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“The LORD also will be a refuge for the oppressed, a refuge in times of trouble.” ~Psalms 9:9

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Everyone We Know Has Benefited From Your Site:

January 1, 2022

Your site has been a big help for us after we left PCG. We have been out for two years now and are still going through and absorbing everything on your site. Everyone we know who has left has said they have benefited from your site. –Former member of PCG

Jude Flurry Baptized:

January 2, 2022

Jude Flurry, son of the infamous Stephen Flurry, and who attends HWA College, was baptized November 6, 2021 by his father and Joel Hilliker. Are we looking at another PCG evangelist in the making? –[name withheld]

Scott Flory Ordained as Deacon:

January 3, 2022

Scott Flory was ordained as a deacon by Brian Davis on October 2, 2021. He will be over the Cincinnati-Dayton, Ohio congregation.

As a side note, Steve Flory (age 30), grandson of Dale Flory, and oldest son of Steven and Kymberli Flory, married Maria Buckner on November 7, 2021. Both were from the Cincinnati-Dayton, OH congregation. “Preaching Elder” Eric Burns officiated at the ceremony. The couple now resides in Miamisburg, OH.

Dale Flory (who passed away in July 2021) was the father of little 12-year old Alicia Flory who died of a virulent viral infection.” For more information on this see: “Little Girl Died from Lack of Medical Attention” (January 18, 2014 letter) and ” The Tragic Death of Alicia Flory” (January 11, 2022 letter below).

Scott Flory, is the man who was forced to abandon his wife Cassie according to the evil dictates and approval of Cal Culpepper. More about this was covered in the August 10, 2016 letter “Outrageous and Hypocritical Article by Joel Hilliker” and the August 4, 2016 article, “New No-Contact Ruling From Gerald Flurry.” (search for their names)

–[name withheld]

So Glad To Be Out of That Mess:

January 5, 2022

When I look at the Flory family, their painful history totally disproves GF’s lie and con message that you will be blessed and prosperous if you kowtow and serve the Flurry cult wholeheartedly. In the late [date removed] when I attended PCG and spent time with the Florys in their homes, it all looked good initially. By all outward appearances they were a happy, devout, religious clan of God-fearing people. However when we reflect on the litany of premature and tragic deaths, divorce, broken marriages, estrangement amongst siblings, adultery, etc., you see that there is no special divine approbation to those who wholeheartedly serve the PCG. We are so grateful to be out of that mess. –Former PCG member [name withheld]

PCG’s Misleading Lies About Their Archaeology:

January 6 , 2022

The PCG’s watchJerusalem website, retweeted as well in the “churches” twitter feed, has a headline that says :

“Our Top 10 Biblical Archaeology Discoveries Of 2021”

I just want to draw attention to how shady and misleading they are. Despite what Andrew Locher said in a Bible study given during their summer camp last year, they don’t have any archaeologist employed by the PCG nor are they even remotely capable of graduating an archaeologist from their indoctrination college [Herbert W. Armstrong College]. And they most certainly have not made any archaeological discoveries or even participated in any digs this year. This subtle misinformation is what they do in every aspect of their religion.

Also while on the topic, notice how they refuse to release how much money they paid for Dr. Eilat Mazar’s book collection. Just as Herbert Armstrong bought his way into literally every head of state meeting he had and pawned it off as God’s doing. –Former PCG member

Heard Andrew Locher Lying to Campers:

January 6, 2022

I listened to that last Bible Study Andrew Locher gave at PCG Youth Camp [now known as Philadelphia Church of God Summer Educational Program or SEP]. It was awful. He was trying to convince the campers why they should go to H. W. Armstrong college and how it has “turned out so many successful people in all different careers” and went on to say they had “two archaeologists” in the PCG. He was referring to, but didn’t directly name, Chris Eames and Brent Naagtagal. It was a blatant lie! They are not archaeologists! Not even close! Andrew Locher is just a slimy little liar. –N. L.

Carlos Heyer Being Transferred to Latin America
(Moved to PCG Sermons & Bible Study Critiques for 2022. Search for title)

The Tragic Death of Alicia Flory:

[Note: This letter was updated 1-13-22 along with new comments.]

