Best of the Letters From 2020


Gerald Flurry’s Open Letter the Same Old Con Game:

January 1, 2020

I read Gerald Flurry’s “open letter to the churches of God” that was posted online December 6. He is trying to capitalize on the warm fuzzies of yesteryear. It’s the same old con game used by HWA. “Remember the good times?” says SF, and “Oh, and let me remind you that you better remember because your eternal life depends on it!” It’s the usual pile of crap. He sounds like a broken record, rehashing the same load of garbage as David Pack–and they’re still fighting for HWA’s crown after all these decades! –[name withheld]

Comment by ESN: Some splinter groups who claim they are God’s true church have put forth some kind of “open letter” to try and gain more members. Gerald Flurry’s “open letter” is filled with trigger words (aka Buzzwords) which will resonate with anyone who has been in these groups.

The “HWA Glory Days” Is Merely A Disguise of the Deceit:

January 1, 2020

Since we’re going into a new year, I’ve been seeing “recaps” of the past year’s events. Flurry is using the “recap format” but at the same time, trying to lure ex-members into his fold with nostalgic memories of the HWA Glory Days.

Yeah, I want to “relive” all those good memories–with a bucket of “ice cold reality” water: D&R, triple tithing, disfellowshipping, racial segregation, control over food, careers, sex, etc. It was spiritual abuse on a grand scale. Once people are convinced that this is “the only true Church,” they’re too frightened to leave, lest they face the Lake of Fire for their “rebellion.” PCG, with all its clean-shaven, business suit-wearing men, and conservatively clad women and children, are exploited both financially and emotionally. The members are hyper-focused on obeying a plethora of cherry-picked rules. They rarely have an opportunity to truthfully evaluate the quality of their lives and question the motives and/or direction of their leadership.

So the marketing of “sunshine and roses of the Good Ole Days” is a mere disguise of the deceit that Flurry has no qualms to engage in so he can continue living his palatial lifestyle. It’s all about the leaders’ insatiable appetite for money and power, and they’ll use any means to gain it. –M. C.

Comment: More about WCG’s “glory days” are found in the Jack Kessler Letter and the Robert Gerringer Letter.

Gerald Flurry’s “Open Letter” Is a Worked-Over Letter From February 2006:

January 1, 2020

I just discovered that this “open letter” of Gerald Flurry’s was a worked-over letter that he originally published in the Philadelphia Trumpet back in February 2006. I found this out from a footnote you had in “Philadelphia Church of God Info” where you quoted from it. You can find this open letter of his in the February 2006 Trumpet Print Edition online and the recent re-worked one in the PCG church articles online.

Here is what your footnote #31 said, referring to the sentence “Gerald Flurry continues to proclaim to his members that God is giving him ‘new revelation.’ “:

 “God has continued to bless us, as He did Mr. Armstrong, with new revelation. The living God did not stop speaking to His people when Mr. Armstrong died.” (Philadelphia Trumpet, February 2006, “From the Editor: An Open Letter to the Churches of God” by Gerald Flurry) …

This “open letter” is nothing new. Even time was “fast running out” back in 2006.  –[name withheld]

Death of Suzanne Davis Was Avoidable:

January 3, 2020

Suzanne apparently had fallen ill with a kidney problem during the Feast of Tabernacles and if she had been to visit a doctor may have been a treatable problem. [Suzanne died 12-3-19] However, being Brian Davis’ wife she would have suffered in the faith and died in the faith. It is so sad that all these people who could maybe be alive have all died just because they will be frowned upon by members if they don’t “die in the faith.” Also, her brother Richard suffers from MS [multiple sclerosis]. –Ex-PCGer

Read: Brian Davis Is an Abusive Tyrant (March 5, 2012 PCG letter to ESN) and Brian Davis Gets Big Laugh Out of ESN Site (July 21, 2012 PCG letter to ESN).

Suzanne Davis Never Looked Healthy:

January 5, 2020

Suzanne Davis was always very thin. Her condition obviously wasn’t treated at all. It may have been just a UTI, or kidney stone(s). She never looked healthy to me. I recently spoke with a friend that knew her and the Hessong family well when he was in PCG. He mentioned how sickly thin she was, too. –Former PCG & RCG member

Started to Get Jaded After Losing Several Friends:

January 11, 2020

I was actually still in when Janet Privratsky died. I went to school with David’s younger brother Stephen. The story about Janet kinda put me over the fence as far as my decision to leave. The whole situation seemed kind of fishy to begin with and after losing several friends at that point I was starting to get jaded. Anyway, thanks for doing what you do. As I’ve gotten older, the only thing that seems to matter to me anymore is honesty and it seriously seems to be lacking in the PCG. –[name withheld]

Note: We have several letters and testimonies posted about the death of Janet Privratsky on the 2014 PCG letters.

January 16–When Something “Significant” Happened:

January 16, 2020

There are PCG members who feel something “very significant” will happen “around January 16” (HWA’s date of death). When you remind them that nothing significant happened last Jan 16, they have nothing to say. If the date of HWA’s death is so significant, why is it “around” the date, and not right on that date? Also, why are the happenings hit-and-miss? Shouldn’t something very significant happen every January 16, like clockwork? So it would appear that there is no “new prophecy” from GF about what will happen January 16, just the usual poppycock speculation. –B. W.

Comment: PCG posted an article in News/Philadelphia Church of God (online website) entitled,”On This Day: January 16″ (by Staff) where it lists what they believe are “some of the “most significant world events” from January 16, 1986 to January 16, 2020. And what is the most significant even they list for January 16, 2020? “Impeachment trial of President Donald Trump begins in U.S. Senate.” [Update: President Trump was acquitted by the Senate on February 5, 2020.]

He also covered the subject in his 2019 booklet, entitled, January 16: God’s Miracle Day. In the booklet he lists ten “Notable Events in the Church” that happened on January 16 (Key of David was Jan 17), up to 2017. Beneath that he lists 19 “Notable Events in the World” that happened on January 16 or 17, up to 2017. The online article just shortens the list and updates it with 2020. He’s coming up with anything he can to keep perpetuating this myth.

Flurry Predicted Trump Will Kick PCG Members Out of the United States:

January 18, 2020

Why is Flurry saying the most significant event for January 16 is the impeachment trial of Trump?  Didn’t he predict that Trump will kick the members out of the United States? –[name withheld]

Reply. Yes, and this is mentioned in the January 24, 2017 letter where it says Flurry prophesied that “Trump will ally with Joe Tkach Jr. and the WCG and finally kick the PCG members out of the USA, exiling them to Jordan/Petra.” But the August 6, 2018 letter says GF said in The New Throne of David that the place of safety was in Adullam (in spite of still telling members inside it is Petra). Then the August 9, 2019 letter talks about GF’s “prophesy” of “Trump being re-elected and deporting all of the PCG members and then being assassinated.” PCG being thrown out of the U.S. is also talked about in the December 28, 2018 letter: Gerald Flurry Throwing All Caution to the Wind / Date Setting. I’m sure all this keeps members’ focus on how “the time is short.”

GF’s Wild Predictions:

January 30, 2020

I’d like to expose GF for the liar he is. GF’s wild predictions about President Trump and the PCG members being ousted is just another ploy to keep the members distracted and coughing up dough for his “boy toy” Lear jet. This “prophecy” may be the one that breaks the camel’s back, though; whether Trump is re-elected or not, there’s no way that the PCG members are going to be kicked out of the USA. I’m hoping there’s a great exodus from the PCG when this one fails. This prediction is a biggie for GF, so when it fails, I hope it hits hard. He does have time on his side, as some members will completely forget about this years from now; and you never know, GF may be “pushing up daisies” by that time, so its failure will be irrelevant in the members’ minds. –G. A.

Flurry’s Prediction About Trump Makes No Sense at All:

February 13, 2020

I wonder how it is that Gerald Flurry thinks Joe Tkach Jr. is going to get together with President Trump to kick the PCG out of the U.S.?

Joe Tkach Jr. has been retired from GCI [Grace Communion International] for at least a year.

And I recently contacted GCI and asked them if they back or talk to President Trump. They said they don’t back or promote any political people at all.

That “prediction” makes no sense at all.

You people are doing a great service to all ex-COG members by letting us hear what is happening around the world. –Former PCG member

January 16 Is Called National Nothing Day:

February 23, 2020

Did you know that January 16th in the USA has a special significance? It is called National Nothing Day. There are many other websites mentioning it as well. It is a day to celebrate nothing of significance! –G.

Flurry Asks for Church Wide Fast:

March 3, 2020

I was told by my father-in-law who is in contact with someone still inside the PCG that Gerald Flurry asked for a Church wide fast and prayer for a land deal in Israel to succeed. Apparently, Flurry wants to buy some property near to Jerusalem to give the PCG a permanent foothold in the Holy Land.

Outsiders have occupied property in Israel and have even built institutions of Christian theological learning for decades at least. The Mormons have a university right on the hills of Jerusalem called BYU Jerusalem Center since 1986. [Note: Mormons today are attempting to mainstream but are still considered a cult. Read: “Why I Left The Mormon Church And Why It’s A Cult.“] A Christian evangelical couple named Stephen and Clair Phann have an institution called University of the Holy Land right in Israel. Bethlehem Bible College is another institution run by evangelicals that has been there since 1979.

Flurry is just doing what HWA tried back when Teddy Kolleck was mayor of Jerusalem in the 80s.

More requests for money are forthcoming as well as the incessant spring Holy Day guilt trip to be put on the membership. I still cringe when I think of those 3 1/2 hour Passover Services with Cal Culpepper glaring at you behind the pulpit. –B

Not All Members Are Drinking the Kool-Aid:

March 3, 2020

I know PCG members who are still talking to their excommunicated family members and friends. My wife has seen on Social Media where some members even attend Birthday and Christmas outings with people Flurry has banned. I hope this is a sign that people are not drinking the Kool-Aid like they used to. As Gerald Flurry slowly slips into declining mental ability, it is hoped that Stephen Flurry (now the heir apparent) will relax the draconian rules put in place by his father. –B.

Your Site Helped Me to Recognize a Wild Wolf:

March 10, 2020

From the outside, nothing can make us doubt of what is going on inside this organization.

There is so much difference between what they say and how they act with people, without respect.

I’m very thankful to all people who wrote their testimonies and letters on your site. Your site allowed me to recognize a wild wolf where I saw a lamb!

Keep up your good work!

