Best of the Letters From 2023


Fred Datollo Takes a New Wife:

January 1, 2023

Even though Janet Dattolo (wife of Fred Dattolo) died April 19, 2022, we now read a December, 2022 PCG announcement telling how Fred has taken another wife 8 months later:

OKLAHOMA—Pastor Fred Dattolo and Corinne Eagle of the Edmond congregation were married by Pastor Andrew Locher on December 18 in Edmond, Oklahoma. The couple resides in Edmond.

Janet’s body is hardly cold in the grave and here Fred is taking another wife named Corinne Eagle who was formerly married to Aaron Eagle, the minister who was suspended. (See April 12, 2013 letter and comments about Eagle.)

It’s almost funny because PCG emphatically counsels people not to do anything for a year after the death of a spouse. Not to mention that they wouldn’t let anyone other than Brian Davis, the black widower, blow though marriage counseling that fast. (Brian Davis remarried after nine months of marriage as shown in the 11-3-20 letter: Brian Davis and His Third New Wife.) But, as you know, there is a different standard for the ministry and the people they are out to control and through the marriage counseling process they are able to gather a lot of personal information, which is used to control. –-T. C.

Twitter Displaying PCG’s Low Views is Very Bad News for PCG:

January 1, 2023

Twitter now displays the amount of views each post has. This is very bad news for the PCG as Twitter is their major social media outlet. The average post gets under 400 views and in many cases well under that. This shows they don’t reach many people with their “warning message.” For those who read the ESN, this isn’t new information but hopefully this might make some members begin to think. -–Former PCG member

A Lot of People Keeling Over:

January 5, 2023

A lot of people [outside of PCG] are keeling over for sure. Health problems have skyrocketed. It’s crazy, but the CDC will never admit that the shots are the cause of a lot of these problems. Blood clots are happening way more now that the shot is being given to people. Both Fauci and Gates should be in prison for crimes against humanity. I watched a show a year or so ago and that’s some scary crap of what’s crawling around in peoples veins. The clots that are being removed don’t even look human. I would probably kill someone if they tried to force me to get the shot. –-Impacted by loved one in PCG

Reply: Here is a good article: “The Latest Tragedy: Sudden Adult Death Syndrome” and this is an excellent video we link to: World Premiere: Died Suddenly.

Gerald Flurry’s Bad Health Is Being Hid From Members:

January 11, 2023

The PCG inner circle know how bad Gerald Flurry’s health is, but are hiding it from the “church.”

His recent falls and inability to stand, or even give messages, are what some are saying may be the result of a suspected stroke. There have been other health incidents which have been occurring during the second part of 2022 that paint a bad picture. He also is no longer flying on the PCG’s private plane–a massive expense supposedly to allow Flurry to reach the world (even though the jet has been used for the kids to attend their dancing competitions).

Flurry’s real health problems being known will be a huge upset as he has built himself up as “king over kings,” destined to personally anoint Christ with the HWA stone at the “place of safety.” (Yeah, it’s as crazy as it sounds).

The whole thrust of the HWA stone, king of kings, royal lineage, failed Trump prophecy, is causing the PCG to crumble. Hiding the truth of his health is treating members like mushrooms. –-[name withheld]

PCG Not Thriving or Growing Financially:

January 13, 2023

I do know that money is a factor of the PCG not using the plane and if you look at how often GF has flown over the last 3-4 years, it has not been very much at all and health wasn’t a factor then, other than his leg. I just tend to bristle, when people don’t acknowledge the financial situation, because for years they always tried to cover it up and make it look like they were thriving and growing financially and it turns out the opposite it true. We started documenting the stats they shared and never ever factored in inflation. As any businessman knows. if you don’t grow more than inflation you aren’t growing. They also just roll money around. When they pay something off, they take out equity loans and do something else with those, all the while making it seem like they are so blessed financially. They are not–it’s just juggling. It’s all part of the cult facade to make people think they are more impactful than what they are. It hooks people. And a lot of insider information doesn’t factor that in as it is part of the brainwashing and deceit they are fed. –-Former PCG member

PCG Won’t Let Members Know They are Declining:

January 15, 2023

Why doesn’t PCG announce actual income vs. expenditures? Income over the last 5-10 years?

Why don’t they announce membership growth–actual numbers of baptisms vs. deaths and suspensions? people like us who were kicked out, or who left, are still in their data base and likely included somehow in their “membership.” If someone is gone for 6 months to a year, take them off! They aren’t members.
But they don’t.

Why don’t they announce real, actual financial statistics. Like the UK requires? [Read: Astounding PCG UK Financial Report (Where is the Money Actually Going?]

But they never will because they can’t let people know they are declining in every way. –-[name withheld]

PCG’s Great January 16 Hoax:

January 16, 2023

The great January 16 hoax is upheld by the PCG and treated as if the time between December 7 and January 16 is yet another “God-ordained” or “holy” time period. That hypocritical “church” may poke fun at the “pagan holiday” of X-mas, calling it a “ho-ho-hoax” in their little flyers that come with “church literature,” while at the very same time and during the very same season, they enforce their own unbiblical “season” of 40 days stretching over and beyond what the “pagan world” calls “the holidays.”

While the PCG accepts and enjoys many “seasonal” donations during that jolly old time, their god forbids that any little PCG child accept a Christmas card from Grandma or Auntie.

This mythical 40-day period of the PCG’s is upheld and enforced not by some invisible spiritual entities, which the PCG would have their members believe, but real physical hands of real conscious human beings are at work during this period of time, hoaxing the brethren. Not the hand of God, nor the “work” of God, but the work of wicked and greedy men.

I pray for the pillars of that wicked religious fraud organization to crumble and crash. And I pray for mercy, real mercy that is, for the brethren and relief. And I also pray everyday that the actors in that wicked religious organization and all their cohorts be busted and that they be exposed for the dangerous fraud that they are, and prosecuted. May GF’s own hoax turn on him. –-Former PCG member

PCG Finds Something to Perpetuate their January 16 Hoax:

January 18, 2023

Well, the PCG had to find something of interest to them for their adoration of January 16 and here it is in this Trumpet article: “German Defense Minister Resigns.” –Former PCG member

Craig Winters Firing:

January 18, 2023

Many years ago, I regarded Craig as a friend of mine. Turned out he was nothing but a Flurry sycophant.

In 2003 I sent questions both to Craig and GF that I knew could not be answered as by that time GF was writing and preaching rank blasphemous heresy. While we were out of there long before the “no contact to ex-members, even family” dictate was made, there was at the time a no-contact rule for suspended or marked persons. I never did abide by such crap in any organization including WCG, and was promptly marked by Craig for talking to others.

Craig warned me that “God would not tolerate such rebellion” or some such nonsense, to which I responded with a **** off”, and “you best be the one that watches your ass because you know what GF is promulgating is bullshit and blasphemous and still draw a paycheck.”

So although I have heard the firing as well as the disfellowshipment, I cannot find anything describing cause. Do you know? –W.

Reply: We don’t know for sure but I have added a link on “My Exit Letters to Craig Winters of Philadelphia Church of God” to a 2013 letter which gives some hints about the reason and then goes to another letter about Craig being cruel.

Never Want to Read Another Word from PCG:

January 20, 2023

There are ministers in PCG who have shown disdain for the members. Some of them have made fun of former members and prospective members’ supposed ignorance or delusions before the entire congregation in their sermons while some members would then obligingly utter a little snicker. Never once did that sort of humor make me even smile, but rather it embarrassed me for having to hear it. How does this kind of humor either exalt God or edify people? All the well-meaning, albeit duped, members conveniently serve as a facade for the evil that exists at the core of that wicked and fake religious organization and where they may at any moment become expendable.

