Best of the Letters From 2004


Disfellowshipped on Trumped Up Charges:

February 18, 2004

I am so grateful to have found you. My eyes are now open, but I know I still have much healing to do and much to understand and unlearn. My wife and I are currently “suspended” from the PCG on trumped up charges. Dennis Leap, the regional director since about 2001, seems to be using any and every excuse to remove the men and their families that had been placed “in charge” of local congregations by his predecessor, Wil Malone, who is now dead [since 1-27-04]. He was previously a minister in WCG, joining PCG in April 1990. We were suspended without a chance to answer the charges, or bring forth witnesses on our behalf (there are many). Leap has also mentioned that he has suspended the contact man in [another congregation] because he could not hold down a steady job. I could only feel sorry for that man, because there are many in that same boat in this economy. The PCG seems to equate wealth with righteousness, though not officially. I looked up Dennis Leap on the web and found you.

We have had some contact from members who seem to know what is going on. Otherwise, so much for leaving the ninety-nine to go after the one.

Sincerely, –Cut off from PCG

Dennis Leap Is a Dangerous Man:

March 4, 2004

I was saddened to read of the family put out on a whim by Dennis Leap. He is a truly dangerous man who will mess up people’s lives for no other reason than to prove that he has the power to do it. He has a long history of doing exactly the sort of things the person described–putting people out with no reason, listening to gossip, not letting people defend themselves. He does these things to feed his ego and instill fear of him into remaining members. He wants people to approach him “with fear and trembling.” He is the one who put Flurry into the position he is in now. Without Dennis Leap’s guidance, Flurry would just be a minor player. Dennis Leap was the one who instilled the idea of absolute power in the ministry into Flurry. Leap is the one who stressed that the ministry is not to mingle with the peasant congregants. Leap has been the driving force behind the PCG. He is as dangerous in his own way as Hitler was. I hope the people who were put out will find their way into an improved fear-free way of life. –Former PCG member

Update: Read: Glad Dennis Leap Finally Recognized as the Insane Man He Was (June 16, 2014 letter to ESN)

Also read May 19 letter below: “More About Dennis Leap and PCG”

Flurry Claiming to Be Prophet That Moses Spoke of:

March 15, 2004

Gerald Flurry’s recent sermons are full of gloom and doom for all people who do not believe in him as “that Prophet.” He is setting himself up as the only name whereby people can be saved. He has even claimed to be the Prophet that Moses spoke of to come from among the brethren. He is placing himself in Jesus’ place. –Affected by PCG

Comment: Read: Biblical Titles Gerald Flurry Has Appropriated for Himself

Gerald Flurry’s Prophecies Failing to Come to Pass:

March 16, 2004

I find it almost amusing (if it weren’t so tragic) that GF is so insistent on his being a prophet, when he has never really made a prophecy that came to pass. The Blacks have not rioted and burned all the big cities, even during the major blackout up north. California is not suffering any more than can be expected by an overpopulated, poorly regulated area. The people that lost their homes in the fires were wealthy for the most part and probably well insured. This winter the northeast suffered far worse. Other countries have had far worse earthquakes. Iran suffered horribly, though it has been singled out as “The King of the South” who is supposedly becoming more and more powerful. The first Gulf War did not really start on Jan. 16,1990 as he claims. I remember well that it was Jan. 17 in the Gulf and Jerusalem when the war started. His pick for the presidential winner of Germany in 2003 did not win. The only prediction he made with any certainty was that he would “win” in court and have the right to publish HWA’s books. In fact, when he made that prediction, he was already in negotiation for the books and knew he could buy them for enough money. He did not “win” anything, but he did make a “deal with the Devil,” something he claimed he would never do. He puts all his claim to being a prophet on “Malachi’s Message” being revealed to him by God Himself, when there is ample proof that he stole the whole book from another man. He is a total fraud, and getting more dangerous as time passes. –K. J.

UPDATE: Read: PCG Did NOT Win a Victory in Court in the WCG vs. PCG Court Case (2007 letter to ESN from Attorney at Law)

Flurry’s Past Arrest for Drunken Driving Confirmed:

March 18, 2004

I took the time this morning to call the University of Oklahoma Police Dept. to confirm the arrest of Gerald Flurry on 9-18-93. The officer that answered the phone actually remembered the arrest himself and gave me the number of the Court Clerk who looked it up in public records and verified it. I taped my phone calls this morning, so that should answer my husband’s doubts about the authenticity of the arrest. This shows that he has some pretty serious character flaws. –Former PCG member

Comment: The contact page for the University of Oklahoma Police Department.

I am Leaving PCG:

March 20, 2004

I am a former member of the WCG and am now a member of the PCG, but I am leaving the PCG. I haven’t attended for a number of weeks now.

Thanks to you and all the information on the Internet I am really starting to learn the truth about mind controlling “churches” and I am so very thankful that I found you, quite by accident (or did someone lead me there?).