Have a nice day! –Mario (author of PCG testimony: I Almost Got Sucked Into the Swirl of PCG)

PCG Feast Sites for 2020:

March 18, 2020

Here are the 2020 Feast sites taken from their planner:

Edmond, OK
Welches, OR
Cranberry, PA
Lake Geneva, WI
Greenville, SC
Indian Wells, CA
Sault Ste. Marie, ON
Invermere, BC
Plantations Estate, TT
Stratford-upon-Avon, UK
Buffelspoort, SA
Tweed Heads, AU
Baguio City, PH
Jerusalem, IL

–[name withheld]

Flurry Not a Prophet:

March 19, 2020

If GRF was a true prophet, why didn’t he prophesy this “pandemic” to happen? This came like a thief in the night. They thought they would be in a place of safety before things got this bad. –Former member of PCG

God Working Through One Man at a Time is Not Scriptural:

March 19, 2020

I’ve ran into those that say God works through one man at a time and then they follow up with saying Gerald Flurry is the “one man” chosen by God to carry on HWA’s legacy.

“Mr. Armstrong ALWAYS PREACHED THAT GOD WORKS THROUGH ONLY ONE MAN AND ONE CHURCH! The rest are deceived.” … p. 28 Malachi’s Message

This “God works through one man” idea is a belief that has no scriptural backing.

Why did Jesus call twelve disciples instead of just one to take over when He was gone? Why call Paul when there were twelve others to work through?

This notion only serves to convince people to stay with their cultmeister.

God can work through as many people as He wants. He is not limited just because someone thinks otherwise. –Anonymous

Fear Leading to Anger Not Helpful:

March 26, 2020

GF has created much fear with his “prophecies” and threats, and from experience I know it isn’t beneficial to be ruled by fear, especially if we’ve left. But the thing is, lately I’m seeing some people letting their fears–of whatever–turn to anger and they start blaming others, and that just isn’t helpful at all. –Exiter

Members Talking About Place of Safety:

March 30, 2020

Members have been saying they’re going to a Place of Safety. Ministers [Since GF’s Live Presentation] would have had to explain why that time isn’t now. So they’ve probably told them for now the place of safety is in their home. –S.

GF Saying This Nonsense 20 Years Ago:

April 1, 2020

I read the transcript of the live presentation GF gave. He was saying that nonsense 20 years ago. That was before we left. Nothing you can prove from the Bible. The only proof was being in the PCG at that time, and finding it in PCG literature. In other words adding to Scripture. This we know is totally unbiblical. –Former member of PCG

SF Changes His Tune According to How He Can Use This Crisis:

April 3, 2020

On the latest Trumpet Daily broadcast SF was being sarcastic in his usual “loud” voice which rises and falls. I’ve found out he changes his tune according to how he can use this crisis. If things start looking more serious, then he throws in about “end-time prophecies are now being fulfilled.” –[name withheld]

Stephen Flurry’s Loud Voice:

April 4, 2020

I agree with the last people talking about Stephen Flurry’s statements and his “Loud Voice.” We all know that voice he uses comes from the Armstrong “Club” where they try to train you to talk like they talk and all that stuff. … Former member of PCG

Members Think They Will be “Translated” to Place of Safety:

April 5, 2020

Members still think they will be going to the place of safety but now they believe God will “translate” them from where they are to “there” when the time comes. –H.

Flurry Does Not Have Enough Faith to Go to a Place of Safety:

April 6, 2020

I’d like to add a few comments to the April 5, letter, “Members Think They Will be Translated to Place of Safety.”

The Bible does not support any such translation of the first fruits to a place of safety. In the gospels, when the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel standing in the Holy place occurs, Christ admonishes people [those in Judea] to get out, to flee to the mountains, when Jerusalem becomes compassed with armies.

Flurry and his close family do not have enough faith in Christ to take any risk of God not performing a supernatural translation to take him and his close family to a place of safety,

Everyone knows Flurry has only one Lear Jet with capacity to carry only he and his close family members to wherever they perceive a place of safety might be, so Flurry reasons he has all bases covered. If the PCG has to flee physically, he and his family can take the sure comfortable way to fly out, and the rest of the “church” has to make it on their own. Or, if God does not perform a miracle to take all members out, and some or most don’t make it out, then he can say without remorse they were not truly Christians but tares among the wheat, and didn’t truly trust in God to perform a miracle for them to get out. He expects all others to trust in God while he, unlike them, puts his trust in his new toy of vanity, his personal Jet plane

Everyone also knows his personal Jet has not and will never afford the great help needed to preach the Gospel around the world, even if he had the true Gospel.

Flurry is unlike Moses who gave up the great governing authority and easy rich life living as Royal family among the Egyptians. He, Moses, subjected his life to almost certain death at the hands of Pharaoh by his love and concern for desiring to free his people held in slavery by the Egyptians.

Flurry does not love his neighbor as himself, as Christ commands. He doesn’t love the PCG members who purchased his personal family jet plane, and built lavish homes for all the ministry.

The love of Jesus Christ does not dwell in him.

Flurry. like the Egyptian pharaoh, keeps his PCG congregation in total slavery to himself and his task masters as a modern day Pharaoh. Only the Spirit of God can lead them out.

When Moses led the children of Israel out of Egypt, they walked or rode horses, and camels, and all of them physically left Egypt together. God did not choose to take Israel out by translating them to the land of promise, and no indication in the Scriptures is given that any supernatural translation will be used to transport the first fruits to a place of safety. The only place mentioned in Scripture where any translation will occur, is when, at the return of Jesus Christ, the first fruits will be translated from a physical body to a spiritual body and rise to meet Christ in the air. [I Thessalonians 4:16-17] There are many, many other comparisons of prophet’s and apostle’s lives to prove beyond any doubt that Flurry is a sheep in wolves clothing, and not a true prophet of God. –J. S.

Flurrys Re-Writing the Bible With Their Heresies:

April 6, 2020

Almost everything that SF and GF says is unbiblical. Not only has GF re-written much of what Herbert Armstrong wrote, they are now re-writing the Bible with their heresies. Neither of them understand how to teach the Bible accurately.

On Saturday SF said Jesus Christ (our Advocate) can “help us get through to the Father.” Help us get through? Both SF and GF at this time of year do nothing but focus on members’ sins. The temple veil (signifying man was separated from God by sin) was torn the moment Jesus died. Jesus does not “help us get through” to the Father. He is our Advocate (“helper, adviser, or counselor” from the Greek word parakleton) in the sense of pleading our case because He has already satisfied the demands of the Law. True Christians have already “gotten through” to the Father because they have been redeemed by His Blood. Colossians 1:14:  “In whom we have redemption through his blood, even the forgiveness of sins.”

SF also said that Christ “will sit down and talk to our Father about how to remove our sins.” Such absolute nonsense. Christ already removed our sin when He died for all of them on the cross. Psalms 103:12: “As far as the east is from the west, so far hath he removed our transgressions from us.” [Also read: The Sin Issue]

Another heretical teaching is when SF says we have “two” comforters–the Holy Spirit (which he says is the power of God) and Jesus Christ. That is totally unbiblical. Jesus said He would send the Holy Spirit when He went away, back to Heaven. [Read: Is the Holy Spirit Only the Power of God?]

I don’t know where SF and GF get these ideas but it’s not from the Bible. Not only do they not have the “love of Jesus Christ” as a previous letter said, but they do not even know how to feel or show love for Christ.

Also, the Flurrys are trying to create the impression that they are growing in numbers and so they’re propping up that illusion in the minds of their members. Most watching these “live presentations” are members. –W. N.

Present Crisis Could Jump Start a Power Move:

April 8, 2020

For those who say this is the beginning of the Tribulation and it’s time to flee to the place of safety, I see this as a power move that could end up enslaving the sheeple by changing society toward a different order, a global government. Read 1984 by George Orwell. The established order may flip and herald in something new and it won’t be the “wonderful world tomorrow.” This present crisis could jump start that. –T. S.

What GF and SF Emphasize and Don’t Emphasize:

April 10, 2020

GF and SF always like to use the words the “LIVING Christ.” I remember HWA continually shouting or writing in caps: “the Work of the LIVING Christ!” or “on the authority of the LIVING Christ!” They’ve always got to add that word “LIVING.” Today the main ones I hear those words (i. e., “the Living Christ”) in conjunction with, or used by, is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints–the Mormons.

I’ve never heard GF and SF say Jesus is the LIVING WORD of God, or Jesus, the LIVING WORD. And why would they? They don’t emphasize Jesus and a personal relationship with Him. They will refer to “Jesus Christ” but never say Lord Jesus, or Jesus is Lord. –[name withheld]

Comment: Read excellent 2007 letter from ex-PCGer: “Flurry’s Denial of Christ is Very Subtle.”

Stephen Flurry Was Arrogant and Unfeeling The Time I Told Him Off:

April 12, 2020

Years ago, I called Stephen Flurry on the phone when I received my mom’s “no contact” letter and basically told him off. I couldn’t believe I did it, but they inflicted so much pain and agony into our family, I had to. All he could say was, “Well I can show you the Scriptures that support this.” And I told him he was wrong and one day he would have to stand before God and be judged for this horrendous false teaching and the destruction of so many families would be on his head!! He was not phased. He acted arrogant and unfeeling.

But being able to be with my mom the last 3 mos of her life was wonderful. She was so glad to see me! Flurry will never take that away from me. –Texas

Flurry Doesn’t Teach the Same Things as HWA Did:

April 15, 2020

Flurry many years ago changed what HWA claimed about Revelation 10:11: “And he said unto me, Thou must prophesy again before many peoples, and nations, and tongues, and kings.” HWA believed that this Scripture to “prophecy again” applied to himself after he began to visit world leaders after his heart attack.

Flurry, however, applies that Scripture to himself. This is another example of how Flurry doesn’t teach the same things as HWA did. People are easily duped into thinking that Flurry teaches the same as HWA did. New truth? I don’t think so. When I tried to point this out to my spouse [in PCG] years ago, I was shouted down and told that as I was a “Laodicean” by PCG’s reckoning of the term, what would I know about anything! Talk about blind arrogance! –Former member of WCG; impacted by PCG

Messed Up View of Sin by GF:

April 15, 2020

During the Days of Unleavened Bread, Brian Davis quoted from GF in his April 10, 2020 co-worker letter, p. 2, and said we “escape suffering by repentance of turning away from Law-breaking and turning towards obedience to God’s Law.” Suffering, he said, is due to “disobedience to God, to God’s Law.” What a messed-up twisting of God’s Word! The Bible shows sin in the world is due to the fallen state of man–talked about in Genesis 3. Most Bible scholars acknowledge this. The Law brings a curse. Christ came to redeem us from that curse. (Galatians 3:13: “Christ hath redeemed us from the curse of the law, being made a curse for us:” He also put the focus on sin by saying if we sin, we will” continue to struggle and suffer.” “We have to strive to be completely free of sin” he said and “it is a process.” This shows HWA’s and Brian Davis’ total ignorance of the Scriptures.