It has been a while now since I have destroyed and deleted all PCG literature, including all notes from their “sermons.” How relieving to have that all gone! I never want to read another word from them again. –-Former PCG member

Age of Gerald Flurry:

January 26, 2023

How old is that scoundrel Gerald Flurry? –-[name withheld]

Reply: He was born April 12, 1935 so he will be 88 years old this year.

PCG has Two Sets of Standards

January 30, 2023

PCG has two sets of standards: one for the ministry and their family/friends, and then one for the members. I was not able to have a life saving surgery while I attended PCG, but Cal Culpepper‘s son could have knee surgery for a wrestling injury and his mother could take insulin, whereas I was told that taking any medicine for my heart would be ” based on the faith” I had?! –-S.C.

GF Calling for Churchwide Fast:

February 12, 2023

I was just told that GF is calling for a churchwide fast starting at sunset Saturday February 18th to sunset Sunday February 19th. Didn’t hear what it was for. –-[name withheld]

GF Says Members Aren’t Trying Hard Enough:

February 12, 2023

This churchwide fast is for another healing fast, apparently too many in the “church” are still sick or feeble and God isn’t hearing their prayers as they are not “trying” hard enough. –-[name withheld]

Members Are Talking About Many Issues:

February 13, 2023

PCG has had quite a few members die recently (though this is natural and happens in an aging population like PCG). Members also are leaving of their own accord. One minister’s wife left and “disfellowshipped herself” (i.e., she didn’t agree with the leadership so was kicked out). There have been many that are talking quietly about the New Throne doctrine as not being true and Donald Trump not returning. PCG members are also talking about GF’s health being an issue and wondering what happens if/when he dies. –-[name withheld]

GF Talking About Building a New IA Building:

February 13, 2023

There seems to be another push on funding required for that stupid jet of GF’s and talk of building a new IA building [Imperial Academy]. Why do they need all these new buildings at HQ if they are fleeing? Oh, that’s right, “Jeremiah’s commission.” They are always asking for money “in support of the work.” –-I. H.

Cracks Beginning to Show in PCG’s Foundation:

February 14, 2023

It appears that cracks are finally beginning to show in the foundation of the PCG. The undercurrent of murmuring within the brethren is an indicator that the PCG is not faring well. –-W. P.

Steven Privratsky No Longer Employed by PCG:

February 14, 2023

Steven Privratsky [brother of David Privratsky] is no longer employed by the PCG as a minister. Very recently. Not sure why, I’m sure it boils down to a “government problem.” –-Former PCG member

Note: Steven is the brother of David Privratsky who was married to Janet Privratsky who committed suicide as a result of the no-contact ruling. Read letter: “Info on the Privratsky Family and the PCG.”

The Chosen is New Age:

February 15, 2023

[This is in regard to the links on Discernment & Research] I’ve seen snippets of The Chosen. It immediately seemed too “modern” on the Scriptures–taking away from the original context, and making Jesus a feel-good character. If it’s leading people to Christ, it’s a false Christ–a buddy, and not a Savior. I picked up on that it was some of that “New Age” stuff right away. I’ve not bothered watching any of it. There will be lots of watering down of the Scriptures in these days, and there’s more to come. –W. G.

Comment: The guy who is the creator, director and co-writer of The Chosen (Dallas Jenkins) is a Mormon and believes that LDS and Christians have the same God. Even though it is purported that “millions” are coming to Christ as a result of this TV series, others, after prayer, have been convicted by the  Holy Spirit not to watch it, or to stop watching it.

PCG’s Manipulation for Their Churchwide Fast:

February 17, 2023

In the latest Philadelphia Church of God Bulletin it says [all caps theirs]: “LIVING FAITH: Preparing For The Churchwide Fast.” Then it quotes words from an old 1972 HWA booklet on faith required for salvation and has such words as…”so faith coupled with your effort makes PERFECT OBEDIENCE! The two go hand in hand.” This entire bulletin is attempting to correlate faith, obedience and salvation (according to HWA) with the churchwide fast PCG is having from sunset February 18th to sunset February 19th. Talk about manipulation! –-[name withheld]

How PCG Members Think When They Are Sick:

February 18, 2023:

My family was sick with a cold for about a week and I can’t tell you how nice it was just to be sick. That won’t make sense to someone not involved with the cult, but here is how it always was in PCG:

I’m sick. OK. Why am I sick? What horrible thing have I done to cause this to come upon me? I must look deep into my spiritual and physical life to find out what I am doing that has cause God to bring this down on me, and if I can’t pinpoint it, then it’s probably a “government problem,” and if it’s a “government problem” then God isn’t going to heal me until I fully submit to His government; i.e., ministry. (Even though personally we knew many who were just vile, evil manipulators.)

I can’t believe I lived that way for so long with all that added stress! I really believe that plays a big role into why so many in the PCG are suffering so many ailments. (Autoimmune problems, adrenal problems, Epstein bar, are a few of the biggest trends going around the PCG at the moment.) Those ailments I mentioned have been plaguing the members long before cv19. And they don’t get vaccinated. Only exception would be the ministry who have no choice but to get one for travel to another country. They are strongly discouraged from getting it.

So glad to be out of that madness. –-Former PCG member

Comment: Read the lie: “If you are sick, you have broken physical laws and you need to repent!” which explains the truth about this teaching.

Another “Miracle” in PCG History, According to Brian Davis:

February 18, 2023

Brian Davis wrote a big B.S. story on February 17. Why is it said to be B.S.? Because PCG, the same as WCG, has always been known to lie and stretch stories all out of proportion when claiming some “miracle” by God.

The article was entitled: “Update: Ohio Toxic Disaster” (regarding the train derailment and chemical spill on February 6th in East Palestine) and he started off by saying:

“Many people have been expressing concern about the brethren that live in Eastern Ohio due to the disaster” … “We have brethren who live all around the area.”

Then he went on to spin his biggest tall tail with these words: [all emp. is Davis’]

“What is interesting is the direction the wind was blowing during the time of the explosion on February 6th. Brethren literally live in every direction from the explosion – EXCEPT ONE DIRECTION – the direction the wind was blowing that day! That day the wind was blowing away from where all our brethren live and, again, it was the ONLY direction it could have blown in order to have avoided the member’s homes! The deacon in the local congregation was the only member that used to live in the area where the wind was carrying the toxins, but he moved about 3 months ago.”

He goes on with this claim:

“I feel this is an instance of God fulfilling His promise to protect His people [i.e., only those in PCG] in Psalm 91:5-8, where it says, “Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flight by day; Nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness; nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday. A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee. Only with thine eyes shalt thou behold and see the reward of the wicked.”

To finally tie all this in with their churchwide fast taking place on February 19, he says,

“We thank God for His protection! This is a powerful example in the lead up to the Church-wide fast as to why we need to grow in faith and always be humbly drawing closer to God.” (i.e., submitting to PCG’s “government”) [emp. mine]


“Prayers are still needed in regards to the drinking water There are reports of contaminants in the Ohio River in areas as far away as Cincinnati, OH, which is a 4.5 hour drive southwest from where I live. I’d say this means there are about 175 -200 brethren that would potentially be negatively impacted by this issue.” [emp. mine]

One person who read this article by Brian Davis told us, “Anything that comes from Brian Davis is fancifully spun to manufacture some sort of miracle! It’s a shame God couldn’t protect the people from the water contamination, which is likely to cause far more problems than the air.”

Our readers can research more about this disaster, the actual direction of the wind, and how it is said that there will be not only water contamination but soil contamination. Will the PCG members (including Brian Davis) also be protected from this? It is an absolute disgrace when Brian Davis has to use this kind of disaster to enforce PCG’s churchwide fast. But it shouldn’t surprise us. –-AJW

Total Garbage What Brian Davis Said:

February 20, 2023

I just read about how all the way up into Ontario Canada they are finding contamination from Ohio. I hope people read these reports and use their basic logic and common sense to realise what total garbage it was when Brian Davis said they had been protected. If they don’t, they could very well drink the water and think that they are being protected. –-Former PCG member

Comment: News articles online are saying this could become “a full-blown ecological crisis.” There are reports of thousands of dead fish as well as other dead animals. Millions of people are going to be affected.

