Best of the Letters From 2000


Having My Eyes Opened to How Evil These Churches Are:

I am so glad to have found your website. I’ve been searching the web for sites on Herbert W. Armstrong and or the Worldwide Church of God and or cults. You see I was an member of the WCG, PCG and RCG for a total of 18 years and only now am I beginning to have my eyes open to how truly evil these so called churches really are. I have much to say and many questions but the time is not right yet. Thanks for your help so very much. Yours truly, –Exiter

Flurry Starts Building Project with Golden Shovel!:

Flurry is working with a golden (!!) shovel as a start of their building project on “Gods land” as they call it. There’s a photograph on the front page of the Philadelphia News; of Flurry standing on a carpet and in his hand is a shovel. Under the photograph one can read that the shovel is made of gold. You know that HWA often stated “God loves quality.” Flurry has carefully listened to his example HWA. –Exiter of PCG

Second Thoughts About Joining PCG:

Have just found some interesting info via your website and am wondering if it would be possible to get a copy of the police report regarding Gerald Flurry.

I was considering joining the PCG but now have considerable second thoughts. –J. A.

I Saw Things That Were Lacking:

I gained interest while living in California via the TV series from the WWCG program The World Tomorrow.

I had already started to see things I did not agree with while taking their Bible study course. When the program seemed to go off the air, and I began receiving strange answers to my letters to the WWCG, I just dropped them. One day a program came on TV called the Key of David with Gerald Flurry. At first it was somewhat interesting in that they mentioned they had been associated with the WWCG and Herbert Armstrong. But I began seeing what appeared as “White Supremacist” attitudes and with some of their literature “lacking.” I have just gone back to the only real book you can believe in, the Bible.

I will have to admit that I stumbled on your information on the NET concerning Armstrong and Flurry by accident and am a bit shocked. I suppose I was gullible, but it was the first time anyone started actually answering my questions about the Bible itself.

I have disposed of the literature already. I intend to pick up a copy of David Robinson’s book [Tangled Web]. My plan is this: I have a set of Bible Encyclopedias, a Bible dictionary, and my little half worn out street language Bible, and that’s what I am sticking to unless someone has a better idea.

My original plan is correct: stop looking for someone else to get answers from and just pick up the Owners manual that came with us from the factory (Bible) and start through it bit by bit. Thanks for the help. I do appreciate it. –New Mexico

“Buyer Beware” of PCG:

As a former member of the PCG, I find the letters people write about the PCG to be very familiar. The leader of this group is only interested in power, prestige and money. Also he likes a lot of titles, one is found in John 1:21, the prophet mentioned in this verse refers to him–so says the leader of this group. People looking into this group should heed the old saying “buyer beware.” In the future this group may be in the news for reasons not so good. The leaders in this group are very controlling and have plenty of deceived people to lead around like sheep to the slaughter. –Former PCG member (and glad of it)

Flurry Building an “Imperial College”

By the way, did you know that Gerald Flurry is building a college in Oklahoma? It will be called Imperial College. I read about him on your website and have watched him on TV from time to time. He comes on early Sunday mornings here. As you know, I just like to see what the spin-offs of the old WCG are doing. I can’t imagine how he gets the money for the TV and for the College. Do you have any ideas? Do you think it was the same funding source that HWA had? –Virginia

Brother in PCG:

Can you help me get my brother out of the PCG? They are turning him against his family. I was nearly taken in by them but fortunately I escaped. They are bleeding him dry of money and want to know where every penny he has goes to or how he is spending it. I feel so sorry for him. How can I get him to see sense? They even preformed an illegal marriage ceremony and now he has a partner that is bleeding him dry too. It’s getting desperate. He thinks that any thing good that happens is because he has tithed more and anything bad that happens is because of his evilness and he hasn’t been praying enough. Every three months he gets very drunk and phones me to ask for help but he is in London many miles away, and the minister gets there before me and tells him to give more money and pray more and this will keep him in the church or they will throw him out. He sounds desperate and often threatens suicide but then he is all mixed up about his eternal life. Please help. What can I do to get him out and away from these maniacs. Yours Sincerely, — Scotland

Comment: This person has received a personal reply.

Flurry Once Said “No time to Build a College”

Concerning the “Imperial College” that Gerald Flurry is building. I remember Flurry telling members that there was “no time to build a college.” That was back in `95 or `96. –N.C.

Gerald Flurry Looked Like a Drunken Bum:

What an amazing website! I’ve spent all night reading, reading, reading, and I’ve just begun. I wanted to see what you had to say about Gerald Flurry–I knew him in 1973-1974 when he visited me a couple times when I lived in CA in 1979-1980, as my pastor in WA in 1987 when I stopped by to visit him in his home in Edmond, OK (both he and his wife had changed so much from 1980), and in 1994 when I wrote him a letter telling him what a bum he was. (I didn’t know he was a drunken bum, but I told him he looked like one on his TV program a pal had taped for me. I also bawled him out for getting his daughter to steal for him 20,000 addresses of “Armstrongites” from WCG’s computer files. No wonder Gerry won’t come down to the lobby of his headquarters to say hello to me! Twice he’s been “too busy” so the last time I stopped by, 1998, I hollered real loud so all his workers could hear, “Tell Gerry I just stopped by to give him a big hug!”

IMHO, you present your views in very balanced tones. I appreciate your way of presenting the issues. Thank you. –Arkansas

Flurry Saying We are in the “Last Hour”:

I am leaving the Philadelphia Church of God. I have been a member for over 10 years. I submitted to government even when common sense told me the ministers were dead wrong, because I was taught not to argue with a minister or question them. I went along with the new revelation, even when it didn’t make any sense. Gerald Flurry is proclaiming now that he has had revelation that, starting on May 5, 2001, we are in the “last hour.” –Anonymous


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