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Fred Datollo Takes a New Wife:

January 1, 2023

Even though Janet Dattolo (wife of Fred Dattolo) died April 19, 2022, we now read a December, 2022 PCG announcement telling how Fred has taken another wife 8 months later:

OKLAHOMA—Pastor Fred Dattolo and Corinne Eagle of the Edmond congregation were married by Pastor Andrew Locher on December 18 in Edmond, Oklahoma. The couple resides in Edmond.

Janet’s body is hardly cold in the grave and here Fred is taking another wife named Corinne Eagle who was formerly married to Aaron Eagle, the minister who was suspended. (See April 12, 2013 letter and comments about Eagle.)

It’s almost funny because PCG emphatically counsels people not to do anything for a year after the death of a spouse. Not to mention that they wouldn’t let anyone other than Brian Davis, the black widow, blow though marriage counseling that fast. (Brian Davis remarried after nine months of marriage as shown in the 11-3-20 letter: Brian Davis and His Third New Wife.) But, as you know, there is a different standard for the ministry and the people they are out to control and through the marriage counseling process they are able to gather a lot of personal information, which is used to control. –T. C.

Twitter Displaying PCG’s Low Views is Very Bad News for PCG:

January 1, 2023

Twitter now displays the amount of views each post has. This is very bad news for the PCG as Twitter is their major social media outlet. The average post gets under 400 views and in many cases well under that. This shows they don’t reach many people with their “warning message.” For those who read the ESN, this isn’t new information but hopefully this might make some members begin to think. –Former PCG member

Hopefully PCG Will Go Through an Upheaval:

January 5, 2023

I wish the old goat (GF) would keel over. Hopefully, the PCG will go through such an upheaval when he does, it will fall apart. Such a sad situation for those with family inside. –W. S.

A Lot of People Keeling Over:

January 5, 2023

A lot of people are keeling over for sure. Health problems have skyrocketed. It’s crazy, but the CDC will never admit that the shots are the cause of a lot of these problems. Blood clots are happening way more now that the shot is being given to people. Both Fauci and Gates should be in prison for crimes against humanity. I watched a show by [name removed] a year or so ago and that’s some scary crap of what’s crawling around in peoples veins. The clots that are being removed don’t even look human. I would probably kill someone if they tried to force me to get the shot. –Impacted by loved one in PCG

No Medical Care or Shots for Members:

January 7, 2023

Regarding the previous letter “A Lot of People Keeling Over,” PCGers don’t do medical care, so no shots. –Former PCG member

Reply: The person who wrote that letter was talking about those outside of PCG who are keeling over. “Adult Death Syndrome” as they call it, and here is a good offsite article: “The Latest Tragedy: Sudden Adult Death Syndrome.” This is also an excellent video we link to: World Premiere: Died Suddenly.

That Was Hilarious:

January 8, 2023

When I decided to do a search for the words “Philadelphia Church of God news,” guess what came up second under PCG’s site? Philadelphia Church of God is Poison! I thought that was hilarious! Made me laugh.That is really a good one for exposing PCG if anyone is doing a search on them. –A. R.

The Anniversary of HWA’s Death is Coming Up:

January 10, 2023

January 16th is coming up, the anniversary of HWA’s death. I grew up in the WCG, then later attended the LCG & PCG. The WCG as well as the PCG and other offshoots have long taught the Gregorian calendar is rooted in paganism. So why would GF (or God) pick a recurring date on man’s calendar versus “God’s calendar” [for Israel] for an event that supposedly has such major spiritual significance? GF revealed a physical focus rather than a spiritual focus.

Herbert Armstrong died on Sh’vat 6, which falls on January 28th this year. BTW, you won’t find significant events on Sh’vat 6th either. –E. H.

Comment: January 16 in the U.S. is is known as “National Nothing Day” read letter stating this.

Gerald Flurry’s Bad Health Is Being Hid From Members:

January 11, 2023

The PCG inner circle know how bad Gerald Flurry’s health is, but are hiding it from the “church.”

His recent falls and inability to stand, or even give messages, are what some are saying may be the result of a suspected stroke. There have been other health incidents which have been occurring during the second part of 2022 that paint a bad picture. He also is no longer flying on the PCG’s private plane–a massive expense supposedly to allow Flurry to reach the world (even though the jet has been used for the kids to attend their dancing competitions).

Flurry’s real health problems being known will be a huge upset as he has built himself up as “king over kings,” destined to personally anoint Christ with the HWA stone at the “place of safety.” (Yeah, it’s as crazy as it sounds).

The whole thrust of the HWA stone, king of kings, royal lineage, failed Trump prophecy, is causing the PCG to crumble. Hiding the truth of his health is treating members like mushrooms. –[name withheld]

PCG Not Thriving or Growing Financially:

January 13, 2023

I do know that money is a factor of the PCG not using the plane and if you look at how often GF has flown over the last 3-4 years, it has not been very much at all and health wasn’t a factor then, other than his leg. I just tend to bristle, when people don’t acknowledge the financial situation, because for years they always tried to cover it up and make it look like they were thriving and growing financially and it turns out the opposite it true. We started documenting the stats they shared and never ever factored in inflation. As any businessman knows. if you don’t grow more than inflation you aren’t growing. They also just roll money around. When they pay something off, they take out equity loans and do something else with those, all the while making it seem like they are so blessed financially. They are not–it’s just juggling. It’s all part of the cult facade to make people think they are more impactful than what they are. It hooks people. And a lot of insider information doesn’t factor that in as it is part of the brainwashing and deceit they are fed. –Former PCG member

PCG Won’t Let Members Know They are Declining:

January 15, 2023

Why doesn’t PCG announce actual income vs. expenditures? Income over the last 5-10 years?