I have printed out and studied about 500 pages of fantastic info now and I am not finished yet. There is so much out there and much to learn. I can hardly wait each day to get on my computer and continue on being educated on cults and how they get you hooked and then can destroy peoples lives.

Warm Regards, –Leaving PCG

Marvin Campbell One of PCG’s Cruelest Enforcers of “Government”:

March 22, 2004

PCG’s latest sermon was by Marvin Campbell and was about “love” and “forgiveness” that the brethren should have for each other. Fine and dandy, except that he is one of the cruelest enforcers of the “government.” He has tossed members out and told them they have no hope of returning. He (and others) require years of reading and rereading their books before a person can be considered for baptism. They must bring forth “fruits of repentance” before then. That basically means they must be sending in huge amounts of money. He and the ministers under him require large salaries from new members. That is some kind of proof of righteousness. –Just left PCG

Update: Read: Examples of a Tightly Controlled System (Philadelphia Church of God) (shows copies of three documents faxed from HQs. Covers rules for: Bible Studies; PCG picnics and socials and valid baptismal counseling. Has Marvin Campbell’s signature on them.)

Update 9-2007: Marvin Campbell is now legally blind, due to untreated diabetes.

Update 2013: Marvin Campbell died September 20, 2013.

Feels Good to Know the Real Truth About Scripture:

April 5, 2004

I want to thank you and your workers for all of the information available on your website. We too have many stories of abusive ministers for all of our experiences in these groups. My husband started seeing that the doctrines did not line up with Scripture about five years ago. I did not want to believe it at first since I was so terrified we would die forever if we left. We stopped attending a little over a month ago. It feels good to know the real truth about Scripture and about the deception we were under for so many years. We have children and do not want them to grow up and feel the way we do. Sincerely, –Former GCG, LCG, UCG, PCG members

Flurry Might Try to Change Mystery of the Ages’ Chapter:

April 7, 2004

Keep an eye on the posted MOA especially in the chapter about the church. It is possible that it will be changed from what was written by HWA to allow for the appearance of a new “prophet” in the end-time. It would be a major offense to members if Gerald Flurry dared to change the books of HWA now that he can. I read that he disfellowshipped a member who dared to post the works for free online a while back and put out a CD of HWA’s unabridged works. Flurry has felt free to change so much of what HWA taught with the excuse that “he could not understand” what was going to happen after he died. That is, after all, one of the charges he made against Tkach.

I just looked in the original copy of MOA in the chapter “Mystery of the Church.” Under the subhead “One Church with One Government” is the following paragraph: “The prophets set in the foundation of the Church are those of the Old Testament, whose writings were used to form a considerable part of New Testament and gospel teaching and functioning. No prophets are mentioned as having either administrative, executive or preaching functions in the New Testament Church.” I believe that the entire books are available online at the PCG website. At least that is what we were told. I would not be surprised if Flurry doesn’t change that paragraph very soon, if not already. There are a few places where HWA stated that the revelation was complete in the Bible, and that there was no further need for prophets. It might be worth looking into. –Former PCG member

Flurry Has Already Changed Mystery of the Ages!

April 13, 2004

I wrote to you before [see previous letter] and just wanted to let you know that Gerald Flurry has already changed Mystery of the Ages! I knew he was going to make at least one change as soon as he got the copyrights. So, I ordered the PCG version, around December 2003, as soon as they were available and the remaining stocks of previously printed copies were gone.

In chapter 6 – Mystery of the Church; Section – One Church with One Government, page 244-245 of the WCG version:

“No prophets are mentioned as having either administrative, executive or preaching functions in the New Testament Church”

This was deleted from the Philadelphia Church of God copyrighted version on page 245.

Gerald Flurry is not very thorough though!

In chapter 7 – Mystery of the Kingdom of God; Section – Education in the World Tomorrow, page 350 of the WCG version states:

“All teaching came from Christ through the apostles—and a few times Christ communicated to apostles via the prophets (of which there are none in God’s Church today since the Bible for our time is complete). God’s Church today, as in the first century, receives its teachings from the living Christ, through an Apostle, just as in A.D. 31.”

Gerald Flurry, for whatever reason (probably ignorance), failed to remove this from the PCG copyright. [Note by ESN: See Update below]

Here’s a quote from a sermon given by Gerald Flurry called “Amos 9:1” given on 11-11-00. He is referring to HWA & MOA:

“Look how he praised that book brethren! He said it was the second most important book on this earth, next to the Bible. And 95% of his own people don’t even want it…..Because, it doesn’t mesh and square with what they’re teaching. That’s why they don’t want it. They’re heathen or worse!!

Well, at least we know what Gerald Flurry thinks of himself!!