Few Will Escape Unharmed:

February 22, 2023

In the end I doubt few members will escape this toxic disaster in East Palestine unharmed but it is certain GF will never let anyone know the truth. He’s the biggest liar there ever was. Sometimes I find myself bracing for the next horrifying event to take place in this world, a world that I feel more and more is not my home. –-A. R.

Turgeon Miraculously Escapes Having to Take Travel Vaccine / Cyberattack:

February 27, 2023

The ministers have gotten certain vaccines before in order to travel to another country. (Even HWA did this.) However, In the last Friday Philadelphian it was noted that Wayne Turgeon didn’t have to get a vaccine for his travel. Here is the quote:

“This past week, Regional Director Wayne Turgeon departed for a week-long trip to Africa, visiting South Africa first and then Kenya. Before departing he miraculously received an exemption from the usually mandatory yellow-fever vaccination.” [emp. ours]

Members are always made to think something is some kind of miracle; however, we don’t have all the details of why he didn’t have to receive it, or how he got out of it.

Other news about a cyberattack:

“In January, the United Kingdom Royal Mail suffered a cyberattack, which made the regional office unable to process literature bound for recipients in Africa and Europe. Most services of Royal Mail have now been restored, so the office is again able to send mail to the whole region. However, some services have yet to be restored before they can reach full efficiency.” [emp. ours]

There was only one baptism in February, from the Ann Arbor, MI congregation.  –-[name withheld]

How Are Members Supposed to Escape the Toxins Like Brian Davis Presumed?

March 2, 2023

There is a very good discussion about the East Palestine train derailment that took place in Ohio on the National Crawford Roundtable Podcast. [Listen to: Episode 185-East Palestine, Ohio Train Derailment and Toxic Poisoning Response and Aftermath] FEMA is saying “it is not our responsibility.” The government is not lifting a finger to help. New York is another state that may be affected by the downwind from it. So I’m asking, how in the world are members supposed to escape the toxins like Brian Davis presumed? [refer to letters February 18 and 20 above] The program brought out that people will get cancer and many of their children have health problems in the future. –-[name withheld]

Comment: Watch 3 minute video on Rumble: A Critical Message for East Palestine. “Hazardous material experts, Tammy Clark and Kristen Meghan Kelly, offer crucial professional advice to residents near the Ohio trainwreck for mitigating their exposure to toxic material in the air and water, and provide tips for documenting contact with hazardous levels of chemicals.”

Mark Nash Dies:

March 10, 2023

Mark Nash, age 72, died February 4, of cancer, in Oklahoma City, OK. (His full name was Edward Mark Nash) He was a PCG minister who also spent 3 years in jail and was years later fired. [Read letter to ESN: “Dennis Leap, Malachi’s Message and Mark Nash]” A lot of people are dying off, but they never stop to question why not one can be healed. –-T. C.

GF Twisting Information and Even Outright Lying?

March 10, 2023

I discovered a 2020 article, “20 Years: Developing the PCG Campus on PCG” and thought I’d start searching about that. The 120 acres that is currently being used by PCG was purchased for 1 million bucks by Christopher Hoke in September of 2000 which is when the article says Gerald Flurry wrote a check to the Spurlins that supposedly owned the property which is why the big lake that is on that property is named Spurlin Lake. But then it says the land was transferred to the PCG for zero dollars in July 2004.

In checking with one of my contacts, a former PCG member, I found out the following:

“They definitely had to pay for it, it wasn’t zero dollars! I know they bought one batch of land from Spurlin and then a bit later added another batch to complete what they own today and that Hoke guy would be my guess as to who they bought that second parcel from.”

So this looks like another case of GF twisting information and even outright lying. –-[name withheld]

PCG Focusing on “Miracle Stories” Lately:

March 11, 2023

PCG’s church site has an article, “Member Caught in Near-Record Snowstorm.” (Fox 12 said there were 10.8 inches that fell in Portland on February 22.) For some reason, PCG is focusing on “miracle stories” lately.

Transportation officials had recommended staying home that day. They even knew at 2 PM that the rain was turning to snow and and were asking people to avoid driving if necessary, stating: “If you must head out, expect ice, snow, and downed trees in many areas.” Also: “ODOT warned drivers to stay home, but to plan on delays and hazardous road conditions throughout Wednesday night and possibly into Thursday morning if they must travel.” [emp. mine]

So what I’d like to know is what in the “H” was she doing out driving when she had to have heard about those warnings? The article doesn’t say when she started out but it does show she was out at 8 PM just before she lost traction.

She tells how she ran her car engine to keep warm. Safety experts advise to only run your car 10 min each hour and don’t run it longer than 15 min to save gas. She says in the story, “I didn’t know how long the gas would last with the car idling continually.” This is crazy. This story sounded liked she had it running the entire time. Even with a full tank you’ll run out of gas in a few hours. And the experts say if you have the car running you are to check your tailpipe to make sure snow is not blocking it and if it is still snowing to check it every time you turn on the heater. Otherwise, you can quickly die of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Yet she says, “All night long, I was warm and dry.” The next morning she says she still had “fuel to keep the car running.”

I almost have to laugh at this entire story as there are so many preposterous things in it.

She was in contact with her minister and several other members (who else?) the entire time.

Then she says, “During this ordeal, I had a lot of time to meditate and pray. I realized just how important the Church-wide fast, only a few days prior, had been.” [emp. mine]

She tells how the next morning another semi-truck driver gave her a loaf of bread and an avocado. Did she have a knife to peel the hard skin? Or was it sliced up and ready to go?

What caught my eye was when a member arrived the next day around noon (he came running over to her car) to rescue her and drive her to his home in his 4-wheel drive truck and how she said: “He and his family welcomed me with a warmth that only God’s people have.” [emp. mine]

The phrase “God’s people” is not even in the Bible. It’s a buzzword. And it wasn’t a PCG member who first came to check on her and give her food, it was one of us heathens (a truck driver) that also care for people. Members piss me off sometimes with how they think they are the only worthy ones. It ticked me off her saying that. And let me interject that all truck drivers that I’ve ever known are known to help other people in trouble.

At the end where she talks about God and “how His members in His loving family care for one another,” [emp. mine] since we know that PCG members are isolated from the rest of the society, they are going to talk like that as they have no idea of what other genuine Christians have experienced regarding miracles, and how they too care for one another.

It never fails for PCG members to blow things all out of proportion to make other members think no one else but them could be a Christian with miracles occurring in their lives. -–Impacted by loved one in PCG

Comment: I don’t think her story could beat Brett Streutker’s miracle story: We Were Miraculously Protected During Kentucky Tornadoes.

PCG’s “Bible Story” Volumes a Mess:

March 16, 2023

Back on March 8, 2021, I wrote about PCG’s “The Bible Story” and on March 9 you wrote a good reply showing how much they twisted things.

I went to their church site again, under “Resources,” where they have a link to to their PDF “Bible Story” Volumes and saw how it says, “This original story has been written by Dennis Leap. Yes, the Dennis Leap who helped rewrite Malachi’s Message to make it sound like GF wrote it. [Read August 31, 2005 letters about it.]

Here’s what I detected in Volume 13. When the Holy Spirit descended on the apostles as “flames of fire,” Leap tells how God’s chief apostle (Peter) began to tell how Joel spoke about what God would do in the last days. He says, God says, “…. And then whoever calls out to the Lord for help will be saved.”

The actual rendering is: “And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved.” (Acts 2:21)

Leap also says that Jesus said in Matthew 19:28, “Truthfully I say unto you, that you which have followed me, in the World Tomorrow when the Son of man shall sit in the throne of His glory…” [emp. mine]

Christ said, “in the regeneration,” notin the World Tomorrow”! The phrase “The World Tomorrow” is nothing but a buzzword!