January 11, 2022

I was around when Alicia Flory died. I ate and slept over at their house when I worked for them at their construction company. We all fellowshipped together every Sabbath and holy day. I worked as a part time contractor with Dale Flory and his sons in their construction business. But I was told by a Flory family member that Dale and his wife were trying natural remedies with their daughter [to help her get well]. I was told that pus was coming out of her ear and that is why they finally took her to the doctors. The problem was that they waited too long to give her antibiotics. If everything was on the up and up to begin with, why did the State/County even have to investigate?

I know Yvonne was into Reiki and all natural healing methods, some of which were New Age (Kinesiology and Reflexology, for instance). Yvonne did tell me about Reiki. I remember distinctly because I had never heard about this type of natural healing before. Just how she practiced it precisely [or if she used it on Alicia] I am not able to expertly relate. I know she showed me her room in her Greenville, OH house with candles, aroma therapy, and New Age music where she helped people with physical infirmities. She sold natural herbs and remedies if my memory serves me correctly.

I am not a family member of the Florys. Perhaps I was not as intimately involved in the inner familial workings of those people but it was not as if I am an outsider making stuff up. They [the family] waited too long with that natural healing stuff until they finally went to a doctor. When you bring a kid into a doctor’s office with pus coming out of their ear in an advanced viral infection, any physician will realize that this did not happen overnight. The doctor had to file a report with the local authorities. I have had children die in my family and amongst friends and coworkers. I have never had one time heard a report of the authorities investigating a child’s death. Something was rotten in Denmark as the saying goes.

Could it be the PCGs diabolical doctrine of no doctors that could have been a factor in Alicia’s tragic and untimely death? [Refer to: Use of the medical profession is strongly discouraged from article “Philadelphia Church of God Information.”]

I remember attending Alicia’s funeral and helping shovel the dirt into her grave.

–Brett Streutker, former member of PCG and author of New No-Contact Ruling From Gerald Flurry; Gerald Flurry Remarries–Hypocrisy From the Top; Ex-PCG Members Protected During Kentucky Tornadoes, et al. on site.

Comments from ESN: Read: New Age Alternative Healing. which covers Kinesiology, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, and other alternative healing. Also, remember that one of the “healing sessions” that WCG brought in (during the changes) to try and deal with members’ recovery concerns was called “Pathways for Peace and Healing.” A search on this group shows that it is based on Shamanism, which is tied in with Reiki healing, a New Age and occult practice. (Read: Reiki a universal energy technique to heal.) The founder of Reiki was Dr. Mikao Usui a Japanese theologian who claims that Reiki came to him in a vision. 

Husband of Vicky Barreiro Committed Suicide:

January 11, 2022

Did you know that Vicki Barreiro’s husband committed suicide?? Vicki moved to Ponca City, OK to be near HQs in Edmond, OK, leaving her parents, 80 or so years old, alone in CA. –[name withheld]

Comment: Read: Gerald Flurry Remarries–Hypocrisy From the Top. Footnote #1 at bottom tells how Vicki Sue Barreiro married Gerald Flurry on November 16, 2020 and then links to the letter with the special announcement, which says the marriage all started with “ministerial counseling.”

Went to AC With Husband of Vicki Barreiro:

(2nd email from person above)

January 12, 2022

It was around November 2017 when he [Vicki’s husband] committed suicide.

We’ve been suffering since at least 2017. My husband and I were put out at that same Feast after I’d spoken with Vicki about where was Lou. She said “They’re working with him.” He had been put out. I guess it didn’t go too well. I’d gone to AC with Lou and I thought it sounded a bit too cavalier. Then we were put out at the Feast, then let back in 12 weeks later; asked regional director about Lou and he admitted he’d killed himself. We were put out again in July 2021 for not coming back immediately after our building opened up for Covid. Still don’t know what to do. Have read your site several times and found it helpful. –Kind regards, –Ex PCG [name withheld]

Told Baptism Wasn’t Valid:

(3rd email from person above)

January 12, 2022

There’s so much that I guess I’ve got stored away, and if you don’t mind I’ll get some of it off my chest. Gerald Flurry decided Lou Barreiro [Vicki Barreiro’s husband] hadn’t been baptized–his baptism hadn’t been valid–so that would mean he’d still have a chance at eternal life. That’s handy as a way out. It wasn’t that he’d been tormented in his mind by being kept from the Feast and probably told he’d have to be re-baptized. They tried to do that to me, too (the same minister)–that maybe my baptism hadn’t been valid simply because I’d been baptized at 18 at AC [Ambassador College]. But I quoted Herbert Armstrong’s booklet that if you have been truly baptized it would be wrong to redo it. So the regional director (Brian Davis) decided mine had been valid. But I know what it did to me. It was devastating. My whole life would mean nothing.