He brought up a favorite interpretation of these groups and said Romans 3:25 that says, “Sins that are past” means God has forgiven only our sins that are past. This verse doesn’t mean this at all. It means the sins of those who lived before the cross. In addition, William B. Hinson in his book Broadway to Armageddon (PDF) said, “…the blood of Jesus Christ that was sufficient to justify me for all my past sins, my present sins, my future sins and presenting me wholly without blemish before the Father in the future in the resurrection.” [search for words when file opens] More in-depth explanations are available through Bob George Ministries to refute this lie that Christ only died for our past sins, as they have teachings available on the complete forgiveness of all our sins and the unconditional love of Jesus Christ. — Anonymous

Comment: Also the letter “What the Real Truth Is” will cover what Christ meant when He said “It is finished.”

My Family Was Thrown Out of PCG For Questioning Doctrines:

April 18, 2020

My family and I were thrown out of PCG in Perth, Western Australia in 1999 for the superficial reason of disobedience (but actually for questioning doctrines). Personally, I am not angry or bitter about the PCG ministry as they are the blind leading the blind and regrettably, both will end up in the horrible ditch coming upon the world in the near future. –Tom Edwards [name used with permission]

PCG Membership Numbers in Ohio and Edmond, OK:

April 18, 2020

Been a while since my last email. First of all, I think your website is of tremendous value to those waking up.

Ohio has around 100 members, give or take, and with students at college, I know I have heard numbers around 300 in Edmond, OK.

Take care, stay healthy and thanks for all that you do. –[name withheld]

How the PCG Counts Members:

April 18, 2020

When the PCG counts members they count in ones that are suspended and haven’t even attended for many years. They keep their names as members unless marked. So I am still a member in their books. A friend of mine who has been out 9 years is still a member. I wouldn’t use any info the PCG puts out. –Former disfellowshipped member of PCG [name withheld]

Fudging Attendance Numbers:

April 20, 2020

Fudging attendance numbers has been a long standing tradition in WCG. I remember being told to count people who were sick and too old to attend even when they were not there. The reason was that, “They would be here if they could.” So I guess we still count them even after they die because, you know, “They’d be here if they could.”

I would imagine that the spin off groups do much the same thing. The “they would be here if they could” reasoning always amazed me. I’m sure there were teens in the congregation that would, “be out of here if we could” so maybe we should of subtracted them. –B. B.

About 400 Members in PCG in Canada:

April 21, 2020

Canada has about 400 members, including people who have quit. –Canada

PCG Article is Attempt to Win Over People:

Here’s another article posted by PCG (Should You Join a Church?) in their attempt to win over people to their counterfeit “Church.” The last paragraph should be key to all who are considering joining PCG which is prove to yourself where God is. And it’s definitely not in the PCG.

As you can see, part of the link in the article indicates “Active Campaign” which really proves it’s part of their recruitment process. –[name withheld]

Comment: An analysis of this letter has been turned into an article: PCG Recruitment Article Copied From GTA’s Booklet!

Flurry Posing With Hands in the Shape of a Triangle:

April 25, 2020

Maybe this is a small thing, but Gerald Flurry almost always poses with his hands together down in front of him in the shape of a triangle. Some think of this as pagan [Masonic hand sign] and he must know this, but he continues to do it. Personally, it doesn’t bother me except for looking weird. But no one else seems to ever hold their hands this way in the PCG world. You would think some might copy that since Flurry does it (common to copy things in the old WCG), but apparently either they have been told not to or its just hand-positioning randomness.

Whatever the case, it looks odd. He always had his hands like this [sent pictures] when standing and posing for a photo except with the English Royal guard with his wife. Or, when holding something in his hands. Every picture I see when he is standing and posing for the camera shows his hands positioned as this. I have seen more and almost always this position. It looks peculiar to me. –C. P.

Shameless Sermonette by Andrew Locher Exploits Members Financially:

April 27, 2020

In the recent PCG sermonette Andrew Locher continues to ask brethren to give to the “church” despite having little. What a shameless organization that could still ask their lay members for more money when they have already received $1.1 million from the U.S. government, the reason being that they are a nonprofit. They continue to berate, criticize and even label this government leadership as Jeroboam who will evict them, yet had the audacity to compare their plight to the Israelites benefiting from the Egyptians. How pathetic. –sermonette critiqued by L. S.

Comment: One of the things Locher said in this sermonette was: “Please, please, don’t let down on your financial offerings, or your obedience to God’s financial laws. … opportunity that lies just ahead of us, we will use this 1.1 million dollars–and perhaps even more. So step out in faith, do your part, show your faith by your works, and give generously to God’s Work, and He will bless us like we can’t even imagine.”

Read: Andrew Locher Sermon Was Recent Money Grab  (July 18, 2022 letter) and  Tithing and Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing.

Update: Andrew Locher was later raised to evangelist in PCG. Read 9-12-23 letter.

Are We in the Tribulation?

May 6, 2020

Are we in the Tribulation? All throughout the Internet it says we are. Are God’s people going to have to go through it? Is the mark of the beast where you have to take a mark on your forehead and wrist? –S. N.

Reply: No, we are not in the (Great) Tribulation. People on earth will have to see the appearance of the Antichrist first and he will confirm a covenant with the nation of Israel and others and then annul it.

Please read our Q&A: What is the Mark of the Beast and how do we keep from being afraid? Also, we have added a link to the video: Why Jesus’ Church Will Not Go Through the Tribulation (This is an excellent message by the late J. Vernon McGee.)

PCG Are Money-Grubbers:

May 9, 2020

In the the Friday Philadelphia PCG News May 8, 2020, I picked up on a few things.

GF says, “Members are not to share their recorded messages from because it could “harm or slow the Work.” (Might the “harm” be because they don’t want to take a chance of the messages getting into the hands of outsiders who will find out what they’re saying and teaching?)

To show what money-grubbers they are they say: “Economic restrictions will continue to impact our income, so we are thankful to those who have gone above and beyond with their offerings.” In the U.S., “we have had several make special donations from their government stimulus money.” But “many won’t be able to do this because they have to take care of personal and family needs.” [Oh, really??] However, if they (the members) “were able to supplement their donations this way, we thank you for helping offset decreased income from co-workers and donors.” [all emp mine] –Anonymous

John Cocomise and Cal Culpepper Move:

May 11, 2020

GF has placed John Cocomise over the Eastern part of the United States, and Cal Culpepper and his wife have moved to TX. Culpepper now has the Midwest area. –TX

Update: John Cocomise died in November: Read: December 3, 2020 PCG letter below.

SF Sermon and GF Being “a Prophet Among Them”:

May 16, 2020

SF in a recent sermon said we are “experiencing a little bit of what captivity is like” with this lockdown. But “nothing like what is to come.”

One of the things he said was that they (people in the world) will know there was a prophet among them [referring to GF and his Ezekiel booklet] and he mentions Ezekiel 2:5; 33:33. Those verses are talking about Ezekiel, not Gerald Flurry. Ezekiel was the only one that said Jerusalem would be destroyed. After Ezekiel was gone and after Jerusalem fell as Ezekiel prophesied, the people knew there had been a prophet among them.

It only takes one false prophecy to make a false prophet. How many false prophecies (“predictions”) has GF given? He is known to have removed words from his booklets that might incriminate him when he revises them.

Towards the beginning of GF’s Ezekiel booklet he says, “The United States is terribly different from how it was before he [HWA] died in 1986. It is ready to collapse, and it will shortly.” –sermon critiqued by L. S.

Note: GF teaches British-Israelism (the belief that the U.S. and Britain are “spiritual Israel”). Read: British-Israelism: True or False?

Ezekiel Booklet Déjà Vu:

May 18, 2020

In the Ezekiel booklet GF says that HWA’s message “was not delivered in such terrifying times” like today. Yet looking back at history, the world was in terrifying times when HWA first started broadcasting. He used those frightening times to preach the end was very near, just like GF and SF are doing now.

My point is, I found an article which goes all the way back to 1934. While the article is time-consuming since there is so much info, if you scroll down to 1930’s you will see a chronological chart that HWA drew in 1934 of End-Time events. He labeled 1936 as the “end of the time of tribulation” and “the End of the Age.”

After the chart, the article lists many speculations by him in the P.T. from the 30’s and on up and there are photos of actual articles he wrote. He said God was about to punish us and that we were being warned now!

The article is: The Plain Truth about Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong Part 1. (I couldn’t find a Pt. 2)

Forward to the present. GF in his Ezekiel booklet would have us believe punishment is ready to be unleashed, but it will be after he concludes the “Watchman work.” This is déjà vu all over again, decades later. –Anonymous

Gerald Flurry’s Latest Sermon and the Dig:

May 22, 2020

The latest sermon from Gerald Flurry at Edstone was entitled “The Key of David Message” and mentioned Dr. Eilat Mazar and digging down to the “palace of David” where he says a “sensational discovery” will be made. He said there is where the open door is. [Be sure and read: Gerald Flurry’s Grand Ideas Reaping Only Struggle and Hardship (June 12, 2016 letter)]

According to GF, Revelation 3:8 “has not denied my name” means “has not denied my government.”

Flurry said they might have an opportunity to get on USA Today–a non-cable, news network and they will know next week. If so, it “could be a powerful open door” and “Maybe God is saying we will really begin to empower our message.”

He believes PCG’s membership will double by the time Christ gets here and “Every indication is that we are going to be in the wonderful world tomorrow in a decade.”

He placed an emphasis on how these discoveries are to be “a sign that Jesus Christ is about to return to this earth” and that “Christ’s coming is imminent!”

He says the dig “looks like it should open up soon.” –sermon critiqued by L. S.

Comment: See September 29 letter below: “Members Told Not to Forget About the Dig Once the Jet Is Paid Off” where members were told that once the Jet is paid off they would “hopefully use the money to fund the Dig.”