I have scanned the changes onto my computer in PDF. If you would like a copy, just let me know!
–Tony Perrigan (Former PCG member (Disfellowshipped by Wilson Magruder and Marvin Campbell for asking questions like these!!)

Comment: ESN has the 1985 hardback version of the book which was 363 pages (not counting the Scripture Index and Subject Index).

Update: Read: How Did PCG Justify Deleting and Changing Words in Mystery of the Ages? (article by ESN)

Gerald Flurry’s Changes in Mystery of the Ages:

April 17, 2004

I wanted to obtain a copy of Mystery of the Ages under the new PCG copyright to see if my hunch would come to pass….and it did!

I was expecting Gerald Flurry’s most paramount changes to be the deletion of Herbert Armstrong’s sentence on the top of page 245 that refers to the non-function of a prophet in the New Testament Church. Here is a quote of the deleted sentence from the 1985 (HWA) printing of Mystery of the Ages:

“No prophets are mentioned as having either administrative, executive or preaching functions in the New Testament Church.”

This quote was still in the reprint that was first offered by the PCG. But now that Gerald Flurry has the copyright he has the legal ability to finally get rid of this very condemning sentence once and for all. Funny thing is–he left a similar statement on page 350. I guess Flurry doesn’t know MOA very well.

I provided the first two scans from the PCG reprint before they obtained the copyright and the last two scans of the copy with the PCG copyright.

I haven’t found anything else yet–my main interest was this quote because I knew he was going to cover his tracks at every opportunity, especially on this one.

I’m sure you remember how Gerald Flurry would blast the WCG for altering Herbert Armstrong’s books and it now appears he is doing the very same thing. Flurry can condemn all the other offshoot leaders all he wants, but he is the only one that is guilty of doing the same thing as Mr. Tkach….tampering and changing “revelation from God” and casting truth to the ground!

How many times have I heard, referring to anyone who changes MOA, Flurry say things like, “You can’t do things like that and retain your birthright!” or “What kind of twisted mind can do something like that? They’re heathen or worse!”

Gerald Flurry is such a hypocrite and condemns himself with his own words. I have the sermons with these quotes if anyone wants to verify them. They were from Flurry’s sermon, “Amos 9:1” given on November 11, 2001. I have listened to almost every sermon Gerald Flurry has given since 1994 and I am amazed at how many times he contradicts himself or HWA, flip-flops and even worse….stretches the truth!

Bottom line is, Gerald Flurry doesn’t have a government leg to stand on!!

–Tony Perrigan (Former PCG member)

Comment: In some 1985 copies of MOA this sentence may start at the bottom of page 244. In the 1985 first edition paperback the quotes start on page 202. Here is the original sentence (and which Flurry changed):

“The prophets set in the foundation of the Church are those of the Old Testament, whose writings were used to form a considerable part of New Testament and gospel teachings and functioning.” Read: Herbert W. Armstrong stating that there is “no prophet today.”

Read: Flurry also changed and removed certain words from Herbert Armstrong’s booklet, The Proof of the Bible.

Craig Winters Was Trying to Scam the Elderly in FL and Now Culpepper is Doing Same Thing:

April 18, 2014

I was told by a very reliable source that when Craig Winters (former Regional Director of Southeast U.S.; no longer a minister) was living in Florida, he was trying to scam the elderly (retired people) by getting them interested in PCG. Now it sounds like Cal Culpepper is doing the same thing! There are a lot of retired people in Florida. –[name withheld]

Estates Being Left to PCG:

April 18, 2004

When I was working with J. Tim Thompson, sometimes he would kind of boast about estates being left to the PCG, and his job of doing the probate. He often had to travel to settle estates. Sometimes family members [those outside PCG] caused difficulty for him. He also boasted of his efforts to get people to do what I think is called a Living Trust, making his job much easier, because they essentially sign over ownership of cars, houses etc., while alive so that as soon as they die, the church would become sole owner without going through any probate process. I feel this was abusive, because he distributed instructions on how to do it at the same time as preaching that using doctors was like worshiping Satan, and you had to have the faith to face death. (“Oh by the way since you are going to die, here is how to sign over all of your possessions.”)

This process was part of a scare tactic–if you didn’t obey, you might lose your eternal salvation and go to the lake of fire. This is the main issue in my mind. That sermon was instrumental in convincing me to make a stand and take the risk of being disfellowshipped, which is what happened. I was in Edmond when he spoke of that sermon before giving it. I wrote him a letter asking him to include certain balancing comments. He ignored the letter. After I overheard the Ministerial conference sermon, I again wrote and urged him not to distribute it. He again ignored it. After I returned to [the eastern coast], the tape was played and the instructions on creating the Living Will or trust were distributed to the members. I was very pissed. I appealed to the deacon there to withdraw the tape and he ignored me too. –Former PCG member

Update: Read December 7, 2005 letter: “Flurry’s Hold on His Elderly Followers is Greater Than I Ever Expected.” Mentions what Tim Thompson said about estates.