There was a woman in her early 50’s that they did re-baptize at this time. This time they said we “might be tares” even though the new regional director (Cal Culpepper) said, “You’re a delightful couple and have a lot to give.” I guess he changed his mind when we left it [PCG] too long to come back after Covid. This decision we found out later was just as GF was starting to date Vicki Barrerio exclusively, so I can’t help but wonder if his judgement might not have been quite on the mark (for our sake I hope that’s the case anyway). You can see the turmoil still in me. Anyway, thanks for listening. –Ex PCG [name withheld]

P.S. Just to clarify. It was July 2020 when they put us out (not 2021). The local guy, Roger Brandon, was on the warpath against us. Cal Culpepper was more amenable, but said GF kept reminding him it was 3 weeks in a row out [from not attending], then out. It was just too far for us in our circumstances but that wasn’t OK I guess. Bums [buttocks] on chairs isn’t the same as conversion. Hope God sees it that way. –Ex PCG [name withheld]

Reply: I have read through your emails and am sickened by all that you have suffered at the hands of GF and his evil ministers. You were definitely spiritually and emotionally abused and I can’t tell you how sorry I am. But do know that in God’s sight you are His child and nobody can take that, or eternal life, away from you. He will never leave you but will help you and comfort you. God is not in PCG and this has been shown by their wicked fruits which are revealed in all the testimonies we have received concerning them. I will continue to pray for you. I hope you will find many articles on the site that will encourage and assist you. I’m very glad that you wrote and shared all this.

Continuing to Destroy People’s Lives By the Day:

January 13, 2022

Sometimes I can hardly wrap my head around what is transpiring in PCG. It seems like absolute madness. This cult is continuing to destroy people’s lives by the day while GF and the rest of his goons exhibit complete indifference as to what they are doing. I continue to pray against GF and his schemes and lies daily, and that God would intervene for the suffering people. –A. R.

Thinking We Left God:

January 13, 2022

This is concerning the couple that were put out and told their baptism wasn’t valid. [See 1-12-22 letter] That poor couple! I know exactly what they are going through. I hope they can do some research and prove what Herbert Armstrong was and how it was all just for money. Otherwise they will be living with guilt hanging over their heads, thinking they left God, when in fact they left Gerald Flurry and the PCG. –Former member of PCG

Sickening That PCG Can Have Complete Control:

January 13, 2022

I find it sickening that PCG can convince members that they (the ministry) can decide whether a person can be saved or not. [see January 12 letter above: “Told Baptism Wasn’t Valid”] It is spiritual abuse because it allows them complete control of the person. –[name withheld]

Andrew Hessong Moved to Ohio Where His Idol Brian Davis Is:

January 14, 2022

I found out that Andrew Hessong moved to Ohio to be right where his idol, Brian Davis is. [Note: Brian Davis is the brother-in-law of Andrew Hessong] I don’t think some people understand that everything Hessong did was actually done by Brian Davis, through him. These men under Brian Davis can’t wipe their noses without first running it by Brian. I think it’s funny that Hessong got fired when Cal Culpepper moved over the Western region.

Also, I thought you might be interested in knowing that when it comes to women, Brian Davis is a serial re-baptizer! That is his MO when he comes across a woman who either isn’t swooning over him or is giving him the slightest trouble in getting them completely under control. I personally know of 4 but know there have been more! It is a way of humiliating them thus gaining control and bringing them into submission to him. (His attitude towards women is text book narcissistic sociopath, which I am 100% sure he is one) –Former PCG member [name withheld]

Comment: Read: Brian Davis Is an Abusive Tyrant which will link to other letters on the site about him.

