Best of the Letters From 2015


Relative in PCG Changes:

January 22, 2015

I left PCG a few years ago and have written letters to you before. Recently I have been seeing my [relative in PCG] change so much and be consumed by the group. I’m happy that I found this site. Whenever I have conflict, I go back and read the articles. –Former PCG member [name withheld]

I Pray Those in PCG Will Begin to Question:

January 27, 2015

I am very happy that your Network exists. I am finding out so much. I pray that those in PCG will begin to question many things and get out of that dangerous lion’s den. May God bless and keep you working to help us all. –Former member of PCG

Alex Harrison of PCG a Law-Breaker:

February 2, 2015

Many years ago when Alex Harrison was the Regional Director in Australia, he went overseas as per his job requirements and took a lot of cash with him, supposedly to give to poor members in some Asian country I believe. I was told by Max Rumler that Harrison took more money out of the country than the government allowed to be taken out, and that Harrison could “go to jail” for that. The justification was that we should “obey God rather than man.” –Australia [name withheld]

Update: Alex Harrison died November 29, 2020 (Read: December 2, 2020 letter) and Max Rumler died suddenly on July 16, 2013

Gerald Flurry Cannot Get Away From Bad Press on the Internet:

February 4, 2015

There’s one thing I know for sure. ESN helped me get out of that sick group (PCG) for good. Not only were the testimonies helpful but the free PDF books and articles exposing Armstrongism were just as valuable.

There are people right now probably still in the PCG reading the things on your site trying to make a decision on staying or leaving. ESN has helped many people that you probably are not even aware of. There are people right now still in the PCG sitting and reading your material online like I was and just waiting for the nudge from God to finally break free.

If the PCG people are resorting to unchristian ridicule and mockery of others’ suffering, then it is just another badge of courage for ESN. That’s all they have is ridicule because they do not have the truth on their side and they know it.

Gerald Flurry cannot get away from the bad press on the internet. If you do a search on his name, negative PR comes up much more than the stuff his propaganda ministers crank out. Flurry hates ESN because it exposes him for what his is–a drunken fraud.

We can never let up the pressure on them. I think bad PR on the Internet hurts them much more than they are willing to admit. –Former PCG member

Gerald Flurry Has No True Biblical Understanding:

March 13, 2015

I spent about 3 years in GF’s group, listening to the hatred this man spewed out on a daily basis: hatred against his own people; hatred against the German people he knew nothing about and fabricating story after story about the so called “Beast.” To this day he doesn’t understand who this biblical beast really is.

He’s always fleecing the people for his own gain. He has no true biblical understanding at all and by mistake I came across his TV show [Key of David] where he tells everyone the Germans started WWI and WWII. That man did no research of any kind has no clue about history. Many years ago, I tried to enlighten Dennis Leap about that and what the facts were and I was promptly suspended.

What a blessing that was. I never went back. Some other members also knew what the truth was and left.

GF also spent time in jail for drunk driving and then claimed he wasn’t drunk, just “tired.”

Christ said to love your enemies and be truthful. GF has no clue what that means.

Christ warned us again and again against false religious leaders in the world. All these false groups do is mind control people and fleece them from their goods. Many TV preachers are millionaires ten times over from exploiting people. God protect us all from them.

Hopefully all these testimonies on your site might wake people up, so they can flee all these false prophets. HWA deceived and exploited so many and caused so much damage. –R.

Controlling PCG Ministry Obsesses Over a Cookie Comment:

March 17, 2015

I’d like to tell you just how controlling and obsessed the ministry of the PCG really is.

A couple years after my wife died I decided to take my boys on a little vacation. The South East region of the PCG was having a 4th of July family camp out. I decided to attend with my boys. I signed up and got an email from the event coordinator. The email told me what I should bring and reminded me to bring a few dozen cookies. Well, I had just lost a lot of weight and had health problems so I suggested that perhaps all those cookies would not be the healthiest thing for me to bring. A few days later, I got a call from my minister Aaron Eagle. He got onto me for saying what I did about cookies and told me not to bring it up again. I was shocked!

This is what struck me about this. If the man I made the comment to did not like what I said he should have said something to me but what did he do? He called his local minister who called Craig Winters the Southeastern director who called Cal Culpepper the Northeastern director, who called Aaron Eagle my local minister, who then called me. Two ministers and two regional directors had to get involved over a cookie comment.