Leap Was Once Chastised by Flurry for Saying There Were Errors in MM:

May 19, 2004

Dennis Leap once gave a sermon on Malachi’s Message and said that there were errors in it. Flurry had a fit when he heard about it and Leap was chastised in a blistering sermon. Yet GF himself continues to revise MM! Leap was never raised in rank from a pastor after that. I think Dennis Leap is a bully and a tyrant. –Former PCG member

Update: Read 2005 letter: Dennis Leap, Malachi’s Message and Mark Nash which says Dennis Leap helped to write [re-write] Malachi’s Message to make it sound like Gerald Flurry did it on his own.

More About Dennis Leap and PCG:

May 19, 2004

I remember the very sermon this person is talking about [see preceding email]. Yes, Leap was corrected big time. His wife left the meeting room in tears. I really believe that every time Leap is cruel to a member, he is getting “revenge” on GF, much the same as a senior club member passes on hazing to the new recruits. Everybody in the PCG knows that is why he has not been raised in rank. Nothing in the PCG is ever forgiven or forgotten. Leap himself told us that he keeps files on all the members that he has any information about. He feels free to pull out information, even years later, to use against a member. He also feels free to blab information about one member to another which should never be revealed. He has often told about people he has put out during sermons. He doesn’t name names, but gives enough information to let people know whom he is speaking about. Many of these sermons have gone out to the whole church. I know for a fact that many members dislike Dennis Leap and avoid services when he speaks. I have even heard Leap ask where everybody was when he got to the podium, because so many seats were empty.

I remember one instance, in particular, in which a poor woman told Leap that God still loved her in spite of her sins. According to Leap, that meant she was taken over by a demon, since God “does not love sinners.” He strongly implied that she was possessed. Many eyebrows were raised that day by members who know the Scriptures better than that. I have been told many times that the quickest way to make a PCG minister mad at you is to quote Scripture when you are corrected by him. Evidently, they do not know the Scriptures well enough to be able to have an honest scriptural debate with a lay member. It is considered an insult to dare quote from the Bible to defend yourself, since you are not a “trained” minister, and says God forbids it if you are a woman. Any such attempt to defend oneself is proof of a “bad attitude.” In fact there is no right to self defense, or ability to call on witnesses, once you have been found guilty by a minister. Members are tried and found guilty before their “trial,” which is simply a formality. The minister is the one who chooses whom to believe and whom to condemn. Evidence is not necessary. Any attempt after that to call on others to come forward as witnesses is seen as causing division and used as an excuse to “mark” the person who has been put out. The only “appeal” is directly to GF, and all such appeals have to go directly through Dennis Leap.

One can only wonder just how many such appeals ever actually reach GF. If they do, can he possibly give them any credence if Leap is the one who put the person out in the first place? That is “justice” in the PCG. –Former PCG member

Also read: Glad Dennis Leap Finally Recognized as the Insane Man He Was (June 16, 2014 letter to ESN)

Very Impressed with Your Review of Mystery of the Ages:

May 19, 2004

I have just finished reading the review of MOA. [Mystery of the Ages review available as PDF download] I am very impressed. I dearly wish I had had such a review of HWA over thirty years ago. I really believe that HWA mainly took advantage of honest, albeit naïve, people who could not believe that someone would purposely lie in order to take control of their lives. I certainly put myself in that category for over thirty years. Unfortunately, his tradition lives on in all of his “offspring.” I keep reminding myself that God does not want what is “mine,” but that God wants “me.” (2 Corinthians 12: 14) Now I instantly put up a red flag whenever someone tries to make me feel obligated to send in money. I will never again allow anyone to come between me and Christ, and no man will ever be able to claim to “speak for Christ,” as I heard Dennis Leap claim. I find that Christ, in the Bible, is completely able to speak for Himself, and my communication to God is directly through the Holy Spirit within me. Thanks again for all you are doing to help those, like me, who need direction to the truth. –Former PCG member

More Info on Imperial College: [Herbert W. Armstrong College]

May 26, 2004

GF mentioned in his latest sermon that next year the student body of IC [Imperial College] will be a grand total of 23. I think it is a shame that he gives the impression on TV that there are considerably more than that. When he shows scenes of the college, it seems that there are many students. But then, can we really expect him to be sincere? The students themselves are kept in near isolation. He has said that they are not allowed movies, TV, wrong music, or Internet access. They can only get together with the opposite sex under strictly structured and approved conditions. They are used to “beautify” the campus. That is slave labor. They work for their tuition at the headquarters. That has put out of work many qualified people who left all to go work there. Other young people, who do not want to be ministers or their wives, are looked down on as somehow “not with it.” On the other hand, the young people are told to expect that they will not be accepted due to lack of space. That puts them in a very awkward position. If they do not apply, they are not with the program, and if they do and are rejected, they are not worthy. No wonder so many young people are leaving. –Anonymous

Update: In 2006 PCG changed the name of Imperial College to Herbert W. Armstrong College.