PCG Has Lost Several of Their Platforms:

January 14, 2022

I received notes from my source that pertained to a recent sermonette by Mark Hyde which was called “The Cancel Culture Front.” PCG has lost several of their platforms and it’s all due to “Satan” and the “cancel culture” which shows us “time is short” and now it is “up to the members to do something about it.” He said often the co-worker letters are descriptions of “our enemy’s campaign against us.” Ever notice how Satan is brought into everything in the PCG? Especially when there’s a problem?

He called it “strong headwinds” when he said PCG lost most of their ability to use YouTube and Facebook this year and “one of their most effective cable television networks ended their contract with them after 13 years.” Now they are having trouble finding “replacement outlets.” The reason for these problems? “The message is getting stronger and the world more hostile.”

So, they are to “pray for open doors” because Satan is using this cancel culture to “stifle this message.”

It was the same old verbiage of “We are quickly running out of time.” Didn’t we hear HWA say that over and over from the beginning of his ministry? Haven’t we heard GF say it over and over since 1989?

Hyde said, “God’s Work is going to get done but how fast may depend on us.” May? It always seems to “depend on the members.” They are to pray a door will open and that God’s Work will get done. But if it was truly was God’s Work, would they have to worry so much about it getting done? –[name withheld]

Comment: Mark Hyde is married to Rachel Leap, daughter of Dennis Leap.

Dennis Leap Once Got on a Table at the FOT and Started Shouting:

January 14, 2022

Speaking of abusive ministers, I want to relate how Dennis Leap got up on a table once and was shouting in these other members’ faces. He was disfellowshipping a couple of members at the Feast one year and he really made a big show of it.

I don’t think any of these ministers in PCG show any humility befitting a real servant of Jesus. –[name withheld]

Brian Davis Controlled and Morphed Many Men Into Dictators:

January 15, 2022

In regards to the letter you had posted about Andrew Hessong and Brian Davis [see January 14], I’d like to add my personal experience with Brian Davis. He always makes comments such as “If so and so can’t control his wife then God’s church will control her for him.” This allowed him to control and morph many men into dictators. No one wanted to be seen as not having control over their family. There are many sermons given about men controlling their wives and making sure they aren’t allowing the wife be the neck that turns the man’s head.

Looking back on the things that went on there I can see just how wrong it was. At the time I knew on some level that it wasn’t right and saw MANY men treat their wives and children badly. Blame would almost always be placed on the woman regardless of circumstance. I hope that people thinking of joining this organisation will read your site and realise what they are getting involved with. –Ex member of PCG

o be an important day for PCG when “something significant” happens. So far I haven’t heard or read anything about it, unless GF comes up with something later. As far as I can tell, nothing happened. –D. F.

Dennis Leap’s Behavior Has Been Sickening:

January 17, 2022

Regarding the letter about Dennis Leap getting up on a table and shouting [see January 14, 2022 letter], I have no problem believing it. He broke up many families and threw hundreds of people out when he was a minister. There is a lot of dirt on him that would stun those he has been able to fool. His behavior has been sickening. He was known by his friends to tell “great dirty jokes.” There are far worse things that I can’t mention. His poor wife hardly ever smiled. Today he is only a “senior writer” for PCG and he has no speaking role anymore.

I’m sure it would shock us to find out what many of these so-called “righteous ministers of God” are really like, including Gerald Flurry, men who love to abuse any who dare to speak up to them, or even attempt to quote Scripture. I doubt GF will ever repent of his sins that have accumulated over the years (the no-contact ruling being one) as his goal has been to pursue power and money.

While there’s so much evil in that cult, there’s so much love and peace with Jesus that thankfully we can acquire if we leave. –Ex PCG

Comment: There is much on our site about Dennis Leap especially in regard to Malachi’s Message. One for instance is: “Dennis Leap, Malachi’s Message and Mark Nash.” Do a search on his name. Also be aware that more than two witnesses have testified to Leap’s unsavory behavior.