I looked up different Bible translations for this word “regeneration.” The AMP says: “…in the renewal [that is, the Messianic restoration and regeneration of all things]..” HCSB says, “In the Messianic Age,” The ISV calls it the “renewed creation.” NIV says “at the renewal of all things.”

In the paragraph right after that he says, “in the world to come.” The words “The World to Come” is the name of David Pack’s (RCG) program!

All these cults will speak about the world tomorrow, the world to come, or something else with the word “world” in it; however, “the World Tomorrow” according to HWA was in reality talking about a new world government (NWO). [See OIU#6, Pt. 3. When it opens, search for the words: “Who Are The Spiritual Weirdoes?????”]

Then he presumably quotes Acts 5:11-12 which declares there is no other name under heaven by which we may be saved. The actual scripture is Acts 4 (NOT 5) 11-12!

I also picked up that when he quoted, “It is through the grace of Christ that we shall be saved, and the same is true for the Gentile converts,” (Acts 15:11), the verse actually says “But we believe that through the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ we shall be saved, even as they.” He left out the full name of Christ (although it’s thrown in throughout in other places when quoting a scripture).

This is only a small part of this mess of a “Bible Story” that Dennis Leap of PCG is writing. I wonder if they will go all the way up to the book of Revelation and post the nightmare pictures that Basil Wolverton drew? [Those pictures can be viewed here.] I very much doubt it! –-A. R.

Reply. You are correct about everything you picked up on; nevertheless, It is a waste of time to read any of these “Bible Story” Volumes. While those of us who have spiritual discernment can see the glaring errors in them, anyone who believes a false gospel, such as ministers/elders/teachers in PCG, and then attempts to write about it, do not know our real Lord and Savior Jesus Christ anymore than the unbelieving man on the street corner. Also read June 16, 2014 letter: “Glad Dennis Leap Finally Recognized as the Insane Man He Was.”

PCG Feast Sites for 2023:

March 25, 2023

For the Feast this year, so far there are five US sites and seven International sites with one coming soon, so a total of eight if they get things worked out in Columbia.

Feast sites in the U.S.:

Edmond, Oklahoma
Coral Springs, Florida
Huron (Sandusky), Ohio
Tucson, Arizona
Missoula, Montana

International Sites:

Surfers Paradise, Australia
(Attendance: 320)
Rotorua, New Zealand
(Attendance: 40)
Crown Point, Trinidad & Tobago
(Attendance: 180)
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
(Attendance: 380)
Jerusalem, Israel
(Attendance: 50)
Stratford-upon-Avon, U.K.
(Attendance: 180)
Baguia City, Philippines
(Attendance: 350+)
Pereira, Colombia (Coming Soon)


SF Writes a 7-Page Coercion / Guilt Letter to Those Attending the Feast:

March 25,2023

Stephen Flurry wrote a 7-page letter entitled, “A Feast of Service,” where he coerced and placed subtle guilt on Feast goers in such things as: “Giving Beyond Our Means”; “An Attitude”; “Doing More Than Required,”etc.  Read it here in PDF. Burdens of striving are always placed on those in such cults as PCG, especially when they attend any of their holy days such as the Feast of Tabernacles. –-Anonymous

Do Top Ministers/Flurry Really Believe What They Preach, Or Is It All a Farce?

April 6, 2023

Hi there! Long time reader of your website. I grew up in the PCG until age 18 and my parents still attend, so, unfortunately, as hard as I try to forget about all this crap I’m constantly reminded by them. I appreciate all the info you’ve put out there to really prove how crazy everything they say is.

I wanted to ask your opinion. Do you think the top ministers/Flurry really believe what they preach, or do you think they know it’s all a farce and only do it for the money? I’ve wondered about this.

Thanks! –-Child survivor of PCG

Reply: Most who have studied cults believe GF and the top ministers know exactly what they’re doing, meaning they don’t believe what they preach but are doing it for power and money. This is common with most religious cult leaders. Also read: Profile of a Sociopath.

Wildfires Could Have Burnt PCG HQs Down:

April 13, 2023

An article by Philip Nice on April 7 started out saying, “On March 31, wind gusts reaching about 70 mph in central Oklahoma blew down power lines, causing a number of wildfires, including near the headquarters campus of the Philadelphia Church of God.” [bolding throughout is mine]

It was no surprise that PCG jumped at the chance to boast and blow everything out of proportion in their favor. The article said the wind gusts “reached about 70 mph” but I could only find news reports of wind gusts of 50-60 mph.

The flames “blew out of control” Nice said, and members that lived near the campus “saw the flames approach their homes.” Nice quoted one person who is said to have “fought the fire, along with friends and neighbors” and whose flames came “within 100 feet of his home and stopping short”: “God put us and our water hoses and shovels where we needed to be in order to contain the fire.”

I found nothing in the news about PCG members fighting the fire, which is what this sentence implied, but did read that residents were evacuated. Forty homes were reported destroyed in Logan and Washington counties.

The last part of the article which quoted a member seemed hyperbole (but normal considering the mind control). “As we fought the fire, I thought a lot about the parting of the Red Sea” and “a mighty hand from somewhere” held back the wall of fire and ““It felt good to fight it…”

All I can say is that it is too bad that PCG’s “House for God” (in Logan county) wasn’t burnt to the ground and reduced to rubble. I hope all this gave GF a good scare regarding his precious “God’s House.” –-G. S.

 If You Want to Save the Marriage:

April 15, 2023

In all honesty the only thing you can do if you want to save the marriage [if your mate has gone into the cult] is play the game. Apologize, let your mate do their thing and never say a word about it again.

You don’t have to attend services. Nor should you! You just can’t be what they consider a “hostile spouse” and have to be careful about what you say. You should continue to attend your own church, celebrate holidays, etc., and be a normal example for your children. In the end they [your children] will see you as a steady normal influence in their life.

There are lots of “unconverted” mates who don’t go to the cult with their spouses. My [relative] was one. They will just check up a lot with the member and make sure the mate not attending isn’t “hostile.”

[My relative] was in the same boat. He was never a member but kept his mouth shut and that seemed to work.  –-Former PCG member

Gerald Flurry Begging for Money Again:

April 17, 20223

We have been attending less and less lately but the reality is that we are getting a little miffed at the messages. GF’s recent Philippines and Australia sermon was one of “believe in me as I’m God’s man”; “Don’t believe others especially the splinter groups”; “Be a better Christian, blah blah blah” and, of course, “The kitty is running dry with inflation and you need to serve better with tithes as the income has dropped–but we are still financial stronger than we have ever been” (such a contradiction in terms). I know that some of the unconverted spouses are being pressured to join, especially if they have shown interest or agreed with some of the doctrine. –-[name withheld]

GF Has a Record in His Head:

April 17, 2023

What GF is saying today is literally the exact same garbage we heard several years ago. Nothing has changed. He has a record in his head, playing the same words over and over again. Especially in his old age, he’s regurgitated it so frequently that he’s OK with public speaking but the message can never change. –-Ex PCG

PCG Allowing Their Youth to Listen to Michael Jackson and The Beatles:

April 20, 2023

The PCG just posted a link to YouTube on their Twitter account of their youth choir singing “Man in the Mirror” by Michael Jackson. This also isn’t the first time this summer that their children from the Celtic throne dance show preformed in a pub in Nashville to music from the Beatles. This event was organized by Amy Flurry)

[Additional info by ESN: Michael Jackson was said to have been subjected to trauma-based mind control from a very young age, embraced the occult and satanism, admitted he “sold his soul to the Devil,” and was involved in many evil activities when older. The Beatles were a British rock group who arrived in the U.S. in 1964. They popularized Transcendental Mediation, Yoga, reincarnation, Hinduism, took LSD, channeled evil spirits, were anti-God, and involved with the occult. They also carried out profane acts publicly to blaspheme Christ. If that isn’t bad enough, John Lennon was a fan of Aleister Crowley and is said to have made a “pack with the Devil” for fame and fortune.]