Malachi’s Message:

June 2, 2004

It is strange that GF encouraged members of the WCG to read his book Malachi’s Message and to test their leaders, but once he snags them, he forbids the members of the PCG from reading any other material in order to test him. He has said many times that supporting the work of the PCG is “your ticket to the Place of Safety.” However, a year or two ago, we were informed in a sermon that just being found “worthy” to go the Place of Safety is not good enough. Once there, we were told, we would be under constant scrutiny by the ministers. Anyone exhibiting a bad or “non childlike” attitude would be put out of the Place of Safety, presumably to die in the Tribulation. To have a childlike attitude turns out to mean that the members must swallow without question every new “revelation” from GF. They certainly must not point out glaring errors in the light of Scripture. Many of the true “elders” have been put out recently. Most of them wind up marked. I suppose that they will be replaced as soon as possible by the new “elders” just graduating from Imperial College. We had ministers like that in the WCG, and none of them had a clue about life in the real world. No matter what problems the members were having the answer was to be more “righteous.” That usually translated into giving even more money to prove where your heart is.

I think it would be a good idea to apply the same method that is being used to review MOA (Mystery of the Ages) to reviewing MM. There are many contradictions and outright errors in it. GF even starts his campaign to “correct” HWA’s misunderstandings in it while blasting the WCG for changing their beliefs. I have the 1992 edition, and it is the fifth revision of the original “revelation” that supposedly was given by the “hand of a mighty angel.” I wonder how many revisions it will take to get it “right”? That mighty angel did not do a very good job, did he? –Former PCG member

Comment: It is common for false teachers to revise their literature every few years. Most members fail to see that if it was a true revelation from God, it wouldn’t need to be revised, or changed, in the first place. Update: [The last revision of Malachi’s Message was 2008.]

Gerald Flurry and His End-Time Prophecies:

June 7, 2004

GF has said there are two things that must happen first before members flee to a place of safety. He decided there would have to be 10,000 members and Jerusalem has to be surrounded by a European army. With the way things are going right now, I don’t know if he will ever get his 10,000. However, he could change his mind or count the children.

His other great hope is that more attacks or natural disasters will strike America. He actually rejoices when bad things happen, because he thinks he is proven “right.” There could be a rapid swelling of membership if the U.S. suffers another massive attack. I think he is counting on it.

He would feel obligated to call for the people [PCG members] to gather up, if these two things happen. I don’t think he is mentally stable any more. –PCG exiter

Death of Tim Thompson:

June 9, 2004

The death of J. Tim Thompson was hard to explain to PCG members since he was not an old man like Wil Malone [Note: Philadelphia Church of God minister Wilbur Malone died January 27, 2004]. He even had a letter that was written by Mrs. Thompson to be read trying to make sense of it.

Tim Thompson was a very high profile minister. Gerald Flurry hired him to take care of PCG’s financial affairs. He and his wife also directed the Feast preparations including using tithe of a tithe to prepare the sites, etc. Mrs. Melody Thompson married him in the PCG. He had been married several times before being “converted” and had spent some serious jail time. His widow is still in charge of the Feast preparations, which is strange since no woman is supposed to “rule over” any man in the organization.

Tim Thompson spearheaded the movement to get people to leave their estates to the PCG. He wrote numerous articles and gave many sermons about how the whole economy was on the verge of collapse. He helped many members write their wills so that their families could not inherit what was left to the church.

Thompson developed a tumor on his neck sometime around 2000, maybe earlier. The whole church witnessed his slow decline. All the while he gave several desperate sermons on healing. It was almost like he was trying to get God to heal him by saying it enough.

When Gerald Flurry went to Canada to fight for the estate of a demented old man [Read: The Strange Story of Uncle George for details], Tim Thompson could not go because he was nearing death. The judge was only told that Thompson was ill. He died a horrible death, strangling on his own cancer. His wife wrote a letter which was read to the whole church in which she stated that he may have died because God knew that if he had lived longer, he might have left the true faith, though she could not imagine that happening. I remember GF talking about this court case in a sermon. He even almost joked about how they kept Tim Thompson’s condition a deep dark secret from the court.

The only way GF can preach healing in the face of deaths like this is to say that God will heal him in the resurrection, thereby keeping His word to heal every time. I don’t know how many times we were told, “If you don’t have the faith to be healed, you don’t have the faith to be saved.”

Therefore, members who go to doctors are showing they do not have the faith to be saved. I personally knew five members, including Tim Thompson, who died terrible deaths in fear of eternal death. I nearly did myself.