I am so grateful that I am free from all the obsessed, controlling ministers of the PCG.

Thank you for your website. –Dan Moffett, KY

Thank You So Much:

April 6, 2015

Thank you so much for the time and commitment you have made to helping others through your website. To say it has been helpful or a lifesaver would be an understatement. I’m not sure you can completely understand the weight and importance of your work, but it is appreciated more than I can express in these few words. Thank you, ESN. I am grateful to you more than you know. –Impacted by PCG

I’m So Glad We Got Out:

April 8, 2015

Only God can end all the misery that comes from being in that place. But letting go and getting back to our lives is the best thing for us. After leaving PCG (in spite of hardships to face), I realized how good life could be–to be able to live free, only answering to a loving God who always has mercy on us for our failings and loves us and helps us. The extra burdens we had being there, trying to be something we were never meant to be, like some kind of Robot that just obeys, and living in fear of everything and every choice we made, fearing retribution of some kind. It was like a poison. I’ve seen some of the members at times and they look poor, sick downtrodden and terrified. They don’t even look like they eat well. I am so glad we got out.

Thank you ever so much for being there, for all of us, and letting us cry on your shoulder. –Former member of WCG and PCG

PCG Losing Members Left and Right:

May 18, 2015

I have been told that PCG is losing members left and right and hardly anyone is going there anymore. A friend I know drove by the meeting place he used to attend and there were only 10 cars there where there used to be around a hundred. –Former member of PCG

Coercing the Wealthiest Members in PCG:

May 19, 2015

I’d like to pass on is how Flurry has coerced and terrified some of the wealthiest members of his cult into leaving everything to him. Even members that are sick and dying have been visited in the hospital by the ministry and told that their money was “meant for God” (i.e., the PCG), and that God made them wealthy so that when they died, it was to be given to PCG, or they wouldn’t make it into the kingdom. As a result of this fear, they have signed over their wealth to the PCG cult.

I’ve run across some who are still in PCG and they have a glare, an odd stare. They almost look under a spell. Really scary. –Former member of WCG & PCG

Comment: Read: “Transfer All Your Assets to Gerald Flurry After You Die”

Latest Royal Vision Contains More of the Same Mumbo-Jumbo:

June 16, 2015

I had the opportunity to look at PCG’s May-June 2015 Royal Vision. I didn’t see anything new or find anything interesting. It was only more of the same mumbo-jumbo that is in all their material; i.e., only Flurry is doing the “Elijah work,” God is using him to knock on the Laodicean’s door before it’s too late; there will be 10,000 saints (PCG members) when Christ returns, ad nauseam. And similar to GTA and his “evolution/creation booklets,” colorful pictures on nature are presented in the middle to make the magazine seem beautiful. Most of what it contains will mess up anyone’s mind. –E. T.

PCG’s Teaching on Health and Healing is Immoral and Dangerous:

July 23, 2015

ESN, Many thanks to you for the good work you’re doing! This concerns the PCG teaching on health and healing. Our family is dealing with loved ones in the PCG who are resisting medical treatment for some very serious conditions. They have placed blind trust in PCG leadership believing that if they can repent more, have more faith, and increase allegiance to PCG health guidelines then their diseases will be healed. In the meantime, their children are torn between what they’ve been taught, watching their loved one turn a blind eye to reality, and the realization that it could cost them their life. It’s frightening to say the least. When pressed about these beliefs, they espouse the teaching almost verbatim from articles such as “Principles of Healthy Living” by Stephen Flurry. The subtle deception in this article is frightening.

It’s immoral and dangerous to teach someone that it’s their lack of faith or sinfulness that causes their illness. They are left to live in a constant state of guilt and striving, all towards a goal that is unachievable. It’s wholly unbiblical to teach that God promises us perfect health if we live according to the guidelines in this article.

This is how deception works–mix error with enough truth to make acceptance palatable. It’s this type of deception that binds people physically and spiritually to error, encourages misplaced loyalties, and results in a lifetime of regret once they realize their error.