Update August 2021: GF wrote in his August 13, 2021 co-worker letter that they are “going to start the Dig in November.”

I Attended When Ambassador Students Were Going to Find the Lost Ark of the Covenant:

May 23, 2020

I began attending WCG in the early 80’s. Somewhere in that time frame Ambassador students were doing some kind of dig in the Holy Land. The buzz back then was they would find the lost Ark of the Covenant, Aaron’s rod would be removed from the ark and given to Herbert Armstrong, who would then do great signs and wonders with it. Like the antiquities authorities would just stand aside and let that happen. –Bradley

Comment: See: Ambassador College’s Participation in Jerusalem Dig Ends (AR#2, 1977). Also, in the sermon mentioned above (“Key of David Message”) GF had said, “Mr. Armstrong didn’t really make any spectacular discoveries like we have” but that he “paved the way for us.”

Loyalty to God’s Family Throne:

May 29, 2020

Recent sermon by Brian Davis centered around GF’s 2018 booklet The New Throne of David. He tells members to be loyal to God’s Family Throne and be ready to fight for it.

The New Throne of David says, “God is getting us ready to go to the place of safety where David’s throne is prophesied to be. There is a new king and a new stone.”

This “new king” is referring to Gerald Flurry. See February 27, 2018 letter: “King Flurry?

Davis said HWA’s prayer rock is the new symbol of David’s throne and it happened around January 16, 2017.

Talk of this prayer rock is covered in the February 21, 2017 letter: “PCG to Take HWA’s Prayer Rock When They Flee” and February 28, 2017 letter: “Flurry Says PCG’s Scone of Stone is Now HWA’s Old Prayer Rock.”

The place of safety is Adullam and “God’s true church” will go there and take responsibility for David’s throne.

GF in The New Throne of David says, “We must be prepared to go to the cave of Adullam, the place of safety. … We must be willing to go anyplace and do anything God wants. We must get our minds conditioned to do that!”

Davis tells members, “Those loyal to the throne of David go to a Place of Safety while others are caught up in all the horrors. … Be ready to give our lives for it.”

According to Davis, HWA’s book Mystery of the Ages is “the only book on earth that explains the Bible.” [Note: ESN has two critical reviews of this book.] –sermon critiqued by L. S.

Sermon by Eric Burns Pounds Members About Having the Power of God:

May 30, 2020

I happened to get a hold of a sermon by Eric Burns, given last Pentecost. The title was “Follow That Spirit.”

Burns really pounded members over the head with this sermon, even carrying on many times in a mocking or chastening way.

He said HWA “knew the time was short” and then he quickly added “short for him.”

He told how “it’s not enough to have the Holy Spirit, we have to grow in grace which means growing in character.” (buzzword)

“Are you a good student? Are you learning? Are you qualified to teach others? If not, he says, you are “wasting your time.” You are not going to be saved; you don’t belong in the church; maybe God hasn’t opened your mind. If I kept talking until 1:00 in the morning, some of you still wouldn’t get it.” (Something HWA always said; buzzword.)

He says, don’t get complacent, saying, well, I got God’s spirit, isn’t that enough? “No, it’s not enough.” HWA said most of you don’t get it. [buzzword] Some were just concerned with getting saved. We have to “know that truth”; to think and act like God. To do that we “have to be studying this truth.”

He kept quoting what HWA said or did.

“God didn’t give them the Spirit just to be saved.” “It is more about the power we receive.” Talked about how in the WCG it was just about “getting baptized and getting saved; having eternal life.” (That is not true. HWA taught that members wouldn’t be saved or have eternal life until the Resurrection. We didn’t use the word “saved.”)

It was also odd to hear him say, “We are very glad that we have eternal life but that isn’t doing anything for us today.” (HWA taught we didn’t have eternal life at this time.) [Also see: What is the Spiritual Status of People in the WCG Offshoots?]

He told how the emphasis is on the power of that Spirit, in overcoming that world. “We have to continually go to God and ask for that power.”

Rebuked members again by saying, “Our minds and lives are so far from God.”

Said “The law is love” and the Law “shows the love of God.” This is not true. Our article, Must we Keep the Law for Salvation? says, “The Law can only show us our sin and condemn us because we can never keep it perfectly. The Law reveals our need of a Savior and leads us to Christ. (Galatians 3:24)”

God is creating a God out of you.” “A part of God creating Gods to be in His family. Only God can recreate Himself.” But “humans will have to participate in it.” Ended with how “We will help the rest of the world to share to be God as God is and be in that God family.” (buzzword) Mike, in his Final Exit Letter to Craig Williams of PCG said “God is immutable and CANNOT change!!!” and there is a footnote #2 beside those words which is explained more in the footnote. –sermon critiqued by L. S.

Trumpet Program Stirring up More Fear Than Hope:

June 2, 2020

I watched the June 1 Trumpet on “Anarchy.” SF has been reporting on the daily news lately and focusing on all the looting and riots going on. He showed many disturbing scenes of violence and chaos–even from past years. While he may be showing accurate scenes, he is placing more fear in people than hope.

SF carried on throughout the entire video about these problems in society and how “all this violence was prophesied in the Bible” and it is like “in the days of Noah.”

Then he throws in the “solution” as he always does (obey God’s law, etc.).

He added “we will need God’s special protection to survive.” Throughout all these scenes of violence and telling us what is coming, he says our “hope” is only Christ returning because “human survival is at stake.” All this fear steers one to listen to more videos and order more literature so one might escape. –[name withheld]

Dangerous Lion’s Den:

June 4, 2020

I left PCG several years ago and was so glad to find your site. One time while I was attending, Fred Dattolo screamed at me at the top of his lungs for something I had not done and everyone heard it. Tim Oostendarp was the one who had accused me. I was very afraid of them while I was there.  Everyone was watching everyone else.  I could not wait to come home and hated to go to the Feasts.  I felt very guilty about this, however. Anyway, I e-mailed my resignation and asked them to cross me off of all their lists as well as magazines, etc.  I am very happy that your Network exists and I am finding out so much.  I had some good friends in PCG and, of course, they would not speak to me.  So I pray that they will begin to question many things and get out of that dangerous lion’s den.  May God bless and keep you working to help us all.  I have been checking out and researching your site constantly.  –Former member of PCG

Comment: Fred Dattolo and Tim Oostendarp are one of the ones that Dan De Gennaro held responsible for the death of his daughter Janet due to the no-contact policy. Read: Open Letter to Gerald Flurry and the PCG Ministers.

Screaming at Members is Like the Nazis:

June 5, 2020

PCG ministers screaming at members is a common occurrence in PCG and is like the Nazis. Here are two letters I found on your site which sum that up: Scary How Much PCG Resembles Nazi Germany in the 1930’s and Similarities to Nazism in PCG. –Former member

W.H.O. Says It Is Very Rare to Spread Coronavirus If Asymptomatic:

June 9, 2020

Since the news came out yesterday from a top scientist from W.H.O. saying spreading the coronavirus is “very rare if you are asymptomatic,” I wonder if PCG members will be less afraid to meet for gatherings? There are several articles out now, but here is a longer article with a video entitled: Asymptomatic spread of coronavirus is ‘very rare,’ WHO says.

As expected, the words from this scientist quickly created a stir and drew skepticism from certain ones, so W.H.O. clarified their words today by saying they were “referring to a small subset of studies.”  –T. S.

Stephen Flurry’s Voice Bombards Your Senses:

June 11, 2020

The April 3rd and 4th post about SF’s loud voice is right on. It is also jarring when it gets high and loud. He definitely isn’t a good “news broadcaster.” I’ve only watched him occasionally [on the Trumpet Daily] which is way too much. After awhile, his voice bombards your senses. He recently said (and caps signify when his voice got very loud): “We KNOW that the return of Jesus Christ is NEAR!!” –[name withheld]

GF’s Crackpot Delusions:

June 11, 2020

GRF in a sermon encouraged the sheep to not lose their “Jerusalem vision.” One of their goals in this is to have some kind of added prestige in being part of digging up the bones of the king and, who knows, the Ark of the Covenant. When they first planned and bought Edstone, their goal then was to be able to find the Ark as well just in case any dig in Ireland makes progress. And, of course, who could forget the much awaited Stone of Scone that they expected to fall in their laps for them to take to the Place of Safety. But we all know what happened. GRF realized the vanity of that failed prophecy of his and instead manufactured his own Stone–voila, the prayer rock of HWA. Since GF was able to do that without shame, why doesn’t he just make up his own Ark? Why not just dig up a couple of bones and present them as bones of the king?

Ridiculous that anyone buys GF’s crackpot delusions. –sermon critiqued by L. S.

Countless Others Still Need Your Site:

June 19, 2020

You are doing good work as always. There are countless others who still need what you’re putting out there. Thanks. –[name withheld]

Bible Study by Stephen Flurry on “Be Not Afraid”:

June 20, 2020

A Friday night Bible Study (about l hr and 30 min long) was given by SF not too long after the lockdown measures were lifted and when the looting had begun.

This brief summary won’t cover when SF’s voice got loud and high (which is really a turn-off).

He started reading from John 11:7 and told some things that GF had said–how the disciples had feared for Christ’s life when he said let us go to Judea and they wondered why Christ would want to go there; it’s “too dangerous.” Told how GF said “Christ didn’t decide where to go or not to go based on how dangerous it was. He acted according to the Work [buzzword] that needed to be done. … That’s always the objection, what is the Work that needs to be done?”

Mentioned that GF talked about how “sometimes we have into walk into harm’s way because something needs to be done”; talked about having “faith and courage to do that.” He said, “We know now from Ezekiel 4 and 5 that when the worst of it happens in our cities God is going to lift us out of these nations and take us off to a place of safety.”

Told how Paul said in Acts 20:22-24 “none of these things move me, neither did I count my life dear to me.” We all want to go out fighting, be found doing, finishing the Work [buzzword]; fighting for God.

Talks about people “doing anything and everything they can to just extend their physical life a couple more days.” Says it shows how hopeless it is. Hopelessness and despair. Talked about “what kind of life is it if you are 75 and ‘I gotta get on that ventilator.’ ” Says: “90% of people who get on them die; so if it extends their life for another day or a week, or what if it is a month, two months? Seems like there’s a better way to go out [laughs at this point] –a better way to go out in the fight as opposed to just hanging on to one or two more gasps of air.”