So many of us look to your website for help and support. –K. J. (Former PCG member)

Flurry Hints at Jordan for Place of Safety:

June 17, 2004

Gerald Flurry gave a sermon on May 1 (entitled “Judgment, Mercy and Faith”) and he said the following in it:

“God may be giving a special protection to the nation of Jordan. Is it because that is where God’s people [PCG] will be protected during the Tribulation? It certainly does look that way.”

Then the tape continued on with Flurry saying:

“Is God going to take us to a place of safety there? [Jordan] It sure looks like that to me.”

He then quoted from Daniel 11:40-41 in order to substantiate his belief: “And at the time of the end shall the king of the south push at him: and the king of the north shall come against him like a whirlwind, with chariots, and with horsemen, and with many ships; and he shall enter into the countries, and shall overflow and pass over. He shall enter also into the glorious land, and many countries shall be overthrown: but these shall escape out of his hand, even Edom, and Moab, and the chief of the children of Ammon.” Then he said, “Edom, Moab and Ammon is the Jordanian area.”

He also stated:

“I believe I’m God’s prophet.”

Flurry made sure he covered end-time prophecies with his usual loud voice. The sermon was confusing and contradictory. –Oklahoma

Comforting to Know I’m not Alone:

July 27, 2004

I find it so comforting to realize that I’m not the only one that has had this experience. Thank you for putting this ESN website together. I was a little surprised to read stories and feelings that are the same as what I’m going through and have lived through. I don’t feel so crazy and alone now. –Former PCG member

Your Site is Effective in Helping People:

July 30, 2004

Thanks for keeping up the web-site. I believe it’s effective in helping people exit the Armstrong groups, as well as helping people avoid getting into it. I appreciate it that you include help for those not in these groups, but are affected by them. I pray for the Network daily, that God will continue to bless what you’re doing, as well as for you. Flurry’s message on the Key of David Sunday morning was loosely about the “evils” of the Internet. I thought of the Exit and Support Network™ when I was watching it. Obviously, you are doing a good thing. Keep up the good work. –Impacted by loved one in PCG

There is Life Beyond PCG:

August 9, 2004

Exiters need to know that not only is there life beyond PCG, but God wants them to be happy and not depressed and deceived. God can do anything and He can heal all of their wounds and give them a new life, free from all of the lies and deceit and abuse they endured. I feel more safe now knowing that regardless of where, or if, we attend a church, that we do have a relationship with the true Jesus. I know God has not brought us this far to make us fearful now. Once God opens our eyes and we know the real truth who would ever want to go back to any of that hearsay? –Exiter of PCG

I Was Naïve of What Was Happening Around Me in PCG:

August 19, 2004

I am so completely shocked that so much evil and sexual perversion was going on all around me. When I was going to PCG, I knew the ministers were control freaks, but I thought they had morals. I’ve had former members tell me that there was a lot of sexual misconduct among the ministers.

To just mention one thing that was totally inappropriate one Sabbath the minister was correcting me for something when suddenly he looked me up and down and said, “I was going to be real mad at you, but I really like the dress you are wearing.” Plenty of men have made a passing comment of “that outfit looks nice” and I never once thought anything of it, but the way this minister said it made me feel dirty. My dress looked like something Lucille Ball would wear and not at all revealing or skimpy.

I was so trusting and naïve of what was happening all around me. I believed that everyone just wanted to please God and make it into His Kingdom, like it was something we had to qualify for. Before I knew about grace, I thought we were always one step away from losing our salvation if we did not do just as they said.

The whole Armstrong Empire, including all of the split offs, is based on a very evil system.

I noticed on the video taped sermons of GF’s “new revelation” of Daniel that his eyes would shift back and forth rapidly. I have never seen anyone that could do that. It did not even look human. It makes you wonder if these “ministers of God” even believe there is a God. They sure don’t act like it.

Day by day I feel so thankful to God for loving us and taking us out of there out of all of those beliefs. I can see and have faith that He is faithful to never leave us or forsake us. It feels so good to be able to look back and see that even though what we went through was beyond evil, Jesus never left our side. In fact I know He is the only reason I made it through all I did. Jesus truly does seek the lost to save them. The victory I have is in Him that He is faithful and loved all of us so much that he died for us. Flurry claiming to be “Christ in the flesh” is outright blasphemy! What Armstrongism has done to us all is literally spiritual war crimes! I am sure they will all be held responsible for their crimes against innocent people in the Supreme Court in Heaven.

God bless you for what you are doing to help these innocent victims find freedom and healing through our Lord Jesus Christ.–K. S. (Raised in WCG; former member PCG)

In the Process of Leaving PCG:

August 30, 2004

Gerald Flurry didn’t tell the truth about the auction. I was present when he gave this sermon. He said $52,500.00 and $55,000.00 but he didn’t tell us about the 15% auction fee of $16,125.00 + shipping + expense for eight or nine people, so we see more like $123,000.00 +.

