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Gerald Flurry’s Open Letter the Same Old Con Game:

January 1, 2020

I read Gerald Flurry’s “open letter to the churches of God” that was posted online December 6. So he is trying to capitalize on the warm fuzzies of yesteryear, huh? It’s the same old con game used by HWA. “Remember the good times?” says SF, and “Oh, and let me remind you that you better remember because your eternal life depends on it!” It’s the usual pile of crap. He sounds like a broken record, rehashing the same load of garbage as David Pack–and they’re still fighting for HWA’s crown after all these decades! –[name withheld]

UPDATE by ESN: Some splinter groups who claim they are God’s true church have put forth some kind of “open letter” to try and gain more members. Gerald Flurry’s “open letter” is filled with trigger words (a. k. a. Buzzwords) which will resonate with anyone who has been in these groups.

These Guys Can’t Do Anything That is Original:

January 1, 2020

I read the same letter as the above person. It’s a load of caca. You’re also right. It’s just an effort to entice members of other” churches of God” [offshoots] into the PCG. I think the PCG is struggling with membership and money, especially now that there’s a huge expense of the upkeep on a personal jet. I seem to remember Dave Pack penning an “open letter” years ago when he was trying to establish his “church.” He was trying to steal members away from other splinter groups then, too. These guys just can’t do anything that is original. –Impacted by PCG

The “Good ole Days” is Merely A Disguise of the Deceit:

January 1, 2020

Since we’re going into a new year, I’ve been seeing “recaps” of the past year’s events. Flurry is using the “recap format” but at the same time, trying to lure ex-members into his fold with nostalgic memories of the HWA Glory Days.

Yeah, I want to “relive” all those good memories–with a bucket of “ice cold reality” water: D&R, Triple Tithing, Disfellowshipping, Racial Segregation, Control over food, careers, sex, etc. It was spiritual abuse on a grand scale. Once people are convinced that this is “the only true Church,” they’re too frightened to leave, lest they face the Lake of Fire for their “rebellion.” PCG, with all its clean-shaven, business suit-wearing men, and conservatively clad women and children, are exploited both financially and emotionally. The members are hyper-focused on obeying a plethora of cherry-picked rules. They rarely have an opportunity to truthfully evaluate the quality of their lives and question the motives and/or direction of their leadership.

So the marketing of “sunshine and roses of the Good Ole Days” is a mere disguise of the deceit that Flurry has no qualms to engage in so he can continue living his palatial lifestyle. It’s all about the leaders’ insatiable appetite for money and power, and they’ll use any means to gain it. –M.

Comment: More about WCG’s “glory days” are found in Worldwide Church of God History.

NOTE: We need to remember the mind control techniques that were (and still are) used on innocent people. Read: Techniques to Gain Control (detailed letter to ESN which covers techniques used on members to gain control and also replace God with the “government”)

Gerald Flurry’s “Open Letter” is a Worked-Over Letter from February 2006:

January 1, 2020

I just discovered that this “open letter” of Gerald Flurry’s was a worked-over letter that he originally published in the Philadelphia Trumpet back in February 2006. I found this out from a footnote you had in “Information on the Philadelphia Church of God” where you quoted from it. You can find this open letter of his in the February 2006 Trumpet Print Edition online and the recent re-worked one in the PCG church articles online.

Here is what your footnote #31 said, referring to the sentence “Gerald Flurry continues to proclaim to his members that God is giving him ‘new revelation.’ “:

 “God has continued to bless us, as He did Mr. Armstrong, with new revelation. The living God did not stop speaking to His people when Mr. Armstrong died.” (Philadelphia Trumpet, February 2006, “From the Editor: An Open Letter to the Churches of God” by Gerald Flurry) …

This “open letter” is nothing new. Even time was “fast running out” back in 2006.  –[name withheld]

Flurry Obstructs One’s Vision:

January 2, 2020

I read Flurry’s letter. He is well named, “Flurry” as in a snow storm that obscures one’s vision. He is desperately trying to establish himself as receiving the Armstrong mantle. Pathetic. –B.

Death of Suzanne Davis Was Avoidable:

January 3, 2020

Suzanne apparently had fallen ill with a kidney problem during the Feast of Tabernacles and if she had been to visit a doctor may have been a treatable problem. [Suzanne died 12-3-19] However, being Brian Davis wife she would have suffered in the faith and died in the faith. It is so sad that doctors are seen as so evil in the PCG that all these people who could maybe be alive have all died just because they will be frowned upon by members if they don’t “die in the faith.” Also, her brother Richard suffers from MS [multiple sclerosis]. –Ex-PCGer

Read: Brian Davis is an Abusive Tyrant (March 5, 2012 PCG letter to ESN) and Brian Davis Gets Big Laugh Out of ESN Site (July 21, 2012 PCG letter to ESN).

Suzanne Davis Never Looked Healthy:

January 5, 2020

Suzanne Davis was always very thin. Her condition obviously wasn’t treated at all. It may have been just a UTI, or kidney stone(s). She never looked healthy to me. I recently spoke with a friend that knew her and the Hessong family well when he was in PCG. He mentioned how sickly thin she was, too. –Former PCG & RCG member

January 16 Date:

January 10, 2020

Greetings to all those members of any of the splinter groups and especially to the ex-WCG and PCG members. Beware, January the 16 is fast approaching and Flurry has to make a prophecy of what will occur on the anniversary of the death of Herbert W Armstrong. –Ex-WCG and ex-PCG.