Says what we really need to be focusing in on is the spiritual fight. Goes through Ephesians 6 concerning the armor of God. “We gotta stand against this spiritual wickedness.”

Says, “We’re going to be surrounded by the wicked; like we’re walking on a bed of scorpions. So we gotta be ready.”

Talked about the helmet in verse 17. “You will need protection for your head, your mind, so you can think straight.”

“Satan has a sword, too, of lies and flattering. Keep grounded in the Truth.” [buzzword]

–sermon critiqued by L. S.

Are Members Meeting Since Death Rate is Lower?

June 21, 2020

With all news PCG is supposed to be “in the know” about, surely they’ve heard about how the CDC recently confirmed there were extremely low coronavirus death rates. I checked and the CDC has already conveniently removed their words about it from their site. (Just as WHO backtracked on what they said about it being rare to spread coronavirus if asymptomatic.) [See June 9 letter: “W.H.O. Says It Is Very Rare to Spread Coronavirus If Asymptomatic”] However, the article still comes up in search engines like Bing (not google as they are hiding the results) if you make your search words “CDC confirms extremely low coronavirus death rate” or put “Horowitz” in front of those words.

Part of the article says:

“The CDC just came out with a report that should be earth-shattering to the narrative of the political class, yet it will go into the thick pile of vital data and information about the virus that is not getting out to the public. For the first time, the CDC has attempted to offer a real estimate of the overall death rate for the coronavirus, and under its most likely scenario, the number is 0.26%. Officials estimate a 0.4% fatality rate among those who are symptomatic and project a 35% rate of asymptomatic cases among those infected, which drops the overall infection fatality rate (IFR) to just 0.26% — almost exactly where Stanford researchers pegged it a month ago.”

If you want to save the time in doing your own search, one place it can be found is on the Blaze.

So why are members afraid to meet for services? Or are some of them meeting and wearing their silly masks? (which aren’t healthy to wear all day anyway according to Dr. Russell Blaylock, M.D.) [two videos are also on this site regarding masks]

I know I’m going against the grain telling this, but where is SF’s reporting on all this since he is supposed to know so much? Oh, I forgot, he’s too busy making people afraid of race riots and other world events that will herald in the Great Tribulation. –A. R.

Using Mind Control:

June 26, 2020

HWA knew how to use his charisma and salesmanship–but he also knew how to use mind control. Let’s not forget–HWA was a very evil man and so were many of his evangelists. The depth of WCG’s dark and nefarious past will most likely never be known. PCG emphasizes HWA at every opportunity but they also have some very evil people in their upper echelons. These scenes of death and destruction that were played over and over on the Trumpet Daily are being used as part of mind control and overwhelms the senses. They know what they’re doing. –T. S.

Gerald Flurry Can Stir Up Vicious Hatred:

June 26, 2020

In the June 23 Trumpet there is an article that declares “Satan is behind the hatred for Jews (2 Corinthians 4:4).” The article goes on to say, “Satan can stir up vicious hatred,” Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry explains in his book The Key of David. “Most people who hate the Jews don’t even know why they do. Can we see Satan behind such lies and hatred?”

Well, Gerald Flurry can stir up “vicious hatred” towards those not of his cult. My ex-husband told me once that he “hates being married to a Laodicean,” referring to me as being one, as I was still attending WCG. Even after I eventually stopped going to the WCG, I was still criticized by him for not going at least to the WCG!

For several years, it was nearly every week after he had attended Flurry’s PCG services that he would return home to me and verbally blast me with almost a hatred, after being whipped up into a rage against me and all “Laodiceans” after hearing a tape from Gerald Flurry being played at services. This was in the 1990s. I dreaded being there when he got home and would often go out for the evening elsewhere.

Is it any wonder that when I looked at the “fruit” of that cult with him, I would know that it was not of God. “You shall know them by their fruits” I would tell him. –Australia

Mental Chains Enslave Those in PCG:

June 29, 2020

As always, thanks for the great work you are doing of exposing that evil system which calls themselves the Philadelphia Church of God. You are saving people through your work. I am one of those you saved. One cannot comprehend the strength of the mental chains that totally enslaves one who is in the PCG. ESN has helped me escape from those chains. Presently I am not in any religious group and prefer it that way. Since being disfellowshipped from the PCG, I cannot listen to other religious groups and their interpretations of the Scriptures without wanting to vomit.

What keeps many in the PCG, even though they hear something said that does not gel with what Scripture says, is the fact that the PCG ministry teaches that ministers may “Loose and Bind.” What Rot. It is a fact that Gerald Flurry thinks that those gullible members who sit before him, are just “Vegetables.” [Read: Excerpts From Gerald Flurry’s Sermons – Or Flurry’s Vegetable Patch]

Have a lovely day, wonderful week, and stunning year.

Your friend, –A. F., South Africa

PCG Eager to Bring in the New World Order:

July 5, 2020

PCG hasn’t talked about the NWO (which isn’t a conspiracy theory) in a long time. Most know that the words “New World Order” do not have a good connotation.

Back in 2008 there was a Trumpet article “New World Order” yet the words NWO are not found in the article, except for telling how President George Bush Sr. said those words back in 1991. Same thing with the 2017 Trumpet article entitled “Europe, China, Japan and the New World Order.” Besides the title, no mention of the words NWO.

The words New World Order are now One World Government. An example is an article in the 2011 Philadelphia Trumpet entitled, “One World Government: Impossible—Yet Inevitable!” One quote: “…the solution to world ills and the establishment of world peace is possible only if all nations are brought together under a supreme, all-powerful, world-ruling government!”

Another example was seen in 2016 when the Trumpet Daily aired a program called, “The Coming World Government.”

Interestingly, I found a very old booklet by Herbert Armstrong, published by the Radio Church of God, where he used the words New World Order. It’s in: “Bible Study Quarterly – For Home Study and The Bible Class – The Kingdom” where he correlates the Kingdom of God to the New World Order. The following quote is found in the first paragraph under Introduction:

“…you will come to a better understanding of the coming KINGDOM OF GOD — the coming NEW WORLD ORDER which shall rule the world for the next thousand odd years instead of the Order Hitler vainly sought to build — you will come to a better understanding of GOD’S PLAN — of salvation

One World Government equals New World Order! How much plainer can we get? And it is clear that HWA taught it. NWO will not be the Wonderful World Tomorrow! It is the Beast System and will include the Mark of the Beast. I was stunned when I put this together.

–[name withheld]

GF Sermon About Celtic Throne:

July 7, 2020

GF gave a sermon recently where he talked about PCG’s new Irish dance production called Celtic Throne (performed on June 30, July 1, July 5 and July 7).

Following are clips from the sermon:

“We have the throne of David and that is to unite the world and even the universe!”

“This little church [PCG] is showing the whole world an amazing example because we do love each other and we do work to solve our problems. … We do have God’s love and God’s unity and we have to demonstrate that to the world and we do.” [Read about GF’s no contact ruling to see how PCG shows love]

“And very soon as all this falls apart… we begin to rise up and become more noticed than ever before. As the nations of Israel go down, spiritual Israel [See offsite article that shows the church is not “spiritual Israel”] goes up, at least to a great extent until we’re cast out. And why do you suppose they would cast us out? They couldn’t bear the message.”

“That’s what the concert tomorrow is all about. [i. e., it’s about the New Throne of David] …. We’re going to unite the world!”

“Satan is always going to be coming after us if God allows it.”

[laughs a little] “When we went to Australasia, the FBI denied my Visa for no reason at all. … It is amazing the FBI knew about us and wanted to harass us. Because they don’t like our message; they don’t like what we say. They don’t like it when we especially criticize them, and do what God tells us to do. [The FBI knew about HWA, too. Read: “FBI Files on Herbert Armstrong“]

“One day they will direct us out of here and we’ll know that that will all have a good ending for us and not for them. We’re going to be the last people standing.”

“We are spiritual Israel! It’s where the name of Israel is!”

[Refers to Isaiah 16] “We have a throne. This New Throne of David! The Celtic concert is all about that. It is about to be here on this earth.”

Brad Macdonald gave a Bible study on June 26 to “explain the spiritual message behind the Celtic Throne Irish dance production,” which amounted to the spiritual message being “The New Throne of David.” [Refer to May 29 letter above, “PCG Sermon ‘Loyalty to God’s Family Throne’ which talks about GF’s booklet The New Throne of David and the place of safety.] (Note: As of 2020, Brad Macdonald was United Kingdom-Europe regional director.)

–sermon critiqued by L. S.

PCG Says Christ is About to Return:

July 12, 2020

PCG is constantly rehashing the same theme and it always centers around “the Elijah” (i. e., HWA). They take words out of their articles from years ago, revise them, change them here and there, and present them as a new booklet, a new King of David (KOD), or new Trumpet program. A Pivotal Sign of the End Time is one such article which has been around for awhile, even going back to 1995 when it was called “Elijah Has Come Already” by Stephen Flurry (KOD reprint series).

Elijah (referring to Herbert Armstrong) was supposed to be a sign that the world “had entered the end time.”

Gerald Flurry in Malachi’s Message (MM), in talking about the curse in Malachi 4:6, says the curse is “loss of eternal life; destroying the inhabitants of His church, who refuse to build a family around God’s Elijah and God’s instructions” (p. 121). Now does that make any sense?

PCG has a need to be dramatic. Gerald Flurry on the July 10 KOD program entitled “The Most Pivotal End-Time Bible Prophecy” said, “Jesus Christ is about to return. A life-saving event that took place decades ago is absolute proof of this.”

And what was this “life-saving event” that was absolute truth? Elijah (Herbert Armstrong) that came and restored all things. The Elijah that paved the way. According to GF, Matthew 17 about the transfiguration of Christ tied right in with the arrival of an Elijah (HWA) in the end time, just before Christ returns. “This is a sign to the world that Jesus Christ’s return is imminent.”

If this isn’t foolish, or blasphemous, enough, there was a radio episode aired on July 11 on Trumpet Hour, hosted by Joel Hilliker, where PCG is bold enough to title the program: The Most Pivotal End-Time Prophecy Has Been Fulfilled!

Below the program it says, “Many people have made false predictions about the end of the world based on what they thought about prophecy.” (would this by any chance refer to HWA, or maybe GF?) “If you prove this from your Bible [i. e., about the Elijah being HWA], you can know that we are in the end time–and that the Second Coming of Jesus Christ is almost here.”