My take on this is:

1. Gerald Flurry has become oblivious to what is happening. He gets up and spews out the same hogwash that is embedded in his head. He is just a figure head that the members look to and worship. He is declining mentally and physically quickly.

2. Stephen Flurry and his wife Amy are running things, GF no longer has the mental capacity to have his thumb on everything, like he used to.

Anyone who was in the PCG 10 years ago can tell you that never would a Michael Jackson song be used. Never. Nor would it even be played at a youth camp dance because they disagree with his lifestyle and what he stood for; i.e., “Jesus Juice”; etc. It was common for PCG to shun any sort of music, artist, etc. who had their sinful lifestyle out in the open. This is common knowledge to anyone familiar with the PCG.

The fact that they have now used MJ’s song, which was clearly permitted by Stephen Flurry, indicates to me that when SF finally gets to completely take over he will “liberalize” the PCG. I think he can look at PCG’s trajectory: financial records, membership numbers, and recognize that something needs to change if he and his family are going to continue to be supported financially by the PCG. He is not going to be able to continue the ruse as his father and HWA before him. PCG has already lowered their standard for who they invite to services and they still attempt to block out those they deem too strong-willed and uncontrollable. But other than that it’s “come as you are as long as you tithe.”

I believe that under SF the no contact policy will eventually phase out too. I think it will take some time. Because ultimately what they are doing isn’t working and SF and family will do anything to ensure (a) money keeps coming in and (b) he continues to be worshiped and admired by his subjects. Narcissistic people need that to survive.

Just my thoughts on the latest developments. –T. C.

Comments by ESN: If/when this happens we could be looking at a split (or splits) in the PCG similar to what took place with WCG after the new changes. Perhaps SF will even give the PCG a name change.

PCG Used to Chew Us Out About Music:

April 21, 2023

The PCG has changed so much in the last two years. I remember we all got chewed out about the music we listened to at camp in the late 90’s and the Beatles were specifically brought up. Now their kids are dancing in a pub to The Beatles. –-Former PCG member

Many of the Youth Seemed Bored With “Man in the Mirror”:

April 21, 2023

I just watched that YouTube clip [about “Man in the Mirror”]. It seems to me that quite a large number of those singers in the youth choir aren’t really all that enthusiastic about it. Some faces seem, to me, to be bored with it all. They are stuck in the PCG by their parents and have no way of escaping unless they are prepared to be cut off by their own parents should they decide to leave. Also, they will lose all of their close friends if they decide to leave the PCG. Cutting off family and friends is a known cult tactic designed to keep members from leaving a cult.

In spite of that, people do leave and then have to suffer the consequences of their actions sadly. “Liberalism” such as having the choir sing a Michael Jackson song won’t stop PCG members from leaving if they have a strong desire to get out. Those young people are not of that generation that knew of Michael Jackson [or The Beatles] but their parents were. The PCG, just like the WCG, have to always be a generation behind in following fashion trends so that they are not considered to be “worldly.” However, worldliness catches up with them eventually as a generation moves on, so they actually become worldly anyway, in spite of being so careful about being so. –-Australia

HWA Had Nothing Good to Say About The Beatles:

April 23, 2023

At some point, the Armstrong youth choir sang their version of Paul McCartney’s solo called “Blackbird.” McCartney was one of the members of the Beatles. I remember that HWA had nothing good to say about the Beatles, blaming them, among other musicians, for the downfall of society. Members definitely were forbidden, or discouraged from listening to their music as it was considered to be Satan trying to lead the WCG youth astray. Gerald Flurry must have had another one of his “new revelation” episodes to allow the PCG youth to have sung music allegedly broadcast into their minds from Satan. –-[name withheld]

Members Take Foolish and Reckless Chances in Order to Observe NMTBR:

May 5, 2023

PCG seems to be on a kick lately of writing “miracle stories.” I will assume their reason is to show members that they need to stay in PCG because that is where God protects “His people.”

PCG’s church site posted an article, “Ice Storm Hits Canadian Members” [April 5, Weds]. A writer for PCG wrote the article, and since PCG really likes to exaggerate, we have no idea of verifying all the details of these “miracles.”

What stood out right away was the foolish chances this member (and other members) were taking in order to keep the NMTBR (Night Much To Be Remembered).

On April 4 the local news had said that a major storm was gearing up to hit southern Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec. It said there would likely be major impacts to travel and power. Snow was forecast to arrive Tues evening and spread across the region through Thurs. The heaviest snow was to linger for hours and bring the potential for 15-30 cm (5-15 inches) in many locals in Manitoba and Northern Ontario. In addition, there were to be strong winds that would reduce visibility. Furthermore: “Drivers were urged to avoid non-essential travel is possible since commuting will be dangerous” and “there could be quickly changing and deteriorating travel conditions said Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) in the warning.” People were encouraged to make an emergency plan and get an emergency kit, flashlight, etc. The road were to be “dangerously slick.” (source Yahoo! News) [bolding mine]

So PCG members were warned ahead of time but still went ahead with their plans to observe NMTBR and basically “tempted God.”

Here are some foolish things this member (and others) did that I gleaned from the article.

The first and most foolish was: “Forgot to fill up on gas.” (Now how forgetful is that?) Other things that happened were: While they were getting ready to meet with Montreal members at a restaurant (90 min away), “the power went out and was still out” when they started out; fallen tree branches blocked roads, some streets were nearly flooded; some trees on the side of the road “snapped and fell over” (due to the ice) as they drove past; and cars were abandoned along side the road.

You would think all that would have caused them to feel that maybe they should turn around and go back home. No, they kept going.

The author says he calculated that he had enough gas to go at least 7 miles more to the restaurant. Then as they reach Montreal the city was dark, but they prayed they would be able to find a gas station and they had only 18.6 miles left in the tank by the time they do find a station.

But “miraculously,” where they gather at the restaurant for the dinner in Montreal there were no power outages even though “all around the restaurant the power was out.” So they were able to observe NMTBR because “God caused the power outages to ‘pass over’ His people.” [bolding mine]

The author also tells us that members observing the NMTBR “in their homes” around the Ottawa area “persevered through the weather and power outages,” and “two groups had dinner by candle light.” Another family “had to weave around fallen trees on its way to a member’s home.” Then while driving back the father “decided to take the side roads instead of the highway.” Only a few minutes later the wheel on his car came off and became lodged under the bumper. The author turns it into a miracle by saying if he had taken the highway at high speeds the results could have been “catastrophic.” Makes one wonder if the man wasn’t even supposed to head out, period.

More than once the article mentioned “God’s people” (words not in the Bible) which members know apply only to PCG members.

All that happened on that day just shows how foolish and reckless members can be and the ministers never rebuked them for heading out in such dangerous conditions. You can be sure they would have been rebuked if they didn’t observe it. -–[name withheld]

PCG and Their Miracle Stories:

May 21, 2023

Every time something tragic happens and just one member was out of harm’s way, it’s a PCG “miracle.” Total B.S. –-Impacted by loved one in PCG

PCG Having Personal Appearance Campaigns Again:

May 25, 2023

The PCG has decided to give the personal appearance campaigns (PAC) another go around. This time they will be performed by Stephen Flurry. Daddy (GF) must not be well enough in his old age to carry this on. They don’t want his deteriorating, senile mental state exposed. The PAC’s were a colossal failure the last time they did them several years ago, although to the undiscerning member–which sadly is most of them–they were falsely led to believe they were a success. Well the fruits, as they like to say, show otherwise.