I am a PCG member in the process of leaving this Satan’s den and the false prophet and all his so called ministers. I would love to help expose this false prophet. I have ordered the new MOA [Mystery of the Ages], MM [Malachi’s Message] and That Prophet. I wanted to compare them with the old ones I have to see all the changes. I have already stopped tithes. I have read all your letters and that helped me prove a lot of things.

Thank you. –Going to leave PCG

Barbara Flurry Dies:

[The following was forwarded to ESN:]

September 5, 2004

—–Original Message—–
From: Stephen Flurry
Sent: Sun 9/5/2004 6:34 AM
Subject: Sealed

Dear brethren,
My mother’s last gasp of breath happened earlier this morning. She died peacefully at 2:16 a.m., September 5, 2004. About a half hour before she died, she started to moan somewhat – just enough to awaken us – giving us one final chance to encircle her bed, touch her, and tell her how much we loved her. She was a special woman. Our family is rejoicing with God, as yet another saint has been sealed (Psalm 116:15). At the same time, with all that lies ahead for this end-time Work, we will also miss her dearly. Thank you so much for your prayers and kindness. The memorial service is set for Wednesday night, September 8, at 7:00 p.m., at the John Amos Field House.

Mrs. Barbara Flurry Suffered For Years With Health Problems:

September 8, 2004

Mrs. Flurry was a very sweet woman, and I have had several talks with her. She was always willing to listen to anybody. However, she did not use any judgment of her own when it came to religion. She always let her husband tell her what to believe. She suffered for many years from rapid heart beat and high blood pressure. She could have gotten treatment and had a long and healthy life, but she believed her husband. Of course he “prophesied” about her untimely death. That kind of illness, untreated, is fatal.

My questions to Gerald Flurry are these: Whose faith was not strong enough that your wife died? Was there a “sin” she refused to repent of? How can her death in any wise show that God is behind you and what you are doing? How can you expect the members to believe that it is always God’s will to heal? Wouldn’t their faith be strengthened more if God had healed her? Could God be showing His displeasure at your profligate spending?
Finally, how many ministers have now sacrificed their wives on the altar of ego and false doctrines? No one deserves to die like that! No one is happy that she is dead. HWA is ultimately responsible for all these unnecessary deaths. –An ex-member

I Wasn’t Just Having a “Government Problem”:

September 11, 2004

I just wanted to thank you for the work you do here. So many of us are in need of help like this after exiting the Armstrong groups. Reading the testimonials helped me see that I wasn’t just having a “government problem” and helped me come to fully realize I wasn’t in “God’s true church.” –Recent exiter of PCG

Greatly Concerned About the Abuse Those in PCG Are Receiving:

September 30, 2004

A friend, a former member of the original WCG, told me about your website. I just finished reading the letters from former and current PCG members. As a former member and local church elder, I thought WCG was bad, but I am greatly concerned about the abuse PCG members are receiving. My wife and I were in the WCG cult for over 25 years. I cannot find adequate words to express my thanks to God for delivering us out of that fearful existence and leading us to a good, well balanced church. It was all His doing, praise to Him, and yet it was not an easy trip. It took time to get over the withdrawal and transform into a right spiritual condition, about 8 years. It would have been good to have had a support group to help during that time, so I do feel compassion for those who expressed their pain in the letters I just read. You can use my name. I have no need to hide from these creatures [leaders] anymore. We are free. –Topeka, KS

PCG Services Disturbed the Cows!

October 3, 2004

I went to quite a few services in totally unsuitable surroundings, but the all-time worst would have to be holy day services in the basement of a Grange hall. It was a cramped dark damp airless little room, and we had all brought food to eat between services. Services started normally, but a few minutes after we began, we heard a huge commotion upstairs in the main hall. The hall started to fill up with COWS; they were holding a cattle show at the same time as our church services! They clomped directly overhead! The stench was unbelievable! And the funniest thing that happened, the management of the hall came down and interrupted services and told us we couldn’t sing any more hymns because it disturbed the cows! A lot of people left the minute the first service ended because they couldn’t take it anymore, and nobody ate much with the aroma of cattle in the air. –Former PCG member

Your Website Has Been So Informative:

October 6, 2004

I just want to take a moment and thank you for personally taking the time to help people that find themselves or their loved ones in this sort of position and to educate others on cults. Thank you for answering my email. Your website has been so informative. I printed tons of stuff off. –Impacted by loved one in PCG

HWA Said There Was No Longer a King of the South:

November 3, 2004

HWA said there was no longer a king of the south. The reference in question was the booklet entitled, “The Bible, Superstition or Authority?…and can you prove it?” Copyright 1985. These were the final words of the “Elijah” on the subject in the same year as Mystery of the Ages was written. Surely this must be respected as “unchangeable, restored truth.”