–[name withheld]

Would Like To Soak GF’s Literature in Gasoline:

July 15, 2020

It would be my pleasure to soak all his literature in gasoline and set it on fire. There’s been enough damage to peoples’ lives because of those writings. –Impacted by loved one in PCG

Offshoots Don’t Admit HWA Married Divorce Woman and Then Divorced Her:

July 16, 2020

I’ve never once heard Flurry, Pack, Meredith, and the rest of them admit that HWA did marry a divorced woman and then divorced her–even though the second Mrs Armstrong [Ramona] was actually mentioned in the Worldwide News.

I’ve always wondered whether PCG members are strictly forbidden to use the Internet–they’d get a big surprise if they read all the editions of the Plain Truth from the 1930s and 1940s–particularly HWA’s articles about Hitler being still alive or waiting to be resurrected by the Pope. –D. K.

Questions About HWA’s Ministry / What Is GF up To?

July 22, 2020

Dear ESN, could I please ask a couple of questions?

In your opinion, were the “early” years of the ministry of HWA and his Radio COG an honest effort and outreach? Did his “cult” grow out of an honest beginning; and then later, with fame and success, he became an idol unto himself? Or was it an effort to hoodwink vulnerable people from the very beginning?

And then lastly. What is Gerald Flurry up to? He’s a little ahead of his own skis it seems. The royal family is no longer the “royal family” and the Queen is no longer “on the throne.” Seriously?

The Stone of Scone [Stone of Destiny] has been replaced by the stone of Oregon and HWA’s “prayer rock” is now the Throne of David? What?

And he’s really been talking quite boldly about a “place of safety” doctrine, even on his Key of David TV program.

Where is the place of safety? Do we have another WACO on its way in Oklahoma?

What is the PCG up to really?

What do we really know about Flurry?

You guys are the experts on this. Please share your thoughts.

Thank you. Peace & Prayers, –S.

Reply: HWA wanted to be rich and successful and tried one thing after another without success. When he realized he could make money selling religion, that’s the path he took. The article Worldwide Church of God and Herbert Armstrong (up to “The Empire Declines”) covers much of his early history.

HWA’s WCG became more abusive and controlling after about 1955 or 1956, but it appears that his ministry was never an honest outreach and that he was a narcissistic sociopath from the very beginning.

As far as Gerald Flurry, he seems to be going off the deep end in his pursuit of success, control and money.

Read the February 28, 2017 letter about the Scone of Stone and taking it with them to the place of safety.

The place of safety is now supposed to be in Adullam. There’s even talk that GF will be some sort of King in the place of safety. More is found in GF’s book The New Throne of David, 2018:

I doubt if PCG will be going anywhere. If things get really bad in this country, the leaders will be more interested in saving their own hides, if they can.

Surprised When Former Friend in PCG Sent Link to Celtic Throne:

July 23, 2020

I used to be a member of the PCG but I have not been part of the organization for many years. A former friend who is still in PCG somewhat surprisingly shared a link to the Celtic Throne production (it lasted about two hours and was up for a few days). The dancing was pretty good, although after a while the dance moves and the music all started to look/sound the same. I guess Irish dancing is repetitive like that. From a messaging standpoint, this was definitely a “marketing” piece that furthered some of the doctrinal messages of the PCG. During the entire production there was a throne with spotlights on it in the corner, with lion’s heads on either side and a stone under it. I’m guessing this was either a representation of, or the actual stone that Gerald Flurry is now calling the “new throne.” The play bill that named all the participants (no longer up) indicated that basically every youth in that production were all children of members. Both the Celtic Throne production and Armstrong Auditorium have their own dedicated YouTube channels, which I’m guessing the subscriber count is mostly members.

As I understand the no-contact policy, they are very strict about its application. Was this some kind of sanctioned, last ditch recruitment effort towards wayward, former members? I’m curious if any other former members also experienced this. –Former PCG member

Reply: We don’t know if anyone else received a link like that. But the Celtic Throne production was to make outsiders “curious about the church.” Irish dancing started several years ago in PCG. Read: Edmond Elite Youth Being Taught How to Riverdance (Irish Dancing (Oct 1, 2013 letter). Injuries with this type of dancing are not uncommon. See article: Injuries With Irish Dance and Injuries in Irish Dance. So we will never know how many have, or will end up sustaining injuries.

Celtic Throne Was Underwhelming:

July 23, 2020

I watched the Celtic throne and it was quite underwhelming. The score as written by Brian Byrne was good and there were some skilled dancers. The rest was quite amateurish. –M.

Joel Hilliker Says Herbert Armstrong Is the Restrainer in II Thessalonians:

July 24, 2020

In a Bible Study that Joel Hilliker gave to the SEP campers (“The Heroic, Courageous Little Book” about Malachi’s Message) he told these youth that Herbert Armstrong was the one who “restrained” (KJV “letteth”) in II Thessalonians 2:7: “For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth [restraineth] will let, until he be taken out of the way.”

[Read: The Holy Spirit and the Tribulation by Thomas Ice for an excellent explanation of II Thessalonians 2:7. (offsite article)]

This should come as no surprise since HWA is constantly elevated and spoken of more in PCG than Christ.

Hilliker said that he (HWA) restrained the evil force [i. e., Tkach, the “man of sin”] who was taking over “God’s Church” until he (HWA) was “taken out of the way” in order to “test these people to see if they loved His truth.”

Reading the context of this Scripture, along with other Bible commentaries, one can discern that this verse is talking about holding back lawlessness in the world, not in the WCG and “that Wicked” is the Antichrist to come, not Joseph Tkach.

PCG wickedly twists words in Scripture to mean whatever they want and places WCG and PCG in the Bible when they aren’t even there. Hilliker told the campers to study the booklets and literature they had been given, and one of them was Malachi’s Message.

PCG will have to answer someday for putting these lies into people, especially into the minds of the youth. –Bible study critiqued by L. S.

Brian Davis “Educates” SEP Campers on the Sacred Name Movement:

July 26, 2020

Brian Davis gave a Bible Study to SEP campers called “The Truth About the Sacred Name Movement.” This subject has been on our Q&A for awhile, so it’s anybody’s guess why he chose to talk about this to young people. It seems unlikely they would be interested.

He started off by telling funny stories, especially about how Mr. Burns hurt his leg by, or on, the obstacle course at camp and later was bleeding, and Davis was later there with his shirt unbuttoned, and he kept laughing about it. Ha ha ha. I never could figure out what was so funny. Also, I don’t know what was wrong with Davis’ throat but he was continually clearing it, which was a big distraction.

Since HWA is brought into all of PCG’s sermons and Bible studies, Davis said that HWA looked into this movement back in the 30’s. And, “If you really know God’s Word and look to the ‘End-time Elijah’ (HWA, not Christ), you won’t be blown about by every wind of doctrine, blah, blah….”

What was almost hilarious was that Davis kept saying things that could actually apply to PCG. Notice a few:

“You can be sucked into something if you are not careful.” [Reminded me of the testimony: I Almost Got Sucked into the Swirl of PCG]

“I’ve found them to be “very self-righteous.”

“They are very, very wrong.”

“It can be very deceptive.”

“You have got to careful about these doctrines.”

He talked about “cunning craftiness”; “lies that the devil is spinning all the time…”

Again, I wondered if he was talking about PCG?

He told how GF said if you have a copy of that Bible (produced by the Sacred Name group), “then you should throw it away.” (How about throwing GF’s literature away?) This reminded me of the 2011 letter by one former PCG member who burnt all of PCG stuff in a big bon-fire and it took him 90 minutes: “Burnt All of Gerald Flurry’s Literature.”

Hopefully, more in PCG will begin to question these things and walk away from PCG. –Bible study critiqued by L. S.

Read: Brian Davis Gets Big Laugh Out of ESN Site (July 21, 2012 letter)

Helping a Lot of People:

July 31, 2020

Keep up the awesome work. You’re helping a lot of people. –Anonymous

Trumpet is Negative:

August 17, 2020

As usual, the latest Trumpet is negative without any hope. And Gerald Flurry’s sour-puss face inside the cover doesn’t help matters any. It’s the same old claptrap. Another reader mentioned this before, but their photos are extremely disturbing, especially this issue showing tearing down statues. I remember many years ago when I first received some of PCG’s booklets. I noticed right off how depressing and full of dread they were. It definitely made me feel sick to my stomach. I especially remember the booklet on Lamentations. That one was horrid. I finally told them to take me off their mailing list and not send any more! I always feel much better when I don’t look at any of their garbage. –H. E.

Ministers in PCG Act Like Hitler:

August 23, 2020

I don’t have much experience with any of the Armstrong groups except the PCG and it looks like at this point in time the PCG commits 3 times more offenses than all the other groups put together. There sure seems to be lots of “Bad Press” on the PCG.

There are many “ministers” in the PCG that act like Adolf Hitler if you even disagree with them on any point (whether opinion or doctrine):

Fred Dattollo, Cocomise [Jim and John], Wayne Turgeon, Brian Davis, Winston Davis, Cal Culpepper, just to name a few. –Former PCG member

Brad Macdonald Writes Propaganda Article About Philadelphia Youth Camp:

August 24, 2020

Brad Macdonald wrote a propaganda article about Philadelphia Youth Camp (“Wanted: Healthy, Vibrant Teens!” July 7, 2010 ).  He wrote about the “wonderful” experience PCG teens (age 13-19) will have if they attend. In it he not only went through what teens will experience (endure) at camp for 3 weeks but he put the blame on parents if they don’t turn out the kind of teens he described.

They start the day with a “15-minute calisthenics warmup before breakfast.” During the day their time will be “filled” with sports instruction on every sport imaginable.

It was alarming when he said: [bolding mine]

“In the evenings they often engage in other taxing activities, including sports games, a track and field event and camp dances. And if all that activity isn’t strenuous enough, much of it will occur in daytime temperatures that hover in the mid-90s. … spending six to seven hours a day out in the sizzling Oklahoma weather—chasing balls, paddling across lakes and climbing ropes…”

Yet he says this is “glorious and honorable” to God and quotes Prov. 20:29.

How many teens will end up suffering from heat exhaustion, or injuries?

Next he goes on a rant about “strong, healthy teenagers have become a dying breed” and they “display embarrassingly little strength and vitality!”