The PAC series kicked off on Sunday (May 21) in Columbus, Ohio. –-TC

Personal Appearance Campaigns a Joke:

May 26, 2023

The Personal Appearance Campaigns are a joke. We were still in last time they had them and 90% of the attendance was PCG members. And they only send invites out to Trumpet subscribers. Even then, they still can’t get hardly anyone to come. –Former member of PCG

UK PCG Financial Review Shows Decline:

June 2, 2023

The UK PCG financial records were available online so I wrote up a 5 year breakdown which shows decline after decline. Here is my article: Five Year PCG UK Financial Review (Showing the Decline of Philadelphia Church of God) –-R. M.

Felt Deceived By Being Taken to the Celtic Throne Performance:

June 27, 2023

I’m struggling in my marriage. I’ve lost my husband and I don’t know how much of it is because he is an addict who was in recovery [many years] but “found” PCOG after being clean, or how much is the organization itself.

We attended a “Celtic Throne” show last night. I didn’t realize what it was. I honestly thought he had found a neat “date night” event since, for years now, we’ve been struggling with finding a common thread in the entertainment industry. I should’ve known it was a fundraiser for the “church,” showcasing the PCOG’s young talent / outreach program. They’re very talented, no doubt. But I suppose that’s where a lot of the money goes. I’m told I don’t understand things because I haven’t “been called.” It feels very demeaning. My husband couldn’t understand why I felt deceived by attending the show last night. We drove home (1.5 hours) in near silence with me choking back tears. Is there anyone who has a spouse in the PCOG who could offer a little support here? Please.

Still love him, –[name withheld]

Comment: This person has received a personal reply.

Brian Davis Loses It and Starts Yelling and Screaming:

August 9, 2023

As a member of the PCG, I was trying to resolve a problem I had with the local Deacon Darren Riensch, of the Phoenix congregation, who was harassing me and saying mean-spirited things to me over a three year period. I went to him five times and tried to resolve what was causing him to behave this way! Finally, I went to the minister Andrew Hessong whose answer was: “I stay at Darren’s house when in Phoenix”! I then contacted Brian Davis. After pointing out that Darren is very emotionally immature and trying to resolve the problem, Brian Davis exploded and started yelling and screaming at me over the phone, making my point about emotional immaturity! The thing that stands out about this “Church” is they don’t seem to have love in their hearts. Jesus said you shall “know“ you’re my disciples if you love one another! [John 13:35] Know is the key word! Their behavior says it all! –-[name withheld]

Note: Their behavior is definitely not Christ-like. Brian Davis is the brother-in-law of Andrew Hessong. Read letter: “Brian Davis Is an Abusive Tyrant” and the comments about him with further links. NOTE: You will rarely find any minister in PCG having patience. There are many verses in the Bible about being slow to anger; i.e., Ecclesiastics 7:9: “Be not hasty in thy spirit to be angry: for anger resteth in the bosom of fools”; II Timothy 2:24: “And the servant of the Lord must not strive; but be gentle unto all men, apt to teach, patient,”

PCG Having Retired US Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn Speak at Their Auditorium:

August 10, 2023

The PCG has paid to have retired US Lt. General Michael Flynn to speak at their auditorium on August 21st. I wonder how much exactly this cost them? By “them” I mean the poor membership who sacrifice dental/health care and other basic necessities to pay an outrageous amount of tithes [and offerings] that fund useless garbage like this. PCG is so desperate and will do anything at this point to draw people in, so they can ultimately take their money. This is comical, desperate, and pretty revealing to their current state of affairs.

On a side note I just want to point out that PCG would have made it out to the membership that the very fact that retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn is coming was “miraculous,” “God opened this door,” etc. The very fact that the “church” had to fork out a lot of cash to hire him to speak will fly over many peoples heads. –-T. C.

PCG Members Leaving in Australia:

August 16, 2023

A number of families in Australia have left. –-Australia [name withheld]

PCG Will Spend a Fortune to Have General Michael Flynn There:

August 19, 2023

PCG is having an Encore of Celtic Throne tomorrow at Armstrong Auditorium. Then General Michael Flynn will be there Monday [August 21]. I’m sure PCG will spend a fortune to pay him to be there. The poor members could spend their hard earned money on better things than giving it all to that place. -–[name withheld]

General Mike Flynn is a Roman Catholic:

August 22, 2023

I watched the live-stream talk given by (retired USA General) Mike Flynn at the “House of God” at Herbert W. Armstrong College in Edmond, Oklahoma on Monday evening, August 21, 2023. Flynn stated that he, Flynn, was a Roman Catholic with a strong faith. Does he not know that this PCG church which hosted his talk, was an offshoot from Herbert W. Armstrong’s WCG “church”? As Flynn is a strong Roman Catholic, it seems to me that he appears to maybe have committed a sin, by his own church’s teaching, to have given a talk in the Herbert W. Armstrong College building because his own Catholic Church teaches that HWA was a heretic. -–[name withheld]

Unmarried People No Longer Permitted to Go to Bars:

September 12, 2023

The PCG just announced that unmarried people are no longer permitted to go to bars. This hammer was thrown down likely in response to a young lady who recently met a “worldly” man in a bar. Losing one member is more than the organization can afford. After cracking down on social media use, smart phone ban for all children and adults, restricting the places of business that teens can work to shield them from people who may pull them out, and now restricting where people can go unwind and enjoy a drink is just the latest attempt at controlling the lives of their members. The PCG is losing control! –-[name withheld]

Andrew Locher and Joel Hilliker Raised in Rank to Evangelists:

September 12, 2023

Andrew Locher and Joel Hilliker were recently raised in rank to Evangelists. This is unsurprising. Locher knows the PCG is a scam and exists only to swindle people for the Flurry family. (Locher must be kept happy as he is the CFO and is well aware of all their shady financial dealings.) Hilliker was the next obvious choice since he is part of the family. For those who know Brian Davis and Cal Culpepper, this is funny. Those two men have been around longer than Joel and definitely fancy themselves wiser and more qualified. They now have have nowhere left to climb; they get to spend the rest of their lives in submission to “the family.” They are bootlickers. –-F. A.

The Real Focus of the Feast:

October 1, 2023

The Feast is underway, and it is not about what to eat, but whom, and who is eating whom? The PCG may call it the “Feast of Tabernacles” and it is true that tabernacles are being swallowed up by that false religious organization, especially the dwelling places of their members, whose livelihoods are steadily quaffed up, paycheck after paycheck, all year long, not only during “The Feast.”

The real focus of that “feast” is on forking over as much tithes and offerings as can be wrung out of the flock, who are deluded to believe they are being fed “spiritual food,” but there is a certain spirit that is eating them alive as the main course. When it’s time for the money-extracting offeratory messages, the bottomless maw of HQ opens wide, saying “Feed me, feed me!”

A first, second, and third tithe have already broken the poor families, but now they are coerced into handing over the “tithe of the tithe,” and guilted into giving up “excess tithe” at the start of the Feast before it has ended. Whose “excess?” What is “excess” according to HQ? Does that somehow put a limit on how much joy a member can experience at the Feast and how much they can enjoy life all year long?

“Feed me the excess!” growls the belly god of HQ. What is truly excessive is the smell of greed rising up to high heaven out of that place. With all the tithes that are already in place and enforced with a vengeance, you would think that would satiate the need to ask for any more members’ money, but, no, HQ must establish fund, after fund, after special fund. Isn’t the true excess in begging for all those special funds? I suppose GF can contort a few verses and their meanings in the Bible to justify the excess funds as “biblical” and therefore mandatory.

Hey, how about this one in the next Royal Vision? “New Revelation: There is a Fourth Tithe!” I know GF can pull that one off! Hallelujah! (The PCG hates it when people say that word.) Let’s not talk about “excess tithe” but how about excessive tithes. Excessive extortion. Excessive control. –-Former PCG member (name withheld)

Don’t Be Afraid to Use Your God-Given Senses:

October 8, 2023

I am shocked that anyone still believes anything that Gerald Flurry says or thinks. And what happens when “that prophet” dies? Does the next “that prophet” claim then to be the next that prophet? And will people still buy the scam? These people are sick. Use common sense and logic and just see it. No one will even know that “that prophet” died. The “work” is dead and always was, it has nothing to do with Christ or God the father, its all based on false teachings of men and on the power they wish to attain.