Comment: Many members in PCG have been lead to believe “something significant” will happen on that date. PCG still has a 2010 article up: “Keeping an Eye on January 16 and 17.”

Temporary Court Order Preventing Spouse From Taking Children to PCG Services:

January 11, 2020

I have separated from my spouse because of this “church.”

I have a temporary court order preventing my spouse from taking my children to services.

Do you know of anyone who has sought legal action against Gerald flurry or PCOG? –[name withheld]

Comment: This person has received a personal reply.

Death of a Friend in the PCG:

January 11, 2020

Hello ESN,

I am a former member of the PCG. I left sometime in 2013 as I started becoming disillusioned with how things were going within the “Church’s” structure. Today I just learned of an old friend’s death at the hands of cancer. Corey Wommel died this morning from cancer leaving his wife and my friend Caity Wommel and their son Ian behind. I’m greatly saddened to hear from his death but for the last 7 years, I had not heard from him. I do not know when he found out he had cancer but I have to wonder if the teachings of the PCG dissuaded him from seeking treatment that could have saved him from death and kept him in place as a father and husband. Even during my time at HWA college, I have seen the effect that this teaching has had with many people refusing medical treatment for things we have cures for, instead of relying on the deluded belief that God will do what they are fully capable of doing themselves.

Thanks for listening. –[name withheld]

Reply: Thanks for sharing about this. There have been many deaths in PCG over the years due to lack of medical treatment or even suicide. I know this is very sad and I’m sorry to hear this about your friend.

After Losing Several Friends I Was Starting to Get Jaded:

(2nd email from person above)

January 11, 2020

I was actually still in when Janet Privatsky died. I went to school with David’s younger brother Stephen. The story about Janet kinda put me over the fence as far as my decision to leave. The whole situation seemed kind of fishy to begin with and after losing several friends at that point I was starting to get jaded. Anyway, thanks for doing what you do. As I’ve gotten older, the only thing that seems to matter to me anymore is honesty and it seriously seems to be lacking in the PCG. –[name withheld]

Leaving Comments for the Key of David Program:

January 14, 2020

I have an idea if interested. I went on You Tube the other day and pulled up The Key of David to take a peek. I noticed that I could leave a comment so I spoke the truth about them being a cult and listed several major errors that they teach and warned people to stay away. I would suggest that the comments be truthful and not too nasty. –Former WCG/PCG member

January 16–When Something Significant Happened:

January 16, 2020

There are PCG members who feel something “very significant” will happen “around January 16” (HWA’s date of death). When you remind them that nothing significant happened last Jan 16, they have nothing to say. If the date of HWA’s death is so significant, why is it “around” the date, and not right on that date? Also, why are the happenings hit-and-miss? Shouldn’t something very significant happen every January 16, like clockwork? So it would appear that there is no “new prophecy” from GF about what will happen January 16, just the usual poppycock speculation. –B. W.

Comment: PCG posted an article in News/Philadelphia Church of God (online website) entitled,”On This Day: January 16″ (by Staff) where it lists what they believe are “some of the “most significant world events” from January 16, 1986 to January 16, 2020. And what is the most significant even for January 16, 2010? “Impeachment trial of President Donald Trump begins in U.S. Senate.” So there you have it.

He also is covering the subject in his 2019 booklet, entitled, January 16: God’s Miracle Day. In the booklet he lists ten “Notable Events in the Church” that happened on January 16 (Key of David was Jan 17), up to 2017. Beneath that he lists 19 “Notable Events in the World” that happened on Jan. 16 or 17, up to 2017. The online article just shortens the list and updates it with 2020. He’s coming up with anything he can to keep perpetuating this myth.

Gerald Flurry Declares Churchwide Fast:

January 17, 2020

GF has declared a churchwide fast from this Saturday evening (Jan. 18) until Sunday evening  (Jan. 19). He says the reason is for the Jerusalem Dig, but I think that this fast will serve as a distraction that nothing major (or “notable”) in PCG or on the world scene happened this year around this supposedly “miraculous” day. –T. F.

Flurry Predicted Trump Will Kick PCG Members Out of the United States:

January 18, 2020

Why is Flurry saying the most significant event for January 16 is the impeachment trial of Trump?  Didn’t he predict that Trump will kick the members out of the United States? –[name withheld]

Reply. Yes, and this is mentioned in the January 24, 2017 letter where it says Flurry prophesied that “Trump will ally with Joe Tkach Jr. and the WCG and finally kick the PCG members out of the USA, exiling them to Jordan/Petra.” But the August 6, 2018 letter says GF said in The New Throne of David that the place of safety was now in Abdullam. Then the August 9, 2019 letter talks about GF’s “prophesy” of “Trump being re-elected and deporting all of the PCG members and then being assassinated.” I’m sure all this keeps members’ focus on how “the time is short.”

Decided to Take a Look at Gerald Flurry’s Latest Picture:

January 23, 2020

The last picture I saw of Gerald Flurry, it looked like he wasn’t aging well. Then someone told me I needed to view a more recent picture. They said he wasn’t smiling and my first thought was, well he may have new dentures which would change the look on his face–or because he sees his empire crumbling.

So I decided to look up a recent picture of him and…ooh, boy, he does look rough. His face doesn’t even look like it used to. If I ever garden again, I may use the picture as a scarecrow. That face could scare off varmints.

I actually think his overall health is worse–Impacted by PCG

Comment: He  may be taking a serious, straight-faced pose in order to look like the “Prophet” or “Apostle”  he says he is.


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