After he says the majority of teens today have poor physical health and display “embarrassingly little strength and vitality,” he puts the blame square on the shoulders of the parents for the condition of their teen: too much chicken nuggets and french fries; the Internet, video games, lazing on the couch. The parents are “the ones failing to cultivate within our teens the desire to live a healthy and active lifestyle.”

To keep everything “in balance” Macdonald adds “similarly strenuous mental and spiritual exercises” one of which is “Bible classes” (which are sure to be reading GF’s literature) and listening to haranguing sermons.

The reality of this camp and the horrific parts are going to be left out. PYC is patterned after SEP (WCG’s summer camp) and if one remembers what it was like attending that, they have only a hint of what PYC will be like.

This article was draining to say the least. –[name withheld]

Read: Stories About S. E. P. Experiences

Read: Stories About Philadelphia Youth Camp (Update: As of 2021 the camp is known as Summer Educational Program or SEP)

Finally Getting Some Answers About the Coronavirus:

September 1, 2020

I wrote you before [see June 9 letter] about how W.H.O. said it was very rare to spread the coronavirus if asymptomatic and wondering if members would be less afraid to meet.

Now I am finally getting some answers. Two articles from Townhall which shows our fears were exaggerated. “Read article here about how it looks like vast majority of positive results should have been negative” (August 29) and “The Lockdown Has Gone From a Mistake to a Crime.” (September 1) This last one is especially good. It’s all been about control through fear. –T. S.

Flurry Will Use Any Fear He Thinks Will Work:

September 2, 2020

We joined the PCG in 1992 and Flurry was talking about the race riots around that time. I remember him talking about nuclear holocaust throughout my PCG years. He would use news sources that said suitcase size bombs were smuggled out of Russia and they could be anywhere just waiting to be used. Flurry will use any fear he thinks will work, so it just depends on what is in the news at the time. –B.

SF and Fear:

September 3, 2020

In the June 21 post A. R. included how masks are not healthy to wear all day according to Dr. Russell Blaylock. There was another article on Global Research “Unmasking the Truth: Studies Show Dehumanizing Masks Weaken You and Don’t Protect You.” So this info has been out awhile. Why have we never heard SF talking about this? His job is to make others fearful but not go too far off the edge and cause his phony program to be censored. –S.

Gerald Flurry Flies off the Handle Because of Division Over The New Throne of David:

September 7, 2020

It seems like every time I turn around there’s another ridiculous article by GF. His August 1 article, “Psalm 89: Jeremiah Speaks to the PCG” is such a one. He flies off the handle because there has been a division in PCG over “The New Throne of David.”

I will quote some of his fear-drenched words: (my comments in brackets in purple, bolding mine, italics GF’s)

“At some point you must stop the murmuring and rebelling, or you’re going to die! … Fifty percent of God’s people who turn away from Him are going to die forever!” [On the contrary, we have assurance of eternal life now. (I John 5:13)]

“We must believe what God is doing! We are sons of Zadok, …” [I thought we were the sons of God. (John 1:12; Philippians 2:15; I John 3:1-2;]

“Trusting God 99 percent or less is really a deadly spiritual disease!” [What you are saying is that if someone doesn’t trust you, it is a spiritual disease.]

“Many prophecies warn that God’s Church will receive real pressure in the future. [How many times did we hear those same words from Herbert Armstrong?] Enemies will castigate our people in unmerciful ways. They will probably say people who hear a voice belong in insane asylums, [Like you said you did before you wrote The New Throne of David?] and it is crazy to follow someone to a place of safety who says he is a king.” [Like you said you were? See February 27, 2018 letter: “King Flurry?“] They will compare us to cults like Jim Jones, which committed mass suicide. That will be hard to take! It will take strong courage to resist that.” [It will take courage to see the lies and walk away.]

“No matter how hard the trial gets or how fierce it is, just look in the Bible. See what God says. And when the temptation to question or challenge God arises, refrain! Don’t even go there! That is total trust in God.” [No, it’s total trust in Gerald Flurry and not using one’s own critical thinking skills. What happened to total trust in the Lord Jesus who gives eternal life that cannot be taken away? (John 10:28; John 6:40)]

The more members question or doubt him, the wilder and more fanatical he becomes. This article was so full of baloney that I only gave a few quotes. –L. S.

Why No Leading Minister Exposing the Entire Scam?

September 19, 2020

Why hasn’t there hasn’t been any leading minister in PCG with the guts to leave and and expose GF and PCG? And I mean exposing the entire scam, even writing a book. I see some former member expose a minister, or some abuse. But how many walk away completely instead of going with some other Bimbo teaching the same bull? It’s downright depressing. –H. E.

Reply: It doesn’t seem to be happening anymore, especially since 1974 when 70 ministers left the WCG and exposed the hypocrisy and double standards at HQs. They had strong convictions and weren’t afraid to speak up and some wrote books (see some of our PDF books). While there have  been former members speaking up about the abuses in PCG, none have written a book that I know of. The time to have made a clean break, if not in the 70’s, was after the WCG changes in 1995. There are now hundreds of offshoots including splits from PCG. Not all have an authoritarian, abusive hierarchy, but they still claim to have “the truth.” Yes, it can be depressing.

PCG Grooms Certain Ones to Become “Yes Men”:

September 20, 2020

I was reading the last letter posted by H. E. and have felt the same frustration.

After attending PCG for 10 years and having one son go through their “Armstrong College” and become a PCG employee I can tell you that they groom those men to become “Yes men.” We all know what a “Yes man” is.

A lot of the ministers and employees are children of ministers or extended family.

A lot of them don’t have much real world experience or job skills so they get a job in their church and get hooked on the power and prestige they think they have.

It would be difficult to get a real job after being a PCG minister and then leaving with few actual real world job skills. –R. B.

Reply: “Yes men” seek approval and do get hooked on the power and assumed prestige. This is the opposite of true leadership. True leaders will want others to challenge and question them. These “yes men” have no convictions to stand up against the evils that are going on in PCG. Those with strong convictions will leave, expose the organization, and trust God to help them with whatever comes their way. Mind control (which includes fear, threats, repetition and guilt) plays a big part in such groups which allows the leaders to groom others to become what they want.

PCG’s Offering for Feast of Trumpets:

September 21, 2020

PCG’s offering on the Feast of Trumpets this year (which was observed Sept 19) was: $38,691.70 and there were 353 in attendance. –[name withheld]

Members Told Not to Forget About the Dig Once the Jet Is Paid Off:

September 29, 2020

On the Day of Atonement this year (September 28) it was announced that the Gulf Stream Jet was more than 80% paid off with the remaining balance just under $2 million by the time of the Feast arrives. They were told they have “17 months of payments remaining” and “if we continue to pay at our current rate we will pay off the plane one year ahead of schedule.” Members were told, “Please don’t let down.” “Once the plane is paid we’ll hopefully be able to help fund the Dig. Don’t forget about the Dig in Jerusalem and how important that is as well.” –Anonymous

Andrew Locher Says “We are God”:

October 4, 2020

At the FOT, on the first day, Andrew Locher gave the sermon, “God Will Build the House.” In it he said something I know now was heretical. He was talking about being part of the process of “creating more and more potential gods,” and then later in the sermon said, “This is what we were trained for. We are god. We are going to be born into God’s family.” We are god?? –Ex PCG

The Fruits Show PCG is Not of God:

October 5, 2020

PCG ministers caused my wife to divorce me and break up our family after she left WCG and went into PCG. The day is coming when God will allow this cult to come to nothing. They have destroyed more lives than we can count. The fruits show that PCG is in no way, shape, or form of God. –Impacted by PCG

Comment: Bad fruit is the works of the flesh listed in Galatians 5:19-21. Good fruit is mentioned in Galatians 5:22-23.

PCG Ministerial Moves / Gerald Flurry Plans to Marry Vicki Barreiro:

October 30, 2020

I just received this in The Friday Philadelphian / PCG News / October 30, 2020: (excerpts; original FP sent to ESN)

Today, Mr. Flurry approved the announcing of several ministerial relocations: Mr. and Mrs. Brian Davis will move from headquarters to the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area, a more central location for serving as Northeast regional director. Mr. and Mrs. Victor Vejil will move from Ohio to northern New Jersey. Mr. and Mrs. Greg Nice will move from New Jersey to the Phoenix, Arizona, area. Mr. and Mrs. Roger Brandon have moved from Phoenix back to headquarters to assist Western Regional Director Cal Culpepper with Oklahoma congregations outside of headquarters and to manage the food services department. Mr. and Mrs. John Krueger will switch from Food Services to assisting headquarters Pastor Fred Dattolo with the large headquarters congregation. Mr. Flurry hopes these moves will be made before or just after the ministerial conference at the end of December. …

Special announcement

Dear brethren: I have been meeting with Vicki Barreiro for one year. It all started with ministerial counseling. We both developed feelings for each other in that process. We have been dating exclusively for the last four months. We plan to marry in a private wedding with only our immediate families on November 16.

Pastor General Gerald Flurry


GF Getting Marrying 59 Year-Old Widow:

November 1, 2020

If I heard correctly, Vicki Barreiro is 59 yrs old. She is a widow. –[name withheld]

Brian Davis and His Third New Wife:

November 3, 2020

Brian Davis remarried nine months after the death of his 2nd wife Suzanne Hessong Davis who passed away on December 3, 2019.  His third new wife is named Iva Gwen Mckoy and she is 53 years old. –[name withheld]

Comment: The father of Brian Davis is Winston Davis, a Preaching Elder in South Carolina, who got remarried himself on November 22, 2020 to Brenda Fox. Also read: Brian Davis Is an Abusive Tyrant (March 5, 2012).

Grant Turgeon Has “Big Announcement” About GF Getting Remarried:

November 5, 2020

Members have been absolutely giddy over Gerald Flurry getting remarried. Are they really all that excited about the news, or are they so mind controlled that they will accept anything GF says or does?

On November 2, Grant Turgeon (son of Wayne Turgeon), aired on his Behind the Work program “A Big Announcement,” which was about Gerald Flurry getting remarried on Nov 16. Grant gushed as he said he knew about this two weeks in advance. During that time he admitted he could hardly contain himself until he could tell about this “joyful news” that he said is “a good thing.”

Referring to GF, he said, “Sixteen years of being single has been completely devoted to doing God’s Work.” [Translation: completely devoted to exploiting, controlling and lording it over as many families and children as possible, as he deceives them about the gospel of grace.]