Sincerity of belief does not make something true. Unfaltering faith in something that’s untrue will not result in the promises made by folks who wrongly attribute them to God. We can positively affect our health by making wise life choices. But we cannot rid our lives of disease and physical ailment by striving to comply with a set of guidelines falsely promoted as God’s panacea.

We’re praying and working diligently to see the eyes of our family opened and for their physical protection in the meantime. –Impacted by loved ones in PCG.

Comment: Read the lie: “If you are sick, you have broken physical laws and you need to repent!” which explains the truth about this. This article by Stephen Flurry is based on three of the laws in “The Seven Laws of Radiant Health” written in 1955 by Roderick C. Meredith. See our spoof of this article: Rod Meredith’s “Seven Laws of Radiant Health.” (Also see: “What are these ‘Seven Laws of Radiant Health’… from our first critique of Mystery of the Ages, Chapter Six, Pt. 3.) Search for the words when file opens. (PDF)

Double Talk in Stephen Flurry’s Article, “Principles of Healthy Living”:

July 23, 2015

I gagged and choked at the picture of HWA and read what I could stand (which wasn’t much). What I couldn’t stand to read, I did skim over, but it was like reading Rod Meredith’s 1955 article again. There was a lot of “double talk” in it. You didn’t miss anything if you didn’t read it. Stephen Flurry putting HWA on a pedestal was nauseating enough.

Other than that obvious observation, it’s just more aggrandizing of HWA and the PCG and discouraging medical care while saying, “Now, I didn’t say that.” It’s very confusing to someone trying to pin down exactly what is being said, which is typical of much of the HWA and PCG writings.

I’m glad you reposted the spoof: Rod Meredith’s “Seven Laws of Radiant Health.” I had looked for it on the site and online in the past and couldn’t find it. The author did an excellent job and I love the sense of humor. I’m glad it’s back. –W. S.

Father in PCG Causing a Lot of Distress:

August 14, 2015

Dear ESN, I should have come to you sooner, for I have known of you for at least a year, and you appear to be the most organized group against the wrong-doings of the PCG.

For at least [many] years now, my father has been mind-controlled by the PCG, and for this entire time it has been causing a lot of distress in my family with his alienating and imposing beliefs and lecturing about them (i.e., seventh day Sabbath grouchiness, the usual story you’ve seen from other people with this problem). The worst part is he often doesn’t act very Christian towards his own family (fundamentals such as serving others, kindness, patience, understanding, things about human interaction that Jesus emphasized); he only emphasizes the Sabbath, British Israelism, “the Tribulation,” World War Three, and nitpicks things like holiday dates, interpretations, etc. He is sometimes a hypocrite even with regards to those things he lectures about.

He has always been someone that can be easily persuaded by other people to do things … but doesn’t listen to his own family, and is extremely stubborn.

I’ve been wanting to do something about his behavior for years but I feel there is nothing much I can do. I could really use advice. Please note: I think my father already knows about you and was biased against you by the PCG, or a fellow member. –[name withheld]

Comment: This person has received a personal reply.

Look Forward to When They All Drop Dead:

August 24, 2015

The abuse in PCG and other splinters needs to end! I look forward to the day when all these false “apostles, prophets, etc.” drop dead!! I know the deception will continue, but it will be harder to hold on to people. You are doing such good work!! –Former member of PCG

PCG’s Website Looks “Normal,” But Causes Much Turmoil:

August 31, 2015

I am grateful for your site but devastated about my situation regarding my husband and PCOG. He believes this is the true church and remains dedicated to tithing, keeping the feasts, etc.

It is causing great turmoil in our marriage and, due to this group, PCOG, is disintegrating. It’s like my husband is proud of this and claims Jesus says leave father, mother, wife, etc. This group has twisted, corrupt, ministers and the members are fearful and guilt stricken. No religious group should have so much power and destructive capabilities.

How can you not assemble with your loved ones or attend a friend’s funeral because they are “not of God’s character” and that it is against their teachings? Honor thy father and thy mother? Really? And judgment? That’s all PCOG does. I can’t imagine that Cal Culpepper will be teaching after Christ comes. Far from it!

I have a lot of pain from what has happened to my husband. He is fearful and has stopped living. I love him and pray that we will make it. However if we don’t, it will be the PCOG’s influence–100%. For years I have respected my husband’s interest in PCOG (he is not yet baptized); but I have now been challenging the PCOG’s behavior. More so, the ministers who control the organization. It’s a shame that the PCOG website looks so “normal.”