Cruel Actions by Dennis Leap:

January 18, 2022

There was a man in PCG who divorced his wife (not a member) due to the PCG encouraging him to do so [no contact ruling]. This man was fairly well off financially. My mother (who was not a member) talked with his wife in the past at the PCG feast and she told my mother that she was very concerned and scared at the time her husband would chose the “church” over her and it turned out to be true. My mother feared the same thing but my father thought she was crazy and said that the PCG would never make him chose his family or the church. Well he got a big surprise when Dennis Leap came to his home and told him to never talk to me again or have anything to do with me and encouraged him to “get rid” of my mother. It really shook him up although not enough to make him stop attending.

My father was not rich but he was fairly well off (more so than a lot of church members in his area) and so we really didn’t expect Dennis Leap to disfellowship him because of that, although we’d loved him to in a way. Dennis Leap told my father that they had been watching him for a long time and found him not to be very zealous in his deacon duties. My father agreed with him and told him that it was because Dennis didn’t give them any positive comments and encouragement. I’m very surprised that my father wasn’t disfellowshipped then and there, but I’m sure he worded it in a favorable way.

My father told us that Dennis Leap at one point had been talking about feast reservations and said that if any member made hotel/house reservations before he said it was okay that he would personally call and cancel them himself. –[name withheld]

Comment: Read this excellent letter: More About Dennis Leap and PCG which will also link to “Glad Dennis Leap Finally Recognized as the Insane Man He Was.”

Nobody Liked Dennis Leap:

January 19, 2022

I think any position (“power”) Dennis Leap has comes from the fact that he knows too much about where Malachi’s Message came from, since he helped to rewrite it. Flurry has put him down, but cannot get rid of him. Leap’s wife never accompanied him on visits. Maybe she didn’t want to hear him be cruel. She only smiled in response to a friendly greeting, and even then she looked like she didn’t know how. He had the unhappiest family I ever saw in the PCG. Even though Leap used to be fat, he used to call another young minister “Bubble Butt.” Nobody liked him. –Former member of PCG

GF Adds to Revelation 3:8 / Hints at January 16 “Miracle”:

January 21, 2022

GF, on January 15 said this day was “D-Day” and called it a “special weekend.” He gave some announcements before his sermon and the first thing I noticed was how he added to Revelation 3:8. He said that he thought of this Scripture while Dwight Falk was giving the sermonette about January 16. He said he remembered it very distinctly because he didn’t think he ever heard HWA say this. He told how HWA was being criticized about some things and that he (HWA) went to Revelation 3:7-8. Then GF read verse 8. However, GF added to that Scripture. He read it as saying, and I quote his words:

“Behold I have set before you an open door (that’s Mr. Armstrong) and no man can shut it for you have a little strength and have kept my word and have not denied my name or my government.” If you will read Revelation 3:8 you will find that it does not say “my government.” The verse ends with “and hast not denied my name.” I wonder if any members picked up on that? GF said HWA silenced his critics for quite awhile by reading that. I’m sure he did if he added the words “my government.”

Then he gave a few announcements and said “This really falls in the category of a miracle day” or “close to it.” He told how on January 11 PCG sent out their first issue of “Let the Stones Speak” to the printer and that the magazine should start arriving in the mailbox this weekend to the U.K. subscribers. [This will be the magazine of the new institute.] He said on January 16 and 17, the Armstrong-Mizar Institute of Biblical Archaeology [refer to November 13, 2021 letter to ESN and GF’s co-worker letter of November 1] will be launching its new website. ArmstrongMazar.com

Then he told how he (GF) “made a special request to enter Jerusalem without vaccination” but they denied his request. However, he said the dept. manager suggested he be in touch with him in a couple of weeks “when the Omicron wave will hopefully be over and he will reconsider our application.”

He told members that everything is opening up over there in Jerusalem and he is sure that God is going to get them over there “in a certain appointed time.”

If anyone has notes on Dwight Falk’s sermonette about January 16, please send them to ESN. –Anonymous

GF Still Trying to Pull a January 16 Miracle Out of a Hat:

January 21, 2022

I recently received notes from a PCG source about the PCG sermonette given on January 15, entitled “God Answers Prayer.”

As usual,GF is still trying to pull a “January 16 miracle” out of a hat like he does every year at this same time.

