.”

BM: “GF has a massive responsibility and he has the key.” (Isa 22:22) “He’s opening and closing doors.

BM: [Mentions the archeological dig] “It’s all about the throne of David” … “In 2017 God actually brought the Throne of David into the church.” [Then he yells], “And finally David is resurrected and sits on this throne!” “It’s all in Isaiah 22.”

BM: Isaiah 22:23. “The nail in a sure place refers to GF.”

BM: “As we encounter more persecution, people will think we are crazy. But we are simply giving ourselves passionately to God.”

BM: [reads verse 24 of Isa 22] “Eliakim will be given a glorious throne.” [David’s throne] “This is talking about GF.”

BM: “Isaiah 22:25 refers to God’s people going to the Place of Safety and taking the Throne of David with us.”

This sermon was all about a so-called physical work that PCG is doing. It did nothing but elevate GF and HWA which amounts to worship of man. It’s amazing how GF can see so much of himself and PCG in these O. T. books.

Arranged by AJW
Exit & Support Network™
January 26, 2021

COMMENT by ESN: GF and his ministers never mention in their sermons that the Lord Jesus Christ is the center of Scripture.

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