Why don’t they announce membership growth–actual numbers of baptisms vs. deaths and suspensions? people like us who were kicked out, or who left, are still in their data base and likely included somehow in their “membership.” If someone is gone for 6 months to a year, take them off! They aren’t members.
But they don’t.

Why don’t they announce real, actual financial statistics. Like the UK requires? [Read: Astounding PCG UK Financial Report – Where Is the Money Actually Going?)

But they never will because they can’t let people know they are declining in every way. –[name withheld]

GF Cannot Stand True Bible Study:

January 15, 2023

“B.S.” on the PCG church bulletin does not stand for “Bible study,” as GF cannot stand true Bible study. … I am sending you my article on this. –Former PCG member

Comment: Read this person’s excellent article, “What Is Bible Study According to Gerald Flurry?” (Training people’s minds to only view the scriptures within the twisted framework of the warped mind of “that prophet.”)

PCG’s Great January 16 Hoax:

January 16, 2023

The great January 16 hoax is upheld by the PCG and treated as if the time between December 7 and January 16 is yet another “God-ordained” or “holy” time period. That hypocritical “church” may poke fun at the “pagan holiday” of X-mas, calling it a “ho-ho-hoax” in their little flyers that come with “church literature,” while at the very same time and during the very same season, they enforce their own unbiblical “season” of 40 days stretching over and beyond what the “pagan world” calls “the holidays.”

While the PCG accepts and enjoys many “seasonal” donations during that jolly old time, their god forbids that any little PCG child accept a Christmas card from Grandma or Auntie.

This mythical 40-day period of the PCG’s is upheld and enforced not by some invisible spiritual entities, which the PCG would have their members believe, but real physical hands of real conscious human beings are at work during this period of time, hoaxing the brethren. Not the hand of God, nor the “work” of God, but the work of wicked and greedy men.

I pray for the pillars of that wicked religious fraud organization to crumble and crash. And I pray for mercy, real mercy that is, for the brethren and relief. And I also pray everyday that the actors in that wicked religious organization and all their cohorts be busted and that they be exposed for the dangerous fraud that they are, and prosecuted. May GF’s own hoax turn on him. –Former PCG member

Craig Winters Firing:

January 17, 2023

Many years ago, I regarded Craig as a friend of mine. Turned out he was nothing but a Flurry sycophant.

In 2003 I sent questions both to Craig and GF that I knew could not be answered as by that time GF was writing and preaching rank blasphemous heresy. While we were out of there long before the “no contact to ex-members, even family” dictate was made, there was at the time a no-contact rule for suspended or marked persons. I never abided by such crap in any organization including WCG, and was promptly marked by Craig for talking to others.

Craig warned me that “God would not tolerate such rebellion” or some such nonsense, to which I responded with a “f*** off”, and “you best be the one that watches your ass because you know what GF is promulgating is bullshit and blasphemous and still draw a paycheck.”

So although I have heard the firing as well as the disfellowshipment, I cannot find anything describing cause. Do you know? –W.

Reply: We don’t know for sure but I have added a link on “My Exit Letters to Craig Winters of Philadelphia Church of God” to a 2013 letter which gives some hints about it and then goes to another letter about Craig being cruel.

PCG Finds Something to Perpetuate their January 16 Hoax:

January 18, 2023

Well, the PCG had to find something of interest to them for their adoration of January 16 and here it is in this Trumpet article: “German Defense Minister Resigns.” –Former PCG member

Never Want to Read Another Word from PCG:

January 20, 2023

There are ministers in PCG who have shown disdain for the members. Some of them have made fun of former members and prospective members’ supposed ignorance or delusions before the entire congregation in their sermons while some members would then obligingly utter a little snicker. Never once did that sort of humor make me even smile, but rather it embarrassed me for having to hear it. How does this kind of humor either exalt God or edify people? All the well-meaning, albeit duped, members conveniently serve as a facade for the evil that exists at the core of that wicked and fake religious organization and where they may at any moment become expendable.

It has been a while now since I have destroyed and deleted all PCG literature, including all notes from their “sermons.” How relieving to have that all gone! I never want to read another word from them again. –Former PCG member

What “Church” Could Be More Ungrateful Than the PCG?

January 22, 2023

As that false ministry preaches to its members about being thankful, it is never about being thankful to God but about being thankful to them and for their prophet… [please see my new article on PCG: What “Church” Could be More Ungrateful Than the PCG?] –Former member of PCG

Age of Gerald Flurry:

January 26, 2023

How old is that scoundrel Gerald Flurry? –[name withheld]

Reply: He was born April 12, 1935 so he will be 88 years old this year.

PCG has Two Sets of Standards

January 30, 2023

PCG has two sets of standards: one for the ministry and their family/friends, and then one for the members. I was not able to have a life saving surgery while I attended PCG, but Cal Culpepper‘s son could have knee surgery for a wrestling injury and his mother could take insulin, whereas I was told that taking any medicine for my heart would be ” based on the faith” I had?! –S.C.


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