Long ago I was once fooled into believing their crap somewhat at a time of weakness and deception. About 25 years ago now I got out and have never looked back. I felt instantly liberated and freed from bondage of what truly is a fanatical cult. Since then, I have been truly blessed. Hard to believe I almost fell for such ruthless mind control. I would admonish all to step back and breathe the free air and think clearly. If you can’t question anything and are simply told to sit down and shut up and pay up you are being controlled and abused willingly. A one man rule tyranny isn’t the “government of God” anymore than Hitler or Stalin or the Ayatollah of Iran was/is. It is simply tyranny. They may or may not even believe the twisted fantasy anymore, it’s just how they make their living.

Come on now, think about it. Don’t be afraid to use your God-given senses. Deep within you probably know it’s all a lie. Stop being swayed by the winds to and fro and use your free moral agency and think! No disrespect meant to anyone still within, I am just expressing an honest opinion and trying to do some good. It’s OK, to be free, it is very liberating. You may or may not experience some hurt emotions and doubts as you heal but that too shall pass. You belong to your family and to God; not some organization of men. If you are a man be the head of your family! Don’t allow some religious cult to get between you and your family and your God-given responsibilities! And the same reasoning applies if you are a woman. I just felt compelled to write this letter and share it with whoever might need to hear it. –-C.J.S.

John Woloszyn No Longer on the PCG Board in Australia:

October 20, 2023

Back in October in 2021, Australian PCG minister John Woloszyn (of Sydney, previously in Perth) was listed as a Board Member of the PCG corporation for the purpose of an Australian Government financial declaration required by “charities.” His name is no longer added to the other four names on the government website.

This info about Woloszyn shows that for some reason he is no longer on the PCG Board in Australia. Perhaps he is no longer a minister of the PCG. I am sending you the link to the financial status of the PCG in Australia. (See Profile here.) There you can click onto the word “People” (of the PCG Board) to see 4 names and Wolosczyn is not mentioned for the current year. –-Australia

GF Looks Chilling:

October 20, 2023

Back in 2021 when I wrote about how GF was attempting to give himself a “new look” [see February 25, 2021 letter], I decided recently to go take a look at what photo of himself he has up now on his “church” site. That smirk is still the same. The picture that is posted on the Trumpet may be slightly newer–-I doubt it is his true age of 88–-but definitely doesn’t look like anyone you would want to invite over for dinner, let alone meet in a back alley. He actually looks chilling. I took a look at those mean, circle-lined eyes that care nothing for the pain and suffering of others. They don’t match his forced half-assed smile. Anyone with half a brain can detect that he does not look friendly. Scrolling down further on this Trumpet page is a picture of him (date unknown) with fairly long white hair going down the back of his head as he “greets PAC attendees.” Some day he and all of these so-called “ministers” with no consciences will answer to God Almighty. I pray for the demise of PCG. –-[name withheld]

Comment: See the July 1, 2022 letter “Gerald Flurry Doesn’t Smile” which will link to other letters on our site that talk about GF. This letter has been added to it.

Observations on Daren Reinsch, Andrew Locher and Joel Hilliker:

October 27, 2023

I have been done with that cult for several years now, but here are a few of my observations about certain “ministers” in there:

Daren Reinsch [deacon] once demanded to know my income. I did not want to tell him, but he demanded to know, saying it twice, “What is your income??” He always had a way of cutting me off and changing the subject whenever it came time to discuss the Bible or comment about a sermon. But he was not the only one who was that way in regards to talking about those matters. It was common for ministers to avoid discussions about the Bible. I guess it made them feel very insecure.

Once I caught Daren Reinsch sneak up on me in my vehicle when a was eating an old piece of pizza between services and Bible study. How pathetic. I wonder what he thought he was going to see, or hoped he would see.

Andrew Locher and Joel Hilliker make a nightmare duo for becoming evangelists. I would not be surprised if Hilliker wanted to be king of the hill, too. (King Hill-iker?) He loves to hear himself speak, and wants everyone else to love it, too. One time, back when I received the Trumpet Brief, Hilliker posted an article with the largest portrait of himself on the page which just dwarfed everything else. He must love his own image, too. He made a video of just himself talking, but his suit looked awful.

It used to be that Hilliker’s sermons ended up being “must play” sermons the most. One time I heard him deliver the exact same sermon, word for word, as he had already delivered, reading it as if it was new. Another time at a feast site, Hilliker bragged about going somewhere to get a violin made of some very special and expensive wood, as if we all should be very impressed and in awe of his good tastes. Wouldn’t it be nice to have poor members sacrifice their earnings all year long just to buy some expensive wood for themselves? It would be much better just to have more nutritious things to eat instead of supporting some arrogant person’s expensive tastes.

Locher was another one of those ministers who would have no conversation with me, and acted as if it was beneath him, but truly I believe he was just too nervous to have any real discourse with a real person. They like to stay in their own little ivory tower worlds and believe they are gods already, without having to get their hands dirty with reality. Another business office employee was the same way with me as well, whose name I cannot recall right now. I guess those are the kind of personalities that are in that department. They care more about the money than the people. I truly do not believe that many of the men at HQ and the business office even believe what they preach and that they neither believe in God at all. “God” is just a ploy they use.

I cannot wait for the day when that cult gets themselves into trouble for what they do to people.

Thank you for the good you do even in the midst of a very evil world. It is like Sodom and Gomorrah out there, wherein one of the worst features are cults like the PCG.

May God (the real God) bless you in the name of Jesus. –-Former PCG member [name withheld]

I Saw Many Things Taking Place in PCG:

October 27, 2023

I was in the WCG since 1982 and then came into PCG in 1992. Right from their beginning, little by little, I saw the corruption setting in.

I witnessed many things taking place. On the First Day of Feast of Trumpets, during lunch break, Wayne Turgeon told my friend, “Since your wife’s father did not come into the PCG, he is Laodicean. Your family is not to have anything to do with him.” My friend said, “Go screw yourself,” and left during lunch. I saw it with my own eyes. –-G. B. (Former member of PCG)

PCG’s Heavy-Handed Approach:

October 28, 2023

I had to laugh when reading the Oct 27 letter about Daren Reinsch as I got to know him when he used to work for me. You would think we would be friends, but he had this psychological problem with me as I was his boss once, and he being the deacon, he couldn’t get past that! I was a member who just wasn’t afraid of any of the “Government“! That’s basically what led to my demise at the Phoenix congregation. I just wanted to come to services in peace and go home in peace. When they focus on someone, you’re in trouble whether you did anything or not! Darren is a full of himself; a control freak, and if you treat him as you would anybody else he will start trying to talk down to you and if that doesn’t work, he starts acting out! Most of the “Government” is very emotionally immature, childish, and use a heavy handed approach to adults that just doesn’t work. What would work and always does is: Love one another. –-L. N.

Carlos Heyer No longer a Minister In South America:

November 7, 2023

Carlos Heyer, along with his wife, was dismissed November 1 from the Colombian congregation where he was a minister about 10 months ago after he was relegated from regional director. He was the minister for South America. Currently, the members of Latin America do not have a minister. –[name withheld]

Comment: Also read: “Carlos Heyer Being Transferred to Latin America” (January 7, 2022, PCG Sermons & Bible Study Critiques for 2022).

Lost My Brother to PCG:

November 28, 2023

My brother and I had a good relationship and spent time together on and off with our families back in the 90’s until he married a woman who was in WCG. After then everything changed between us. She basically put up strong boundaries as to when and how I could visit my brother, and we were never allowed to hang out unless she supervised over dinner at their house.