The middle of page 30 goes into great detail about how that happened in 1895. The bottom third of page 30 describes the fulfillment of Dan. 11: 40 in the year 1935.

Here are some quotes from pages 30-31 which are only one page before the end of the book:

“1935 came. The hour struck! Mussolini attacked! Now notice verse 40: ‘…and the king of the north shall come against him like a whirlwind, with chariots, and with horsemen, and with many ships; and he shall enter into the countries, and shall overflow and pass over.’ A whirlwind comes in the air, sweeping all before it. Mussolini did send a great air force into Africa! Also many modern ‘chariots’–trucks, tanks, etc.–and ships, loaded with soldiers. More than 100,000 sailed to Ethiopia.

“And, notice it, Mussolini’s forces were to pass over–in the air! It is at this precise point in this astounding prophecy that Mussolini’s struggle in Ethiopia and in World War II ended. Mussolini did not finish the prophecy. There is yet another leader to arise in Europe! Notice what will next happen!”

Now top of page 31:

“Verse 41–“He shall enter also into the glorious land…”–the Holy Land. This is soon to be fulfilled.”

Therefore, according to the “Elijah,” the push from the king of the south has already been fulfilled, as was the attack by the king of the north against him. On page 31 he predicts the “final” revival of the Roman Empire that will take the Holy Land, but not in response to any “push.”

In the middle of page 31, he states:

“…observe that after its conquest by Mussolini, Ethiopia is not again referred to as the king of the south.”

In fact there are no more references to the king of the south. HWA went to great lengths to prove the authority of the Bible through the precise fulfillment of this prophecy in Dan 11. On the top of page 32 he states dogmatically:

“It is so plain, there can be no doubt of its right application!”

That doesn’t seem to leave GF any wiggle room to change that at all.

To sum up, then, according to HWA, the prophecy about the push from the king of the south and its retaliation by the king of the north have already been precisely fulfilled.

The king of the south does not exist any more. Once again, Gerald Flurry has felt free to change the plain teaching of the “Elijah” to suit his own fear agenda. –Ex-member of the WCG/PCG

Comment: HWA said back in 1972 that the king of the south in Daniel 11:40 was Ethiopia, but that the prophecy had already been fulfilled (Middle East in Prophecy, 1972, p. 11-12).

I Now Know That Gerald Flurry is a False Prophet:

November 30, 2004

Just a week and a half ago, I put it all together and now know that Gerald Flurry is a false prophet. A personal Bible study aided by an article on another site helped me to wake up. There were a lot of things just “not clicking” that prompted me along. One is being prohibited from reading “dissident literature” as a sign of mind control. If a church has the truth, then how can “dissident literature” hurt it? It can’t. It’s only when the church is built on lies that church leaders don’t want to be exposed by the truth and thus need to make the “thou shall read no words that may disagree with our way of seeing things” command.

I am grateful for your site and can now begin looking at HWA’s teachings in a new light. After this Sabbath, I’m going to take a huge break from attending any church. I’ll put my faith in Jesus, not in a man, and it will be all right.

Thank you again. –Arizona

PCG Believes it is “Gideon’s Army”:

December 27, 2004

Flurry and his whole ministry is deeply concerned about the financial bottom line. But there is more to their mindset than just that. Flurry used to often say that he expected the PCG to be like Gideon’s Army, a very small but effective force in “delivering the warning message to the world.” Gideon’s army started out with 30,000 and ended up being only 300. [See 12-4 I can remember a lot of sermons from various ministers on this example of how “God only works with a very few to show the world that He is the one doing the Work.” So ministers were not afraid to put people out of the church. I remember ministers even bragging about the number of people they suspended or disfellowshipped. I remember them saying “Christ is measuring the temple and is finding many of you lacking.”

So, essentially the PCG believes that it is “an army” with a direct mission from God. They don’t believe that they have the time, or the mission, of helping people with their problems and such. They want “an effective fighting force” who won’t weigh the ministry down with hours of counseling. They want the “best of the best,” sort of a Church of God Marine Corps or Special Forces. That is why this group is more of a cult than any of the other splinters. They are “specially chosen” to be “Gideon’s Army” in the end-time. (But the only casualties are the members, and their families and friends).

I am sure that Flurry is troubled because he always felt that the money would flow in no matter what the membership numbers were. He’s not getting the large offerings from co-workers that the WCG used to get back in it’s hey day. That’s why he has resorted to getting the elderly to sign their estates over to the PCG, and is now wanting them to tithe on their gross Social Security checks. But all of this is justified in their thinking because this is “war” and you can’t get all sentimental and nice during a war. I have heard him say basically just that. He also used to thunder, “You should all put your own needs and wants on the back burner. The Work gets high priority!” I do think that he believed that as “Christ pruned the vine” new growth would occur, especially after the court case “victory” over HWA’s books. That hasn’t happened. –Former PCG member


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