Dwight Falk, a minion of GF, wants members to believe “This is a very special weekend” because the next day is January 16. He wants them to believe that “God is drawing much attention to January 16 since Mr. Armstrong died.”

In the past GF attempted to string a long list of dates together to prove a miracle happened every January 16 since HWA died. These are found listed in his 2019 booklet, January 16 God’s Miracle Day under “Notable Events in the Church” and “Notable Events in the World.” (p. 30-31)

Let’s stop right here. Totalistic groups (aka cults) always teach and circulate sacred myths and stories to try and prove the leader’s “divine authority.” (see Leaders of Totalistic Groups Have These Traits in Common) This is what we have with this ridiculous January 16 “miracle day.”

Falk says “January 16 also gives us a lot of encouragement.” How? by reminding them that “God answers His people.” Who are His people? We have heard many times in the past that according to GF, and now Falk, they are only those in PCG. Forget about all the others that have come to Christ by faith and faith alone and have received His Spirit. Those don’t count.

He said during the WCG changes many people were asking questions such as what is happening to the Work? How long is this going to go on? What is going to happen here? How long are we going to see God’s Work tread underfoot by a rebellious leadership? Falk then read Daniel 8:13-14 and said GF explains this prophecy very thoroughly in his booklet Daniel– Unsealed at Last! In this booklet, GF’s “explanation” is to take the question that was asked in Daniel 8:13 about “how long” and apply it to the time of the WCG changes.

We have read over and over how GF will apply Scriptures intended for the nation Israel to the church (in this case to PCG).

Falk says at the end of this 1,150 days God began to give His answer. He began to reveal Malachi’s Message to GF. [You mean the booklet that GF plagiarized and that Dennis Leap helped to rewrite?] He says the booklet shows how the Work had been stopped because of the man of sin [i.e., Joseph W. Tkach Sr.] He said this booklet began to hit people’s mailboxes around Jan 16, 1990 [only around?] Then he says a little while later “it was all put together and it began to go out to the church and we began to get that answer.” [You mean after SF read the manuscript for MM and said his dad was crazy? You mean after or before Dennis Leap said there were errors in it?] In the booklet January 16 God’s Miracle Day, GF says “In the spring of 1989, God began to show me the answers. [Nothing about January 16, only “the spring”] I started work on a manuscript [for Malachi’s Message].

Falk said other incidences where God answers on January 16 was the copyright victory where he says God answered on January 16. Yet in the Miracle Day booklet it says: “In March of 2003, we obtained the copyrights to Mystery of the Ages and the 18 other works of Mr. Armstrong…” (See “Sold the Copyrights” which shows it was March 7, 2003 and “Closing the book – Settlement reached over texts” (Pasadena Star News) which says the settlement was announced on March 12. Nothing about January 16. Yet Falk says we got the answer to that question on January 16, 2003, ending 6 years of litigation. He says we didn’t hear about it then, but “that’s when the answer came.” No, it was March 7, 2003 and the agreement reached was in April 2003. (Read: PCG Did NOT Win a Victory in the WCG vs. PCG Court Case (February 23, 2007 letter to ESN by Attorney at Law). Also see our article: Is Habakkuk About the WCG/PCG Court Case? (How Many Falsehoods Is Gerald Flurry Telling You?)

Falk says #3 lesson to learn from this history is: “God answers through His government. That’s the way He works.” No it’s not the way He works as nothing like that is in Scripture. Read: “Why do members emphasize the “government of God?” from our Q&A) which shows that those words are intended to connect with the group’s leader and its headquarters. The Greek word kuriotēs is translated as authority and lordship in Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance and says usually with reference to a celestial hierarchy.

There are several occurrences of sneakily twisting or omitting of facts in this sermonette–that’s nothing new with PCG”s ministers–and trying to fabricate a myth, aka, a big fat lie, about January 16.

–sermonette critiqued by L. S.

Stephen Flurry Goes Off the Rails Again:

January 22, 2022

Just to show how far off the rails Stephen Flurry is getting, he gave a Bible Study titled “Ask and You Shall Receive” where he talked about how we members (including the PCG youth) should know how to answer questions. He said the following which I thought was more than a little ridiculous:

“There is going to come a time when people are going to be chasing us down, pulling at the hem of our garment, to get answers to life’s most important questions. And we’ve got to be ready to answer everyone that asks.”