Then he stopped coming to birthday parties, no Christmas either, forget Easter while you’re at it. And he was no longer available on the phone while they had dinner. Forget completely about reaching him from Friday to Sunday indefinitely, but then they would set a date that worked great for them and would invite me over for dinner.

Dinner always felt like pressure to practice perfect table manners or I would be frowned on. I could go on and on about all of the control tactics that woman played over the years but what’s the point? Then at last she had him moving to Oklahoma to join the big compound in Edmond, and my brother is gone for good, thanks to her and PCG.

All I can do is accept all of this and hope and pray for the Lord to open his spiritual eyes.

Thanks for letting me vent. –-[name withheld]

Comment: This person has received a personal reply.

PCG’s Behind the Work Video a Propaganda Piece:

December 5, 2023

The “Behind the Work” video at the Feast this year was nothing but a propaganda piece for PCG. They boasted about many things including their America Under Attack book and how it even got retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn to request a copy of it and then how he spoke in their Armstrong Auditorium. [Read August 20 letter]. They said Flynn contacted them and they had the phone conversation recorded. Nothing mentioned about how they had to pay Flynn to come and speak! GF (who is totally white haired by now) made a few appearances in the video. This “Behind the Work” video was to make members believe that the PCG is growing by leaps and bounds and that “God” is behind it all. Of course, nothing was said about how they have been losing members. The ending, as usual, talked about how they (members) needed to “support the Work”; then showed pictures of the universe that members were to “rule someday.” They are such phonies. –A. R.

PCG Ministers Say All Kinds of Nasty Things:

December 6, 2023

The ministers are cruel and have no problem shaming members about physical appearances. It’s happened to me. I’ve heard them talk about women’s breasts, men’s hair, people’s weight, women who are no longer beautiful but you could sure tell that when they were young they [thought they] were, etc. I personally had Joel Hilliker tell me I needed to pay attention to the calories in the chocolate I was eating, because I had two; Mark Nash, whom I was hosting in my home, making sure he was fed and looked after and comfortable, asked me if I was a yuppie (he was implying that I was showing off by the way I dressed). I could go on and on with underhanded comments we’ve received. They say all kinds of nasty things because they can get away with anything. –Former PCG member [name withheld].

Full Time Employees in Canada Who Are Making a Lot of Money:

December 9, 2023

I notice in Canada that 3 of the full time PCG employees earn between $88,000 to $119,000. Can anyone confirm who the ministers are? –-Canada

Reply: These amounts are in Canadian dollars:

John Macdonald (Regional Director) (possibly paid out of HQ like Wayne Turgeon is)
Tim Oostendarp (not sure of title exactly, probably preaching elder). Next in line under John.

John Macdonald and Tim Oostendarp are the top two, there are a few more ministers but most aren’t paid.

Tyrell Schlote and Abraham Blondeau (not sure their rank; they are both just young guys. Tyrell was ordained recently; not 100% sure on Abraham. They’d be in the lower end.

Shocked to Find Out About Gerald Flurry’s Arrest:

December 15, 2023

I’m just writing to share something I only just recently learned about. I was in the PCG since the early 90’s and during that time Gerald Flurry’s 1993 arrest was spoken about churchwide maybe three times.

The first time GF was forced to address it was because Tim Thompson brought it up in a sermon. GF said it brought shame into the “church” and that he had the responsibility to bring it up despite the consequences he may face. Very sparse details about the arrest were released. It was brought up two other times since then. On both occasions Gerald Flurry minimized and manipulated the incident. He said the only reason he was arrested was because it was on the university’s property in which alcohol was not permitted and he had empty beer cans on the floor of his car. He said he was simply awoken from a sleep and groggy; he did say he had a couple of beers but certainly wasn’t drunk.

The last time it was addressed, several years ago, GF actually read a few small snippets from the arrest report, in which he read about trying to give the officer some money, and that the officer noted the empty beer cans on the floor. That was the extent of it. He simply chuckled about it and neither confirmed nor denied what he read.

So members were left to believe that it was no big deal and he really didn’t do anything wrong and it was just a small technicality.

I actually looked up the police and court report. I don’t know why, after all these years, things still shock me, but I was shocked. GF is such a liar! I found out that he failed 3 field sobriety tests, attempted to bribe the officer twice and when he was asked to roll down the window he put the car back and forth into park and reverse six or seven times! When he was taken down to the precinct he blew over the legal limit on a certified breathalyzer. He was arrested. Stephen Flurry posted his $1500 bail.

The way he has lied all these years is insane! So many members, myself included, never dared to look into it on our own account because we were forbidden to read anything negative about him or the “church.” The PCG made it sound like you were only getting the truth about the arrest from him, and anything else was just a satanic attack. For many years the Internet wasn’t available for research as it is now. This is why they come down so hard on people having cell phones and reading stuff online that they “shouldn’t.” The Internet is the PCG’s worst enemy.

Anyway, I just wanted to write in because like I said, I was surprised at the level of deceit. I for one know why. I think members need to know this because that definitely isn’t the type of character that God would be interested in using, especially since GF continues to refuse to honestly address this shameful situation! –-Former PCG member [name withheld]

Comment: The article: Does Gerald Flurry Have a Police Record? enables a download of the report and also links to several letters about this incident.

Another Lie and Manipulation of Words:

December 18, 2023

I know of someone who is leaving the PCG and they sent me an article by Gerald Flurry that was written June 28, 2019. It was titled, “Why Do You Believe What You Believe?” I am forwarding it to you and would like your opinion on what he says HWA said, because it looks to me like GF is lying again. –-Formerly impacted by PCG

Reply: GF in this article says, “Our world is steeped in deception.” How ironic when his own PCG cult has been clearly shown to function by deception.

He went on to give an example of how, some years ago, a local newspaper published an article about the Philadelphia Church of God and titled it “Is It a Cult or ‘God’s Church’?” There was no mention of the name of the newspaper or the date in order to see what all it said.

GF says the reporter went ahead and wrote that HWA said in his pamphlet “1975 in Prophecy” (first written in the mid 50’s) that a nuclear war would occur in 1972 and Christ would return three years later in 1975. GF said this was in spite of telling the reporter, “Mr. Armstrong never said those prophesied events would occur on those dates. There was only speculation that those events could happen in that time period” and “not one of Mr. Armstrong’s critics could prove that statement about the book, and over the years, they never have!”

This is another lie and manipulation of words to make something say what GF wants people to believe. HWA did not “speculate” or say “probably.” He definitely said “All this is now only a few years off.” He said it was “absolutely sure.” HWA said in his “1975 in Prophecy” booklet that millions of Christians will (not “might”) suffer martyrdom by 1975. That is why members in WCG were made to believe for many years that they would be fleeing in 1972 to a place of safety. (See our article Did Herbert Armstrong Set Dates? Also read our article Memories About Petra.

After the 1972 date failed, the WCG ministers told members to destroy the “1975 in Prophecy” booklet while HWA lied and said he didn’t set dates.

For further proof that HWA was adamant in what he said (not speculating that it “could happen”) you can read the entire online booklet “1975 in Prophecy.”

I Was an Eye Witness to HWA Saying He Would Lead Us Into the Kingdom:

December 25, 2023

I wanted to back up, as an eye witness, to what you wrote to “Formerly impacted by PCG” on December 18th. I still have the booklet “1975 in Prophecy” and you are correct in the adamancy of Herbert Armstrong’s writing in that book. As I wrote to you in an earlier letter [October 3, 2010], he left no wiggle room as to speculation, he was absolutely certain in his timing. I also testify to his saying, out loud, at the Feast of Tabernacles in Penticton, that he would lead us into the Kingdom of God. Again, no speculation. There were a few thousand of us there who heard that. –-Vaughn Woodfield (former WCG and PCG member)


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