Please pray for me and my husband. –[name withheld]

Comment: Read: To All Who Are Considering Joining Philadelphia Church of God

Something Is Twisted With PCG:

September 22, 2015

The teachings in PCG are nothing but man-made garbage. What they do to members is abuse. I really don’t think this is of God in anyway. The site of PCG looks beautiful. The articles make you say, “Wow, such great beautiful people!” Then you turn on the Key of David, and all those videos by GF are like a horror flick. It’s to make people shake and bow to the PCG. Something is twisted with PCG, including the ministers who are not called by God–and quite a few get the boot. This “church” is a sick business. Thanks for listening. –Anonymous

Gerald Flurry Getting Frail:

October 7, 2015

Gerald Flurry is getting frail. He spoke at the Feast Saturday night in Columbus, Ohio, but instead of being able to stand behind the podium and speak, he had to sit behind a desk on stage. Wayne Turgeon’s son [Grant Turgeon] had to assist him in getting about, too. –Ohio

PCG Only Wanted Tithe Money Even Though Job Was Lost:

November 18, 2015

I was with the PCOG for just over 2 years. I went to lots of their Sabbaths and Friday worship but this became increasingly difficult during the winter months as I was having to leave work 2 hours early every week and my employer became less tolerant of this routine. To cut a long story short I lost my job, and then I went to look after my very ill mother at her house every day. The PCOG was unsympathetic. They just kept asking when I would be contributing the tithe money to their funds again. When I said I could not afford it, they became quite rude about my unemployment status. I could go on into long and tedious detail about the conversation. I had conversations with Brad Macdonald who himself is not a very pleasant man if you happen to question where the tithe money goes to. –Regards, I. R.

Comment: Brad Macdonald is married to Eyren Leap, one of Dennis Leap’s daughters. He is the brother of the late Garth Macdonald who died in 2006. Read: Garth Macdonald Dies Due to Lack of Medical Care.

PCG Nazi Camp:

November 22, 2015

I got a kick out of the [November 18] post: “I had conversations with Brad Macdonald who himself is not a very pleasant man if you happen to question where the tithe money goes to.”

How true that sounds. A few months after I was suspended, I had not heard a word from the ministry so I called them and asked what I was supposed to do for Passover? He replied, “You are not to take the Passover here or anywhere else.” And then the very “compassionate” question of, “Have you been faithful in sending in your tithes?” Unbelievable! It shows what they care about.

I have been thinking lately about the Scripture of “leave the tares in with the wheat” [Matthew 13:30]. Well, if they feel that I am a tare and they kicked me out, don’t you think that it would be a good idea for them to maybe read the Bible and see what God said about it?

Another thought is the verse that says, “cursed be the man that trusts in man” [Jeremiah 17:5] and “teaching for doctrines the commandments of men” [Matthew 15:9].

Here are some of the PCG’s commandments: no make up, [specific] skirt and hair length, do not wear plaid shirts, only a proper suit coat and matching pants, no clapping for a performance unless it is for little children. But, of course, the sheep stand up and clap for his majesty Gerald Flurry. What a joke!

How did I stay in that Nazi camp so long? The problem is that I have apparently been mind-controlled so very well that I still have a hard time letting go of their flawed teachings. To the best of my knowledge it all boils down to this:

“This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you.” (John 15:12)

“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” (John 15:13)

“And this is his commandment, That we should believe on the name of his Son Jesus Christ, and love one another, as he gave us commandment.” (I John 3:23)

–Former member of PCG

PCG Feast Sites for 2016:

November 24, 2015

Edmond, OK (headquarters)
Columbus OH
Stone Mountain, GA
Indian Wells, CA
Nashua, NH
Osoyoos, BC, Canada
Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada
Enfield, Ireland
Saint George’s, Grenada
Hunter Valley, Australia
Suva, Fiji
Alotau, Papua, New Guinea
Clark City, Philippines
Guatape, Colombia
Haunchaco, Peru
Los Cobanos, El Salvador

New sites for 2016:

Lexington, KY
Palm Harbor, FL
Ogden, UT
Bellingham, WA

–[name withheld]


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