He mulled over what Gerald Flurry’s marriage could do for God’s Work as we follow GF “as he follows Christ.” What a crock. Is it Christ-like to lean back in your easy padded throne while you divide and destroy families? Where is Grant living?? On Mars? Or close to the feet of King Flurry?

This marriage of GF’s is supposed to have “such an impact on God’s Work.” It is supposed to “push the Work forward for this final surge.” “The final transitional phase of God’s Work.” Haven’t we heard those words a thousand times before? How many more times do we have to hear them?

He finished by telling us that he “wakes up in the middle of the night excited about this marriage announcement.”

May those still inside have the courage to investigate the background of PCG and HWA and then leave before they are exploited and abused anymore. –-[name withheld]

Members Will Adjust Their Thinking and Go On:

November 9, 2020

Whether Trump or Biden is the president, I believe members will nevertheless find themselves sliding toward a NWO. (I mentioned a “power move” in my April 8 letter.) Troubling events will only transpire sooner with Biden. I read the article about Flurry’s false prophecy. While I’m glad to see him exposed as the lying false prophet he is, no matter what, members eventually would have stirred to the fact that they weren’t kicked out of the U.S.A. Sadly, most of those in cults will always adjust their thinking whenever one of their leader’s prophecies fails and will continue being pulled along by the next false prophecy. A good book you have listed is, When Prophecy Fails by Leon Festinger.  –T. S.

Comment: This book shows that, in spite of failed prophecies, members in apocalyptic groups (after their initial confusion) will usually make some other excuse and go right on believing.

If Trump Isn’t Re-Elected, Then Flurry Will Be a Dreamer of Dreams:

November 10, 2020

Regarding the prophecies (or predictions–whichever way people want to view Flurry’s comments) concerning Trump and King Jeroboam, isn’t it a little early to be concluding that Biden will win the 2020 U.S. election? After all, isn’t the outcome going to be contested in the courts? I wouldn’t be too quick (like mainstream media has been) to come to that conclusion. Sure, it is true that if Trump isn’t re-elected as president, then Flurry would fall into the category of Deuteronomy 13:1, “A dreamer of dreams.” That’s right, a false prophet. However, I think that we all need to allow the judiciary system of the United Sates of America make its decision first.

Thank you and love your work. –M. G.

P. S. Your website has been a source of encouragement, edification and peace. I’m always checking for new posts. Reminds me that I’m not the only one who was spiritually abused by PCG. God bless you and please continue the amazing work that you do.

Gerald Flurry’s Ongoing Inflated Ego:

November 17, 2020

I have observed Gerald Flurry’s ongoing inflated ego and how his ministers continue to keep it puffed up. One example, and this quote is by Brad Macdonald where he is talking about the “attempt to overthrow the president, abolish the Constitution and take over America”: (bolding mine)

“Rush Limbaugh, the talk-radio host, has been discussing this for two or three years. But Mr. Limbaugh wasn’t the first. Years before Rush, there was Gerald Flurry. The Trumpet’s editor in chief [GF] has warned that the radical left would try to overthrow America for at least 12 years!” (“The Election Exposes the Radical Left’s Rolling Coup”; November 5, 2020 Trumpet)

Gerald Flurry is not the only one who has been giving a warning, as he wants us to think. To mention one, Glenn Beck has been warning America about the danger of the radical left for decades (since about 2005 or 2006), which is longer than G.F., who, according to Macdonald, started his warnings in 2008. (Wasn’t GF talking about Malachi’s Message and “warning the Laodiceans” in 2008?)

Macdonald wants us to believe that we need to heed every word that comes out of Gerald Flurry’s mouth since GF has received “revelation from God” and is the one God chose to “warn our nation.” (Brad forgot to mention Herbert Armstrong began his “warning” message in 1934 and none of his prophecies ever came to pass.)

One of GF’s most glaring errors in all of this is his teaching that America and Britain are “modern-day Israel.” Prove that false and there is no more “modern Jeroboam” or “Jeroboam-End” or “our  nations going into captivity.”

God has to open one’s eyes to be able to see this. –L. S.

Comment: Read: How is the Term Israel Used in the New Testament? Shows how the church is not “spiritual Israel”) (also covers Galatians 6:16) [offsite article]

PCG Making People Think Only They Have the Truth:

November 18, 2020

PCG would want everyone to think only they have the truth. SF recently read a letter on the Trumpet from a lady who said, “The Trumpet is the only news source now that we can trust.” Does PCG actually believe they are the only news source people can go to for the truth?? There are many conservatives speaking out with truth but are being labeled as conspirators and even Nazis. It is unreal what is happening with our freedoms and how much censoring is going on. How come SF isn’t censored? –Anonymous

PCG Ruling Says No Smartphones Allowed:

November 19, 2020

Hi, I am a young person still currently in the PCG. Some time ago I stopped believing the teachings of this group. Since then I have opened my eyes to the fear-mongering and manipulation. Anyway, around early this year, they made the ruling that no one should have smartphones. Instead, we should have alternatives like flip phones or gaff phones. The PCG no longer allows Smartphones on campus from any students or anyone employed by the PCG. In sermons they actively shame parents who allow their kids to have phones. They tell the parents that they’re letting Satan get to their kids if they don’t take away their phones. It’s legitimately scary to see this happening as it’s just another way to control the members and gain more power over them. –[name withheld]

GF No Longer Saying Tkach Jr. is Amaziah:

November 24, 2020

In the latest Philadelphia Trumpet (January 2021), “Why Donald Trump Will Remain America’s President,” GF no longer is found saying Tkach Jr. is Amaziah, as he once did. This may be because Tkach Jr. has since retired. Nevertheless, he says, “we should expect Amaziah, this false priest, to come on the scene soon!” While he doesn’t say who Amaziah will be, he says, “the man who fills the role of Amaziah will reject God’s warning and then use the Supreme Court to expel God’s church from America.” GF thinks this is the way God is going to solve this, but added that “He may have other ideas.”

Flurry is banking everything on the Amos 7 prophecy and constantly declares, “WE ARE LIVING THROUGH THIS FINAL WARNING RIGHT NOW!” He incites fear by causing readers to believe that Revelation 12:9 (Satan and his angels being cast down to earth) has already happened. While there is much evil in the world today, and it is certain to get worse, The Bible Knowledge Commentary and others, explain that this casting down from Heaven happens in the middle of the Tribulation, which wouldn’t be now since we aren’t even in the Tribulation yet. (Read reply to May 6, 2020 letter: Are We in the Tribulation?) –L. S.

Comment from ESN: GF is still saying Amaziah is Tkach Jr. Read second paragraph in the March 24, 2024 letter: “GF and SF Probably Already Cooking Up a Story.”

Alex Harrison Dies:

December 2, 2020

PCG evangelist Alex Harrison has died. He died in Edmond, OK on November 22. Five days before he died he had moved back to Edmond. He was born Dec. 19, 1941, in Hamilton, New Zealand, and has three children. We could not find out the details of his death. He was the right hand man of GF and was the cause of many problems in PCG. On a photo that was sent it said, “Evangelist Alex Harrison died Sunday morning, a few days after arriving from Australia to Edmond. He had served in the ministry for 34 years as a local elder, pastor, regional director and member of the Council of Elders.”

When Harrison and his family were in WCG, he was a local elder. After the WCG split he followed Colin Sutcliffe into PCG. Later he was regional director in Australasia and at one point was over South America. Shortly before his death, they fired him from that position, moved him back to the states, and he died. His wife Glenis is deceased. –N. F.

Comment: We have received many letters about Alex Harrison and you can find them by doing a search for his name on our site. More info is found in Concerns From Trinidad. Update: We were told that he died of some kind of intestinal problems.

John Cocomise Dies:

December 3, 2020

PCG minister John Cocomise died in November after having some strokes close together. He was 57 years old and living in Florida. He is survived by his wife, Tara, and two adult children (possibly three children). His daughter is married to Cal Culpepper’s son, Douglas Culpepper. John had a stroke and was in the hospital where he had another stroke and died. His brother Jim is a PCG minister as well. –[name withheld]

Herbert Armstrong and the New World Order:

December 4, 2020

What is New World Order? When is this going to happen and any information. I don’t recall Herbert Armstrong teaching anything about it. –S. N.

Reply: New World Order is the same as one world government. It’s mentioned in the July 5, 2020 PCG letter above: “PCG Eager to Bring in the New World Order.” There is a link in that letter to an old booklet by HWA where he used those words.

Herbert Armstrong’s “World Tomorrow” resembled a “one world government,” or “united world” that many New Agers and globalists have long wanted to bring to fruition. Search for the words “world government” in our article, “Did Herbert Armstrong Have God’s Truth?” (compares HWA teachings to New Age/Occultic teachings)

NWO is the Beast system that will prevail in the Great Tribulation when the Antichrist will have power. It is also known as The Great Reset. One offsite source that explains the Great Reset:

What is the Great Reset? (45 min. video)

Suffering in PCG Far More Than We Know:

December 15, 2020

Members in PCG who are being isolated from their friends due to the lockdowns are suffering far more than we know. I questioned in the beginning how many suicides were happening in PCG that are being covered up? How many had turned to drugs? How many elderly are dying from lack of contact with family? How many more children were being beaten since they were at home more? These are all dark secrets that PCG ministers won’t let out. The lockdowns are bad enough for the average citizen who likewise suffer in this way, but what about the children and youth in PCG who can’t escape the madness? The elites at the highest level are busy controlling the masses by fear, and it is all draconian. –T. S.

Members Are Suffering From Harmful Effects of Lockdowns:

December 18, 2020

The letter [Dec. 15] that talked about members and youth suffering from the lockdowns is absolutely true. America’s Frontline Doctors [search for the word “lockdowns”] talk about the harmful health effects of lockdowns and how they are “not feasible, causing poverty, social isolation, depression, alcoholism, delayed and limited access to healthcare resulting in death,” etc., and how they don’t work! Also, there is a link showing masks don’t work; research on HCQ [which is nearly impossible to obtain in the U.S. and Australia]; early treatment, etc. It is criminal the way information is being censored! –[name withheld]

Fear is Not of God:

December 23, 2020

I am saddened to read of all the suffering people have gone through. Do watch out for wolves who disguise themselves as sheep. One thing I know, if our heart is driven to fear, this is not of God. We have only a very brief time left to watch, pray, and be busy about God’s business. So take heart and look up for our redemption draws nearer today than ever before.  –C. H.


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