On the other hand, if a member were to ask a minister (especially your highness SF or GF) something that they don’t like, don’t want to hear, or can’t answer, you can be sure that person will be suspended on the spot.

In this Bible study, SF took a long time to brag non-stop about Herbert Armstrong, ad nauseam, raising him up as the whitest of white saints.What would PCG ever do if they didn’t have HWA to continually refer to? The Bible, and especially the Christ of the Bible, wouldn’t be enough for them.

Even though this Bible study was about how we should know how to ask and reply to questions, SF said God doesn’t want us to question His authority (Translation: PCG ministers), His leadership (Translation: Gerald Flurry and Stephen Flurry), His Truth (Translation: GF’s teaching promulgated to the exclusion of all other groups).

He told about the “abundant life you all have in God’s church” and “why would you want to give that up?”

The only ones I know who have the “abundant life” are the higher up ministers and their pampered, rich kids. The rest have to endure split families, financial problems, and fearing what’s coming in the future.

I wonder how SF thinks his loud, nerve-wracking, voice (which crescendos in the middle of all his speeches) is going to get anyone to focus on asking any kind of question. But his behavior is all part of mind control which he is very good at. –G. E.

Comment: To read about this so-called “abundant life” of members, read: “Abuses I Was Aware of in Philadelphia Church of God.”

Leap’s Behavior Not Christ-Like:

January 23, 2022

That’s insane about Dennis Leap shouting from a tabletop. [see 1-14 letter] Doesn’t sound very Christ-like to me.  –Impacted by loved one in PCG

GF Says Get Rid of Your Smart Phones or You Will End up in the Tribulation:

January 25, 2022

I just wanted to draw attention to the last sermon GF gave entitled, “Jeremiah’s Commission.”

Towards the end he began speaking about smart phones. He referenced one specific family who used them and though he didn’t specifically say, he alluded to them no longer being members. So whether they were kicked out or left I don’t know.

He then proceeded in an attempt to scare his followers by saying if people don’t get rid of their smart phone they will end up in the Tribulation and they’ll be eating their sons, daughters and friends and he then asked, “what good will those smart phones be then?”

This is only about control! Think about this. What is the difference between an iPad or a computer? They all access the same information. What is the difference between a man at work all day on his computer in his private office or a stay at home mom with access all day to her iPad?? There is literally no difference.

GF does this to control, and if the members secretly keep their smart phones, then they feel guilty and will attribute any bad thing that happens to them to this little “act of rebellion.” And if the ministry finds out someone is “rebelling,” then that gives them leverage and control over them. Even by their own doctrine, if their members can’t control themselves and stay off the porn sites–which he seemed to indicate that was a problem–how then can they make it into their supposed kingdom? Clearly they don’t have the character, and can’t do it unless their life is controlled for them.

Last time I checked God doesn’t want robots. If He did, He would have made us so. It makes no difference if they access porn via a smart phone, iPad, or computer. It’s not about that, it’s solely about control, just like the recent ruling on men only wearing white shirts to church. It is 100% cult behaviour. –T.  C.

Wicked Abominable Organization Only Interested in Taking People’s Money:

January 25, 2022

This cult has all the characteristics of a criminal organization posing as a “church.” It has been said before that Gerald Flurry “exaggerates like an accomplished maniacal liar.” You can see this over and over again if you pay careful attention to what he says and writes. As far as I’m concerned, he’s a true sociopath that needs to be exposed to the nth degree. GF, SF, and all their “carefully chosen” ones in this wicked, abominable organization are only interested in taking people’s money and they will do whatever it takes to accomplish that end, even if it means lying and taking Scripture out of context. One article on your site tells how they get the elderly to hand over their estates, wills and other assets. They also love it when someone is sick and dying and has money that they can coerce them out of leaving to them. This cult needs to be destroyed by God in Heaven and I know it will be someday! It has already destroyed enough innocent lives as it is. –T. S.

Comment: Also read: PCG Preying on the Old, Sick and Dying (and Not Leaving Any Paper Trail) (letter to ESN)


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